After Benitez broke through, the fencer answered and rolled straight out of the sideline.

China’s touchline ball Zheng Zhi tilted the ball to the front in the middle, and Qin Xiong retreated to meet it.
Behind Bella, Qin Xiongling moved the ball horizontally, then turned around and dribbled forward to get rid of Bella directly.
In the process of pushing forward, China’s two wingers, Zhang Pengfei and Shao Jiayi, are also running. It seems that Zhang Pengfei is closer to Qin Xiong, but Shao Jiayi’s running is cutting the line!
When Shao Jiayi ran to the restricted area, Qin Xiong rolled the ball from Otigsari Hueros with a precise straight plug. Together, they saw Shao Jiayi walking sideways in front of the restricted area and swinging the shooting angle!
约茶Shao Jiayi didn’t give Paraguay defenders a chance to block it. He shot directly from the restricted area line!
He shot a low flat football and flew to the left corner of the goal.
Goalkeeper bilal made a wonderful save. His horizontal save blocked the palm of the ball, and then Bot came to a big foot to throw the ball out of the line
Paraguay is getting a little jittery! to be continued
[The first volume of sword has become the decisive moment of Feng 1214 before it is unsheathed]
Paraguay became a little at a loss after China threatened to counterattack three times and twice.
They are staring at Qin Xiong from the tactical arrangement before the game.
However, the China team did not regard Qin Xiong as the core of attack in the past.
But the core of the organization
He kept a close eye on the offensive situation in midfield, and every time he put the ball on the wing, Zhang Pengfei or Shao Jiayi gave China the best offensive opportunity, which made Paraguay slightly unprepared.
Ali Han looked serious on the sidelines.
At this time of 7 minutes, when the node China team made efforts to change the attack routine and left it to the China team, there were actually not many.
Once dragged into overtime, Paraguay’s overall endurance advantage will be exerted, and at the same time, China’s ability to withstand pressure in the face of tough battles is definitely not as good as its opponents.
China must decide the game before the end of the regular game.
This shortterm adjustment is rarely left to Paraguay. If the game is interrupted, Paraguay’s overall attack and defense can be adjusted, and the change of China team will be threatened again.
Call now if you want.
Success or failure
In the first minute of the game, Qin Xiong once again launched a threatening attack in the center and frontcourt. He tilted the ball to the side of Shao Jiayi’s foot, who caught the attention of Paraguay defender Silva after cutting the ball, and tilted the ball to the ribs of the restricted area.
Han Peng obliquely inserted into the restricted area and completed a shot. The football flew directly to the near corner of the goal. Paraguay goalkeeper bilal saved the ball from the baseline
China played an advantage during this period. Paraguay probably didn’t expect China to be able to play a smooth offensive. They ignored that Qin was also a worldclass player in organizing the attack. When Qin retreated and organized the attack, China counterattacked and quickly hit Paraguay’s defensive danger zone.
However, the quality of China’s team is poor. To be realistic, China’s scoring ability is the top in the world except Qin’s, and other players may not have the firstclass scoring ability.
But it doesn’t matter. The football game is full of chance. We still have to have confidence in the China boys.
In the third minute of the game, Paraguay striker barrios turned around and barely started shooting after receiving Benitez’s ball. The football hit Li Weifeng and popped up. Liu Yi crossed the ball to the side when he turned his back to Paraguay at half time.
Paraguay’s offensive spirit has dissipated since 7 minutes. Most of the attacks always end hastily, and the threat reduction is very obvious.
Sun suddenly made a surprising move on the sidelines.
He didn’t stop after the ball went to the middle. He ran along the side before
Qin Xiong stopped the ball in the middle and shook Bella, then handed the ball to Zhang Pengfei on the right.
At this time, China’s attack showed a brave posture.
Zhang Pengfei from the right Sun Shao Jiayi from the left Han Peng in the front.
Qin Xiong, on the other hand, ran forward after the ball was thrown.
The Paraguayan team became nervous as soon as the number of China’s attackers became more.
When Shao Jiayi cut to the restricted area from the side, da Silva Alcaraz had a hard time keeping an eye on Shao Jiayi Han Peng.
Botmorel immediately contracted, and they recovered to the restricted area to form a joint defense doubleteam compression restricted area.
After Zhang Pengfei came to the front of the restricted area, Qin Xiong approached him from the middle road.
At this time, Riveros helped defend the sidewalk to intercept Zhang Pengfei Otig Sabella’s personal doubleteam Qin Xiong
They all think that Zhang Pengfei will give Qin Xiong the ball.
But they were wrong.
Zhang Pengfei obliquely returned the ball to the area behind Qin Xiong in the middle road.
At this time, the Paraguayan team saw that China actually had another player rushing to participate in the attack.
Zheng zhi
Zheng Zhi kicked the ball before Bella panicked and forced it, so he gave the ball to the left side of the road and cut the sun.
In fact, the China team knows the tactics in the wing, and it is difficult for them to play successfully, but the opponents don’t know that they will also be afraid of China’s playing like this.