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It is safer and more promising to be a national reserve young cadre than to go outside Wan Li and freeze the northeast in the cold.

I went back to my house after shaking my sleeves.
Old Feng, the doorman, said, Xiao Pang came back early in the morning. Why didn’t he follow Grandpa?
I shook my head with a wry smile. Anyway, it’s the same to go to Qiu Fu’s house next door to chat with or without him.
He woke me up seriously. You are no longer a child. You should pay attention to protect yourself! Although the world is much more peaceful now than in previous years, you can’t help it!
I looked at him in surprise. I never found Lao Feng that you could say such serious things!
What words! He blew Hu with a jerk. Master sent me to guard the Mafu compound. Naturally, you must not have an accident in Luoyang.
I laughed or waved my sleeves and left. Since when do I need you to be in charge of security?
After returning to the deep curtilage compound, I immediately faced the father’s confidant political examiner.
Pound is sitting in the middle, and then a left and a right are two uncles Huang Dong and Deng Shan.
such as? Pound looked up absentminded and asked 1
ah? What is it? I sat crosslegged before I saw Pang Gan appear on the jury.
What did Qiu and the monk make of it? Pound added his own question.
Ok, give me a glass of water! I waved to Pang Gan. Lu Zhi will meet the secretariat of Youzhou, and I believe that going to Liaodong to quell the chaos can increase the chances of winning; And Zhang Taiwei said that the imperial court would not expand its military strength this year, and probably would not immediately deal with Yuan Shao.
Pound nodded. What did the duke think of Liaodong?
Feeling? I rubbed my hands. You have to go to Youzhou to get detailed strength information of Gongsun Du before you can make a conclusion.
Huang Dong laughed. Oh? How come Changgong has no confidence?
Hum! I took the tea bowl handed by Pang Gan. I don’t have six thousand miles in my hand to go to the other side’s territory to fight hard. The enemy is ten times my strength. Are you confident?
It is too little … Deng Shan said four words and fell silent again.
Pound’s eyebrows are intertwined, and his fists are tightly clenched. It seems that his knuckles are a little white.
Six thousand elite cavalry … Pull up three or four thousand Ukrainian United Gongsun Zan along the way, and then pull two or three thousand soldiers and horses from their hometown who can fight hard. A total of ten thousand soldiers and horses are in their early days to deal with Liaodong three counties. I am still sure that I will not fall into the wind.
Because no matter how many soldiers and horses he has, he won’t end up with me. After I finish, I can occupy two counties and consume my cavalry quality. The Han Dynasty has already been compared with Liaodong, a backward place.
I secretly smiled.
Uncle Deng, Uncle Huang Pound looked at the left and right sides. I mean to give all the 2,300 troops to the governor … for example?
My ears stood upright as never before.
I don’t have a problem with Lao Huang, Huang Dong grinned. The master also said everything about you.
Pound turned to the other side. Uncle Deng, what do you think?
Deng Shan nodded slowly.
12 My daughter
Long Gong will come with us, and 2,300 people will be handed over to you. Pound turned to me and said word for word.
As soon as I stood erect and gathered my sleeves together, I handed them to the three of them. Uncle Huang, Uncle Deng, thank you very much for your brother … I withdrew my sleeves and asked, Will my dad … agree?
Pound remained motionless. It’s only two thousand people, and we can still be the master.
When I heard this, I suddenly wondered if I had wasted all these years. I thought that when I was in Wuwei, my little Dai could also command thousands of people to risk their lives. After four years, there were fewer and fewer military forces at hand until today, and when I returned to Handan, there were still a few people left …
This more than two thousand people are our Wuwei brothers’ heroic nature … Huang Dongxiao woke me up with a smile. Their families are all following you in the northwest for a year and a half. It’s too long.
Oh, this … I’m also white. For me, two thousand years of training for Qingqi is more than talking. It’s definitely much better than temporarily recruiting and pulling up Uzbek peoplemore importantly, they are not easy to die!
One year is enough for me to gain a firm foothold in Liaodong. Even if they return to their hometown by themselves, I can also enlist the people on the spot to expand my strength and protect my position.
That’s good. When you get the receipt, we’ll give you the troops. Pound stood up.
Dege has something to do? I think he’s about to leave, so I quickly stopped him.
品茶He just took a step and his right foot stopped at the same place no
How about going to the backyard to see my daughter? I smiled and suggested to him.
He nodded slightly Zheng good
I’m going too! Huang Dong rolled up his sleeves and pulled Deng Shan up, by the way.

The referee showed Bella a yellow card, which was the third person in Paraguay to get a yellow card. Santa Cruz got the card because he knocked down Huang Bowen in the countergrab at half time.

This Italian goal is not very helpful to China, because Paraguay’s overall defense is in place and it is far from the goal, so it is not easy to risk letting the players in the middle and back court attack with set pieces.
The game is still in a stalemate.
It is difficult for Paraguay to create an excellent scoring opportunity in the penalty area.
They benefited Benitez’s personal breakthrough ability, but still had little effect.
In the 62 nd minute of the game, Benitez made a breakthrough on the side. He broke through Zhao Junzhe but was intercepted in Sun Ji’s coastal defense.
At least Sun Jihai worked hard in the Premier League, and he did a good job in joint defense.
When the 69th minute of the game came, China team was ready to change players, while Qin Xiong was dribbling slowly.
Perhaps it is because of Han Peng’s longterm invisibility that Paraguay’s defense against him has dropped.
This made Qin Xiong seize the opportunity to take the ball directly to the penalty area.
Han Peng obliquely runs forward and inserts da Silva behind him. When no one is watching, Han Peng stops the ball with his back to the goal, then pulls the ball and turns around to prepare for shooting. At this time, he goes back to the restricted area and tackles da Silva headon.
Han Peng poked the ball forward and was shoveled to the ground by da Silva!
喝茶约茶  title=Han Peng immediately raised his hands and shouted at the referee after he fell.
Foul! He fouled!
However, the referee ignored it, which made the China fans in the stands fry the pot and sent out a frantic plea to put pressure on the referee.
Han Peng fell into the penalty area and was met by da Silva, but the referee didn’t give us a penalty. Maybe it was because football was out of Han Peng’s control, but it must be a controversial penalty.
In the dead ball state, Qin Xiong ran to the referee’s theory. He was full of momentum, but the referee did not go in and exchanged a few words with Qin Xiong and took the initiative to leave.
Captain Qin Xiong naturally wants to come out at this time, but he can’t change anything
Ali Han also communicated with the fourth official on the sidelines, which caused dissatisfaction among the Paraguayan coaching team. The two sides even had an altercation on the sidelines.
The referee had to stop the game and come to the sidelines to calm down the incident, each playing 50 boards and giving a warning before playing again.
China team substitution.
Zhang Pengfei yard replaces Zhao Junzhe.
Shao Jiayi replaced Huang Bowen!
China changed two players at a time and both of them stepped up their offense.
China’s consumption of Paraguay in the first seven minutes is part of the strategic link.
It is also an established tactic to exert strength in 7 minutes.
Based on the draw, China has now played a real trump card.
Force attack is about to break out
Paraguay really felt like a successor at halftime.
Especially after Qin Xiong threatened to deliver the ball to Han Peng, they became timid
China’s offensive gradually started, and Qin Xiong came to the middle to act as the front waist.
In the 73rd minute of the game, Paraguay organized an attack in the frontcourt. Liu Yi intercepted Santa Cruz and Liu Yi directly intercepted the ball. Then Liu Yi went straight to the frontcourt.
Behind Qin Xiong, Bella Riveros forced Qin Xiong to stop the ball and directly swept the ball to the flank. When the football reached Zhang Pengfei’s foot, he immediately dribbled sturm und drang.
As soon as the China team attacked, people saw new changes.
The flank attack is gaining momentum!
Before and after Zhang Pengfei pushed the offensive to the restricted area, Han Peng made a twoone and then cut the ball into the restricted area, no matter how many shooting angles there were, he slammed the door directly!
This ball scared the Paraguayan team out of their wits, because it felt like they were going to play the world wave just listening to Zhang Pengfei’s banging on the door!
Unfortunately, the football finally hit the goal net.
Zhang Pengfei was full of energy just now. Although he scored a goal, this choice is debatable. Maybe he should have played the ball or adjusted it again. It is not surprising that the ball hit the side net at a small angle.
Paraguay’s offensive ended in two minutes. They made a mistake!

Ye Xiangyuan seems to ignore her directly without hearing her cry.

It is his indifference that makes Teng Jun angry.
She cried silently while clutching her chest.
Leaf three yes, of course, is to protect his mother rushed over and took hold of her shoulder "mom! Don’t dispute with them! They are just a group of bitches who wish to piss us off … "
Noisy in front of all the guests. Ye Li probably felt ashamed and shouted "Shut up!"
Anyway, Ye Wen searched it again.
But I didn’t catch the culprit in the end
The man whose leg was amputated gave a woman’s name and said that he was instructed by that woman.
品茶论坛And that woman is the girl who gave me the medicine. She has already left in the chaos.
Well, at least I’m innocent through the trial
So this drama finally ended.
Although the banquet was actually held by Teng Jun and Li Qingqing to frame me, they wanted to add trouble to Ye Xiangyuan and me, but the end result was that I was unscathed, but Li Qingqing was taken away by the police.
The ultimate loser is the Li family.
The original Ye Li was trying to stop it. Unfortunately, the police did not listen to justice and said with awe.
This matter has been going on until ten o’clock in the evening, and the lights in the villa are on.
And Li Qingqing, the eldest brother, is said to have never shown up after four years.
Both Ye Sanye and Li Yuyan can watch Li Qingqing being taken away.
I worship the leaves farther and farther.
Li Qingqing was taken away and uncle Li Yuyan was taken away, and the news will come out.
This is forcefully slapped the Li family.
When Li Qingqing was taken away, Ye Sanye begged Ye Li, "Dad, stop Ye Xiangyuan from fooling around! Qingqing is my wife and your daughter-in-law She has been very filial to you since she married me for decades. How can you let Ye Xiangyuan frame her! "
Ye Li rain or shine saw Ye Xiangyuan for a long time. "Ah Yuan, do you have to kill people …"
I qiangbai said, "grandpa, it’s really strange that you should allow them to deal with Ah Yuan and not fight back." Your heart is really biased. "
Say that finish, if anything, sweep Teng Jun and Ye Sanye.
Chapter 117 Tear up her mask
Ye Li looked gloomy. He should be very angry with me, but he didn’t get angry with me because of his elders.
He was staring at Ye Xiangyuan.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan never showed concession.
His face changed and he finally sighed-he didn’t force Ye Xiangyuan after all.
May be too know Ye Li know Ye Li has compromised Teng Jun immediately targeted at me "smelly bitch! Let you talk nonsense! I’ll rip your mouth off! "
I pretended to be afraid to hide behind Ye Xiangyuan and looked at Ye Li timidly. "Grandpa, look, this is that you like women too vulgar and vicious!"
Ye Li likes Teng Jun to be spoiled and gentle.
It is estimated that Teng Jun is a naive and evil person in his heart, not to mention hurting people, even if he crushes an ant.
Teng Jun let Ye Li like her and dare to play tricks secretly.
And all I have to do is expose her malice to Ye Li.
I have quietly asked Gu Changning about Teng’s family, but I can’t compare it with Ye’s family, even Ye’s grandmother’s family.
Teng Jun wants to coax Ye Li, who covets Ye Jia’s inheritance and management for decades, so that Ye Li can give all her possessions to her son.
She also wants to use the influence of the Li family to form an alliance with the Li family.
Therefore, she also wants to curry favor with Li Qingqing. Before Li Qingqing, she dare not put her mother-in-law spectrum.
She has been hidden for decades and has been a good wife and mother for decades. My purpose is to tear up her mask.
Ye Sanye rolled up his sleeves and rushed to beat me directly. "Bitch, I let you Weifu! I told you to complain! I asked you to speak ill of my mother! "
He slammed his fist at me.
Good Ye Xiangyuan a look will be moved before a bodyguard.
I smiled gently, "Uncle, we are the same, and we are the same. I am Weifu, and you rely on your wife for a soft meal."
Ye Sanye’s eyes were so angry that he dragged his bodyguard forward with an expression that he couldn’t wait to skin me and pull my muscles.
Of course, I pretended to be weak and kept hiding behind Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan gently protected me and swept Ye Sanye. "Uncle is worried about your wife. I think you’d better worry about yourself."
Ye Sanye was so angry that he suddenly became quiet if he seemed to threaten him. "What do you mean?"
Ye Li also frowned.
Ye Xiangyuan said no more, "Grandpa, my wife was frightened tonight. I’ll accompany her back to her room to rest."
Then he directly took me out of the lounge.
So a birthday party ended.
The guests left disgruntled
It is even more dramatic that Li Qingqing, the protagonist of the birthday party, was taken away by the police.
I’m sure the rumors of Li’s family will start when there is a day.
Neither Ye Xiangyuan nor I, the original calculated object, were affected.

We can’t rule out this possibility. After all, our intelligence forces behind enemy lines are not so strong. Jia Xu replied cautiously, But Yuan Shao’s army did stay near Xiang Guo for several days without any movement.

Xiangguo? Former Zhao Guoxiang I still have some impressions of this place. It’s really tricky for Yuan Shao to get away at this time, but it’s only two hundred miles from Handan.
eh? What? Jia Xu startled.
Nothing, I waved my hand. Can you send a message to Lu Bu so that he can seize the news that Yuan Shao is not at the front and deal a heavy blow to this army?
Lu Bu will listen to us? I can see that he doesn’t approve of my sudden idea that I don’t think so either
If it is possible to make Lombardi uncomfortable, we should all try. I tried to persuade the fatherinlaw that the situation has nothing to lose to us.
He chose to go backwards. Well, I’ll send someone to deliver the letter.
There was a steady and fast pace outside the door.
I gave a slight ear to Mr. Zhong?
There are two steps, and he brought people.
桑拿会所Yes, Cheng Yugao replied, and the pace interval became slightly tight.
Behind Cheng Yu is a man who is nearly thirty years old. He was originally tall, but it happened that he was not so prominent in vision beside Cheng Yu, who was three inches long.
And his most prominent feature … He has an eye.
This is … Jia Xu asked sideways.
Cheng Yu folded his hands. This is my nephew Cheng Wei Cheng Wei. He shouted to the young man, Come and meet the master soon!
I immediately remembered the memorable story that Cheng Wu told in public … in which Cheng Yu was blinded by local tyrants and evil gentry, poor nephew.
The oneeyed nephew did not follow his uncle’s orders, but said with righteous words, Uncle Cheng Wei is the messenger of East County first.
Cheng Yu, who has always paid attention to principles, suddenly lost his temper and sat down with a wave of his sleeves. When I met this young man at the door, I brought him in conveniently. I haven’t seen anything for several years, and my temper has hardened a lot! Cheng Dashu lost the majesty of his elders in front of Jia Xu and me and could not help but complain.
Cheng Wei obediently followed the etiquette and gave me a bow. In East County, Cheng Wei was greeted by General Tomma, the Governor of Taishouqiao Mansion!
I also pretended to be inviting the emissary to sit down
Thank you He lifted his robe and sat opposite his uncle.
Pour tea differently I motioned to Pang Gan.
Wei’s visit this time is mainly to send a handwritten letter from Qiaofujun to ask General Ma to have a look. He pulled out a roll of silk paper from his bosom and handed it to me by Pang Gan.
Many of them make me dizzy when I look at the dense handwriting.
But I resisted this physical and mental discomfort and reluctantly read this letter written by the old man Qiao Huan, and finally saw kindness and certainty at the end of the adjacent sentence.
It’s enough for you to be old and groggy, if the general has pity on the old and weak women and allow you to teach the classics in Luo!
I immediately felt that my eyes were gone, my head was dizzy, and my breathing became smooth and powerful.
Mr. Wen and you also have a look. I handed the silk paper to Jia Xu and turned to ask Cheng Wei. Can Qiaofu Jun have a message besides this personal letter?
Back to the general, Cheng Wei surrendered and replied, Qiao Fujun said that he hoped that the general would also reply to a personal letter and bring it back to Puyang.
This is what I should write. I nodded and Pang Gan immediately held out pen and ink stationery and laid it out in front of me.
The bridge is like hoo.
Suddenly, I heard that Gong’s handwriting was supersurprising, inexplicably supermoving to the east and west, and I couldn’t wait to listen to the elders’ lessons. Luoyang’s existing Taiyuan Wang Lieyan Fang is also a famous Confucian Qiaogong in the northern state. If you have a noble family, you will sweep the couch and wait for Qiaogong.
I gently blew a sigh in black and white, believing that there was no typo in this message and handed it to Jia Xu on one side.
Jia Xu hurriedly swept away and laughed. It’s well written.
Well, Cheng Yu also said, This article is quite good except for this word.
I pretended not to hear the latter half of his sentence and told Pang Gan to take my seal and seal it in pillar box for him.
Pang Gan immediately went to work without touching his feet.
Cheng Wei, do you have any business? Freeze a face of serious asked.
Uh, no Cheng Wei answered his uncle.
You are a child! Uncle Cheng grabbed the case and tried to smash it at his big nephew. Unfortunately, his arm strength was a little incompetent and he failed.

Manager Jiang is as angry as if he had taken a gun medicine.

The new secret gingerly walked into Jiang Junyue’s desk with a stack of couriers. "Manager Jiang, these couriers all say, please kiss the country … and I opened them and read them. These two letters are from the company, and they are all junk couriers … This is …"
"Come on, don’t speak hesitatingly." Jiang Junyue was getting impatient with the cold drink.
Chapter 1 Can there be one left?
"Come on, don’t speak hesitatingly." Jiang Junyue was getting impatient with the cold drink.
"This is from France. I don’t think it’s a junk express … so I didn’t dare to open it … even your private … private letter …"
"Give it to me" but I didn’t think about it. Before Jiang Junyue finished, he reached out and grabbed her. The courier in his hand was eagerly and quickly dismantled, and then his hand was cut in. It seemed that he was in a hurry and didn’t touch anything inside.
But the courier is really her side with her name on it.
Lan jingyi
I forgot her long ago, but when I saw her name again, his heart seemed to be cut into strips, but it was so painful.
She is so stingy that it is impossible for her to send a courier.
What is it?
Is to tell him that it’s not true, isn’t it true that she and Lu Wentao are not?
From the beginning to the end, she didn’t explain it to herself once, and she didn’t give herself a word, so she refused as if she disappeared from his world in an instant.
"Jiang … Jiang always seems to have a little drum in the corner" and the secret said carefully.
Jiang Junyue also found that the express paper bag was torn apart directly. "Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka" two consecutive cards were quiet off his desk.
It’s taka
A bank card and a letter card, which he gave her.
She cut off all his thoughts.
It’s completely broken
Those two cards are like an irony, an absolute irony. She doesn’t need his money now. Lu Wentao has no less money than him, but she really doesn’t need him.
He picked up a card and Kaka was hard, but he broke it in two in an instant.
"Manager Jiang …" The secret was frightened because he did something wrong and showed him the wrong thing.
"Roll …" He growled and broke another card again and again, as if his hand had touched some poison, as accurate as throwing darts. He mistakenly threw the broken four and a half cards into the garbage can one by one, and then wrote to read the document. There was no ripple on the surface, and the lip angle was always hung with a bitter taste.
She fled in a hurry, fearing that if she didn’t get a high salary, she would really quit the job. The president was too difficult to wait on.
As soon as I got to Banjiang LaCrosse, I left with my car keys.
There is still work at hand, but he doesn’t want to do it.
Or he did it, too.
Jiang Junyue went to the commotion
Stopped the car and went into the hall without asking for a box, but sat in the hall drinking while watching the bartender at the bar not far away. Recently, he has been here almost every night. He has been sitting and drinking like this every day. Every time he sees the bartender move, he can’t help but think of that woman. It’s really like mixing drinks.
I don’t know how much I drank, but he already felt the drunkenness.
If you suddenly want to mix the wine again, will you still be watched by women? Will she watch?
But these days, he comes here every day, and at the beginning, there are still women who talk to him, but now there are no more. Probably all of them are scared away by his iceberg face.
"Give it to me …" He went over and snapped his fingers. "I’ll mix the wine."
The bartender cooperated and gave everything to him, even giving up the position.
桑拿按摩Jiang Junyue doesn’t care if the bar starts to stir up the wine, but it’s not bad because of the wine. It’s handsome and neat.
When a woman came around, he ignored it. He put a cup of mixed wine in a tray and personally brought it to the table, and then he drank it alone.
Really broken.
Break it clean.
"hey!" Someone slapped him on the shoulder. He turned to look at him and patted him. "Why are you here?"
"Do you want to gamble again?" Luo Qijiang sat opposite him with a smile.
Does he want to gamble?
Is it true that if you lose the bet again, you will become a cow? Is it true that she will come back to see him?
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything or drank one glass after another.
"Xiaoyue Yueyue looks like you are a woman, isn’t it? There are many women in the day." Said Luo Qijiang, and a woman made a snap of her fingers, and then she stopped in front of Jiang Junyue in an instant. "What do you think of this stuff? This is my sleepless days to help you find me to ensure your satisfaction. "
A figure sprinkled on his chest and legs made Jiang Junyue raise his head, petite and slim. A woman’s long hair was smooth and straight, just like her hair, which made him unable to help but raise my hand and caress the long hair "Yi Yi …"
The woman was caressed by him, and the hair man moved a small step forward and leaned close to him.
Luo Qijiang smiled smugly. "How’s it going?"
But a second later, it was not Jiang Junyue’s praise, but the girl who fell to the ground was pushed down by Jiang Junyue and "rolled". If it wasn’t for the perfume, he was really wrong. But she always didn’t like perfume, or she wanted to save some money. So after a long time with her, he preferred her to be really fragrant and confusing.
"Xiao Yue Yue, your face has changed too fast. My son will help you find it again and you will be satisfied." Luo Qijiang seems to have grabbed the glass in his hand at random. "Stop drinking and someone will feel distressed."
Luo Qijiang really made a casual remark, but he didn’t want Jiang Jun to suddenly turn around and grab the neckline of Luo Qijiang. "He asked you to come?"
Luo Qijiang turned his head and was afraid to look at Jiang Junyue’s drunk face. "I often come here. If you think so, I will go." He got up and walked so angry.
Seeing that he really left Jiang Junyue, he suddenly said, "Let’s gamble again if you live." What else does he want to gamble with Luo Qijiang? Maybe he knows or maybe he is drunk. He knows nothing.
"Good" Luo Qijiang turned around and sat back in place. "What are you playing?"
"Let’s make it simple."
"Good, but what if you lose? What if you win?"
"What do you say?" Jiang Junyue drank another glass of wine and threw the question back to Luo Qijiang. It seems that he wants to gamble, but it’s not what wins or loses. What does it matter?
"You really want me to talk?"
"Come on, don’t be a man, isn’t it?" The colder Jiang Jun scoffed at one or two long legs and simply crossed the table, so a new one was so handsome and so dragged.
"You promised me to say" Luo Qi Jiang Gan smiled at Jiang Junzhen’s face with a faint calculation.
"Ok, I promise you, or I will waste you." A glass of wine spilled fiercely at Luo Qijiang’s face, which was so fast.
When Luo Qijiang reacted, his face was already full of drinks. "Xiao Yueyue, you really don’t know how to be good. I’m not going to play with you. You actually took it out on me."
"Otherwise, I’ll waste you."
Luo Qijiang’s heart trembled when he looked at him. He was drunk, but the movement was still so handsome that people didn’t want to look away. Even he loved to watch it.
So he has to take it back. "Well, I’ll tell you, listen carefully."
"say it quickly"
"If you lose, take off your clothes here and dance on the dance floor."
"Take off? Aren’t you afraid of the police uncle coming to arrest people? "
"Well, that’s true. Then let’s leave one thing and one thing." Luo Qi smiled at him as if he wanted to see the muscle lines there through Jiang Junyue’s clothes.
"Ok, I’ll play three times to see who loses more haha." Jiang Junyue smiled and then leaned back and looked at Luo Qijiang with blurred eyes. "You said that if you were shaking all over the fat dance floor, I don’t know how many girls would be sick and never dare to step into the dance floor again. Let’s say first that if you affect the bar business, the security guards will beat people with me."

I respectfully called grandpa.

He smiled very kindly and said "Come and sit down"
I sat stiffly on the sofa opposite him.
He didn’t get down to business at once, but looked at my belly and smiled. "I heard that the baby is almost four months old."
I nodded.
Grandpa is quite happy. "This is Ayuan’s first child. I’ll tell Ayuan’s mother later that she will be very happy."
The first time I heard that Ye Xiangyuan’s mother didn’t know how to answer the words at the moment.
I don’t know exactly what happened to Ye Mama, and I haven’t heard anyone say that I wanted to ask Ye Xiangyuan several times, but I didn’t think he and I were close enough to be honest with each other.
Yuzryha, the second leaf, showed me the information, which recorded Ye’s family affairs, but did not involve his deeds with Chu.
I guess he is not willing to let me know, otherwise he will take the initiative to tell me what I have never asked him.
I don’t know what happened to mother Ye, so I can keep a smile in silence.
Good grandpa didn’t continue this topic. He picked up a file on the coffee table and said, "This is a gift for my nephew. Please keep it and give it to him when he grows up."
Pass me the file.
I guess what it is. Ye Xiangyuan gave me such a document when I signed an agreement with him.
But such a precious gift, Ye Xiangyuan, is not present. I dare not pick it up and hurriedly declined. "Otherwise, Grandpa will still give it to Ayuan …"
Grandpa smiled and seemed to see my thoughts. "This is for my nephew Ayuan. If he dares to talk nonsense, I will beat him. If you answer it, don’t be such a bitch."
I didn’t expect grandpa to look at plane, but his temper was uncompromising
But it’s not surprising that how can you run a family business as big as Chu’s without some ability?
I didn’t shirk putting things away again and solemnly said "thank you, grandpa"
Grandpa looked happier.
Seeing that his old man’s temper is kind, I didn’t go around and ask him directly about his purpose. "Ah Yuan asked me to see my grandfather without making it clear to me. I don’t know what my grandfather wants me to do."
Ye Xiangyuan and I have known each other for more than a year and experienced two weddings, but my grandfather never showed up. Now it’s not easy to suddenly appear.
Associated with recent events, from Ye Sanye’s disappearance to Xiao Yan’s rescue, to Li Qingqing and Han Qingshan’s visit, Ye Xiangyuan’s disappearance, Lu Xun’s rush to Africa, and Gu Changyu’s kidnapping today …
This series of things all say the same question.
Something big may happen recently.
And grandpa’s appearance at this time must be for a reason.
Otherwise Ye Xiangyuan wouldn’t have deliberately told me to come.
Sure enough, grandpa’s face became dignified and said, "Did you listen to Ayuan what happened that year?"
I shook my head and vaguely heard my sister-in-law say a few words.
It seems that the Chu family moved out of China and became enemies with Ye’s family.
That’s when Dad Ye died. I don’t know what happened in that year. Chu and Ye broke up.
At that time, Ye Li was in the prime of life, and Gao Chongchu’s family probably couldn’t win, so Ye Li had to leave the country.
And Ye Ma was picked up by Chu’s family when she was stimulated by Ye Dad’s death.
After a few years, the Chu family gradually withdrew from the royal family circle.
This is what I heard.
It’s not good for Ye Xiangyuan and my grandfather’s family, even though my grandfather gave me a lot of money.
But listen to the meaning of today’s eldest sister-in-law, grandpa is still very concerned about Ye Xiangyuan’s brothers, and he secretly goes back to China to meet each other every year.
I hesitated. "Ayuan didn’t tell me. All I heard was that it might be different from the truth."
Section 19
Grandpa said, "It doesn’t matter what the truth is … anyway, Ye Li has fallen, and I have nothing to bear grudges … I don’t care what others do to the Chu family, but I can’t forgive him when Ye Li watched his in-laws being framed …"
夜网论坛Ye Li was transferred to other places, and I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan made a move. Is Ye Li still alive?
But thinking of Ye Li’s hand, I asked, "What happened in that year?"
Grandfather said, "One of the counts of the Chu family is smuggling arms and the other is selling state secrets, which is a big treason."
I’ll come with you.
How come…
Grandpa looks particularly kind, but he is not a traitor.
Who is so vicious to trample the Chu family to the death?
Grandpa smiled bitterly. "We Chu family are businessmen, and they are still targeting Ayuan’s father and uncle."
My brow screwed up tightly. "Do you know who did it?"
Grandpa said, "I can’t get away from Ye Li with the Li family. Maybe he got involved … but this is my guess. There is no evidence to prove that I didn’t tell Ah Yuan."

She tugged at Lu Xun’s hand tightly and suddenly felt lucky.

If Gu Changyu hadn’t hurt Lu Xun again and again, where would she have the opportunity to walk beside Lu Xun?
She put her arms around Lu Xun’s neck, kissed his face, kissed his nose and his mouth. "Sam, you will have me after you."
Lu Xun had some solemn eyes dyed a smile.
He kissed her back and buckled her waist, letting her stick to herself tightly and continue to talk to her about Gu Changyu.
He has never touched Gu Changyu since he found out that she secretly miscarried. Seeing her again, he is bent on being with Ye Xiangyuan, so he is ready to divorce and set her free.
Gu Changyu didn’t agree to the divorce and cried and begged him not to tell others.
She said she was willing to be a fake couple with him or get divorced.
After that, she continued to act in front of Ye Xiangyuan, and he pretended to be deeply attached to her husband and wife, which only stimulated Ye Xiangyuan.
He didn’t want to cooperate, but if he behaved a little coldly and Gu Changyu cried in front of him when he got home, he couldn’t continue to play with her.
夜网论坛Besides, after all these years, he is used to following Gu Changyu, but he still can’t bear to see her sad.
However, he still talked to Gu Changyu once, and finally Gu Changyu agreed to divorce, but he still had to hide it from everyone.
Lu Xun agreed.
After that, he reported to the face and applied for divorce.
Soon the face-to-face approval came, and he divorced naturally.
Before the video incident, he and Gu Changyu had long since lost their marriage.
After the video incident, Gu Changyu told the news of her divorce from Lu Xun in order to keep Ye Xiangyuan.
She was emotionally unstable and cried out in front of outsiders.
So everyone knows about it.
Good gu Changning was not angry.
He guessed that both Gu Changning and Ye Xiangyuan should know about him and Gu Changyu.
Although he never talked about it.
But they grew up together and know each other best.
They should all know what happened to him and Gu Changyu.
After that, he found two elders to make things clear, and Gu Changyu also moved away from Lujia.
After years of marriage, it finally ended completely.
He still hasn’t told anyone about Gu Changyu’s abortion.
Once in a while, he can’t help but wonder what it would be like if his child was born safely.
Especially when I saw Ye Xiangyuan’s family, I felt even worse.
But as a man, he can hide all these emotions in his heart after all.
South-South listened in silence and was filled with pity for his own man.
She hugged his neck cheek tightly and rubbed his face shyly. "I … I can give you a baby, too …"
Lu Xun was so provoked that she was almost executed on the spot.
He secretly sighed that it was not a blessing for him to decide to join her and let her get what she wanted.
This year is the happiest day for him in recent years.
He looks forward to meeting her every day, Doby. She kisses her and hugs her.
Her eyes are always full of love and admiration for him.
But he didn’t expect that after hearing Gu Changyu’s story, she didn’t comfort him, but … bluntly, she wanted to give him a baby.
He suddenly regretted telling her about it.
Originally, he wanted to rot these things in his stomach, but after he thought about it, they would get married and have a generation, and he didn’t want to hide it from her.
But he just forgot that this little thing in his arms loved him badly.
Knowing that he had been wronged a lot, she was so distressed that she could blurt out the words of giving birth to his child.

His expression is particularly serious.

I secretly guessed that he might satirize me directly or threaten me to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
Of course, the latter is rare. After all, although he doesn’t like me on the surface, he didn’t really hurt me without his sister
Why did he force Ye Xiangyuan to marry Gu Changyu? It may be more venting.
Then again, if he really forces me to leave Ye Xiangyuan now, he was Ye Xiangyuan, and I will never regard him as a friend again.
I, uh, waited for him to talk.
He suddenly said "I’m sorry"
I can’t help but leng leng.
Although I thought he wouldn’t threaten me, it was ironic at best, but I didn’t expect him to apologize directly to me!
I looked at him.
His expression still stinks and he stares at me in disgust.
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you really want your sister to marry Ayuan?"
He pursed his lips and didn’t do it
I said, "There is no place for me to apologize. I can understand that you spoil your sister. You should find the second half for your sister to rely on. I also thank your sister for saving Ayuan, but I can’t give Ayuan to her."
Gu Changning finally responded with a cold hum, "Who wants you to let go?"
I looked at him and said, "You don’t want me to make it, because you want to grab it fair and square, right?"
Gu Changning stared at me and said nothing.
I don’t know why I know that Gu Changyu is not a simple situation. Does he have to defend Gu Changyu so much just because Gu Changyu is his sister?
Or did Gu Changyu pity her because she became a vegetable?
I paused. "No matter what you think, your sister caused the baby to be born prematurely anyway. I don’t think she is worthy of Ayuan. Are you trying to harm Ayuan? Don’t you think your sister made me give birth prematurely and made Miss Xu break up with you? "
Gu Changning stared at me as if to say something and shut up.
I looked him in the eye and repeated, "Do you think she is right?"
Gu Changning didn’t good the spirit way "of course she is wrong".
I said, "Then what are you angry about?"
Gu Changning snorted again and stared at me coldly.
I said slowly, "Because you think your sister was abandoned by Lu Xun’s eldest brother and Ayuan at the same time, and now she has become a vegetable. You love her very much, Ayuan and Lu Xun’s eldest brother, right? But you didn’t take it personally because you know in your heart that your sister did something wrong, right? "
Gu Changning lowered his eyes and said nothing.
I sighed lightly. "I used to hate Miss Gu. I didn’t want to forgive her, but she saved Ayuan. I can write off these grievances." I looked at him and said, "What do you think?"
Gu Changning pursed his mouth or not.
I said, "Anyway, I don’t think how kind your sister is. Maybe she is the best person in the world in your heart, but for me, she not only slandered me, but also caused me to give birth prematurely. She is the villain in my mind. If she hadn’t saved Ayuan, I wouldn’t have forgiven her all my life."
Gu Changning glared at me and said, "You said everything you should say. Let me say something."
按摩I smiled
I know more or less about his character, so he is showing weakness.
His face is still ugly, but he is not hostile to me.
I said, "I can’t force anything to be decided by Ayuan. I believe Ayuan has me in his heart now."
Gu Changning pie pie and silence.
I looked at him and suddenly he was depressed.
The main reason is that I didn’t sleep all night, so I felt groggy and didn’t want to drive more with him.
I don’t think it’s necessary to tell him more.
His heart must still be partial to Gu Changyu’s side
Even though he knows how bad his sister is, his position can protect Gu Changyu.
Everyone is biased. Gu Changyu is his sister, and it is normal for him to be biased.
What’s more, I’ve seen disgusting people like Ye Li protect mistresses to death.
I said lightly, "I accept your apology, but we both know that you will not give up your practice and I will not compromise. That’s it. I don’t want to make Ayuan difficult, but I don’t want to leave Ayuan."
Then I turned and walked directly to the bedroom down the corridor.
Gu Changning suddenly debuted "I know Ayuan likes you"
I was suddenly stuck.
His voice came from behind me with a little loss and a little naivety. "I saw it a long time ago, so I never advised you to leave Ayuan again."