[Font:] From November 27th to 30th, the Tenth Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the Communist Party of China was held in Lhasa. The masses of the majority of cadres in Shannan City have actively paying attention to meeting processes and related reports through newspapers, television, radio, and networks. , Learning to understand the spirit of the meeting, the hot discussion development achievements, look forward to the target blueprint. Everyone has said that in order to study the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, I have to keep in mind, and I will encourage my strength, and I will promote the contribution of Shannan Changan and high-quality development.

A few days ago, Shannan City held the Standing Committee (expanded) meeting of the Municipal Party Committee and conveyed the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region.

The meeting requests that all departments at all levels in Shannan City must study hard, profoundly understand; seek truth and pragmatism, truthfully, strengthen leadership, carefully organize, quickly set off to learn to implement the spirit of the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, struggle to advance Changzhi Di’an and High quality development.

The leading cadres at all levels have said that we must improve the political station, profoundly understand the major practical significance and profound history of the 10th Party Congress of the Autonomous Region, take the lead in propagating the spirit of publicity conferences, take the lead in implementing the spirit of the meeting, not I stay, only The spirit, to make Shannan contribution to the "four walk in the forefront" in the district. Han Liang, the tenth party congressional meeting in the autonomous region, and Qiongjie County Party Committee, Han Liang, who presided over the county’s tenth party congressional spirit, the current, the goal is clear, the blueprint has been painted, the key is to grasp Implementation, we must focus on the work of stable, development, ecology, and strong son, unifocate the ideological action of the people of all nationalities of the county, firm confidence, fight the head, and run the small step fast, and create new developments in actual results pattern. Zhang Yubo, a member of the Power Committee of the Ministry of Working Committee in Shannan City, and Zhang Yubo, a team member of the Village, Qihaoyowi, Yankati County, said: "As a village cadre, I must lead the people in-depth party generation and implementation of the people in the autonomous region. Will spirit, do not forget the basis of the belief in the beginning, and build the service the people’s skills, release the life ‘heat in the grassroots stage, and practice the "strong state has my’ promise" in the trunk.

"The tenth party congress of the Autonomous Region, the secretary of the party branch of the Jeromekun Village, Luoza County, returned to the village, and immediately launched the masses to launch the spirit of the 10th Party Ceremony of the Autonomous Region.

He said: "In the past few years, with the continued increase in the investment intensity of the Party Central Committee and the District Party Committee, our village infrastructure construction has developed rapidly, and the world is getting better.

I have to implement the spirit of the tenth party congress in the autonomous region, so that the masses have households, to refuel for the masses, and do this big thing, let the spirit of the conference truly transformed into the masses to protect the sacred land, build a happy home. action.

"The 10th Party Candelion in the Autonomous Region is a conference that condenses people, urged people, let me be encouraged. As a retired old cadre, I have to study hard, understand the spirit of this meeting, enhance the ‘four awareness’, firm ‘four confident’, do the ‘two maintenance’, implement the party committee of the good area Decision deployment, do not leave the party, retirement does not fade, continue to heat with the party’s cause, always listen to the party Chinese, feel the party, and go with the party.

"Dan Da, the retired old cadre of Gongga County, said.