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He lowered his eyes and said to me, Gaotang was poor, and the original posthouse had been in tatters for a long time, but he had been trying to repair it and wronged the general.

I sighed and lowered my voice. What can you do with a county magistrate in troubled times?
He made an invitation gesture and Zhang Feiyu stood on both sides of the gate.
I didn’t refuse to lead a group of people into the house.
This county government is really dilapidated. Don’t say that I lived in that simple Chinese mansion in Luoyang. Even in Guzangcheng, where we lived at first, it was far behind.
… Liu’s adult this? Cao Cao asked behind me, Even though Gaotang was poor, there were some taxes and money in the county … He would swallow his stomach with unspeakable words.
The people have enough food and clothing to collect taxes … Liu Bei said faintly. A mansion is just a day. If it is unstable and repaired again …? !”
Although Cao Cao was a eunuch, he was worried about food and clothing since he was a child. It is really not a comfort to see Liu Bei poor like this.
Xia Houyuan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief: How many people have been displaced in the Central Plains for many years and how many girls have been abandoned alive …
Wonderful just … you again … Encourage Xia Houdun low way.
品茶论坛Xia Houyuan canthus faint with glittering and translucent liquid the ruler of the big fellow unexpectedly so quickly into sorrow.
I don’t understand. I didn’t know that the Xiahou brothers were so compassionate that they cried and shed tears in a broken house.
General, it’s a wonder that he … a few years ago, the Central Plains was in great turmoil and suffered great disasters year after year … Cao Cao explained, He threw his children into the river to support his younger brother and leave orphans …
Xia Houyuan turned his big body and I looked at his big back in a daze.
To tell the truth … I haven’t paid much attention to Xia Houyuan’s setting base of Xia Houyuan in various games, which is also lower than that of Xia Houdun by a class, especially when it’s true that the Three Kingdoms and the Double Row are wonderful, which is known as one of the four cripples … It also makes me feel saddened, but I have never thought highly of himbecause he was chopped off by Huang Zhong, an old guy!
Set the army to kill a famous joke in Xiahou Cheng’s drama!
They all sat down silently for a moment.
Liu Bei, the local host, barely smiled and raised his glass. You have worked hard all the way. Liu Beixian proposes a toast to you.
You’re welcome, too. It’s all in one gulp
This bar … I frowned slightly, far less delicious than the one last night …
I didn’t notice it when I drank it last night, but compared with the cheap spirits now, I know that Bao Xin is really a person who can enjoy himself.
I also raised a toast to the guests, saying, You don’t have to be shy and eat and drink at will. This is just a simple meal, and it’s not like the wine merchants have to fight to the death at the competition.
The commanderinchief of Xuande’s expedition to Qingzhou Imperial Court is Lord Lu Zhi, I casually said to Liu Bei. I heard that you also studied in Lord Lu for some days?
The general even knows these things? He has been a little numb. Indeed, Mr. Lu once retired from office and stayed in Zhuojun for several years. Mr. Lu was very grateful for not being included in the humble collection.
Since you are grateful, I smiled insidiously, then come with me to the country to crack down on thieves.
Liu Bei was shocked and his face was full of surprise.
Chapter 27 War Meeting
Today, it is best to go to Dongping Mausoleum, where Jinan National Institute can supplement some food and grass a little. Cheng Yu consciously showed the way. Now he will go 200 miles along Luoshui, a tributary of the Yellow River, and then cross Jishui south to Dongping Mausoleum.
This is not far at most, I said otherwise. After that, we can continue marching until Le Anguo and Qi handover Liang Zou or Yu Ling!
The general is too impatient. Isn’t it too bad for us to go on an expedition? Cheng Yu smiled
Jia Xu connected, Besides, we still have 3,000 infantry who can’t walk so fast.
Oh … I forgot to be sorry. I scratched my head. Who is the chief executive of Jinan? How is it with the court?
Jia Xu motioned Cheng Yu.
Cheng Yu nai shrugged his shoulders. King Jinan has been dead for more than ten years, and Guo Xiang was also killed by the rebels at the beginning of this month …
I opened my mouth. Does that mean … no one is taking over now?
It’s not that there should be some … gangsters, said Cheng Yu easily.
It takes a little preparation to be a warmup battle. I pulled through the snow and touched its back pikeI borrowed it from Camel Flying Star without a trace of it at home.
Master going to kill people? !” Qin array leaned out from behind his head and his eyes were full of excitement.

I believe you can do it well.

Uhhuh. It was found out that the photo change of Zhuang Jie’s second activity was done by Liu Jinyan. The company has already fired her from the Ministry network. Xiaomin Lu said with glowing eyes.
These days, she has been complaining that she has been responsible for these pictures, but I didn’t expect them to be messed up.
Now that she has found the murderer, she feels better.
Really? No wonder I saw Liu Jinyan just now. She was not allowed to eat her appearance.
The efficiency of this job is so fast that I just got the truth from the cleaner’s mouth, and now Liu Jinyan has been fired from the company.
It is not only because of family business that he thinks he can sit in the position of Gu’s president, but also because he has his own ability to work.
Think of ink you spoke to her, Gu Si post is worse than him.
Sister Zhuang Xiaomin Lu couldn’t help but shake her hand when she saw Liuzhuang Lotus in a daze.
Liuzhuang Lotus smiled at Xiaomin Lu, and the two walked out of the meeting room.
Liu Jinyan was holding a cardboard box and passing by them. When she saw her stop, she sarcastically said, Liu Zhuanghe, you will be worried when you kick me out of the company.
Liu Jinyan, until now, you or I will kick you out of the company. You have to be responsible for your own work. Liu Zhuanghe looked at Liu Jinyan coldly and said.
Liu Jinyan looked at her piteously and said, Your real enemy has never been me. Then she left with the carton.
Zhuang Jie, what does she mean? Lu Xiaomin didn’t mean Liu Jinyan’s words.
It’s nothing, Mandy. After you remember, you must never leak out the planning activities. Both activities are out of order, and they are all raped by Liuzhuang Lotus.
33. Are you still resisting? (quiz)
I love another person for no reason. I seem to know that she will come back to me sooner or later. I wish her never to be sad. I hope we can meet again happily.
It’s nothing, Mandy. After you remember, you must never leak out the planning activities. Both activities are out of order, and they are all raped by Liuzhuang Lotus.
桑拿按摩Liu Zhuanghe walked to the door of Rowling’s office, took a deep breath and tapped on the door.
Come in
After Liuzhuang Lotus got permission, she pushed the door and went in. Luo Linzheng looked down at the information and was surprised to see Liuzhuang Lotus. He asked, Liuzhuang Lotus is in your class. Then there was a flash in his eyes. If Liu Jinyan didn’t come to class, how could she be fired by the company? She gave Liu Jinyan face protection and asked her to resign voluntarily.
I didn’t come to class, I came to resign. Liu Zhuanghe said and put the resignation letter in front of Rowling.
Resignation Rowling picked up Liu Zhuanghe’s resignation letter and was ecstatic. She was still thinking about how to get rid of her. I didn’t expect her to resign on her own initiative.
What? Although Rowling is very happy at the moment, she still pretends to be reluctant. You have now achieved the position of deputy manager. Although the event was botched, Manager Gu didn’t blame you. Besides, according to you and Manager Gu, he won’t blame you.
It was also the second time that Gu Boshang admitted in front of the media that he and Liu Zhuanghe had been divorced after Rowling checked afterwards.
It seems that this woman is not simple. Climbing high is divorced from her original match.
Liuzhuang Lotus frowned lightly and said, Manager Luo misunderstood this matter. Isn’t it clear that Liu Jinyan is cheating?
Rowling’s words don’t sound comfortable. What do you mean, manager Gu didn’t blame her.
Yes, no one would have thought that it was Liu Jinyan who did it. No wonder people often say that she arrived in the company earlier than you and is still a group leader. Rowling said with pity.
If Liu Jinyan is the deputy manager of the design department today, then if they are combined, the designer is not in her face, so it is enough to report regularly.
But I didn’t expect Liuzhuang Lotus to sit in this position in the end. Although this activity was botched, President Guggenheim personally called the boss Chenyang, and naturally Liuzhuang Lotus would not be held accountable.
But now Liu Zhuanghe is going to resign. Although this incident cost her a chess game, the result is not bad.
At least Liu Zhuanghe left, otherwise she would threaten her position sooner or later.
Thinking of this, Rowling walked on and said, But people’s hearts are separated from their bellies.
Liuzhuang Lotus Gherardini Manager Luo said yes

Let’s go back to the basket again.

Ji Guo’s shame smell speech didn’t think much of throwing basketball into the basket at once …
Although the clippers tactics didn’t work out, after the change of defense, Ji Guo’s enmity was caught in the basket.
Yao was led out by Artest, but Scola didn’t change to Ji Guoqiu for the first time. The Argentine made his first start today and got a tacit understanding with his teammates. He made a fatal mistake at the crucial moment.
Ji Guoqiu jumped high. The Rockets have a Battier who is still defending his brother. Now no one can stop him.
Clippers fans saw that the panda warrior caught the basketball with both hands and slammed it against the basket …
They can’t remember how many times the two brothers relay in today’s performance. It’s always the relay in the most crucial attack of the game!
The basket was devastated today. Ji Guoqiu scored a key goal with a doublehanded slam.
The score was 5:2, and the Clippers led the Rockets by 3 points in the last 31 seconds.
Adelman called for the last time to suspend the Rockets at the critical moment. Even though Adelman didn’t like McGrady very much, he chose to give them the most critical shot.
The Rockets’ key attack is not as varied as the Clippers’, that is, the combination of Yao and Mai’s pickandroll cooperation, which is the simplest and most efficient attack mode of the Rockets.
Timeout is over. Both teams return to the field.
桑拿会所TMac played this attack very fast. It seems that they want to grab another attack and get another attack opportunity. It turns out that they are too greedy. TMac can play so hard that he can end his opponent without picking and rolling himself. But at this time, TMac can’t make a hasty shot with Yao’s cover …
thud basketball smashed out of the basket!
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at playing basketball and want to fly by himself. His eyes were green.
This guy still thinks that he has a basketball in his eyes and stretches his arm to compete for this rebound …
Just as his horse touched the basketball, another big hand touched the basketball first and then grabbed it into his arms.
Ji Guo was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood after landing that he had the impulse to reach out to his brother’s arms to grab the ball.
Mom, you’ve already had two pairs. I just need one rebound. You’re such a king!
Ji Guoqiu was too lazy to pay attention to his hands and held the basketball in his arms. The Rockets players quickly fouled him.
When the referee blew the foul whistle, Ji Guoqiu was used to answering.
Look, you said I was rounding up an integer, and now I have 15 rebounds, which is so beautiful.
Clippers players turned blue when they saw Ji Guo’s shame and he was injured in rebounding. Artest asked, What’s wrong with you?
JiGuo shame face a kua hate said, I’m not comfortable all over, especially the heart …
Artest doesn’t understand what it means, but he doesn’t care if there is nothing wrong with his legs and feet when he walks.
Ji Guoqiu’s free throw basket is slightly worse than his younger brother’s, but he also has a free throw percentage close to 9%. This online player is a top hit, and even in the whole nba, his free throw percentage can rank first.
The score of two free throws was 7:2, and the Rockets lost the chance to win.
The clippers beat the powerful rockets at home, which surprised most people.
The Rockets stormed a threepointer after two penalties, and missed the game again, completely losing the suspense.
After the attack failed, Houston people were too lazy to make the foul tactic Brevin Knight dribble to the frontcourt until the end of the game
The referee blew the final whistle, and the Clippers ended all the games in November with a victory in the cheers of the home fans. Their record was 55.
Ji Guoqiu played 37 minutes, contributed 17 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocked shots, and was selected as the best player after the game.
Ji Guo made 25 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocked shots, 17 shots, 1 3pointers, which is not inferior to his brother.
Other Clippers players Artest scored 15 points, Mobry scored 12 points, Posey scored 1 point and Brevin Knight scored 1 point.
Rockets Yao scored 31 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, McGrady scored 19 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, Scola scored 16 rebounds, Alston scored 12 points and 6 assists and Battier scored 1 point.

"You are smart and seemingly casual, but you lean out of the palace. It is known that the more smart people are, the longer they tend to live. Even if the emperor dotes on your palace now, you can be killed."

In the bedroom, it was quiet for a full cup of tea before listening to Zhuang Guifei’s cold mouth. At this time, she had put away all her mixed thoughts and suddenly calmed down like a different person.
Shui Yun-hibiscus also finally made a deep evaluation of her: "People are rigorous and thoughtful." This calculation is by no means that a few words of provocation can make her lose her heart and expose the clues. Such people are really difficult to deal with and powerful, and they will also plan if they provoke her again, but they are afraid that she will do something bad for Lan Wangfu.
Especially the mother princess. She has been kind to her mother princess for so many years. Her hatred is so strong that she didn’t send her mother princess. It’s not like her sex.
It is reasonable to say that what she hates most should be the mother princess or her scruples about her sisters, but these are not the reasons that can make her stop. What kind of thoughts has she had?
This is where I can’t figure it out.
"The empress is serious, Yunxi, but it is just a matter of looking up to her father’s affection for her mother’s princess. How can it not be desirable for the empress to never think about it?"
"I was young, and I didn’t yearn for the palace. I know that you are not easy to dispel the doubts in the palace. However, when you enter Lingfei Palace, you can see that the palace hates you, which makes the palace angry and exposes the results you want to see. But if you can spy on the palace for a few minutes, you can do whatever you want, then you are wrong. The palace has means to make your life worse."
Zhuang Guifei’s dark eyes emit sharp eyes, which seem to be easy to get prey.
按摩It’s better to let her play a little clever by herself than to let her be implicated in Lanwang Mansion or Mother Princess. The more she feels that her mind is being spied, the easier it is for her to expose her sexual crisis head. There will always be more reasons for her to take the initiative, so Huangfuda won’t appear passive.
"Empress is intelligent and observant, so it’s not enough to play games in front of you."
"You don’t like you from the beginning. You don’t like Ningxiang or those delicate noble families as seen in the palace. From the first time in the palace, I thought you would be the nemesis of the palace. Now it seems that you are right. You make it even more difficult for you to leave you in the maze. Think about it yourself."
Zhuang Guifei’s calm tone is superior to proudly, but she has never been shy about her dislike of Shuiyunjin, so that she can see that the flaw can’t be so much, which can make her retreat.
"That empress is to admit that someone else in her heart has loved Huangfuda for years only to make up for the lack in her heart. Now Huangfuda, like his father, makes the empress feel despair and humiliation again before she can kill Yunfu, so Yunfu can understand that it is your mother princess."
"Shut up, you don’t have to test the palace’s mind. It’s time for you to stop. It’s the most important thing to know how to be a man." ZhuangGuiFei Shirley interrupted.
Shuiyunjin smiled gently. "The truth is that my empress has a deep hatred for you. What you mean is nothing more than the deep affection of the man in Lanwangfu. In this case, you don’t witness it again. You have seen half of it. This time, you can’t see if this world is a dream of a couple or a girl."
ZhuangGuiFei followed to laugh some wantonly "you want the palace to let you go"
"That’s not true. Say I bet."
Shuiyunjin’s smile at the corner of her mouth means that she added, "Don’t the empress want to see who can get what she wants in the end, even if many obstacles remain unchanged? If I lose, I won’t do it myself, and I will disappear by myself."
Zhuang Guifei seems to be in the mood, too, with a thick smile on her eyebrows. Obviously, she heard the joke, "It’s good to be tit for tat, and now it’s up to you. You’re not bad. If you are Shuiyunjin, the palace may give you more honor. Now it’s a pity that since you want to bet on that palace, you’d better remember that you’ll take the initiative to leave this game with Da ‘er if you promise to lose, but you won’t die too soon to make the palace feel interesting."
"Thank you, Empress, for caring about Yunxi, which is bound to make you live longer. Even if you don’t satisfy Empress’s wish, Yunxi wants to see if I am lucky or if Empress can always go so high." Shuiyun’s supercilious mouth always overflows with a cool smile.
"Palace wiping eyes will make you see one thing. All men in the world are fickle. What you see is that the conjugal love between husband and wife is not a fact. Now it’s also a moment for Lao Er to spoil you. You’re tired of waiting for him. You’re not favored by Hou Fu. Now it’s just so much. Even if he doesn’t change, there are some things that he can’t control. There are ways to make him have to change. You will know how bad your luck is."
Zhuang Guifei is smiling, but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, and she is bloodthirsty and cold.
ShuiYunXi so-called picked his eyebrows "that’s as the empress wishes. Let’s all look at the empress. Since she is tired, YunXi won’t bother to leave."
Words fall and my feet are about to walk out of the bedroom.
Behind again to ZhuangGuiFei sound "when did you see"
ShuiYunJin footsteps lived back and smiled gently. "Empress can remember YunJin drew a picture in the hall that day. What did Empress YunJin see in the picture at that time?
Mother princess once said that after many years, there is a picture in the picture scroll of the empress, and there is a picture in the mother princess’s room that has been treasured for many years. Mother princess also said that there is also a picture in the empress’s room, and I think it should all be from the same person. "
It is said that Zhuang Guifei’s cold eyes seem to be stained with thick frost. It turned out to be the painting. At that time, she saw that the painting was not from the same person, but she saw that the memory of the picture was as cold as a flood many years ago. She had already forgotten to disguise her mood. "What about Lao Er?"
"It’s not only a private speculation that you haven’t been personally admitted by the empress, but also a nonsense." Does the smile on the corners of your mouth mean anything?
"Aren’t you afraid that the palace will kill you?" Zhuang Guifei’s eyes shrank.
Now all the difficulties are temporary, girls. Don’t worry
Yao Yao da:
Chapter 39 You heard it all.
"Even if I rot in my stomach, the empress will not leave me alone now."
"That’s not necessarily" ZhuangGuiFei is eyebrow.
Shuiyunjin chuckled, "Then thank you for your kindness. Yunjin values her life very much. This life can threaten the empress."

Her chest is warm and warm, and occasionally she feels distressed, which once again makes Lu’s eyes warm.

Chu Heng looked at Lu You seriously and continued, "Lu You was injured in a Tang poem in our hospital last night and was sent to the hospital by Mo. At that time, she was already in a coma. She walked by herself before holding her. You think a stranger is injured, and we can’t sit back and watch. Don’t let her get hurt because she is a Tang poem. No matter if her life is in danger, Mo is an indifferent accomplice. Besides, Mo should take this responsibility. I am not partial to anyone but look at things objectively."
He felt it necessary to say these words to make Lu Youbai more reasonable.
"Tang poetry, she is really bad for the ink heart. This kind of mind is not because of your appearance, but more than ten years ago. She has always had feelings for ink. She is trying to chase him. She wants to be an ink wife, but after a trip to China, you become Mrs. Lin. She has been thinking about her lover for more than ten years and thus belongs to others! The gap in her heart can be imagined! This kind of loss can only be experienced. "Chu Heng analyzed the truth. I want Lu You not to misunderstand Lin Mo-chen." Of course, I’m not saying that Tang poetry is for me and I don’t like such entangled people. I think it’s best to pick it up and put it away, but emotional things can’t even be controlled by her. What you can do is to love each other so that no one can get in the middle of you. "
"Lu sorrow those ink and Tang poetry love as ever photos are fake Tang poetry ten-year-old adult ceremony hosted a lot of people in addition to ink and ink brother Ze Heyang and Gu Nanqing and me … they didn’t get along with each other alone, but they just want to benefit from these blows and disperse you. If you believe the truth, then you are in the other party’s plan! If you give up, you will win without fighting for convenience! For you, losing will be a beautiful marriage that loves your husband. Do you think it is worth it? "
"This war is better than a strong psychological endurance. Come on, I think it’s you."
Chu Heng’s jade-like face is full of shallow smiles to encourage and support her.
品茶论坛He has never been a meddler, but he has never seen Lin Mo-chen so interested in a woman and willing to go into a marriage siege, which has already said the importance of worrying about his heart.
He doesn’t want to be lonely all the time. After his friends lost their worries, the day became darker and colder than before.
"Thank you, Doctor Chu." Lu You smiled back at him.
Chuheng shook his head and said goodbye to him, so he took Li Mei to take a taxi home.
Chuheng watched them leave until the car shadow disappeared in the car sea, and he turned around and saw Lin Mo-chen coming in a few steps.
"Lu sorrow and aunt have left" ChuHeng told him.
"Well," Lin Mochen replied softly, "She should be in a mess now. Let her be quiet."
Then he turned and prepared to go to the inpatient department.
Chu Heng stopped him behind him. "Are you going to find Tang poetry?"
"I believe this matter can’t be separated from her." Lin Mo-chen is long and slim, and her eyebrows are engraved with the words "Let a woman be crazy and elegant." This matter was bitten by her, which made Lu You suffer a great injustice. I must solve it in the shortest time, otherwise the promotion of public opinion will become more and more chaotic. "
"Tang poetry is deeply hidden." Chu Heng couldn’t imagine that once a beautiful princess with a pure smile would have such a calculation.
"People change," sighed Lin Mo-chen. "The more beautiful things look, the most deadly poison."
"There is your grandfather behind the Tang poetry. Grandpa Lin has always been ruthless and strong, otherwise it will not cause your parents’ tragedy, and the Tang poetry will not be so easy to give up. She is your grandfather’s single-handedly training and raising Lin’s family. Even if she didn’t learn one hundred percent, she has fifty percent. Grandpa Lin taught you that if you want to be strong, you must seize it by hook or by crook!" Chu Heng expressed sympathy for him. "I wish you luck."
"Tang poetry was raised by my grandfather, but don’t forget that I am the real Lin family. Will you and I be weak? I don’t want to let her see my bloody side with Lu’s sorrow. I’m afraid she will be afraid, so I converge, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten how to be cruel. "Lin Mochen strode forward on the leaves.
Lin Mo-chen’s whole body exudes sen’s cold breath, which makes people fear.
This is the real Lin Mo-chen, which makes people afraid and powerful.
When Lin Mo-chen arrived at the Tang poetry ward, he raised his hand and tapped on the door.
Footsteps rang and someone opened the door from the inside.
Two people looking at each other are zheng.
Lin Mo Chen looked at the door, Lin Mo Yang, who also stared at Lin Mo Chen closely.
The four eyes are entangled with each other, and the sparks are slightly splashed.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes are inky, but Lin Mo-chen’s pond bottom Yinzhu doesn’t mean to get out of the way and let Lin Mo-chen in.
Lin Mo-chen slightly raised his thin lips and just came to the Tang poetry to ask, "Who is Mo Yang? Is it Mo Chen? "
Tang poetry is not an induction, but she has been looking forward to the return of Lin Mo-chen.
"Tang poetry is me" Lin Mochen answered her.
"Ink minister is it really you? Ink Yang let ink minister come in "Tang poetry sounded irrepressible excitement.
Lin Mo Chen saw that the door was still motionless. Lin Mo Chen picked his eyebrows at him. "Tang poetry let me in."
Lin Mo Yang had to back off two steps to let Lin Mo Chen enter the ward.

"Brother just scared me to death!"

"I’m sorry!" He apologized for "worrying you!"
"Brother, are you in pain?"
For so many days, it was she who talked to herself the most today.
He was flattered, surprised, really surprised, and he thanked the man who wanted to kill himself!
If it weren’t for his injury, how long would it take this little thing to talk to himself as much as it does now, not only worrying about his love for himself, but also saying so much about himself.
What day is it today? How can you be so lucky?
He bent over and picked her up on the bed. She hugged him in horror. "Brother … why did you pick me up?"
"Take a bath!" She’s covered in her own blood. He’s got her little thing dirty!
Kexin didn’t refuse to give her a bath at Nanchen Night because she was used to it! It seems that my brother especially likes this …
When he undressed himself, she was still shy, shy, shy and embarrassed to look at him.
Nan Chen put warm water in the bathtub at night, and she went to the side to get wet and take a simple shower.
I’m afraid that blood will seep out of my abdomen again. He’s covered with a layer of plastic paper, which prevents the blood from seeping out again. It’s so airtight that it will seep in and the water will easily infect the wound. It’s very important for him. He thinks that she can’t see her bleeding again! Can’t let the little thing worry about himself!
After washing himself quickly, he went over and squatted down gently to clean her body. Her body was beautiful and beautiful, which would naturally ignite his anger, but he forbeared and did not show it at all.
In order to distract himself from her thoughts, he said, "Little one, will you make breakfast for your brother later?"
"well! Brother really wants to eat your breakfast! "
"Anything is fine!" If only she did it! He loves everything she cooks!
She thought that he should eat something light and nutritious when he was injured, and looked at him carefully. "Do you want to drink porridge?"
"Well, drink!" After that, he asked her to cook for herself every day. It must be great! He had some expectations for this kind of life.
"Then I’ll do it now!" She forgot that she was still foaming in the bathtub, but he pushed her back into the bathtub. "Don’t move, I haven’t finished washing!" "
She pursed her lips and her cheeks were slightly blushing. He took a shower quickly every time, but it took a long time to give her a bath, which always made her feel bad, but she couldn’t express her opinion!
"Let my brother kiss you, okay?" Ask her for advice carefully after hurting him. He knows it’s a shame to ask for this when he bathes her, but she’s so charming. He won’t do it. Don’t try to kiss her. He hasn’t kissed her for a long time. The smell of her mouth makes him miss it. If she doesn’t agree, he will respect her and won’t touch her.
Kexin looked at him with her eyes wide open slightly.
Without a response, she didn’t want him to force her, but said faintly, "Kexin won’t kiss you if she doesn’t want her brother!" " He found himself becoming very man show with her!
She saw his long eyelashes and beautiful nose. "My brother kissed me." Don’t you do anything else?
He reached out and put his hand on her cheek. She was worried. He knew he assured her, "Little brother wants to kiss you! Do not do anything else! "
Kexin’s mind is still very small after amnesia. If he is a little better to himself, she will get over the scar and forget the pain.
Besides, it has been more than a week, and she has deliberately forgotten what happened that day, so her memory of that day has gradually blurred.
She closed her eyes and raised her cheeks actively, waiting for him to kiss herself!
Nanchen night Ni looked at her long eyelash face covered with a beautiful shadow.
He bowed his head and kissed her tender red lips, kissing her lips like a king kissing a princess.
He left her mouth without a deep kiss, and her sweet breath still remained. He was in a flying mood and sweeter than eating honey.
Seeing her eyes closed all the time, he put his face behind her ear and said softly, "All right!" So she stopped closing her eyes.
She obeyed, opened her curly eyelashes and blinked. When she looked at his black eyes, her face turned reddish.
He smiles and is in a good mood. He thinks he will be in a good mood and sunny all day today!
He washed her with warm water and wrapped her in a bubble towel and walked out of the bathroom.
She cooked breakfast in the kitchen, and he looked at him quietly not far from her. He thought she was beautiful when she cooked! It’s like a little wife going to work by herself and her husband carefully preparing a love breakfast! Watching her cook was fun, and suddenly he got up and walked over. "No, I’ll help?" He really wanted to make breakfast with her on a whim! He also had an experience in cooking, that is, helping her cook noodles, and finally she helped to finish! He thinks that he should learn more about this knowledge and cook for her in the future. He is a man who either does nothing. If he is determined to do something, he must definitely do it well! He is confident to do this well! So he looks forward to being able to cook with her when the Tao comes that day!
He either doesn’t love it, but if he thinks he loves it, it’s definitely the ultimate spoil! I can’t wait to pick all the stars and the moon for her!
"Brother … no … no … it’s almost done!" Cooking porridge is very simple and fast!

Because the large-scale war has brought a serious threat to protoss and inferno, these three races have to enter a long-term melee situation

This is an ancient illusory fairy tale. People lived in this place a long time ago. Living here will make people forget the past pain and vicissitudes of war, but they gradually become arrogant and selfish, exposing their shortcomings one by one.
There are many ominous signs that have broken the original balanced world, so the war has to provoke a peaceful life and fall into war again
A huge sound threatened the protoss, Terran and inferno. At this time, huge beasts launched a fierce attack on them. At this time, flash floods and earthquakes kept appearing, and various mysterious monsters came here one after another.
品茶论坛  title=When the peaceful world is broken, Yamida, the ancestor of the giant, founded the warrior adventure system, and the player will play this role for a long-term adventure.
For character-based attribute points and attribute values, please refer to RO-based Attribute in Game Phase.
And the career advancement table is
A beginner-a career change
Change occupation-change occupation 1 (change occupation 2)-change occupation 1 (change occupation 2)
Swordsman-Knight (Crusade)-Knight Lord (Templar Crusade)
Archers-hunters (poets/dancers)-marksmen (funny artists/cold dancers)
Businessman-blacksmith (alchemist)-God craftsman (creator)
Thief-Assassin (Rogue)-Cross Assassin (Shenxingtaibao)
Things-priest (martial arts)-god officer (martial arts master)
Magician-Wizard (Sage)-Super Magician (Wise Man)
However, the advanced setting of each occupation is generally’ occupation level’ to define the upgrade requirements. If the beginner’s occupation level is raised to level 1, he will be able to change his occupation into a one-turn occupation, while the one-turn occupation must be trained to level 5 and then transferred to a two-turn occupation. At the same time, the occupation level is also cleared to level 1, and the two-turn occupation has two branches for you to choose from, while the three-turn character must practice the character to the highest base level (base level) 99, and then do reincarnation and reincarnate to level 1. At this time, When changing jobs and changing jobs, it will be directly changed to three-way jobs. Every level of jobs has unique professional skills, such as force, subsidies, business, forging while the iron is hot and making weapons, high attack power, high defense, and indestructible health. Jobs in fairyland are almost all-encompassing. I am a lover of watching people, and I am very interested in this fairyland database, and of course I will not let go of things here. It took me ten hours to read this massive game introduction. I really don’t know if the game designer can get so many things.
After reading it, I now understand that the first thing I have to do is to train and change jobs. The beginner, the lowest profession, has to change jobs before it can grow.
I brought the money to the tool shop and bought ten red potions (+a small amount of HP) according to the instructions of the new players. I came to the magic tower in the middle of the city and asked the equipment distribution specialist for the novice to ask for a’ clumsy dagger for the novice’ (attack+45) and prepare to start leveling.
At this time, someone pushed my real body, and I realized that my real body still had feelings. I took off my helmet and felt a little hungry when I saw the housekeeper pushing in a load of food. It was a long time since something happened. When I looked at it, it turned out to be too late. My sister came early. It seems that I really didn’t know how time passed. Even lunch was left.
After eating those meals in a hurry, there are some steamed seafood, sweet and sour tiger spots, fried lobster balls and so on.
I also ignore the housekeeper’s packing, wearing a helmet and entering the game or that line to see if there are fewer people around. Maybe I went to eat, too.
I went out from the west gate of Ji Fen City, clutching the clumsy dagger of the novice. I haven’t tried to upgrade the monster. As soon as I went out, I saw a whistling monster. I immediately checked the information. It turns out that this monster is called’ Polly’, which is the weakest monster in LV1 level (after LV stands for level). It is also an upgrade for newcomers. The monster has two big eyes and two upturned lips, whistling something that I can’t understand.
This is a great opportunity for me to look at this lone guy. I slowly moved to his side and gave this little guy such a stab with a dagger. A red 15 floated from Polly’s body. I was so excited that I forgot to cut more. Polly attacked me, and my body flashed a little red light. Look at myself. HP () was a little less. For me, who was only 5 o’clock in total, it was a lot of blood. I immediately regained my spirits and rose one after another. Just when I was about to come again, I saw Polly’s body and found a strong light. After Polly’s head passed by
"I depend!" I just learned a sentence from other players in the city that Polly will blow himself up, which will not let people play. LV1 guy is so strong that he has never been promoted or LV1, otherwise he will lose a level at a time.
This time, I was very clever when I went out to the West Gate’ letting go’ of these hateful guys whistling. The environment outside the West Gate of Ji Fen is really very good. A huge Shi Zhuan suspension bridge, a blue river across the outside of Ji Fen and the green mountains and green land are a pity that I didn’t breathe in the game. Otherwise, the atmosphere here would be very fresh and much better than that in my room.
Suddenly, I found a towering frustum of a cone ladder on the shore. Curious, I climbed along this ladder for ten minutes before I looked at an entrance. At this time, it was already misty around me, and my place was already in the clouds. When I went in, I found that it turned out to be a viewing platform. I was just about to get close to that huge telescope when I suddenly heard a strange sound.
"What if you don’t want someone here?"
"Afraid of what? Who will come to this place where dogs don’t pull chickens at this time? Dear, come and kiss me! "
"You’re a bad thing. You haven’t played enough in the game yet. You’re still playing this. Uh-huh ~ ~"
I blush at the sound of it. Although I have never seen the world, I still know that there is a golden house and a Yan Ruyu in the past, but I am also curious about what a man and a woman can do. The body is close to that huge telescope and shows a pair of thieves’ eyes.
The scenery is really limited. I saw a man and a woman hugging each other. Their coats have been taken off (it turned out that this game can undress now). The man is desperately attacking the woman, but it seems that the woman is very willing to be attacked. I wonder if this is PK? I’ve heard that I want to attack maliciously, even if PK looks at them, I have a lot of flames in my heart, and my mouth is dry. I don’t know what it feels like. I can’t stop looking at it all the time. I didn’t expect this thing to be in this game. Can it be the same after I watch it and practice my advanced level? In my fantasy, I was interrupted by a woman’s huge moan. I came to my senses and took a look at that man …
I was scared to climb back immediately when I saw it, but when I left, my hand accidentally kicked something and fell off the edge of the wooden fence. I don’t care so much. It’s almost a step by step to jump to the bottom of the water and wash my face before I feel so hot.
I was ready to have a rest when a flash attracted me …
Chapter II Games, Games
Chapter II Games, Games
Take a closer look at two things. One is a’+1 triple-strength three-hole punch blade’. The weapon in fairyland can be refined by a material called divine metal. Each refining will increase the attack power and durability of the weapon accordingly, just as it is stipulated that the first-class weapon should be refined. If it is higher than 7, it may lead to the failure of refining, and the weapon will be damaged. Second-class+6, third-class+5, fourth-class+4, fifth-class weapons cannot be refined, while the armor is refined by aluminum. Similarly, every+
Moreover, the weapon body also has a weapon with the lowest level, just like my’ Beginner’s Clumsy Short Sword’, and the weapon with the highest level 5 is already a god-class weapon, which not only has extremely strong attack power but also has incredible additional effect. The three holes represent this weapon with three cards. In the fairyland, there is a card called card system, which is called card system. Every monster bursts out with corresponding cards, and the higher the monster, the lower the chance of popping out cards. If it is a BOSS, it is possible to kill tens of thousands of cards. A card has a unique assembly position with weapons, clothes, shoes
The other is a physical ring with three-level ornaments to increase health and three-level restrictions. The occupational restrictions are just right for my horse to equip itself.
Ask me why I know so much. After watching the game introduction for ten hours in a daze, of course, I know that the highest card that has appeared in the game for three months is a kind of card called golden thief BOSS, which is a magical effect! This is absolutely a nightmare for wizards and priests, the main attackers who attack the city. Whether it is the highest magic’ snowstorm’ of wizard ice or the ultimate attack magic’ cross exorcism attack’ of priests has no effect on the people who wear this card shield, and of course, the healing of their teammates has no effect.
The card effect is stackable, just as I found this blade is an assassin’s special weapon. The blade is divided into two sharp blades by buckling the wrist bracket and inserting it into the wrist of the left hand and the right hand. There are three card slots, and the effect of putting three termite cards is to increase the attack power by 3, which is to increase the attack power by 9. This is definitely an advanced assassin’s weapon. The total attack power reaches more than 3 plus the assassin’s special skill. The attack power of the blade training (increasing the attack power of assembling the blade) and the sonic throwing (instant continuous attack) can instantly reach 1. That is to say, an attack in one second can knock you out in two or one second. 3. Now the highest health value is more than 20,000, while the wizard with high attack and low defense can be killed in two seconds.
It seems that this is what I kicked in the face just now, and it is also the weapon of that man. Even if I haven’t played games, I know that I can’t find the treasure in the street and pick it up immediately.
I’m not in the mood to train now, and I’m thinking that if I change my job as an assassin, it would be a very good choice to have a special weapon immediately.
I was so excited that when I came back to Ji Fen City unconsciously, someone patted me on the shoulder and scared me to jump up. Looking back, it turned out that it was an assassin who called me a real assassin. It was very easy to recognize a purple professional suit with two beige shoulder pad waists on his shoulders, a half-open cloak and a pair of brown rubber-soled light shoes.
"Hello!" The assassin was very friendly and greeted me.
"Oh hello!"
"Are you still a beginner? Have you played this game? "
"Just started playing?"
"Well, do you need me to take you?"
As soon as I hear this, it will definitely be necessary. It is much faster for someone to take me to train than for me alone, and I can also ask about the professional knowledge of assassins.
"Here are 50 bottles of red potion. You take it first."
"How can this work?"
"You’re welcome to play games? Of course we have to help each other!"
Then I’m embarrassed not to accept it, put it in my backpack and followed the assassin into Ji Fen City.
"This is my usual training place. The magic weapon is quite advanced. Let me chop it until it is dying. Do you know how to make up a few more knives?"
"Yes, yes!"
We came to a strange place from the first floor of the Wizarding Guild Tower, where an NPC called Tajimi cast a magic spell. I looked around to see where there were magic things. I didn’t doubt that there were them. I followed the assassin in front and just passed a hillside. I immediately saw a monster running in front of us. Looking through the information, I knew that it was a kind of monster called rotten monster LV43, which looked like a rotten orange peel.
"Are you going to cut your horse if I tell you to?"

Alas, after knowing each other for a few hours, I really don’t understand why the girl in front of me is so clingy, and she seems to have a natural talent for the profession of wizard, especially for the profession of wizard. Otherwise, it is impossible to cast magic without singing, which is a serious violation of the balance. I hope there will be no problems after that.

"Brother, do you want the line?"
"Then where will I wait for you?"
"Oh my god, I don’t know. Don’t you have my business card? It would be nice to send me a private chat then. "
"You say, don’t ignore me then. If you dare to ignore me, I will …"
"Stop! I know I know it! I will definitely return! "
After that, I sent a message to the disease method saying that I had failed, but after receiving this message, I thought I might change my job, no matter how many first lines to solve my physical problems.
Chapter 9 Doubt
Chapter 9 Doubt
Zhang Xian sat by the bed and looked at the boy who was several years older than herself. She was not so white. It can be said that one person turned out to be the focus of the whole plan. The whole plan has been designed and implemented for many years. The key point is to remember the’ dream’ in the confidential files of enterprises. If it hadn’t been for’ it’, the world wouldn’t have entered a new generation so soon, and there would be no’ dream’. The enterprise gradually became obsessed with Zhang Xian. Even I took off my game helmet and looked at her with her hands, even shaking her hands in front of her eyes.
I look at her delicate and smooth skin and eyes full of wisdom, and I feel reluctant to look at this spy soon.
In the past few days, I have learned a lot about the world besides playing games, even what streets and large buildings are outside my big house. I know all kinds of buses and buses, because I know I must be a person who doesn’t like to be bound. It was only after I started to contact games, that is, computers, that I realized my sexuality, perhaps rebellious consciousness or subconscious mind. I want to find a job that can support my life as soon as possible (of course, the internet) and then leave without knowing it. Although Sister Yiping warned me not to leave this room to get in touch with the outside air, I have never felt anything different about me for so many years, but my feet are inconvenient to move.
I was thinking about Zhang Xian and thinking about things, and both of them didn’t realize that their heads were really very close. When Zhang Xian came to her senses from thinking, she found that there was a big thing blocking her sight, and she froze for a moment before she realized it. This thing was her own monitor, and her head hurried back and knocked down the chair, which woke me up. I looked at her, and she looked at me and burst out laughing together.
We laughed for ten minutes before we stopped.
Zhang Qianshou buries his mouth and says, "I don’t think you will laugh!" "
"Who said I wouldn’t laugh? But I don’t like smiling at people who don’t like or are unfamiliar with them. "
"So I’m someone you like?" As soon as Zhang Xian finished speaking, she felt something was wrong. Two pieces of red clouds rose in her face, and no matter whether I answered or not, she immediately opened the door and left.
I was a little reluctant to feel when I watched her leave her back in a hurry, and then it occurred to me that I had a special feeling about women recently. What was the feeling? Strange! There is both a sense of attachment to my sister and admiration for dancing in heaven, a sense of love for the woman I just met and a sense of challenge to the woman in front of me. Oh, woman, women are really white!
As soon as my eyes swept away, I found that Zhang Xianshou’s computer was still in my bed. I immediately took it over and knocked in a long string of codes with my hands. This is a rare opportunity. I immediately made my computer knowledge more and more satisfactory in recent days. I planted a Trojan horse in Zhang Xiannao’s brain. Although this means is not very bright, it seems that no one has taught me to do things aboveboard and I want to do what I want, regardless of what others think.
As soon as I finished typing Zhang Xian, the footsteps rang. I immediately put my computer back in place to make it the same as before, and then rang the bell to call the housekeeper. Zhang Xian came in and didn’t talk to me. He took the computer and left. Soon the housekeeper came in and got something to eat. It was already 12 o’clock when she finished what she should have done in life.
I went back to bed and thought about how many things happened today. From early in the morning to now, I almost never stopped. A few things made me feel profound. A ring competition let me know that the professional competition in fairyland is extremely serious and the team became the base unit of the battle. Second, how good the base property is, and people can’t flexibly transport professional skills. So the waste should be careful after seeing prey from the provocative eyes of the enemy. If there is such a person to help himself, this baby must catch itself. It is certain that money will be indispensable in the game. In reality, money is also needed, and this thing needs to be found as soon as possible.
After thinking about turning on the microcomputer for a round, I entered the Zhang fiber computer through the network. Although it was a heart-warming, it made me know something that surprised me.
It turned out that Zhang Xian was talking to a middle-aged man I didn’t know through the Internet, and she said, "Dad, for so many days, I found out that he had a great computer talent that day."
"If we don’t get the data from our top-level’ Teana’ mainframe computer when possible, this year should not be far away."
"But it’s a good chat day to watch a guy who can’t move like a dead body. Dad, can you change someone else to watch?"
"No, such an important person can’t just ask someone to pay twice as much!"
☆        ☆        ☆
Listen, their conversation let me know a name’ Teana’ computer mainframe? I wonder if I can go in and see. Isn’t everything white when I see it? I began to plan to get into this computer. Although I don’t know where this computer network is, I believe that I can find some clues from the talent I have shown these days.
I really want to know how I was made. I learned from Sister Yiping that I was made in a test tube, but what was not made as a baby? But a fifteen-year-old adult? Everything makes me puzzled and eager for the truth. I am very eager to get all the answers now, but as my sister said, I don’t know much about this society yet. Even if I go out, I can’t adjust my life by myself, thinking about it and falling asleep.
Today, the dream is very strange. It’s no longer a game like upgrading or fighting, but an environment of birds and flowers. I stand in front of a pavilion on a green lake with a vague face, but it gives me the feeling that there is a word’ beauty’!
But when I wanted to talk, I couldn’t say it, and I couldn’t move my body. I kept looking at her, and she kept looking at me. Gradually, my consciousness blurred and then I lost consciousness.
Chapter 10 sudden change
Chapter 10 sudden change
I woke up early the next morning, and now I sleep almost like a timer. Every day is fixed, and I come to life together. After eating breakfast, the horse enters the game and Zhang Xian goes to her so-called school class. Of course, now I can’t believe that she really goes to class. Which teacher is qualified to teach her her that intelligence?
品茶论坛I entered the game and sent a message to the disease method, but I didn’t reply. I just wanted to prepare for the training. If the water information was sent immediately, I really didn’t know that she was so punctual. She would know as soon as I did.
I met her capital * * * * and then went to the Ant Cave to help her train. Although the experience of ants is a little less for her current base level LV41, the number of ants is still quite large, and she doesn’t need to sing and kill ants like a machine gun shooting balloons. One shot at a base can beat me while walking, but I’m just a follower. Sometimes I doubt that if Shuishui doesn’t practice herself, she doesn’t need me for her special abilities now! But in order to please this special mage, I have to practice with her.
After more than an hour in a hurry, the experience in the ant cave is pitiful. We will continue to upgrade to another place, and she will be able to train with me in a team after upgrading to about 5 levels. This time, we came to Tianjin to prepare for the leapfrog fight against monsters. For me, a person with LV6 multi-level but already LV1 level ability, the LV-level ordinary magic is still not available, and I believe that there will be no big problem if the water follows me. The most important thing is to let her kill low-level magic like this. I don’t know when and when it will be upgraded with me as soon as possible.
"If the water where are you from?"
We’ll take a boat to Tianjin for at least ten minutes, so let’s sit down and talk.
I can’t help wondering why it takes so long to ask a place if it is thoughtful.
"I live in Qianxi District" (this world is not the reader’s life, but another parallel world)
"thousand west area, where rich and rich people live."
"well! Elegant brother, where are we going? "
"Tianjin City!"
"What? Tianjin? "
"What’s the matter?"
"No, no, nothing!"
I don’t think it’s strange if the water is a little scary, but it’s not too strange if the water gives me a strange feeling from the beginning
After a while, we will arrive in Tianjin, and if the water is always hidden behind me, the two of them dragged themselves to the ancient forest and ran away when they saw the river boy. I wouldn’t be so easily killed today.
Before I came here, I checked the monsters that appeared here, including fishing river boy LV umbrella demon LV73 bullfrog LV63 Bigfoot bear LV55.
As soon as I entered, I saw a familiar scene, and another river boy appeared in my sight.
"If you and I hit him hard [rocket], do you know?"