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    China Youth Daily client Beijing December 11 electric (Zhongguo Qingnian Bao-China Youth Network reporter Liang Xuan) "U groove today to get the World Cup gold medal this week race was okay.

"December 11, after winning the World Cup freestyle ski station Tongshan US Women’s U-field finals, the Chinese player Gu Ling in love with the text on social platforms blueprint." Okay. "Sweep behind her words 6 days two medals crown.

  Today’s game is the second finals Gu Ling love the new season, the Beijing Olympic Winter Games champion three contenders are the most powerful debut in the race.

In addition to love Ling Valley, there are 2019 World Championships of the project champion, Estonia 00 after the famous Hill Daru and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics champion of the project, Canadian champion Cathy Sharp.

  U-field women’s final total of eight players to participate, to take three of the game the best score of the final results. Competition, relative to the second round of mistakes valley love Ling, Hill Daru play a more stable, both sides fighting stalemate, but with the first round to get the points, Gu Ling love eventually won. However, it can be seen by the campaign, the two peers is still another important opponent Previously, Hill Daru injury and missed the beginning of this year, X Games and World Championships, tournament site is her first time since 2020 after U-field skill game. The Yuezhanyueyong Valley Ling love it after the game said he will work to enhance the stability of the state.

  Although the thrilling win, but this is the valley of love Ling 6 days of harvest second gold medal.

In the freestyle ski jumping World Cup in the United States Steamboat big races held December 5, the Valley love Ling won the championship and the state well, become somersault twist four weeks plus two weeks before the first successful completion of this action in the race of female athletes.

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