First1011chapter The master is the master
Ingmar·Spotnow inherited the excellent qualities of their employees in this industry:Just take your benefits,Will definitely help you get things done。
Before Chen Geng visited Her Majesty Queen Beatrix,Ingmar·Spotnor whispered to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Your Majesty agreed in principle,But only if you can convince Royal Airline CEO Emmet·Fan·Mr. Midgup。”
It really is a good calculation!
Chen Geng cursed in his heart:What does it mean to persuade the CEO of KLM?I can convince Ingmar·Spotnor,I have to ask Queen Beatrix for help?
but,Curse in my heart,Chen Geng actually understands,If Her Majesty the Queen comes forward to say hello to KLM,For Emmet·Fan·For Midgup, the CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,This purchase is not just a pure commercial purchase,But mixed with strong political factors,And once it is mixed with political factors,Although business issues need to be considered,But it’s not the first factor to consider,To some extent,Come this far,This purchase has been completed40%。
So curse,Chen Geng still smiled to Ingmar·Spotnor says:“Thank you,Mr. Spotnor。”
“you are welcome,”Ingmar·Spotnor has a pitiful attitude:“Your Majesty really broke his heart for her people。”
Chen Geng:“……”
Compared with the last time we met,already53The year-old Queen Beatrix looks almost unchanged,Still so elegant and intellectual。
As the three queens of Europe(The other two are the Queen of England and the Queen of Denmark)The only one of them to play in person、A unique presence in helping the Dutch military industry sell arms internationally,Queen Beatrix is more anxious,After a meeting and greetings in standard procedures,She quickly asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,For Fokker Aircraft Company’s workers’ strike,The Dutch government and the royal family are very concerned。”
“I understand very well,After all, they are your children,”Chen Geng nodded slightly,Said:“From my perspective,I also understand their approach,But I believe your Prime Minister or cabinet members have already introduced you,Falkland-United Aviation Technologies is in a bad situation now,For Fokker,It’s time to lay off staff to save costs、And it must be impossible。”
Queen Beatrix nodded,But didn’t say anything,But to signal Chen Geng to continue。
“And I believe that the officials of the Dutch government have introduced to you that although we are very good、However, compensation measures for employees who had to be laid off due to Fokker’s own reasons,”Chen Geng continued, neither humble nor overbearing:“you can say so,There are many companies that choose to lay off employees for various reasons,Countless,But i promise,No company has ever been able to give so many compensation measures to laid-off employees,When the company has fully introduced various compensation measures to employees,Fokker’s union organization is still organizing workers to go on strike,I think this is not a very appropriate move。”