Both Hu Yang and Xiaoli’s live broadcast rooms are open,Today is not weekend,So there are not many people,A little deserted。
Everyone tells the antique shops on both sides、Kistler is not too cold,I know that the authenticity rate in the store will be much higher,But the price is also very touching,Want to pick up,More difficult。
Just walked in not far,The first thing I saw was the book stand。
On the book stand,All kinds of old books that look quite old,What are the four masterpieces、Jin Ping Mei、You can also see ancient novels such as Liao Zhai,There are even printed Buddhist scriptures, etc.。
The stall owner squinted,I don’t seem to wake up yet,Hear movement,Just opened a line,Greet slowly:“Casual look,Many of me are alone。”
Listen to the people in the live room,All smile,Even those four masterpieces are considered as original?boss,Are you bullying who has never read?
Hua Zi twitched the corners of his mouth,The stall owner can tell jokes,But this joke is a bit cold。
Fitch is a pretty good guy,A listen,Pick up a Journey to the West on the spot:“boss,How much do you want this book?I asked someone to pull a cart for you。”
The stall owner coughed slightly,Glanced at that bald head:“I didn’t say that!”
Finished,He also picked up one,Threw it over:“If you can find this,I want one,Negotiable price。”
I saw that it didn’t look like a book,More like a notebook,The page is a bit yellow,Seems to have been exposed to the rain,The ink is a little divergent,It’s all in one book“story”book of。
Fitch’s mouth is indeed a bit poisonous:“This stuff,You did it yourself, right??”
The stall owner was immediately unhappy,This is a bit insulting!You can say i sell fake,But I can’t say I made a fake!Different in nature。
“I can write such words,What stall?”