2015 Asian Basketball Championship opponent analysis Iran’s strongest Han Fei can not be underestimated
It is said that the Asian Nets reported yesterday that the Indian men’s basketball team successfully defeated Sri Lanka in the South Asian Basketball Champions League final with a 93:44 victory and successfully obtained the qualification for the men’s Asian Championship.At the same time, Hong Kong, China also obtained the remaining qualification for the main competition. So far, all the 16 participating teams in the Asian Championships in 2015 have been produced.They are: Group A, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, India; Group B, Philippines, Palestine, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China; Group C, South Korea, Jordan, China, Singapore; Group D, Chinese Taipei, Lebanon, Qatar, Kazakhstan.For the Chinese men’s basketball team, the opponents that pose the threat of contention are basically those opponents, and the roadblocks are still those tigers.The 2015 Men’s Basketball Asian Championships will be held in Changsha, Hunan from September 23 to October 3.The last Asian Championship only achieved fifth place. This time it is not easy for the Chinese men’s basketball team to regain the championship. Iran is the biggest blocker. As the strongest team in Asia, the Iran team is divided into Group A. Their goal is to win the championship directly.Enter the Rio Olympics.Although they are not in the same half as the Chinese men’s basketball team, if the Chinese men’s basketball team wants to ascend, how to break through the Iranian team with the famous Asian generals such as Haddadi, Bahramy and Kazmi is a problem that must be solved.  In the Atlas Cup Men’s Basketball Challenge on July 27, the Iranian team actually sent a luxurious breakthrough led by Haddadi, Kamrani and Bahrami. From this point, it can be pondered that the Iranian team wants to passThis competition is for the Asian Championships.Despite the situation that occurred in the last Asian Championships, the Iranian team with Asia’s first center Haddadi is still a team that cannot be underestimated.  Judging from the current grouping situation, the overall strength of the Iranian team in Group A is weak, and perhaps only the Japanese team can cause a little trouble.Considering that the overall strength of the opponent is not strong, the Iranian team may practice more tactics and rankings in the group stage, and it is unlikely to come up with the strongest strength.The key lies in the knockout stage, which is when the Iranian team uses real weapons.Han Fei’s strength cannot be underestimated. The Chinese team is in Group C with the South Korean team, and in the second half with the Chinese Taipei team.For the two consecutive Asian Championships, the Chinese team and the South Korean team are in the same group.Two years ago in Manila, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost to the Tai Chi Tigers in the group stage.At present, the tactical characteristics of the South Korean team have not changed much, and their long-range shooting ability is their most powerful weapon.However, Tai Chi Tiger added a big player Li Zhongxian who has participated in the NBA draft this year, and his internal strength has been enhanced.  As the seed team of the B group, the Philippines is not in the same half as the Chinese team, but as a potential opponent of the top four, it has naturalized the NBA superstar Brache’s Philippine strength.For the Chinese team coach Gong Luming, the Iranian team is certainly the number one rival, but the Filipinos must not be underestimated.  In addition, the strength of the Chinese Taipei team has risen at an alarming rate in the past two years. Lin Zhijie, Zeng Wending and other players joined the CBA to play, and they also have a certain degree of familiarity with the Chinese team’s play.Jordan in the same group, and Lebanon and Qatar in Group D, all three teams have naturalized players, and there are also potential threats.