There are actually two rooms in the whole underground time,One room is a computer room,There are many technicians,I’m afraid it’s for intelligence。
And the other room,Some people play sandbags here for exercise。There are only three people in the room。
If I didn’t see that one of them was Luo Cheng, who I knew,,Qin Feng even felt that he was fooled by Jiang Chao。What’s all this?!How can the head of the special operations force look like this??
“Qin Feng,You came?”
Luo Cheng looks very excited。
But Qin Feng can also understand,After all, Luo Chenggong had plans to invite Qin Feng into the headquarters.。
But Qin Feng refused later。
Now I can see Qin Feng again at the headquarters,Of course he is happy。Because it means,They might put a certain organization together。That’s a revenge for his brother。
But Qin Feng ignored Luo Cheng,Looking at Jiang Chaodao,“I said fat brother,Your headquarters looks like this?Then there are just three members?”
Qin Feng originally planned to join,Because as Jiang Chao said,He lacks an official identity as a cover。
But who can think of,Tamron’s situation is so unbearable。Even join,It doesn’t seem to help me much, right?
“Ah ha ha,Brother Qin Feng joked,The reason for this is because Tamron’s funds are limited.。the most important is,We have no record to come out,So it’s impossible to give us enough funds without discrimination.