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V (Division level)

Five (one thousand stone) the central court, DuChaYuan director of each department; Luoyang order
Director of the Sixth Central Department, Military Academy and Defense Academy of No.5 Middle School (Jiubaishi)
Five (Baishi) directors of the departments of the Central Shangtai and the Academy; Chang ‘anling
Six (county level)
Six (seven hundred stone) county director; County magistrate
The director of six middle schools (six hundred stones) small counties; Deputy of the county, president of the court and Douchayuan; Small county magistrate
Six (five hundred stone) county deputy, president of the court, Douchayuan.
Seven (township level)
Seven (four hundred stone) county section chief; Township head
Section Chief, Small County, No.7 Middle School (350 Stone)
Seven (three hundred stone) township heads
(Officer level)
(210 stone) officers of the central departments;
In (two hundred and fifty stone) county hospital hall (office) officer;
(two hundred and twenty stone) county officers;
Nine (with the hiring of officials, that is, the informal establishment of temporary personnel)
Nine (one thousand two hundred stone) senior officials;
Nine (five thousand one hundred stone) fifty years of officials;
Nine (250 Stone) Newly Recorded Officials
Rank system
Marshal (5,000 stone) Ma Chao
Marshal (three thousand stones)
General (2,500 stone)
Lieutenant General (two thousand stones) Cheng Yu, Jia Xu, Qin Zhen, Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, Taishi Ci, Yang Feng, Gan Ning, Li Dian, Xu Huang, Lu Bu, Sun Ce,
Major General (1,500 stone) Du Ji, Xia Houyuan, Wen Pin, Huang Dong and Huang Zhong.
Wei (1000 stone) Huang Fugu, Cheng Wu, Zulie, Sun Wen, Pang Gan, Chen Dao, Zhang Ben, Tuoba Ye, Chu Yan.
Lieutenant (Baishi) Dian Wei, Wu Shi, Sun Qing, shang huang, Lu Ren, Bai Fa, Duan Jian, Gong He, Bi Yi and Luan Chen.
Lieutenant (600 stone) Zhang Ren, Wang Dang, Du Chang, Jia Mu, Meng Da
School (400 Stone) Huang Xu
Lieutenant Colonel (300 Stone) Matthew
Major (200 stone) Liang Cong
Shi (150 stone)
Sergeant (100 Stone) Wei Yan
Shi (fifty stones)
A Survey of Administrative Counties in New China
Local governor
310,000 in the seven counties and prefectures of Sili.
Jia Xu → Wei Ji (1962)
Jun, Le Jin, Kuai Liang, Dong Zheng
1. He Nan Yin (10,000 in Dajun) Cheng Yu → Du Ji (1962196) → Xu Huang (1969).
Kuai Yue
2. Hongnong Taishou (20,000 small counties) Wang Yi → Chen Dao (1962)
3. Jing Zhaoyin (20,000 small counties), Li Yuan (195195) → Gao Shun (196)
4, Hedong satrap (big county 50000) Liangshan (195192) → Chloe Wang (193)
5. He Taishou (750,000 in Dajun) Li Dian → Qiaohuan (1962)
6. You Fufeng Taishou (Xiaojunwan) Li Yu (moved) → Zhang Fan (191)
7. Zuo Fengyi’s satrap (120,000 small counties) Su Li (19591962) → Zhang Ji (19621967 liters) → Zhong You (1967).
Yanzhou five counties and big States 440 thousand
Secretariat of Zhang Liao (1959)
Yu Jin, Wang Ling
1. Jiyin Prefecture (original 650,000 in Dajun+60,000 in Shanyang County = 1.25 million) Li Gan (195)
—— Administering the original Shanyang.
2, the eastern county satrap (big county 60000) Ying Shao (1959197) → Pang Gan (199).
桑拿网3, Chen Liu satrap (big county 60000) Zhang Ji → Song Yi (1962)
4. Taishan Taishou (original 430,000 in Dajun+230,000 in Jibei = 660,000) Gaoshun (1951192) → Liangshan (193)
5. The satrap of Lujun County (original 40,000 in Dajun County+190,000 in Chengdong County+440,000 in Dongping County = 130,000) Wu Zi (1959)
—— Administering the original city and Dongping.
【 196 provincial capital and county (190,000) merged into Lujun.
Shanyang Taishou (60,000) Guo Gong (19591977) was merged into Jiyin.
Dongping Taishou (440,000) Zhang Liao (parttime) Province was merged into Lujun in 197.
Jibei Taishou (small county 230,000) Ruan Yu (1963) Province merged into Mount Tai]
Qingzhou has 2.93 million people in four counties and small States.
Secretariat of Taishi Ci (1964)
Duan Jian, Gong He

A moment after her words touched the truth, Hao Haiyun smiled bitterly.

We women love the most powerful men here, and you can levy her if you are strong enough. Xi involuntarily said the theory that Tang Tang taught her.
Hao Haiyun laughed. And then send these women to other men’s beds one by one?
This theory asks Nie Su whether he feels sick or not.
If carrying her to bed can solve the problem, then she is not asked by Nie Su.
Hao Haiyun shook his head and looked at the night outside the window. You and your leader don’t understand love.
Section 255
Su Wen’s stepping on a house with a heavy night, it’s hard to breathe and corrosive to build many stilts here, except that the rest of the brackets don’t touch Mulan on the ground, which is a plant land.
The wooden house smells of smoke and enters the night like another place. Ghosts and ghosts may haunt at any time.
They live at the foot of the mountain, and there are two armed patrol soldiers. The former dogs and wolves check the passing cars and pedestrians one by one.
Without taking two steps, Su Wen felt that the footsteps following her were closer. She took two steps at a gallop, and a dense plant pretended to turn from behind and hid in it. It didn’t take long for the footsteps to show up. It was a man who had just broken into the room.
In the dark, he looked around at a plant with a keen sense of smell, from which he looked.
Seeing that he noticed that Su Wen was no longer hiding and came out generously.
Who are you? What follows me?
The man’s dark eyes stared at her motionless, and the calm eyes seemed to hide the waves, which made Su Wen feel uneasy
He looked at it for a while and said faintly, I want to wake you up at night and don’t wander around.
Residents of the Golden Triangle habitually mine mines to protect themselves. There are a lot of minefields around the mansion of Tang, the number one dangerous man of this generation.
Element asked smell speech cock eyebrow Angle seems to slip a smile you are my heart? Do I know you?
You are an important guest of the leader. After a moment of silence, he was able to speak in a much colder tone than before.
Su Wen realized that this was not a joker, so he restrained himself and explained, I have moved to a new place, and some people can’t sleep and want to go out for a walk.
Is it really a walk that you are alert to avoid all the servants all the way? His tone suddenly became rusty.
Su Wen raised his face and looked at him playing dumb. Are there any other servants besides you who can’t sleep in the middle of the night like me?
The man looked at her with sharp eyes as if he could see through her at a glance.
Su Wen was alert and retreated, thinking that if he could not fool him, he would find a chance to escape.
The other person suddenly approached her and blocked all her retreat before she realized it. The man was very tall, one meter tall and looked at her with indifference, but she said something that she was absolutely unexpected. If you really want to take a walk, follow me. It will be safer.
She glanced at him and turned to say, But I’m tired of walking now and don’t want to leave.
He Zheng didn’t speak again and walked past her. He jumped lightly and sat on a railing of a twometerhigh diaojiao building.
Su Wen looked up at him, but he put his hands together and looked far above his head. If you want to explore the terrain here, sitting here is much more laborsaving than walking around the mansion with your feet.
Su Wen looked at him in disbelief. He held out a hand and shook his head. It’s too high.
When the words fell, he jumped to his side and his arm naturally buckled her waist and held her whole person.
Su Wen was too scared to move until he grabbed the railing and sat tight before he threw an angry look at him.
Facing the angry eyes of Su Wen, he jumped neatly and sat beside her and pointed to the front to look
Su Wen could look down his finger, and all the complaints were filled with amazement.
In the open field of vision, the continuous slopes are wave after wave, which stretches as far as the sea. Yamakeshi Tian Xiang sees the aerial photography terraces from the view. In the night, there is a faint and gorgeous village. A canal is built halfway up the mountain along the village, and the area surrounded by barbed wire is a minefield. If we ignore these, it is a beautiful and peaceful village.
When Su Wen marveled and turned his face, he saw that the man had leaned back against the railing with his arms on his pillow. A pair of long legs crossed and put aside the railing, which was quite leisurely, but his dark eyes were always alert.
Su Wen looked at him curiously and didn’t know that when the man approached him, she felt a familiar smell from him, but she couldn’t tell where the familiarity came from.
She can’t have met a man who has never left the Golden Triangle.
I didn’t expect this chapter to be baffled by river crabs.
There’s another chapter later
☆, code name poppy (second watch)
Su Wen was puzzled and stared at the man’s face, trying to find some answers from him to solve her confusion. Even she didn’t realize that she had been staring at him for a long time, a very rude look.
At that moment, the man raised his eyes in the darkness, and his eyes were as alert and fierce as an animal. He almost shook them from the railing and finally stabilized himself.
Only then did she realize that the other person was Tang’s hand, even if he was not a professional killer, there were some bloodthirsty reasons. So would he have planned to take her to a place where no one was there to kill her and then destroy her body?
I felt a chill in my heart, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt it possible. I carefully looked at the man’s face while observing the situation around me.
桑拿论坛He drew a hand from the back of his pillow and handed it to her, You can hold me if you are afraid of falling.

After Benitez broke through, the fencer answered and rolled straight out of the sideline.

China’s touchline ball Zheng Zhi tilted the ball to the front in the middle, and Qin Xiong retreated to meet it.
Behind Bella, Qin Xiongling moved the ball horizontally, then turned around and dribbled forward to get rid of Bella directly.
In the process of pushing forward, China’s two wingers, Zhang Pengfei and Shao Jiayi, are also running. It seems that Zhang Pengfei is closer to Qin Xiong, but Shao Jiayi’s running is cutting the line!
When Shao Jiayi ran to the restricted area, Qin Xiong rolled the ball from Otigsari Hueros with a precise straight plug. Together, they saw Shao Jiayi walking sideways in front of the restricted area and swinging the shooting angle!
约茶Shao Jiayi didn’t give Paraguay defenders a chance to block it. He shot directly from the restricted area line!
He shot a low flat football and flew to the left corner of the goal.
Goalkeeper bilal made a wonderful save. His horizontal save blocked the palm of the ball, and then Bot came to a big foot to throw the ball out of the line
Paraguay is getting a little jittery! to be continued
[The first volume of sword has become the decisive moment of Feng 1214 before it is unsheathed]
Paraguay became a little at a loss after China threatened to counterattack three times and twice.
They are staring at Qin Xiong from the tactical arrangement before the game.
However, the China team did not regard Qin Xiong as the core of attack in the past.
But the core of the organization
He kept a close eye on the offensive situation in midfield, and every time he put the ball on the wing, Zhang Pengfei or Shao Jiayi gave China the best offensive opportunity, which made Paraguay slightly unprepared.
Ali Han looked serious on the sidelines.
At this time of 7 minutes, when the node China team made efforts to change the attack routine and left it to the China team, there were actually not many.
Once dragged into overtime, Paraguay’s overall endurance advantage will be exerted, and at the same time, China’s ability to withstand pressure in the face of tough battles is definitely not as good as its opponents.
China must decide the game before the end of the regular game.
This shortterm adjustment is rarely left to Paraguay. If the game is interrupted, Paraguay’s overall attack and defense can be adjusted, and the change of China team will be threatened again.
Call now if you want.
Success or failure
In the first minute of the game, Qin Xiong once again launched a threatening attack in the center and frontcourt. He tilted the ball to the side of Shao Jiayi’s foot, who caught the attention of Paraguay defender Silva after cutting the ball, and tilted the ball to the ribs of the restricted area.
Han Peng obliquely inserted into the restricted area and completed a shot. The football flew directly to the near corner of the goal. Paraguay goalkeeper bilal saved the ball from the baseline
China played an advantage during this period. Paraguay probably didn’t expect China to be able to play a smooth offensive. They ignored that Qin was also a worldclass player in organizing the attack. When Qin retreated and organized the attack, China counterattacked and quickly hit Paraguay’s defensive danger zone.
However, the quality of China’s team is poor. To be realistic, China’s scoring ability is the top in the world except Qin’s, and other players may not have the firstclass scoring ability.
But it doesn’t matter. The football game is full of chance. We still have to have confidence in the China boys.
In the third minute of the game, Paraguay striker barrios turned around and barely started shooting after receiving Benitez’s ball. The football hit Li Weifeng and popped up. Liu Yi crossed the ball to the side when he turned his back to Paraguay at half time.
Paraguay’s offensive spirit has dissipated since 7 minutes. Most of the attacks always end hastily, and the threat reduction is very obvious.
Sun suddenly made a surprising move on the sidelines.
He didn’t stop after the ball went to the middle. He ran along the side before
Qin Xiong stopped the ball in the middle and shook Bella, then handed the ball to Zhang Pengfei on the right.
At this time, China’s attack showed a brave posture.
Zhang Pengfei from the right Sun Shao Jiayi from the left Han Peng in the front.
Qin Xiong, on the other hand, ran forward after the ball was thrown.
The Paraguayan team became nervous as soon as the number of China’s attackers became more.
When Shao Jiayi cut to the restricted area from the side, da Silva Alcaraz had a hard time keeping an eye on Shao Jiayi Han Peng.
Botmorel immediately contracted, and they recovered to the restricted area to form a joint defense doubleteam compression restricted area.
After Zhang Pengfei came to the front of the restricted area, Qin Xiong approached him from the middle road.
At this time, Riveros helped defend the sidewalk to intercept Zhang Pengfei Otig Sabella’s personal doubleteam Qin Xiong
They all think that Zhang Pengfei will give Qin Xiong the ball.
But they were wrong.
Zhang Pengfei obliquely returned the ball to the area behind Qin Xiong in the middle road.
At this time, the Paraguayan team saw that China actually had another player rushing to participate in the attack.
Zheng zhi
Zheng Zhi kicked the ball before Bella panicked and forced it, so he gave the ball to the left side of the road and cut the sun.
In fact, the China team knows the tactics in the wing, and it is difficult for them to play successfully, but the opponents don’t know that they will also be afraid of China’s playing like this.

Ye Xiangyuan seems to ignore her directly without hearing her cry.

It is his indifference that makes Teng Jun angry.
She cried silently while clutching her chest.
Leaf three yes, of course, is to protect his mother rushed over and took hold of her shoulder "mom! Don’t dispute with them! They are just a group of bitches who wish to piss us off … "
Noisy in front of all the guests. Ye Li probably felt ashamed and shouted "Shut up!"
Anyway, Ye Wen searched it again.
But I didn’t catch the culprit in the end
The man whose leg was amputated gave a woman’s name and said that he was instructed by that woman.
品茶论坛And that woman is the girl who gave me the medicine. She has already left in the chaos.
Well, at least I’m innocent through the trial
So this drama finally ended.
Although the banquet was actually held by Teng Jun and Li Qingqing to frame me, they wanted to add trouble to Ye Xiangyuan and me, but the end result was that I was unscathed, but Li Qingqing was taken away by the police.
The ultimate loser is the Li family.
The original Ye Li was trying to stop it. Unfortunately, the police did not listen to justice and said with awe.
This matter has been going on until ten o’clock in the evening, and the lights in the villa are on.
And Li Qingqing, the eldest brother, is said to have never shown up after four years.
Both Ye Sanye and Li Yuyan can watch Li Qingqing being taken away.
I worship the leaves farther and farther.
Li Qingqing was taken away and uncle Li Yuyan was taken away, and the news will come out.
This is forcefully slapped the Li family.
When Li Qingqing was taken away, Ye Sanye begged Ye Li, "Dad, stop Ye Xiangyuan from fooling around! Qingqing is my wife and your daughter-in-law She has been very filial to you since she married me for decades. How can you let Ye Xiangyuan frame her! "
Ye Li rain or shine saw Ye Xiangyuan for a long time. "Ah Yuan, do you have to kill people …"
I qiangbai said, "grandpa, it’s really strange that you should allow them to deal with Ah Yuan and not fight back." Your heart is really biased. "
Say that finish, if anything, sweep Teng Jun and Ye Sanye.
Chapter 117 Tear up her mask
Ye Li looked gloomy. He should be very angry with me, but he didn’t get angry with me because of his elders.
He was staring at Ye Xiangyuan.
It’s a pity that Ye Xiangyuan never showed concession.
His face changed and he finally sighed-he didn’t force Ye Xiangyuan after all.
May be too know Ye Li know Ye Li has compromised Teng Jun immediately targeted at me "smelly bitch! Let you talk nonsense! I’ll rip your mouth off! "
I pretended to be afraid to hide behind Ye Xiangyuan and looked at Ye Li timidly. "Grandpa, look, this is that you like women too vulgar and vicious!"
Ye Li likes Teng Jun to be spoiled and gentle.
It is estimated that Teng Jun is a naive and evil person in his heart, not to mention hurting people, even if he crushes an ant.
Teng Jun let Ye Li like her and dare to play tricks secretly.
And all I have to do is expose her malice to Ye Li.
I have quietly asked Gu Changning about Teng’s family, but I can’t compare it with Ye’s family, even Ye’s grandmother’s family.
Teng Jun wants to coax Ye Li, who covets Ye Jia’s inheritance and management for decades, so that Ye Li can give all her possessions to her son.
She also wants to use the influence of the Li family to form an alliance with the Li family.
Therefore, she also wants to curry favor with Li Qingqing. Before Li Qingqing, she dare not put her mother-in-law spectrum.
She has been hidden for decades and has been a good wife and mother for decades. My purpose is to tear up her mask.
Ye Sanye rolled up his sleeves and rushed to beat me directly. "Bitch, I let you Weifu! I told you to complain! I asked you to speak ill of my mother! "
He slammed his fist at me.
Good Ye Xiangyuan a look will be moved before a bodyguard.
I smiled gently, "Uncle, we are the same, and we are the same. I am Weifu, and you rely on your wife for a soft meal."
Ye Sanye’s eyes were so angry that he dragged his bodyguard forward with an expression that he couldn’t wait to skin me and pull my muscles.
Of course, I pretended to be weak and kept hiding behind Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan gently protected me and swept Ye Sanye. "Uncle is worried about your wife. I think you’d better worry about yourself."
Ye Sanye was so angry that he suddenly became quiet if he seemed to threaten him. "What do you mean?"
Ye Li also frowned.
Ye Xiangyuan said no more, "Grandpa, my wife was frightened tonight. I’ll accompany her back to her room to rest."
Then he directly took me out of the lounge.
So a birthday party ended.
The guests left disgruntled
It is even more dramatic that Li Qingqing, the protagonist of the birthday party, was taken away by the police.
I’m sure the rumors of Li’s family will start when there is a day.
Neither Ye Xiangyuan nor I, the original calculated object, were affected.

Hearing him say this, I can’t help but become dignified and frown. "I think it may have something to do with us …"

Ye Wen comforted, "I doubt that we should be careful, that is, I have contacted Er Shao to send someone to investigate."
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief
I wish Ye Xiangyuan had stepped in. I’m really afraid of Xiao Jin’s accident.
Suddenly remind of what I said "the two bodyguards …"
Ye Wen said, "One was shot twice, one was shot three times, but they all avoided the key points and should be fine."
But after all, I was seriously injured, and I was not depressed. Today, Xiao Jin and I were able to come back safely in such a dangerous situation. Besides the help of Han Chongshan, we also benefited from the bodyguards’ desperate protection.
Ye Wen looked at me and said, "Ding Jie can go and see them after the operation."
Section 3
I nodded.
Ye Wen still has a lot of things to do. Before he left, he casually asked, "Is the man who saved you and Xiaojin called Han Qingshan?"
I, uh, "That’s how he introduced himself."
Ye Wen is thoughtful.
I guessed, "Is there something wrong with him?"
Ye Wen said, "I’m not sure I’ll send someone to inquire about Ding Jie Xiaojin, so I’ll trouble you here."
I shook my head and went upstairs to see Xiao Jin.
After shooting and fleeing, I’m afraid he’ll leave a psychological shadow
He obediently sat cross-legged on the bed with a picture album spread out at his feet. It didn’t look like he was frightened.
I went over and smiled and picked him up and kissed his face. "Did Xiaojin Baby get scared today?"
He looked back at me with a small face and a crooked smile. "Aunt, I’m fine ~ My uncle told me that I will encounter many dangers after I am a descendant of Ye’s family. I’m a man, so I should be brave and strong, and I’ve seen a real gun. My uncle said that when I grow up, tell me how to protect my aunt ~"
I "…"
Ye Xiangyuan found a soldier to train Xiao Jin. I didn’t expect that even a gun would make Xiao Jin contact.
But I’m not surprised to think of Xiaojin’s one-room model.
No wonder Xiao Jin was so confused just now, but she was very calm
I admire Ye’s foresight, but at the same time I feel a little distressed that Xiao Jin is precocious.
I don’t know what it’s like to think that Ye Xiangyuan was raised by his brother when he was a child.
I touched Xiao Jin’s head and praised "Baby is so brave"
Xiaojin smiled sweetly at me.
However, I can feel that Xiao Jin is still a little scared. The evidence is that he is more attached to me, and his little arm has been holding my neck.
After all, I’m only five years old, and I’m sure I’ll be afraid no matter how mature my mind is.
I made him a sip of milk, fed him a drink and told him a story.
I called Ye Xiangyuan halfway.
He is the closest relative of Xiaojin. If he can comfort Xiaojin, Xiaojin will recover faster.
Yes, I dialed several times, but no one answered there.
This is the first time I have contacted him since I came to town, but I can’t help but feel a little depressed.
Finally, Xiaojin got tired of playing and fell asleep in my arms.
Xiaojin is a boy who is five years old. I let him sleep alone except for the first night when I slept with him.
He is also very independent at ordinary times, but today there are some exceptions who are particularly sticky to me. Naturally, I refuse mercilessly.
Besides, there are two female bodyguards in the house.
Perhaps it is this atmosphere that makes Xiao Jin feel safe, and his breathing gradually becomes even.
I patted him gently and listened to him fall asleep together.
桑拿会所When I woke up again, I found myself being held tightly by a pair of arms.
The other person also deliberately avoided my wound and buried his whole face in my posterior cervical fossa. My neck skin could feel his warm breath.

Cai Yanhao came forward to explain that this child … and his father’s closest daughter want to take it from his arms, but it depends on whether his father agrees … you can forget it …

Let’s go to the advanced room … I finally walked into the small hall.
桑拿网In order to coax the hearts of the two old people, I decided to teach my daughter to show weakness. Will you please call grandpa? I pointed to Sigh’s head
Xiao He looked at a face of expectation. Sigh finally gave him a little face Grandpa …
Sigh’s face wrinkled and immediately bloomed in be in heaven, and she planned to reach out and touch her lovely, lovely!
Xiao Yueer looked at me again. What is Grandpa Dad?
Sigh a big hand suddenly froze in half.

Three generations of women, grandparents and grandchildren, were sent to the rear. Cai Yong put on a hearttoheart attitude and said, Dear husband, you moved to Zhao Xiang for only three months, and the old man has been smooth sailing since then. How can this change happen again?
I didn’t answer the rhetorical question, Don’t you know why my fatherinlaw is in Jingluo?
Hi, he sighed. In the end, the old man is just a mere imperial edict. Although there are some students, how dare he be contaminated with real power!
As far as I know, Yuan Shao’s thieves colluded with each other and killed Zhu Xi in the disorderly army. At the same time, they sent people to woo Wei County officials and soldiers to create a plot for me to kill Li Cheng, the satrap of Wei County … I told my fatherinlaw about the general situation. I was’ giving’ Yuan Shao out of the treasury of the State of Zhao in Nai, and invited the court to make a secretariat for him …
Cai Yong grabbed his beard and frowned into a ball. Yuan’s family is a door … Yuan Highway has been trespassed and ruined. Is Yuan Chu so ambitious?
You … what do you call them? I’m not satisfied with geological asked.
Oh! He zheng immediately wry smile yuan brothers in Beijing auxiliary at the beginning of the old this help young people have contacts called for nearly ten years this time I’m afraid I can’t change.
You are an oldtimer and there is no need to care so much about them, right? I scoffed.
Had but noble family old … Cai Yong some wriggle always care about some statecraft.
Today, I still imagine the power of the socalled noble families, although I have realized that the Jizhou gentry almost stubbornly worship Yuan Shao, and of course the representative is Shen Pei.
that’s something I can’t help. I expressed my understanding and shifted the topic to myself. Did I see what the imperial envoy said later in Yecheng City? This is the real point. I should know something about the attitude of the imperial court.
Sigh pondered a little and replied, It’s true that there were envoys who returned to the DPRK and told Zhu Xi about Licheng’s death. At that time, the earthquake in the DPRK was very scary, but at first, opinions were all kinds of speculations … A considerable number of officials recognized that you were guilty this time …
Or two thousand stones called the small toward the secret meeting, I’m sure I’m not qualified to participate … He narrowed his eyes. But later, the scholar Sun Gong told the old man privately that several old ministers felt something was wrong at that time because Yuan Shao had been coming …
I nodded thoughtfully.
On the same day, the old man let you stay in Luoyang, and the soldiers rushed back to the northwest to send messages to your father and visited the DPRK or officials one by one. At first, most of them refused to discuss it in detail, but when Wen and his younger brother came back from Zhao to play hydrophobic for you, the attitude of your officials suddenly changed. Xungong and Yang Gong both told me privately that you wouldn’t be in danger this time, and I would be at ease. Cai Yong shook his head.
I also shook my head. Let me go to Liaodong … to make up with Gongsun Du, the heavily armed overlord of Liaodong. Is this dangerous? !”
… this … He gave a quick laugh. It seems that your father meant it …
I picked up my fist and smashed the front case with one punch.
Cai Yong two heavy eyebrows in a flash with a jump.
6 Jia Xu issue.
Good thing! I burst out three words through my teeth.
So … I was wrong about Yuan Shao? !
Yuan Shao received my 20 million yuan, and I took the initiative to ask the court to seal him up. After the secretariat of Jizhou, I admitted his respect for Jizhou’s status. It is reasonable to say that he should not uproot me … We had no direct conflicts.
Be calm, my dear husband. Cai Yong rushed to hold me down. In fact, it is not only your father’s old husband and Wenhe who think so.
I can’t help but be taken aback. What does this mean? !”
I can understand that Marten was born unhappy when he did this, but Sigh and Jia Xu also agreed with this crazy idea, which really shocked me.
The old lady visited several officials and they also said that this was the best way. I felt that my mood was a little stable. Cai Yong let go of his hands. You don’t think that the DPRK ministers will not notice Jizhou, do you?
I Huo Ran raised my eyes court … don’t have been spent in Jizhou? !” This ….. It’s terrible!
explore? He shook his head. Jizhou is a big state, and there are thousands of petty officials in the National Assembly. How can we tell the origin of the factions?
Since the imperial court knows all about it and there are local officials’ certificates, wouldn’t it be better to directly send troops to destroy Yuan Shao? I questioned.
Cai Yong asked, Can a secret report and empirical evidence convince the sky?
I silently Lombardi borrowed Zhang Yan’s hand to kill Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi’s proguard had already died completely. His son Zhu Wan was the only one who escaped …
Zhu Xiaoer witnessed the war with his father. Can’t he prove it at the end? I almost forgot this person, Zhu Wan, who was escorted by several guards to support Zhu Di’s body and coffin to go home.
I heard about it, too. Cai Yong heaved a sigh of relief. The maharaja has sent someone to pick him up. He will arrive in Beijing in these two days, and it will naturally be an irrefutable evidence.
Benedict, Benedict, Benedict
Someone knocked on the door lightly and slowly.
Into I should be a frowning.
Accompanied by a cool breeze, Jia Xu gathered his robe and entered Is it disturbing the two Tan Xing?


Busy day, Lanjingyi Taobao shop is getting more and more popular. Sure enough, everything needs to be managed to have Qian Qian.
"Mom is going to replenish onr’s stock again tonight. I want to buy more or it won’t be enough to sell. I’ll come back later. You can go to bed early with Qinqin Zhuangzhuang." After eating, I packed up the kitchen, and Lan Jingyi took a big bag to get ready to go out when purchasing.
"Ok, you go. Remember to choose two sets of beautiful and classy ones for your children. It’s going to be a birthday. You, as a mother, don’t buy anything for your children." Lanqing complained.
"I am selling children’s clothes. Mom, can you say that I can lose my own child? I have to go or I’ll be late again. "
After leaving the community, the bus went straight to the night market. Recently, she also went to other local wholesale outlets, but there are always no good things there, and the price is not reasonable.
Just picking up the goods, suddenly there came a quarrel. "Miss, if you don’t want to buy this one, don’t try it in vain, it will be dirty."
"Who said I didn’t want to buy it?" Lanjingyi turned away when it happened to be Yin Qing soft impatient growl.
"Look, you’ve tried it six times. Take it off, put it on, take it off. This white dress is really not like this. Why don’t you try a darker one?" The vendor watched the people around him being attracted, and his eyes didn’t want to make a mess of things, so he advised.
"No, I’ll buy white instead of that black one. It’s ugly."
"How many times do you want to try?" The stall owner is really in a hurry. It’s hard to sell when the white is dirty, that’s for sure
"You care how many times I have to try? I just want to try. It’s none of your business." Yin Qing stripped off her clothes and put them on again, which means that Lan Jingyi really can’t stand it, but it’s really none of her business if people love it.
Lan Jingyi continued to bow her head and pick up her children’s clothes. She was picking this one, which sold well. She let Xiaozhuangzhuang and Xiaoqinqin wear it together and took photos. As a result, the sales volume was soaring, selling super fire. Can her two babies be her little models or little models?
"Ah …" Suddenly exclaimed behind him "Crazy … crazy woman …"
The sound is just that the vendor’s sound attracted Lan Jingyi’s consciousness and turned away. At this time, I saw Yin Qing’s softness. I don’t know where I took out a knife. I didn’t live until she tried to dress and stabbed it again and again. Soon the dress was already horrible.
"LanJingYi I stabbed you to death …" Yin Qing soft while stabbing muttered the original to pull her LanJingYi lived Yin Qing soft like that is really crazy, why scold her?
Forget it, she’d better call Jiang Junyue and let him handle it. It’s best if she doesn’t call him for a month, but she feels as if they haven’t been in touch for a year.
I cann’t believe my fingers tremble when I press his number
But she dialed the other party three times in a row, and it was the phone you dialed.
But does Yin Qingrou have any friends?
She wanted to think, I don’t know if Yin Qing is soft and there is no Meixin worker. If she has something to say, give her to Li Tianyan, but she can’t let her make a noise at this night market, no matter what will happen.
Call. Her ex-union phone has not been deleted. This time, as soon as I dial it, I pick it up. "Hello, Miss Lan."
"Hello, Li, long time no see" can be turned on, but I hesitated. I don’t know whether to report Yin Qing’s softness to Li Tianyan. After all, Yin Qing’s softness is also a Meixin employee.
"Ha ha yes, Miss Lan wants to see me?"
Li Tianyan asked her this question. If she doesn’t say it again, she can’t beat people’s words. "There seems to be something wrong with Li buying clothes in Yin Qingrou’s night market. Oh, I heard police cars ringing and people called the police …" Lan Jingyi looked at Yin Qingrou’s situation while talking.
"Which night market? My horse is here. "
A listen to Li Tianyan will deal with Lan Jingyi’s breath a sigh of relief. Anyway, she can’t look at Yin Qingrou’s madness, so she reported the address in the past and picked out a few children’s clothes and left with a bag on her back.
Yin Qing soft behind him has been made by several vendors. At this time, she is frowning at the police car and she can’t imagine what happened to Yin Qing soft.
I bought a lot of children’s clothes in a big bag, but because of the weight of the clothes, she can accept it. Besides, she is used to hanging her head slightly on her shoulders, otherwise she can’t move her back.
Looking down at a pair of shiny black leather shoes in front of the road, she looked up confused.
"Come to stock?" Long time no see Lan Jingyi. I didn’t expect to meet Jiang Junyue here. He also touched her and carried the goods. She was somewhat embarrassed.
"Well, I’ve been doing more business recently." She chuckled. Every time I met him, I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster. He was still wearing a Uber face and handsome, which made women want to take a bite, but those women would never include her again. They really broke up and really got farther and farther.
"Can I pick up Qinqin and Zhuangzhuang for a day?" He suddenly said
"Ten o’clock," said Jiang LaCrosse with a slight hesitation.
"Fine, just pick them up at ten o’clock."
"Well, you can rest assured that it will be sent back on the same day."
Lan Jingyi nodded. "Then I’ll go first." I struggled to carry that big bag, not because it was heavy, but because it was too big. He would help himself to wait for a taxi, but he left without Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi continued to walk forward and listened to the footsteps behind her. Her heart was heavy. She was so stupid. There is a possibility that he appeared here because of Yin Qing’s softness. How did she remember it until now?
He is in a hurry to see Yin Qing, but she has been impatient for that woman.
She has much to worry about.
I stopped several times by the road with my things on my back before I stopped a taxi and forced the things into the trunk. She just sat down. "Thank you, master." Usually, the taxi driver wants to refuse when he sees the person carrying the big bag, but the master is very good. He stopped as soon as she waved.
"You’re welcome. You should."
The taxi continued to drive forward, and Lan Jingyi’s eyes were also conscious of looking at this side and looking at that side.
The car stopped at the red light ahead.
"Click" Outside the slightly open window, a car braked suddenly. Black and shiny Land Rover pulled up and stopped beside her taxi. She looked at the two figures in the driver’s seat, one black and one pink. The black suit was Jiang Junyue’s pink dress. At this time, Yin Qingrou was leaning against Jiang Junyue’s shoulder, enjoying the beauty that the man brought her like innocent girl.
Those two interdependent figures are so harmonious and enviable that Lan Jingyi’s eyes don’t blink. Staring at her is really envious of them. She and he may never get that wonderful moment.
The red light went out and the taxi drove forward. As soon as the Land Rover stepped on the gas pedal, it quickly reached the front of Lanjingyi’s car. She just woke up and remembered that she should give Li Tianyan a message, otherwise it would be bad for people to pick up Yin Qingrou and not receive it.
Chapter 219 No matter what others say
"Miss Lan, I’m almost there."
桑拿论坛"I’m sorry, Qingrou has already left."
"Who go away? Is it surnamed Jiang? "
"Well" hesitated a LanJingYi or tell the truth, the somebody else has guessed it, and she needs to protect Jiang Junyue. I blame myself for calling Li Tianyan before, otherwise there would be no such trouble.
"Tick-tock ….." The head of the blind stereo has hung up. Lan Jingyi looked down at his heart and felt a bit uneasy, but he couldn’t stop flashing back. Just Yin Qing softly leaned against Jiang Jun’s body …
I finally got home, paid the fare, walked back to the small apartment with that big bag on my back, and packed several sets of clothes so that the courier could take them away and send them out early in the morning. The most important thing to sell this is that the delivery speed is fast, the delivery speed is fast and the praise is much higher. Everything is mutual.
Section 12
"Miss, are you surnamed Lan?" Just when Lan Jingyi was struggling to walk into the stair-door, an old man was sitting on the edge of the flower pond not far away and walked towards her.
"Uncle, how do you know?" Being told her last name, but she didn’t know each other, Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed, but no matter how she thought, she couldn’t figure out that she had known such an uncle.
"I met you when you were a child. How is your mother now? I want to meet her. "
"See my mother?" It’s a little bad at this time, isn’t it? It’s so late. The first flash in Lan Jingyi’s mind is to refuse "I’m really sorry that my mother has gone to bed at this time. Uncle, is it convenient for you to leave a message number?" I’ll ask my mother to call you someday, "Lan Jingyi said politely.
The "good" old man was not angry, so he accepted her proposal and began to read the number.

Chapter 9 is quite easy to raise

Jiang Junyue’s face was covered with black lines, and his eyes began to move from small to small. "Dash …" The little guy’s open-backed pants were showing his murder weapon at this time. His little j`j was very powerful and became a fountain, but it was still hot even though it spouted water …
"Lome EU …" Jiang Junyue growled, but the woman had disappeared and let him put his hand on the armpit of the little thing. It would be to put the little thing down, not to put it down, not to put it down.
Finally, the little thing is cool enough, and the little face smile is as bright as it is.
Can’t it be brilliant? He’s not wet at all. He’s wet.
"giggle …" he continued to laugh.
Jiang Junyue bit his teeth and moved his hip. It’s killing me. He was so wet. Although it can be guaranteed that this little thing was given to him as a child’s urine, President Jiang Da still has a black face.
Throwing the little thing into the seat, "stay alone" and then he asked for a car
I can’t walk until my legs fall. I suddenly feel the resistance at the cuffs. When I turn around, the little thing still tugs at his cuffs and doesn’t tear his hand. "Let go" He waved off the chubby little hand with a wave of his hand, and the little thing didn’t get annoyed or giggled, and then handed it over to grab his cuffs.
This time, Jiang Jun definitely moved faster than that little thing, and then lost to that little thing, and he didn’t mix up. "Bang!" He dumped the door with a smart move and then sat in the driver’s seat. He was annoyed that the little thing got wet, but I don’t know how to look at that little face. He really moved and wanted to check this little thing. Is it really his son?
桑拿The more Jiang Junyue thinks about it, the more incredible it is. It should be seven months old. He started the car and thought about where to take this little thing while driving forward.
Absolutely not at home. If He Ling sees this little thing, even if the child doesn’t have any money with him, he will have it.
He does have several sets of villas and apartments, but even if he goes there, how can he bring this kid alone? In other words, he really has no experience with children. It seems that the little thing has no teeth yet. Does he want to eat milk powder, rice paste or it?
This moment Jiang Jun is messy in the wind.
I was wondering where to take the little thing. A wind suddenly came from behind. Jiang Junyue remembered to look at the little thing behind him. How did he make such a strong wind? I can’t blow it. However, when Jiang Junyue looked at it through the rearview mirror, his soul almost didn’t frighten him. I didn’t know when it was actually opened by the little thing.
God, he forgot that little things don’t matter what he wants, he just reached out and pressed the drive door button.
Fortunately, after the child opened the car door, he opened a pair of big eyes and looked curiously at the scenes outside the car door. Otherwise, if he absolutely fell, he would be given … to …
Jiang Junyue didn’t dare to think about the consequences. His face changed, and his heart suddenly became nervous. The immediate reaction was to whistle and make the child look at him. He slowly drove the car to the side of the road and then quietly stopped.
When the car stopped, he made a big swing with one arm and pulled the little thing to his leg. He lay down on his knees and his pants were still wet, so he came to his little ass for two.
Two is neither heavy nor light.
The child actually giggled again and laughed naughty. It seems that he is too weak. "Why are you so naughty?" He frowned, and God knows how scared he was when he just found the little thing driving the door.
"giggle … dad … dad …" the little thing will sound like this again at the moment, but it’s fantastic that he doesn’t feel bored.
Finally, Jiang Junyue decided to drive with the little thing in his arms. He found that the little thing was too destructive.
After driving for a few minutes, Jiang Junyue decided to go to the small apartment closest to his current position.
Otherwise, it is dishonest for the little thing to toss him to death and be held. From time to time, it is necessary to reach out and touch this one and let him drive a car, and always pay attention to the little thing’s every move. The car stopped abruptly outside the small apartment and walked towards the lobby. When Jiang Junyue walked towards the lobby, the figure of that woman flashed through his mind. He hadn’t seen her for more than a year.
Is she okay with Lu Wentao now?
Jiang Junyue pressed the number keys in the ladder, and the little thing was lying comfortably in his arms, biting his skirt as if the cloth was delicious.
He remembers seeing a child hungry in the front shadow. You can tell when you try your finger. Put your finger on the child’s lips. If the child is chasing after it, it is hungry.
Jiang Junyue tried to put his finger on the little thing’s lip, and the little mouth immediately contained his finger, and immediately Ma Jiang LaCrosse felt that the little mouth was sucking his finger. It seems that the little thing is really hungry.
Shit, he forgot to buy him food before he came.
He didn’t realize that he hadn’t been here for a long time after he took the ladder to press the password of the small apartment. He hasn’t been here since he came back from France
Actually, the password was the woman’s birthday when the door was opened and closed. For a moment, he wanted to change it, but he just started to do it. The little thing in his arms twisted like candy and seemed to be uncomfortable all over. "What’s the matter?"
The little thing is still twisting like a thorn in its body.
"Hurry up and tell me what’s going on?"
The little thing blinked at him with big eyes and was not afraid of being born, and suddenly he couldn’t stop twisting his little ass, which made Jiang Junyue nervous. "Do you want to poop?" He tried to ask, but he didn’t know if the little thing could understand. Anyway, he asked, otherwise he really couldn’t guess what the little thing was doing.
"Giggle …" The little guy smiled again, which reminded Jiang Junyue of the bubble child urine. Just put him aside to pee, but don’t get him covered in it again.
The carpet is clean. The hourly worker has been cleaning up the small apartment regularly. Everything is the same as before he left. Lan Jingyi slippers are placed on the shoe rack. She goes into the bathroom and there is her toothpaste and toothbrush as if she had never left here.
After a quick walk, when I came back to the living room, the little thing was crawling in the direction of washing hands. He walked over and looked down at the little thing and saw that it was a toilet. "Do you really want to poop?"
The little thing ignored him and continued to climb forward.
He frowned. Jiang Junyue picked up the little thing like a rabbit, and then carried him to the toilet. "Snow …" When it rang, a smell filled his hands. Jiang Junyue had done such a thing, but now he couldn’t do it if he wanted to. This little thing was rooted in his ancestors, which in turn stirred him up.
After a while, the little thing finally finished, and the physiological needs were relieved. Jiang Jun leaned over and didn’t care about anything
Jiang Junyue’s brow wrinkled again. First, he dragged the little thing with one hand, and then he flushed the toilet with the other. Then he simply stripped the little thing cleanly and opened the shower head. It’s lucky that I don’t know if I worked in this bathroom by the hour or if this water heater has never been used before. Actually, Jiang Junyue directly washed the little thing’s little ass with water. Anyway, it is absolutely impossible to let him wipe the little thing’s ass with toilet paper. That violates his Jiang Junyue principle.
As soon as the little thing sticks to the water, it immediately becomes excited. It is always so energetic to wave around with little hands and feet, but Jiang Junyue quickly gives him the water to wash. It is good that Jiang Junyue carries the little thing out and then finds a problem. The little thing has no clothes to change.
God, he really gave himself a big trouble.
Throwing the little thing into the bedroom big bed, he started talking to Jiang Han, and it took him a long time to pick it up. "Manager Jiang …"
"Hurry up … hmm … hum …" Jiang Junyue was about to speak when there came a female whining sound. He knew what he was doing there.
"Is there anything wrong with General Manager Jiang?" Seeing that he didn’t talk, Jiang Han asked.
"Er, I dialed the wrong number. How did I hit your head? I hung up." Jiang Junyue suddenly hung up and looked at the little thing crawling naked all over the bed. I really don’t know what to do with this little thing, but it’s not good to find anyone at this time. Even going to the supermarket is not right. It’s impossible to open the door before dawn.
Before opening the cupboard, Lan Jingyi still had some old clothes. Looking at those women’s clothes here, he was stunned for three seconds, and the woman’s face was waved away from his eyes.
I took Lan Jingyi’s short clothes and put a head on the little guy. Then I changed my wet clothes and took him to the kitchen. Nothing came back in the refrigerator for more than a year, and something was moldy.
Jiang Junyue burned some water for the little thing and decided to give him some water first, and then take him outside for food when it was dawn.
Maybe it’s really hungry, and the little white water guy is also sipping, which makes Jiang Junyue like to pat him on the head. "Well, it’s very easy to raise."
Drinking water and saliva flowed along the small mouth. Now Jiang Junyue found that the little thing could not keep his eyes open.
Chapter 91 Don’t interfere
A child who is so sleepy can sleep best. He picked up the little thing and shook it gently in his arms. Sure enough, the little thing soon fell asleep.
A little quiet is Jiang Junyue’s arms. He leans against the sofa with his little thing in his arms and looks down at his little face, eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. It’s not as beautiful as him even when he is asleep.
An innate intimacy made him fall asleep on the sofa with his little thing in his arms.

"Ahem! I believe everyone saw that wonderful performance just now! Really? "

When Iron Man said this, it began to boil again. Almost all players couldn’t help screaming, slapping tables and benches, kicking people and hitting people to fish in troubled waters …
After a while, the iron man continued, "I believe everyone saw that the players just performed can fly in the sky?"
"see!" "That’s amazing." "You’re not selling those wings, are you?"
The iron man has begun to pay attention to those wings, because in the fairyland game, I have never heard of any player who can fly without this skill. If you jump high, you may jump very high like an assassin, but only players can really fly high, and now what is to be auctioned? This is not a four-level weapon. It is the only special thing that can’t be more special than beauty. Imagine a hunter shooting an arrow, which is really unstoppable and can’t hit him.
At the thought of this player, the crowd suddenly surged, and their eyes shone and they were eager to buy these wings.
"You guessed right, that is, the players who buy those wings will be taught by a special person. If I believe that everyone knows that these wings are very real, the reserve price of a pair of wings is 40,000 RO coins. Every time you bid, 10,000 RO coins will be thrown immediately!"
"410 thousand!"
"420 thousand!"
桑拿会所"430 thousand!"
"720 thousand!"
Suddenly he said, "300 million!"
Chapter 10 Guild’s Blood Slaughter
Chapter 10 Guild’s Blood Slaughter
The players couldn’t help looking at the source of the sound together. This man turned out to be just coming in from the auction house. Iron man wondered how outsiders could let people in at this time.
The man said again, "I’ll take 300 million!"
Everyone took a deep breath. 300 million? What is this concept? Today, the highest price is 1.7 trillion yuan, and almost no one dares to bid again. Even the evening and the flowers are worth it carefully.
Although the Iron Man wondered how the outsiders could let people in at this time, he still said according to the auction practice, "Is there anyone bidding for 300 million?"
"300 million once!"
"300 million times!"
"300 million deals, please bid players to the front desk to record the photo materials."
I am very curious about what this player bought this thing at such a high price. I sent a private chat to the Iron Man and asked him to help him meet him. Without saying anything, the Iron Man agreed to meet him, and he earned 1% 30 thousand in the Chinese procedure. Of course he was happy. Now I am his big customer. Just now, five things in the third stage didn’t add up to one day. Polly was expensive. His heart was so happy.
At this moment, Iron Man sent me a message. The name of this man is’ Training Mania’ and the guild is’ Blood Slaughter’, and he also helped me to meet him after the auction.
After the iron man was registered, he said something that made the iron man almost vomit blood. "The first wing of the players has been sold, and the bottom price is still 40,000!"
When this statement came forward, it was actually different. And second? Since when can these things be wholesale? While the exerciser is crazy, crying out that 300 million yuan bought something that is not the only thing. Of course, I snickered. The iron man is really engaged in the auction business. At the beginning, he didn’t say that he had a wing, but everything he did and said was very much like having one, which made the noodle players vote for each other.
People who practice crazy look depressed and sit by and watch him know that he can’t afford to buy the second place, and players begin to estimate how many wings there are. If the auction house has hundreds? So they didn’t lose a lot?
Many guild players have guessed how many wings they have, because from the beginning, it was said that elegant players have four things to auction, and at most, the top four and ten guild members are already eager to try. After all, this thing has a lot to command during guild wars, so high school can take a look at it and control the situation.
I’m not worried about the later auction at all. Even if there is no 300 million yuan, there will be no shortage of initial funds. It’s definitely no problem to recruit people now. If you recruit people casually, it’s definitely no problem, but one of the six core figures is not a player. It’s definitely hard to manage.
Sure enough, as I expected, Polly sold 1.4 trillion yuan, 2.1 trillion yuan, 3.2 million yuan and 4,000 yuan respectively in three days, adding up to a total of 692 million yuan, 1% of the auction procedures left 622 million RO coins, which is already a lot of money.
When dark fire, blood repellent and ice fox saw the money, their eyes stared out, but it was impossible for them to see the reality equivalent to more than 60 thousand yuan in a generation! And the disease seems to be taken seriously. If you look at him, your family must be rich.
The iron man came over and smiled and said, "Ha ha, I can’t believe that the elegant brother is really amazing. First, it’s almost 700 million if I don’t make a move. If there are still good things, remember to come to my auction and I’ll charge you 9%." Such as? "
I smiled and replied, "Of course it’s good. By the way, Iron Man, I don’t know if you know anything like this."
I untied the orc hero shield on my chest and handed it to the iron man in front of him. I couldn’t help but look at it. I didn’t know what to say for a while before I said, "Elegant brother, your surprise is really endless. Is this the only sex animal orc hero shield or one of the four BOSS suits? You won’t kill an orc hero, will you? But it’s impossible. I haven’t heard of the news that the top BOSS was killed yet. "
"You know the Iron Man. He’s the boss of a big auction house. What do you think of me as a long-term partner?"
Iron man one listened to his eyes and let out light. "Tell me about it!"
I said to the iron man in private, "I told you to catch angel Polly, but I’ll charge you 3% for selling it."

"Mom, you let me kill this bastard. Get out of my way."

"Dead girl, bow and arrow, apologize and obey Teacher Sun."
"Mom …"
"Do you really want to kill people and go to jail?"
按摩"If I don’t kill him, I’ll shoot him. Mom, you pull him up so I can aim."
Oh, my God, it’s too dark. I’m going to castrate me. I recruited her to provoke her. I was so scared that this black hand quickly covered the key points and looked up at her. "Dead girl, you mean to kill me."
YuQingXue grunted at me. "Yes, I want you to die | Wolf teacher."
"Sunny snow, listen to mom. It’s dangerous to put the bow and arrow in this thing quickly."
"Don’t let me die. I just want to shoot him and tell him to bully Simon and castrate her."
I bullied Lin Miaomiao. It must be Lin Miaomiao who spoke ill of me behind my back. I quickly clarified that "I didn’t"
"Also said no Simon Simon elder sister but told me everything, you are a dead color | Wolf"
I’m depressed. Fortunately, Zhao Siying believes me. "What are you talking about? Teacher Sun is very nice. I won’t let you talk nonsense."
"Mom, don’t be a jerk. Get out of the way. I can’t pull any more."
I looked up and saw that Yu Qingxue’s arms were chattering badly.
I realized that I pulled Zhao Siying’s neck, and the arrow almost brushed my scalp and flew over. Fortunately, I pulled people away, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.
Zhao Siying was pulled by me and stuck on the stairs, as if she hit her back. It hurt her to roll her eyes.
"Mom" Yu Qingxue also realized that she was busy making mistakes, threw her bow and arrow in her hand and hurried downstairs.
"Dead girl, you really shot and murdered your own mother, but it will take ten layers of hell to scare you to pee your pants." Zhao Siying smiled and joked that it was no big deal.
Yu Qingxue scared her little face and reached out to help her get up. I was stupid and still squatting. I didn’t good the spirit. "What are the dead people still doing? Please just do something and help my mother."
"oh oh"
Section 56
I hurriedly helped Zhao Siying’s arm to be really soft and pinched. Wan Ru bone made me want to knead it. I choked back my heart and didn’t go to see her long and charming jade legs.
"Don’t pull, don’t pull your clothes." Zhao Siying suddenly shouted and left our hands.
I looked down and found that Zhao Siying’s skirts were glued with super glue.
"Dead girl, you really killed me." Zhao Siying didn’t good the spirit stared at her daughter and then tried to take off her pajamas cardigan. Fortunately, she was wearing a two-piece pajamas. If it were one, it would be a big drain in front of me.
Zhao Siying took off her cardigan, and we hurried to help her again, but she was only halfway up, and she cried out in pain, "My feet hurt, please don’t move."
I was shocked when I saw it again. "Miss Zhao is not good. Your calf is stuck with super glue."
"What?" Zhao Siying looked at the calf in a hurry and saw that the left leg and calf were glued. If you pull it hard, it will definitely break the skin.
Women love their skin the most. Zhao Siying’s face turned pale at the thought of breaking skin and leaving scars. "Hit 12 quickly."
Yu Qingxue was so scared that she cried, "Mom blames me. You don’t want something. You must not have something. What should I do if you die?"
Zhao Si filled their eyes with anger. "Dead girl, can you expect me to make a quick call and call for help?"
"Call the ambulance can’t come by then, this glue will definitely dry up completely, even if it is pulled open, it will definitely leave scars. Is there any thinner at home?"
"What is diluent?" Yu Qingxue looked at me stupidly, and her mother looked at me confused.
I quickly explained, "It is our decoration paint thinner that can reduce the viscosity of resin, which is soluble glue. Find it quickly."
"I seem to have sundries. I’ll get them."
Yu Qingxue hurried across the stairs and rushed downstairs. I wanted to take a closer look at the adhesion, but my feet were too sticky to move. I had to take off my shoes and lean over to check it carefully.
I was relieved after the inspection. "Miss Zhao, don’t worry, although it’s stuck, the glue hasn’t dried yet. It’s ok to flush a thinner."
"Will there be scars?" Zhao Siying is worried that a woman who looks at her calf loves beauty the most. If she leaves a big scar, she will definitely not accept it.

"Well, you want to be my little slave, not me. Go to the uncle. I’m hungry, too. I want to eat supper and you cook it for me."

Lan Jingyi opened the refrigerator and was surprised to see leftovers. "Have you started a business?"
"Well, it fell the day before yesterday." The truth is that the meal was just cooked and put in the refrigerator not long ago. Of course, he would never say anything about it.
Lan Jingyi smelled his refrigerator, which was very high-grade. "It’s not broken. I’ll get fried rice with eggs in ten minutes."
Beat eggs with an apron, cut chopped green onion, and stir-fry a meal. It’s delicious. It looks like you’re really hungry before you eat well. Even Jiang LaCrosse has a good appetite and ate a push bowl. "Yi Yi, the little slave, remember to wash the dishes quickly. I’m waiting."
Lan Jingyi laughed at Jiang Junyue, sometimes pretending to be an uncle is really decent. "Then I will go to the handmaiden and rest."
"I’m not waiting for you to warm my bed."
"Roll" Lan Jingyi said and pinched the back of his hand. This man always takes advantage of her from time to time.
"Ah …" It seems that it hurts a lot. For a second, Lan Jingyi was picked up and thrown directly on the sofa with a passionate kiss. "Can I have it?" It’s nice to think of the bag of dog meat she gave him and I don’t know where to buy it. He laughed for a long time and didn’t feel cheated.
It seems that people in love are easy to be mean, is there anything?
The sound is light as if you can’t hear it clearly if you don’t listen carefully to the root. Perhaps this is also his characteristic of Jiang Junyue. If you want it, you have to "no". She hates his bullying.
"Really don’t promise?"
"Well, I’m going to wash the dishes."
"Let me wash." He kissed her lips gently and touched her gently. At that moment, his blood seemed to boil, and he wanted to turn her into a part of his body as once. "You can’t beat me." It was still soft and confusing, and it went straight to Lan Jingyi’s mind.
"You promised me you wouldn’t be strong with me." Without struggle, you would hate to whisper, but Lan Jingyi didn’t expect that she actually enjoyed the kind of sweet lover intimacy that Jiang Junyue brought to herself. "Otherwise, I will never come to you again in my life."
桑拿会所Her thin lips are still rubbing gently, just like a stream sliding across moss and rippling in circles, freehand brushwork in her world is beautiful.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes. Is this how love works? Is it to make the other person a part of herself?
Two arms slowly encircle the neck of the lacrosse, which is an arm. A slight force induced a strong aggression in the body of the lacrosse. "I was the one who hooked me first" boasted that his tongue skillfully got into her mouth and licked each of her teeth before looking for her. Lilacs wanted to meet and hook together, and closed their eyes lightly, leaving her and his senses entangled together. He buried his lips deeply in her mouth …
"Ah …" With a conscious scream, Jiang Junyue was kicked to the ground. Lan Jingyi fell down and looked at some awkwardness. When Jiang Junyue rushed into the kitchen, Lan Jingyi seemed to be able to feel something reaching there in her lower abdomen. She wanted to say a little tilt. Are you a male hormone surplus?
Chapter 5 I don’t mind either
The carpet man sat up with a lazy expression but didn’t feel unhappy. He took one look at it, but didn’t look at it. More eyes kept sweeping to the petite figure in the kitchen. Little darling jumped up. He picked up his legs and kept teasing the little thing with one hand while laughing and casually said, "Lan Jingyi will take a bath for the little darling later. The little thing is so dirty."
"You wash it." Lan Jingyi put the washed bowl in the disinfection cabinet and then wiped the cooktop, which was over.
"Well, it’s a mother. I don’t want to see its fruit."
"I don’t mind if you want it." Jiang Junyue is probably the only one in this world who can write a dog in his evil dictionary. It’s so bad that it’s bad to grandma’s house
A figure reflected Guo Taijiang LaCrosse held Xiao Guai in one hand and wrapped her waist in the other. "Let’s stay together or I’ll be shy."
"Go to Jiang Junyue, you’re a real girl." I remembered how he looked when I first met him. When I saw him with Luo Qijiang, she thought he was a little upset.
"My niang niang don’t you know? Why don’t we try it now … "
"Hey, can you be serious and not think about that kind of thing? I’m leaving if I go like this again. "
"Well, cooperate with our pure Miss Lan Jingyi. From now on, I will be a darling. I swear I will not touch you."
The light shadow cast his shadow on the snow-white tile. Lan Jingyi turned around and hugged the little girl. "Let’s go and wash it."
I put a pool of water, and the little thing rolled in the water like a child. I don’t know if someone deliberately kept the little girl out. When Lan Jingyi and Jiang Jun were carried out, they were almost soaked.
Clothes cling to the skin and reveal the most perfect curve beauty.
"Lan Jingyi, I’m a man. I’ll let you wash first, but hurry up. If you are slow, I can’t blame you for rushing in and washing together."
Lan Jingyi really wanted to pinch off his tongue, but Jiang Junyue just verbally said that he didn’t put it into action at all. Lan Jingyi wiped her hair at random and plunged into the big bed in the room. A sheet was folded into a long strip and placed right in the middle of the big bed. "Jiang Junyue crosses the Chu River Han boundary and I will bite you to death."
"Bite me, you can bite me at will." Jiang Junyue came out with water droplets on his head and stabbed himself on the other side of the long sheet. "Don’t worry if you don’t nod, I’m definitely not strong with you, but I promise you to bite me."
Lan Jingyi is really tired and whispers with his eyes closed. "Keep your word …"
After that, she was so tired that she fell asleep. The sleeping man was beside him, and he didn’t even know he was holding her in his arms.
Later, Lan Jingyi gave Jiang Junyue a nickname paper tiger from the bottom of my heart.
No matter how fierce and tough he is, but she doesn’t nod, at most he just sleeps with her.
Let the habit develop quietly.
Write the process as the most beautiful
A week has gone by.
There’s a thrill. Is there wood?
Blue sunny day can be discharged from the hospital early in the morning. Lan Jingyi came out of the hospital without being happy. She walked slowly outside the hospital and didn’t want to go back to the small apartment. She just wanted to keep walking like this.
This week, He Ling didn’t even urge her to say a word, which often made her have an illusion or it was not the woman’s intention to separate her from Jiang Junyue.
Suddenly, Lan Jingyi’s thoughts rang, and the sound made her body stagnate. After all, it came. It was He Lingcai who turned on the screen and immediately asked, "When did you break up with LaCrosse on a blue sunny day?"
Heart acts breath as if taken away "LanJingYi what do you mean? You don’t regret it and want to haunt LaCrosse, do you? Shame on you! "He Ling continued to shout when she didn’t talk.
Lanjingyi bit his teeth, took a deep breath and then took a deep breath. This just whispered, "I will leave him every day."
"You are smart enough. If you still live in that small apartment after a day, believe it or not, you will suddenly disappear like the original hostess of that small apartment, but this time someone will disappear with you, and that is your mother."
"Small apartment hostess?" Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed through the slipper with shoe rack when she first entered Jiang Junyue’s small apartment.
"Do you love your LaCrosse very much? Ask him if he loves Yin Qingrou or Lan Jingyi? " "Pa" He Ling finished and hung up directly. It seems that she didn’t want to say a word more.
Yin qingrou
Section 2
Yin qingrou
Lan Jingyi’s mind is full of this name.
A woman she doesn’t know.
An absolute Jiang Junyue has and is not an ordinary woman.
It rang again. This time it was Jiang Junyue. She quietly looked at the flashing number, not because she didn’t want to answer it, but because she didn’t know what to say when she answered it.
Then don’t answer it
The city is really big.

His expression is particularly serious.

I secretly guessed that he might satirize me directly or threaten me to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
Of course, the latter is rare. After all, although he doesn’t like me on the surface, he didn’t really hurt me without his sister
Why did he force Ye Xiangyuan to marry Gu Changyu? It may be more venting.
Then again, if he really forces me to leave Ye Xiangyuan now, he was Ye Xiangyuan, and I will never regard him as a friend again.
I, uh, waited for him to talk.
He suddenly said "I’m sorry"
I can’t help but leng leng.
Although I thought he wouldn’t threaten me, it was ironic at best, but I didn’t expect him to apologize directly to me!
I looked at him.
His expression still stinks and he stares at me in disgust.
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you really want your sister to marry Ayuan?"
He pursed his lips and didn’t do it
I said, "There is no place for me to apologize. I can understand that you spoil your sister. You should find the second half for your sister to rely on. I also thank your sister for saving Ayuan, but I can’t give Ayuan to her."
Gu Changning finally responded with a cold hum, "Who wants you to let go?"
I looked at him and said, "You don’t want me to make it, because you want to grab it fair and square, right?"
Gu Changning stared at me and said nothing.
I don’t know why I know that Gu Changyu is not a simple situation. Does he have to defend Gu Changyu so much just because Gu Changyu is his sister?
Or did Gu Changyu pity her because she became a vegetable?
I paused. "No matter what you think, your sister caused the baby to be born prematurely anyway. I don’t think she is worthy of Ayuan. Are you trying to harm Ayuan? Don’t you think your sister made me give birth prematurely and made Miss Xu break up with you? "
Gu Changning stared at me as if to say something and shut up.
I looked him in the eye and repeated, "Do you think she is right?"
Gu Changning didn’t good the spirit way "of course she is wrong".
I said, "Then what are you angry about?"
Gu Changning snorted again and stared at me coldly.
I said slowly, "Because you think your sister was abandoned by Lu Xun’s eldest brother and Ayuan at the same time, and now she has become a vegetable. You love her very much, Ayuan and Lu Xun’s eldest brother, right? But you didn’t take it personally because you know in your heart that your sister did something wrong, right? "
Gu Changning lowered his eyes and said nothing.
I sighed lightly. "I used to hate Miss Gu. I didn’t want to forgive her, but she saved Ayuan. I can write off these grievances." I looked at him and said, "What do you think?"
Gu Changning pursed his mouth or not.
I said, "Anyway, I don’t think how kind your sister is. Maybe she is the best person in the world in your heart, but for me, she not only slandered me, but also caused me to give birth prematurely. She is the villain in my mind. If she hadn’t saved Ayuan, I wouldn’t have forgiven her all my life."
Gu Changning glared at me and said, "You said everything you should say. Let me say something."
按摩I smiled
I know more or less about his character, so he is showing weakness.
His face is still ugly, but he is not hostile to me.
I said, "I can’t force anything to be decided by Ayuan. I believe Ayuan has me in his heart now."
Gu Changning pie pie and silence.
I looked at him and suddenly he was depressed.
The main reason is that I didn’t sleep all night, so I felt groggy and didn’t want to drive more with him.
I don’t think it’s necessary to tell him more.
His heart must still be partial to Gu Changyu’s side
Even though he knows how bad his sister is, his position can protect Gu Changyu.
Everyone is biased. Gu Changyu is his sister, and it is normal for him to be biased.
What’s more, I’ve seen disgusting people like Ye Li protect mistresses to death.
I said lightly, "I accept your apology, but we both know that you will not give up your practice and I will not compromise. That’s it. I don’t want to make Ayuan difficult, but I don’t want to leave Ayuan."
Then I turned and walked directly to the bedroom down the corridor.
Gu Changning suddenly debuted "I know Ayuan likes you"
I was suddenly stuck.
His voice came from behind me with a little loss and a little naivety. "I saw it a long time ago, so I never advised you to leave Ayuan again."

Alas, after knowing each other for a few hours, I really don’t understand why the girl in front of me is so clingy, and she seems to have a natural talent for the profession of wizard, especially for the profession of wizard. Otherwise, it is impossible to cast magic without singing, which is a serious violation of the balance. I hope there will be no problems after that.

"Brother, do you want the line?"
"Then where will I wait for you?"
"Oh my god, I don’t know. Don’t you have my business card? It would be nice to send me a private chat then. "
"You say, don’t ignore me then. If you dare to ignore me, I will …"
"Stop! I know I know it! I will definitely return! "
After that, I sent a message to the disease method saying that I had failed, but after receiving this message, I thought I might change my job, no matter how many first lines to solve my physical problems.
Chapter 9 Doubt
Chapter 9 Doubt
Zhang Xian sat by the bed and looked at the boy who was several years older than herself. She was not so white. It can be said that one person turned out to be the focus of the whole plan. The whole plan has been designed and implemented for many years. The key point is to remember the’ dream’ in the confidential files of enterprises. If it hadn’t been for’ it’, the world wouldn’t have entered a new generation so soon, and there would be no’ dream’. The enterprise gradually became obsessed with Zhang Xian. Even I took off my game helmet and looked at her with her hands, even shaking her hands in front of her eyes.
I look at her delicate and smooth skin and eyes full of wisdom, and I feel reluctant to look at this spy soon.
In the past few days, I have learned a lot about the world besides playing games, even what streets and large buildings are outside my big house. I know all kinds of buses and buses, because I know I must be a person who doesn’t like to be bound. It was only after I started to contact games, that is, computers, that I realized my sexuality, perhaps rebellious consciousness or subconscious mind. I want to find a job that can support my life as soon as possible (of course, the internet) and then leave without knowing it. Although Sister Yiping warned me not to leave this room to get in touch with the outside air, I have never felt anything different about me for so many years, but my feet are inconvenient to move.
I was thinking about Zhang Xian and thinking about things, and both of them didn’t realize that their heads were really very close. When Zhang Xian came to her senses from thinking, she found that there was a big thing blocking her sight, and she froze for a moment before she realized it. This thing was her own monitor, and her head hurried back and knocked down the chair, which woke me up. I looked at her, and she looked at me and burst out laughing together.
We laughed for ten minutes before we stopped.
Zhang Qianshou buries his mouth and says, "I don’t think you will laugh!" "
"Who said I wouldn’t laugh? But I don’t like smiling at people who don’t like or are unfamiliar with them. "
"So I’m someone you like?" As soon as Zhang Xian finished speaking, she felt something was wrong. Two pieces of red clouds rose in her face, and no matter whether I answered or not, she immediately opened the door and left.
I was a little reluctant to feel when I watched her leave her back in a hurry, and then it occurred to me that I had a special feeling about women recently. What was the feeling? Strange! There is both a sense of attachment to my sister and admiration for dancing in heaven, a sense of love for the woman I just met and a sense of challenge to the woman in front of me. Oh, woman, women are really white!
As soon as my eyes swept away, I found that Zhang Xianshou’s computer was still in my bed. I immediately took it over and knocked in a long string of codes with my hands. This is a rare opportunity. I immediately made my computer knowledge more and more satisfactory in recent days. I planted a Trojan horse in Zhang Xiannao’s brain. Although this means is not very bright, it seems that no one has taught me to do things aboveboard and I want to do what I want, regardless of what others think.
As soon as I finished typing Zhang Xian, the footsteps rang. I immediately put my computer back in place to make it the same as before, and then rang the bell to call the housekeeper. Zhang Xian came in and didn’t talk to me. He took the computer and left. Soon the housekeeper came in and got something to eat. It was already 12 o’clock when she finished what she should have done in life.
I went back to bed and thought about how many things happened today. From early in the morning to now, I almost never stopped. A few things made me feel profound. A ring competition let me know that the professional competition in fairyland is extremely serious and the team became the base unit of the battle. Second, how good the base property is, and people can’t flexibly transport professional skills. So the waste should be careful after seeing prey from the provocative eyes of the enemy. If there is such a person to help himself, this baby must catch itself. It is certain that money will be indispensable in the game. In reality, money is also needed, and this thing needs to be found as soon as possible.
After thinking about turning on the microcomputer for a round, I entered the Zhang fiber computer through the network. Although it was a heart-warming, it made me know something that surprised me.
It turned out that Zhang Xian was talking to a middle-aged man I didn’t know through the Internet, and she said, "Dad, for so many days, I found out that he had a great computer talent that day."
"If we don’t get the data from our top-level’ Teana’ mainframe computer when possible, this year should not be far away."
"But it’s a good chat day to watch a guy who can’t move like a dead body. Dad, can you change someone else to watch?"
"No, such an important person can’t just ask someone to pay twice as much!"
☆        ☆        ☆
Listen, their conversation let me know a name’ Teana’ computer mainframe? I wonder if I can go in and see. Isn’t everything white when I see it? I began to plan to get into this computer. Although I don’t know where this computer network is, I believe that I can find some clues from the talent I have shown these days.
I really want to know how I was made. I learned from Sister Yiping that I was made in a test tube, but what was not made as a baby? But a fifteen-year-old adult? Everything makes me puzzled and eager for the truth. I am very eager to get all the answers now, but as my sister said, I don’t know much about this society yet. Even if I go out, I can’t adjust my life by myself, thinking about it and falling asleep.
Today, the dream is very strange. It’s no longer a game like upgrading or fighting, but an environment of birds and flowers. I stand in front of a pavilion on a green lake with a vague face, but it gives me the feeling that there is a word’ beauty’!
But when I wanted to talk, I couldn’t say it, and I couldn’t move my body. I kept looking at her, and she kept looking at me. Gradually, my consciousness blurred and then I lost consciousness.
Chapter 10 sudden change
Chapter 10 sudden change
I woke up early the next morning, and now I sleep almost like a timer. Every day is fixed, and I come to life together. After eating breakfast, the horse enters the game and Zhang Xian goes to her so-called school class. Of course, now I can’t believe that she really goes to class. Which teacher is qualified to teach her her that intelligence?
品茶论坛I entered the game and sent a message to the disease method, but I didn’t reply. I just wanted to prepare for the training. If the water information was sent immediately, I really didn’t know that she was so punctual. She would know as soon as I did.
I met her capital * * * * and then went to the Ant Cave to help her train. Although the experience of ants is a little less for her current base level LV41, the number of ants is still quite large, and she doesn’t need to sing and kill ants like a machine gun shooting balloons. One shot at a base can beat me while walking, but I’m just a follower. Sometimes I doubt that if Shuishui doesn’t practice herself, she doesn’t need me for her special abilities now! But in order to please this special mage, I have to practice with her.
After more than an hour in a hurry, the experience in the ant cave is pitiful. We will continue to upgrade to another place, and she will be able to train with me in a team after upgrading to about 5 levels. This time, we came to Tianjin to prepare for the leapfrog fight against monsters. For me, a person with LV6 multi-level but already LV1 level ability, the LV-level ordinary magic is still not available, and I believe that there will be no big problem if the water follows me. The most important thing is to let her kill low-level magic like this. I don’t know when and when it will be upgraded with me as soon as possible.
"If the water where are you from?"
We’ll take a boat to Tianjin for at least ten minutes, so let’s sit down and talk.
I can’t help wondering why it takes so long to ask a place if it is thoughtful.
"I live in Qianxi District" (this world is not the reader’s life, but another parallel world)
"thousand west area, where rich and rich people live."
"well! Elegant brother, where are we going? "
"Tianjin City!"
"What? Tianjin? "
"What’s the matter?"
"No, no, nothing!"
I don’t think it’s strange if the water is a little scary, but it’s not too strange if the water gives me a strange feeling from the beginning
After a while, we will arrive in Tianjin, and if the water is always hidden behind me, the two of them dragged themselves to the ancient forest and ran away when they saw the river boy. I wouldn’t be so easily killed today.
Before I came here, I checked the monsters that appeared here, including fishing river boy LV umbrella demon LV73 bullfrog LV63 Bigfoot bear LV55.
As soon as I entered, I saw a familiar scene, and another river boy appeared in my sight.
"If you and I hit him hard [rocket], do you know?"

"Don’t you drive?"

"My family has a nest of cars."
"I’m also going to buy something later. I’ll leave a message on WeChat and bring it back later."
"You take care of yourself. I’m leaving."
Out of the door, I went to Yuqing Snow’s house and rang the doorbell, so the girl was forced to stay and open the door.
As soon as the door opened, my eyes lit up, and this Ni lured people to wear Japanese students to play ospy to seduce me.
This dress is so short that it shows a small belly. This girl’s abdomen is so flat that she has no fat at all. It’s so charming that I can’t help but want to pinch it.
"Teacher, dad, you’re here. Come on in."
Yuqing snow took my hand and entered the door.
"I haven’t changed my shoes."
Girl hurriedly took the initiative to bring me slippers, and I don’t know whether she meant it or not. Instead of squatting, she showed me the sexiest side of her waist, and her pleated skirt was short, which was directly exposed …
I see my eyes wide open and my eyes are high somewhere.
Yu Qingxue brought me slippers and turned around to put them at my feet. She happened to see my tent high. She was naive enough to poke her finger. "Teacher, dad, what did you put in your pocket? Did you buy me a lollipop?"
The body of the Chapter 79 【 problem this 】
I quickly blushed and glared at her with my hand. Yu Qingxue straightened up and smiled a little red. My eyes flashed sly. This look was deliberately bad. I didn’t good the spirit and stared at her. "Children dare to make fun of the teacher for playing if they don’t learn well, don’t they?"
"Teacher, dad, I was wrong. You can fight if you want."
Yu Qingxue turned around and pursed her sexy ass and looked at this attractive place. I was not willing to fight. I quickly restrained myself from looking up and waved to the side and said, "What are you playing?"
I changed my slippers and went straight into the house. Yu Qingxue looked at me unhappy and pursed her mouth.
I sat on the sofa and took out my briefcase. Yu Qingxue was unhappy and sat in the sofa and picked up a pillow. "I don’t want classes, I want my father to educate me."
"Dead girl, I’ll educate you to read well now, open your class now and listen to me carefully."
"I don’t want it, I don’t want it." The little girl jumped on the sofa directly, and the pleated skirt was lifted to see that my throat was straight and dry
I got up and went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. My little girl actually followed me to the kitchen and looked at me. "Teacher, dad, didn’t you shave today?"
I didn’t shave when I touched it, but I forgot to shave because I peeked at my wife’s shaver.
"Teacher, dad, I have a razor at home. It looks a lot haggard if you come with me to shave."
I followed my little girl into the sanitary room. The little girl opened the drawer and looked for a razor. Instead, I saw a razor in front of the toilet mirror and picked it up and said, "Don’t look for it."
Yu Qingxue looked up and saw that the shaver in my hand immediately rushed to take away "No, this can’t shave you."
Section 129
"Why not?"
I raised my hand to avoid the girl’s snatch, then opened the cover and scraped it directly. My brow wrinkled. "Why is this knife so blunt?"
Yu Qingxue looked at my apricot cheeks for a long time. She couldn’t help but laugh. "Teacher, dad, that’s not shaving. That’s my mother shaving bikini hair."
"Huh?" I quickly gave up when I was frightened.
Oh, my God, I can’t believe I shave with a woman’s body hair. If I go out, I’m going to lose my life.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.