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After all, it’s almost all guild players except [Assassin’s League] and [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao]. It’s absolutely unprecedented!

However … They didn’t find Wu, and they didn’t even see him.
After the meeting, the presidents looked at each other with anger, but at the moment they can temporarily focus on the city’s [posture alliance] person … to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Never accept an apology
Can’t see the marginal sea of people.
Falling Love leads many presidents to lose their lives across the city gate.
In this way, even the nearby onlookers feel great pressure, and no one dares to cough. First, they feel uneasy when they hold their breath and watch quietly.
And some people feel that this scene is familiar …
There is nothing wrong. Just over a week ago, when the AntiPosture League was just established, it was in high spirits, but it was played around by masked legions. This confrontation happened on a much smaller scale.
We can’t help but feel more familiar with it after listening to the opening remarks of Godclass prodigal family.
Ha, ha, ha, I’m so touched.
I’m in a hurry to come to the rescue again. I want to say, why don’t you just change your name [antiposture alliance] and forget it? Let me think … or call it [fire brigade]. This name is more appropriate. Anyway, you really didn’t do anything except put out fires everywhere during this period.
Godclass prodigal family is full of ridicule, laughter reverberates with tension and depression, which leads to a burst of laughter in the city, but it is only [posture alliance] people laughing. Players dare to hold back their hearts even if they want to laugh. At this time, a little carelessness may lead to fire.
What kind of mood do people feel now? Even their toes can imagine that anger is definitely beyond the endurance of these scattered players.
Indeed as expected bomb a city outside the antiposture alliance people immediately angry, even the gas temperature rose several degrees
Only the fallen petal expression is still so calm.
Shi Shiran looked at Godclass prodigal in the previous step, smiled impudently and smiled faintly. I admit that this time you have the wind, but this is not enough to change the result that [posture alliance] will eventually perish.
Really? Godclass defeated laughter
Ha ha, even if we no longer contain the White Tiger City, will people dare to walk out of the gate to train? This is the price of the enemy in the whole world, and you must face the reality. Falling Love is still that indifferent smile.
I really don’t dare. So what? God level prodigal mirth way
So now I can be merciful and give you and [posture alliance] a chance to survive. The eyes of falling love are full of temptation
oh? Let’s hear it so well? Godclass prodigal family is quite interested in raising their eyebrows.
Impeach 101!
Suddenly, the fallen petal’s eyes were burning with high volume. The hatred root knot of [posture alliance] and [antiposture alliance] has drawn a line between 111 people and 111 people. I can guarantee that it will not be difficult for [antiposture alliance] to target 111 people from now on!
This is an outcry!
Impeachment again!
Since Different World came into being, it seems that it has been inextricably linked with these two words.
Does the same thing have to happen again? Do you want to be so similar, or do you want to impeach the criminals this year?
So … Godclass prodigal family will be like a choice?
Even Chu Jiayu changed her normal state and showed a worried look. She knew very well that the prodigal family was the boss behind the posture alliance. First of all, he was still a businessman, and it was hard for a successful businessman not to give priority to his own interests.
Godclass prodigal thoughtfully waited until everyone was quiet before smiling and saying, It’s a good suggestion …
Don’t just promise?
All people have a strange feeling.
But …
The word Godclass loser suddenly popped again, which made everyone’s mind turn sharply again. Although you have given me and [posture alliance] a chance with your mercy, you seem to have made a mistake about the current situation, right?
The current … situation?
Everyone is thoughtful.
Godclass prodigal nodded his head and learned to raise his voice and shake his head before falling out of love. Six thousand people just surrounded White Tiger City, didn’t they?
And we, the president of [posture league], killed them with one person’s strength. Everyone can see it very clearly. Of course, the 6,000 poor people who were just guarded by us are the clearest. They must know that even if we [posture league] all go to the theater in the city, they will definitely be no better even if they are not guarded by the corpse field.
So now … I want to ask the presidents of the conference a question. Which guild can easily gather more than 6,000 troops except [Assassin’s League], [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] and [Heaven for Favor]?
This is the current situation!
桑拿网Do you want to know clearly that even if there is one person, your guild will follow it in the future?
By the way, I’d like to remind you that as soon as the president of our posture league, Baiyi, was promoted to level 3, the level 3 masters of Assassin League and Bann Kwan Khiang Dao had a supernatural demotion event, and then they withdrew from the action with hidden dangers and flying stars. What can’t you think of?
Hey hey face how all white? But in this situation, it’s really hard for you to be merciful and give me a chance. You should all believe in Buddhism, good men and women, right? Amitabha, if I don’t go to hell, who will? This noble sentiment really moved me to tears …
With great interest, I looked at the expression changes of a bunch of presidents outside the city, and my eyes almost laughed.
And after he woke up, everyone finally figured it out at the same time.
Now they are not qualified to threaten [posture alliance]
On the contrary, all initiatives are in the hands of 101! He’s the master!
The hidden dangers and flying stars are just aware of this and will hastily withdraw from the [antiposture alliance]! These two old foxes!
Falling love is finally flustered at the moment, and she came in a hurry. She didn’t know so much at the time …
But …
Godclass prodigal family has another word boom. The eyes swept over those already fidgeting presidents. You don’t have to waver, because Baiyi has just told me that he will never accept an apology. Everyone in the venue has a calculation. You are not wavering now, but you are still determined to prepare for the battle … To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and ten Are you?
Never accept an apology! ? That is to die in the end! ?
Tooth for tooth, blood for blood! ! ! !
Ha ha posture au good tone! What a big breath!
If this place were changed, everyone would laugh off their fangs, especially the presidents.
How arrogant and overreaching it is to speak. It’s just that your head is broken …
But at this time they were all silent.
Now Wu has such power!
If he really intends to do this … Level 3 will be a place where there is a law in front of the guild to cross the gap. For a long time, they are all trapped here …
The White Tiger City is a small besieged city, which surrounds the posture league.
And the whole level 2 map is a bigger siege, which surrounds all of them, and no one can take a step!
This is not only a disaster for them!
It is a huge disaster for the whole game industry in China!

Those two people are not ordinary, so we are peers, right? Fang Huabo nodded and said that when starting a business, they were all really the same starting line with different directions. They created a platform that almost reshuffled the sales industry, and the expanding scale has made many people feel shocking. Needless to say, they have started to expand their business, and the progress is not bad. This banquet can be seen that Qin Wei came among the two people.

You look at Qin Wei’s attitude with night Shinohara and take a closer look. The man ordered and gently pecked at champagne.
Fang Huabo, a friend, noticed Qin Wei’s move. After chatting with some people for a while, he walked to the night Shinohara’s side and bumped into the glass. The two of them smiled and talked, and their manners were relaxed. They didn’t look like others, but they had frequent private contacts and didn’t know what to say. Qin Wei took out his mobile phone and showed it to the night Shinohara. After watching it, Qin Wei patted his forehead and laughed.
They … That idea is really terrible, and here …
Aye aye, you don’t entertain foolish ideas. How could they? You, I wonder how your company did it? Friends around him dragged him aside and looked around. A cold sweat on his back was heard. Isn’t that death? Don’t talk about others, Liu Wen will have to kill himself first.
Fang Huabo felt a little embarrassed this time. I’m sorry.
桑拿论坛Come on, outsiders like you are not the first person in this circle to know that it’s nonsense. Qin Wei used to be Liu Wen’s special assistant. Liu Xiangyang used to be the department manager of Night Shinohara. It’s all capable of playing a ruthless role. To say that Night Shinohara is young, but it’s not unreasonable for people in the circle to look up. If people can do this, it’s not what ordinary people can do.
How do you say? Fang Huabo is very curious. He never knew that his mysterious investor was so powerful … never imagined it!
Qin Wei and Liu Xiangyang companies are founded and operated one year later, and the company is on the right track. At night, Shinohara takes the initiative to take a back seat and give them some shares in the company, so that they can become the largest shareholder of the company and push them to the boss position with one hand. Do you think the ordinary people can have this courage? No one can give it to outsiders for others, right? The friend looked at the night and looked at Xiao Yuxi’s direction with admiration.
Fang Huabo was also shocked, but it was difficult for anyone to do it. But it was also said that the night Shinohara Greek people can rest assured that those who follow her can dare to believe in new ideas. She still has many precautions against her in her own heart, but now he is really careful and his face suddenly feels feverish.
Don’t underestimate this woman. Although she doesn’t have much movement on her face, no one believes that she can be so really content with the status quo. It is because some of her actions may not have been discovered yet, and it is necessary to uncover the answer.
Fang Huabo didn’t talk, but he invested in his company as an investor at night. It’s absolutely rich just for his family to create profits now. He doesn’t know how many companies he has invested, but if she is really as lucky as she said, then her investment profits … I can’t imagine that suddenly he is glad that he can take her lucky boat, and maybe he will get lucky with her …
Suddenly, Fang Huabo’s eyes blinked back, and he was still at the meeting place. His eyes looked at the soft night outside, and he quickly perked up and smiled.
I think that Fang Huabo, who has seen all kinds of experiences, is full of confidence in the future. He just doesn’t believe in himself, but also believes in this beloved blessed by God …
Miss night, how did you come? Do you want to arrange a car to send you? After the meeting, Huabo came over politely.
Don’t bother, I’ll take a taxi. Shinohara smiled at night. She actually gave him the answer on the spot. This person is very talented and has a clear mind. If he dares to do something, he is definitely worthy of support. But now he still needs to sharpen it. It’s like Liu Wen’s encouragement and a little help to correct himself to make her walk so smoothly and so high. She gives back to this person by knowing that future memories take the lead. She wants to help him build a solid kingdom and make him mature again.
Miss Night’s meeting today … Fang Huabo was impatient, and he was in urgent need of support from Xiao Yu Xi at night.
You’re not in a hurry to say that today, I need to go back and study it wellyou know that my work is very rational, and it also involves the interests of other shareholders. I can’t be irresponsible because of my own sex … I’ll give you an answer every day. Ye Xiaoxi calmly said that she just wanted to sharpen his other sex.
Well, then, Fang Huabo nodded. I’ll drive over where you live and I’ll see you off after the meeting is over.
Uh … Night Shinohara said that it was not good to be eager or to keep people away, so she nodded her head and told him where she lived.
Yesterday, they stayed at the hotel. Just now, they received a text message from Liu Wen saying that the local government had arranged the guest house. They took all the things in the past. She just went there directly.
That’s good. Fang Huabo looked at his watch and drove the car over. The road looked like he was going to the place. Fang Huabo turned to look at Ye Xiaoxi and decided to fight for another one. He sincerely said, Miss Ye, if you are late, can we meet?
Night Shinohara wanted to look at this side, Hua Bo was somewhat uneasy, looking forward to the refusal, or made a turn in his mouth and didn’t say it. Then wait for my words. If there is no problem, I will contact you.
This is really great. I’ll take all the time out. If it’s convenient for you sometimes, thank you, Miss Ye. Thank you very much. Then I’ll go back first and don’t keep you busy. Bye! Fang Huabo said politely that he finally felt relieved and his heart felt less awkward.
Well, Night Shinohara nodded her head. She wanted to discuss this matter with Liu Wen. Hua Bo was anxious. She could understand that if this matter was settled, she would have finished coming here.
Thought of here night Shinohara face with a smile.
Have you seen Ode to Joy recently? It’s over … Xiao Bao is always a good man ~ infatuated with flowers ~ hee hee ~
O(n_n)o Thank you for your support and subscription ~
☆ Xiao Xi was arrested on the 23rd night.
At the hostel night, Shinohara said according to Liu Wen that the room should go back to rest first, and made a message to go back and talk with Xiaoye for a long time. Although he didn’t say much, he just listened to his mother’s long mother’s short call, and his heart was soft and became a pool of spring water. It was like kissing that little marshmallow when he returned to Kyoto.
Towards evening, Wencai Liu returned to the hostel and looked around and shrugged his shoulders. This place really can’t be compared with the hotel. I thought about taking a bath with the mandarin duck today, but I was thinking about nothing when I looked at the things in the room!
Night shinohara didn’t good the spirit gave her a cross again? You can have a rest. I just took a nap. Aren’t you tired?
Ha ha ha ….. I don’t know how happy I am to have a wife with me. I was busier than this when I was on a business trip before. Now I just feel refreshed when I don’t sleep with you. Liu Wen stretched out his arm and put his hand around the night’s shoulders and sighed like a home child.
Night Shinohara clenched his hand and rubbed his face gently for a long time. They looked at each other quietly and smiled. Their eyes were touching and gently close to their lips. Finally, they bonded together for a long time, panting. Liu Wenxiao made a sound and hugged the night Shinohara. The strength was heavier.
Night Shinohara covered her hot face and calmed down for a while. She thought of Fang Huabo’s invitation and told him about it by Liu Wenshen.
You mean the enterprise network industry? Liu Wen picked his eyebrows and was shocked. Although he was not involved in the Internet industry, he controlled such a big enterprise. He had a big game in his heart. These jumped out like a dark horse. Liu Wen also studied and pondered the future development direction of his company. Fang Huabo really didn’t have a longterm vision. It seems that he has two brushes when he can go to this point.
Do you think it is feasible for him to focus on the development and promotion of enterprise networks in the future? Night Xiao Yuxi frowned. Although you have the answer in your heart, she still has a little worry. What if her butterfly wings are tilted?
It’s a little funny for Liu Wen to see her frowning. This girl sometimes really doesn’t understand her. To tell the truth, she is very admired secretly. It’s really like Fang Huabo. On many occasions, Fang Huabo, an anonymous Bole, is not optimistic, as if gold was found in the yellow sand desert. What did she choose for that, like stone gold? How can she be sure that the stone will be polished into dazzling gold nuggets?
Sometimes she is extremely confident, but often when things get good, she is so uncertain and contradictory that he can’t understand it, so he asks, Little girl, don’t ask me what you think? Speak your mind boldly. Although you look thrilling along the way, sometimes you think it’s risky to ask for expensive, but you’ve been walking on the ground for another person on this road.
Me? Night shinohara Heaton paused can I do it? I’m not a tinker bell. I’m not familiar with that field. Now it’s beyond my expectation. I suddenly want to change the direction of future development. I’m also a little bit conservative like those old shareholders. Hahahaha … If Fang Huabo heard this, he was estimated to vomit blood. But he was unwilling to try something new. After that, Xiao Yuxi Tantan’s hand smiled a little proud and tangled.
Liu Wen spoiled and patted her on the shoulder and said, Don’t you find it? Are you different now from the one who didn’t care about all the energy at night? You started from scratch and experienced Miao Miao leaving a rotten stall for you. At that time, it didn’t kill you, but it made you more courageous and worked hard all the way to the end to create such a big enterprise. Later, you helped Qin Wei and them to create a company to invest in stocks and businesses. You have done a lot. You have matured and I am honored!
I’m not so good. Night Shinohara blushed and covered Liu Wen’s mouth. I will be proud if you say that again.
In my eyes, you are so good to be proud of! Liu Wenwang looked into her eyes and said, I am deeply sure that although they are husband and wife, they are also comradesinarms, allies and inseparable partners who know each other best.

Han Minxia is optimistic about the excitement in the corner. Seeing that the private detective in the hidden crowd has been madly videotaping, his hands are shaking with excitement, and his heart is constantly shouting "A little closer, a little closer, hug and kiss …"

Who knows a second …
"ah!" Iffany was dumped on the ground.
Screaming and dropping glasses made all eyes in the bar gather in the past.
Han Minxia also dumbfounded this … This Yu Xiaoer how so don’t understand passion! Although dressed up a little gaudy, she is also a beautiful woman!
Yu Chengyan disliked brushing his clothes as if he had been touched by how dirty they were, and then he put his hands into his trouser pockets and walked step by step toward Han Minxia’s desk with long legs.
Han Minxia’s eyes suddenly widened after seeing him getting closer and closer.
品茶Come on, she’s dressed like this. Can she still be recognized by him?
Yu Chengyan was about to walk to the front when he suddenly stopped.
Han Minxia’s palms were sweating, and he put his cell phone on, trying to calm his expression and then slowly getting up …
Because of her, she wants to run away
Then another woman appeared beside Yu Chengyan.
Xiao Yi Yu Xiao Er Yu Xiao Er helps Mr. Han get a monthly ticket.
Yu Chengyan called Yu barrister!
Xiao yiyu, a barrister, asks for a monthly pass
Yu Chengyan is good.
Primary one. And then what?
Yu Chengyan rushed into the top 2 of the monthly ticket list to send tickets and leave a message. Sister has the opportunity to be turned over by me.
Xiao Yi wants to be turned over by Yu Xiaoer, so hurry up and give a monthly ticket to Mr. Han and Xiao Xiaoer! If you want to be turned over, you can turn over your message and say ha! After entering the top 2, draw a lucky girl and be turned over by Yu Xiaoer! There is no such store after this village ~
Yu Chengyan …
☆, 154 Han said twenty-nine years old virgin.
"Cheng Yan?" RanTong confirmed for a long time before calling out this name.
I can’t help it. It’s rare to meet him outside the courts and lawyers’ offices. There are still some people who don’t dare to admit it
Yuchengyan screwed up his eyebrows, and slightly to her.
"Is it really you? How? Do you need help? " Rantong took a chilly look at the end of his eyes when he was talking, and he was climbing up from the ground iffany.
Yu Chengyan picked an eyebrow and squinted slightly at the position in the corner. When he reached his mouth, he changed his mouth to "good".
Ran Tong smiled and went over with a tacit understanding to hold his arm and his lips. He almost whispered to his ear, "I just made an appointment with several colleagues to drink in the box and go and sit together later?"
Yu Chengyan sipped his thin lips. "No, there are things to be busy."
"ok, then I’ll help you solve this Hua Hudie first." Rantong turned her head, stretched out her hand, pulled her long straight hair down and pointed it at iffany, who she wanted to go with? "
Iffany looked at the woman in front of her, the beige knitted dress outlined her proud shemale, charming figure, light purple high-heeled shoes, beautiful and dusty facial features, and white leather, long waist and black straight hair … If it weren’t for that sentence, the whole person was really full of fairy tales.
Consciousness iffany glanced at Yu Chengyan again. The strength that this man pushed himself just now was really great. She was not merciful at all because she was a woman.
Now this woman looks like a light cloud, but she is also a romantic occasion, and she can see at a glance that she is not a good person.
In particular, the words "Bai Lianhua" and "green tea bitch" are written on the dress and eyes.
Bite my teeth iffany still chose to turn around and leave in a hurry.
Han Minxia saw one leng one leng in the corner. How did this iffany get cold feet? And who is that beautiful woman who is so close to Yu Xiaoer?
I’ve already left the sofa and suddenly sat back. Forget it. Now that iffany has run away, she’ll "be a donkey" and see what this woman has to do with Yu Xiaoer. Anyway, if she cheats on him, who is the heroine in the photo?
Ran Tong smiled and put his arm around his chest when he saw iffany running away. "You owe me a favor when people leave."
Yu Chengyan also smiled at the end and looked at the corner casually and said, "I’ll let Lu San invite you to dinner another day."
RanTong skimming the lip "a little sincerity? I don’t want to see that pair of bad kings and concubines. "
Yu Chengyan said faintly, "But I promised my wife not to accompany his woman to eat alone."
RanTong "…"
Why does this sound so unpleasant? The most disgusting thing since the divorce is to show love in front of others!
She slowly exhaled and said slowly, "Why don’t you invite me and meet some colleagues in the box?"
Yu Chengyan followed her instructions and looked at the location of the balcony building in the past, which seemed inconvenient …
"Louba" Yu Chengyan’s sharp eyebrows are full of indifference. "I don’t want to see my colleagues when I am private."

Look at the fact that people have surrounded two cities. Ten thousand people recall that a few months ago, only six or seven thousand people dared to besiege the city. Fortunately, the enemy who guarded the city was terrified. Otherwise, how could it be so easy?

Anyway, Lu Zhi didn’t specifically ask me to March quickly. I was in no hurry. On the first day, I marched ten miles. On the second day, I barely got a hundred miles. On the third day, I walked fifty miles and rested by the river.
Don’t go? Jia Mu is very dissatisfied with the speed of our March, and he gets pleasure from traveling around the country.
Almost. Ma Dai looked at the terrain. But … there seems to be no steep valleys or ditches here. What should I do?
Don’t worry, ask the local people to look for it. I don’t care much about the terrain. When our cavalry raided, it would be better to have a lowlying place suitable for killing.
Zhang Ji reported to me with a stack of crude maps that if you want to get to Yan County through Dingying, you must cross several wooden bridges five miles north of Dingying
wooden bridge? Du Ji also helped to the water seems to be not very wide? And now it’s time for the water to freeze. Maybe you can walk directly.
You can send someone to check it out. I immediately ordered Zulie to lead a row of cavalry to the bridge to find out.
They had already returned after a lunch.
How about bodhi old zu? Sun Wen looked at Zulie, shivering, and laughed. You’re not going to jump into the river and swim, are you?
Bah! Zulie stared at the bad friend and shivered and reported to me, The three wooden bridges of the great general are very close and farthest together, but the river is frozen for a mile … but the thick dog just walked on the surface and fell in …
I comforted him, Go to the fire and drink some hot water after your hard work … Won’t you throw a stone at it? I still think you are a little more educated than Sun Wen, but I didn’t expect you to be a 250.
Yes, he quickly ran back to the camp in Sun Wen’s ridicule
It seems that the river is so much. I nodded to Du Ji and others. If the weather changes little these days, we will ambush around this wooden bridge.
Playing in the water? Qin Zhen shook his head. You know I can’t swim!
I wouldn’t …
Who told you to play in the water? I sneered, We can have a big archery competition!
Even if his IQ is white, I intend to hey, than archery? That young master, you are sure to lose!
It’s very possible. Xiao Dai and Lao Zhao nodded in agreement at the same time after seeing Qin array’s wonderful archery.
I think so, too. Qin array’s mastery of the bow and arrow has reached the point where the arrow is empty and he raises his hand and shoots without stopping. It seems that he has a strong intuition. Although my archery is not bad, Qin array is really the same as this fellow.
Of course, this is a boundary difference. If we are allowed to shoot each other without moving, I am also very sure that he will shoot me and blow his head off at the same time.
So the soldiers were told to clean their crossbows and hold as many arrows as possible.
Even Qin Zhen took Li Dian to cut down some trees and pulled them back to make arrows by himselfbut due to the lack of metal materials, the power of these arrows is much worse.
Huh? Why don’t I just wrap these pieces of wood and make them into rockets? ! We can have a surprise attack on the bridge, combined with fire and ambush!
If it doesn’t suddenly rain and snow that day, this strategy can be objectively successful.
Set fire ….. This is the deadliest trick besides countermeasures!
Chapter 60 Halfcrossing and striking
In the evening of the 24th, I rolled down and got ready for bed. The eyes and ears scattered around Dingying finally brought us good news.
The enemy brigade has arrived in Cai, and it is expected that it will pass Dingying around the end of the day.
Cai is nearly 60 miles away from here. Considering the speed of the other infantry, maybe we can get rid of them before dinner.
Well, you should rest, too. By the way, there should still be people in Dingying, right?
Yes, the captain and two class brothers stayed in Dingying. He motioned for me to leave.
I have always attached great importance to intelligence investigators, so I specially set up a scout brigade in a compilation reform. Like the general brigade, the staff are 250, and the wellversed Wen Mo Zulie was ordered by the brigade commander to be responsible for military intelligence. Zulie personally became a very good military intelligence spyexcept in a few cases, he was not flexible.
桑拿会所Don’t meet the water and make a halfeffort, I murmured and closed my eyes.
After a wick sweet, I opened my eyes again sister! I forgot to ask the enemy how many horses there are!

At noon the next day, I told the soldiers not to have enough to eat, or their bellies would be too full during the war, but they were afraid that the enemy would run too slowly and delay our dinner. So before going out, everyone took two pieces of bread for emergenciesI brought this cake from Lu Zhi before leaving. Fortunately, it is cold in winter and it will not go moldy for three to five days.
The general has to wake you up … there are few grains of food in the army now. Zhang Ji reported to me.
There’s nothing we can do. After all, we are lying in ambush behind enemy lines. General Lu can’t transport grain in a big way. I said it was understandable. But after noon, we’re done!
He mumbled I hope so and then led a brigade logistics force out of our main force.
Of course, I won’t let the doctor uncle accompany me to the front … This is too talented!
By the way, this logistics brigade belongs to Zhao Chengying. He was very angry at my placement, but I woke him up affectionately. He was also a housekeeper and didn’t want to do anything. He immediately got out of here. He obeyed on the spot and never questioned again.
I have the girl scout brigade, and I have the logistics, too? This is 500 troops
But … Lao Zhao obviously played a mind’s eye. He excused himself that there was no food anyway, so he left Zhang Ji with 50 medical squad members and the remaining 200 people to take away.
I make a compromise. Fifty cavalry can save their lives. It’s really not good. Run north.
Qin array clamored to ruin all the enemy’s posterior roads and volunteered to cross the wooden bridge and ambush in the south bank; I was extremely worried about him and specially arranged for Du Ji to supervise with the camp. Then Li Dian and Ma Dai also led troops to the south bank and the north bank, leaving me and Lao Zhao with three thousand troops.
I just remembered to ask Zulie, How many enemy troops are there?
After learning the multiplication table in 1999, the intelligence brigade brigade commander obviously has a new increase in arithmetic ability about 34,500
More than thirty thousand people? Lao Zhao sighed and shook his head.
why? I smiled. Are you afraid? Oh, by the way, when you attacked Xu Rongshi, you led the infantry in the rear and didn’t participate in our ambush.
Afraid? Ha ha, he stared at me. I’m Lao Zhao! Even if it is 300,000, I have joy!
So you’re not in tune with Qin array … I glanced at him politely and then waved and led the army back into the shelter.
All the soldiers hid their war horses and committed themselves. Everyone has followed me for so many years. Except for the first time when Han Sui was broken, they had to take a brute force. The outside was ambushed, and they gradually got used to this strategic idea. Ambush can greatly reduce their death probability. Why can’t they get along with their own lives?
We never waited for most people to have a good sleep in the bushes …
The grass is always hungry! I regret not having an extra bite at noon, but I didn’t expect my stomach to take the lead in protesting.
Fortunately, the soldiers around us are used to this kind of thing that often happens. They take out bread and dried meat from their horses and chew them.
I reached out and climbed a stout tree, and I had to say that this location was a wonderful choicethe enemy couldn’t see us and we … let alone see them.
After everyone had eaten enough food, Li Dian finally got the message The enemy will
I immediately cheered up and ordered the messenger, I can’t attack until I send troops to the enemy to cross the bridge!
This group of thieves finally wobbled in my sight, and they were worthy of the title of United Uzbekistanafter all, they were just farming at home before, and many people directly picked up hoes and shovels at home and went to the battlefield.

"That’s no wonder that some children refuse to eat milk powder when they are breast-feeding, but they refuse to eat breast milk when they are breast-feeding. It seems that she should get used to it slowly," sighed the nanny.

Shit, there’s such a saying. Jiang Junyue picked up the phone and called Jiang Han.
"What is she doing?"
"What else can I do? It’s just like before." Jiang Han’s special language really tells him what his own president wants to play. Seeing Lan Jingyi slouches at his feet, he’s an outsider who can’t even watch it.
"Let her squeeze more milk and send someone to send it to me." After yelling at Jiang Junyue, she hung up and fidgeted and pulled open her tie. The woman abused him first, and then abused herself. Now she abused him together with her daughter, but she didn’t expect that his real daughter was taken away by him. He abused her and abused her.
Jiang Han turned to stone. On the spot, Jiang Junyue got himself into trouble, but now he wants a big man to solve the problem. How can we let Lan Jingyi milk the water before?
I can’t say that. He’s not a baby. He doesn’t eat milk.
Jiang Han tangled up.
Never been entangled.
Just don’t know how to finish Jiang Da’s account, there came a call again. Look at Jiang Junyue’s number. Jiang Han’s heart is starting to be seven again. If you give him another one that is just as difficult to do, he will have to be crazy today. He will not be able to shake his heart. He yelled over there again. "Find a woman and tell her that the child wants to eat breast milk. The woman took medicine and didn’t dare to feed the child. Please remember to squeeze some milk for her. Then she said that she also stayed at the Case Hotel and only asked her when she saw her holding the child."
"Yes … yes … yes …" Jiang Han couldn’t help but promise and finally breathed a sigh of relief. It’s still good for the president not to assign him any difficulty. The best way to solve the maze for him is that Jiang Han was wrong. He didn’t want to give him a clearance at all. He said that he felt that Jiang Han was a big man and asked him to find his own woman for breast milk. That was his own woman. After all, he wanted to protect Lan Jingyi. He couldn’t let Jiang Han, a big man, peek at his woman’s chest.
Money in this world can make the mare go. Sure enough, Jiang Han successfully completed it. Paying some money to hire a woman soon solved the problem. He drove the car and sent the big bottle of breast milk directly to the small apartment door. As soon as Jiang LaCrosse took it, he shouted, "Who told you to send it?" Is there no one else? What if she is gone? "
Jiang Han drooped his head as if everything he did was wrong. He dared not talk back and turned away. He was in a hurry to give the little princess breast milk to eat him. Is this wrong?
Xiao Qin Qin had breast milk "thump thump thump" and soon she was full, and then she played with her little brother. The picture was particularly warm and melted, and Jiang LaCrosse did nothing. She sat on the sofa and drank a pot of tea. It was as comfortable as watching a pair of children.
However, comfortable and comfortable, but the bottom of my heart is not self-conscious, but it is getting higher and higher. That woman hasn’t called yet.
Why don’t you look for the child like a fly?
It’s stupid not to call the police.
"Jiang Han" Jiang Junyue was impatient again. "Did she eat?"
"I didn’t eat at noon or dinner." This is the truth. Jiang Han tells the truth
Jiang Junyue didn’t eat a few mouthfuls at the real dinner, but two little things were full. One drank milk powder and the other drank breast milk. Lan Jingyi was so crowded that it was frozen in the refrigerator. It was quite fresh, but what should I do later?
That little breast milk must be drunk by Xiaoqinqin before going to bed.
I don’t know who the two men are. Lan Jingyi didn’t call him. Didn’t Jiang Junyue call him either?
Section 5
桑拿会所  title=Face death and suffer death.
I gave the two children to the nanny Jiang Junyue again and went out. This time, he drove back to his black Lamborghini. Well, she didn’t call him so that he could provoke her, but if she wanted him to talk to her first, there was no way for him to be angry. Who told her to abuse him first?
This time, don’t ask Jiang Han. As soon as he checked Jiang Han’s gps positioning, he found out where he was. The car sped in that direction and drove on, only to find that the position was actually very close to the commotion.
His heart suddenly jumped wildly, which was the place where he first met Lan Jingyi. When he thought of that time, the woman treated him like a cowherd, he was so angry that he didn’t fight. When did Uncle Jiang become a cowherd, but his face …
Is it a crime to frown and be handsome?
He’s not guilty. It’s those philandering men and women who have to like him. What can he do?
Finger press the Bluetooth "Come on, Jiang Han, just do what you have to do."
Jiang Han smiled at once because he had seen Jiang Jun overtake his car. It turned out that Jiang Da’s president was going to fight in person. He couldn’t wait to follow Lan Jingyi. He thought he was going crazy first. His president was too good at playing with his own woman and had a good time, which made him special.
But it’s not right to go to Lanjingyi. She gave birth to two children quietly, and she lost one and didn’t report it to his president. Isn’t this her own abuse?
Jiang Junyue drove by Lan Jingyi in an easy way, and he felt distressed after his eyes swept through the slim and slouched petite figure.
Forget it. I wanted to abuse her for two more days, but now how does he feel that it is not her but himself who abuses her?
Turning in front, Jiang Junyue stopped his car in front of a small supermarket, got in and bought cigarettes and lighters. As soon as he went out, he saw the woman not far away. She followed me. I don’t know if it was because of his car or because he wanted to stir up.

"Mom, you let me kill this bastard. Get out of my way."

"Dead girl, bow and arrow, apologize and obey Teacher Sun."
"Mom …"
"Do you really want to kill people and go to jail?"
按摩"If I don’t kill him, I’ll shoot him. Mom, you pull him up so I can aim."
Oh, my God, it’s too dark. I’m going to castrate me. I recruited her to provoke her. I was so scared that this black hand quickly covered the key points and looked up at her. "Dead girl, you mean to kill me."
YuQingXue grunted at me. "Yes, I want you to die | Wolf teacher."
"Sunny snow, listen to mom. It’s dangerous to put the bow and arrow in this thing quickly."
"Don’t let me die. I just want to shoot him and tell him to bully Simon and castrate her."
I bullied Lin Miaomiao. It must be Lin Miaomiao who spoke ill of me behind my back. I quickly clarified that "I didn’t"
"Also said no Simon Simon elder sister but told me everything, you are a dead color | Wolf"
I’m depressed. Fortunately, Zhao Siying believes me. "What are you talking about? Teacher Sun is very nice. I won’t let you talk nonsense."
"Mom, don’t be a jerk. Get out of the way. I can’t pull any more."
I looked up and saw that Yu Qingxue’s arms were chattering badly.
I realized that I pulled Zhao Siying’s neck, and the arrow almost brushed my scalp and flew over. Fortunately, I pulled people away, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.
Zhao Siying was pulled by me and stuck on the stairs, as if she hit her back. It hurt her to roll her eyes.
"Mom" Yu Qingxue also realized that she was busy making mistakes, threw her bow and arrow in her hand and hurried downstairs.
"Dead girl, you really shot and murdered your own mother, but it will take ten layers of hell to scare you to pee your pants." Zhao Siying smiled and joked that it was no big deal.
Yu Qingxue scared her little face and reached out to help her get up. I was stupid and still squatting. I didn’t good the spirit. "What are the dead people still doing? Please just do something and help my mother."
"oh oh"
Section 56
I hurriedly helped Zhao Siying’s arm to be really soft and pinched. Wan Ru bone made me want to knead it. I choked back my heart and didn’t go to see her long and charming jade legs.
"Don’t pull, don’t pull your clothes." Zhao Siying suddenly shouted and left our hands.
I looked down and found that Zhao Siying’s skirts were glued with super glue.
"Dead girl, you really killed me." Zhao Siying didn’t good the spirit stared at her daughter and then tried to take off her pajamas cardigan. Fortunately, she was wearing a two-piece pajamas. If it were one, it would be a big drain in front of me.
Zhao Siying took off her cardigan, and we hurried to help her again, but she was only halfway up, and she cried out in pain, "My feet hurt, please don’t move."
I was shocked when I saw it again. "Miss Zhao is not good. Your calf is stuck with super glue."
"What?" Zhao Siying looked at the calf in a hurry and saw that the left leg and calf were glued. If you pull it hard, it will definitely break the skin.
Women love their skin the most. Zhao Siying’s face turned pale at the thought of breaking skin and leaving scars. "Hit 12 quickly."
Yu Qingxue was so scared that she cried, "Mom blames me. You don’t want something. You must not have something. What should I do if you die?"
Zhao Si filled their eyes with anger. "Dead girl, can you expect me to make a quick call and call for help?"
"Call the ambulance can’t come by then, this glue will definitely dry up completely, even if it is pulled open, it will definitely leave scars. Is there any thinner at home?"
"What is diluent?" Yu Qingxue looked at me stupidly, and her mother looked at me confused.
I quickly explained, "It is our decoration paint thinner that can reduce the viscosity of resin, which is soluble glue. Find it quickly."
"I seem to have sundries. I’ll get them."
Yu Qingxue hurried across the stairs and rushed downstairs. I wanted to take a closer look at the adhesion, but my feet were too sticky to move. I had to take off my shoes and lean over to check it carefully.
I was relieved after the inspection. "Miss Zhao, don’t worry, although it’s stuck, the glue hasn’t dried yet. It’s ok to flush a thinner."
"Will there be scars?" Zhao Siying is worried that a woman who looks at her calf loves beauty the most. If she leaves a big scar, she will definitely not accept it.

"I’ll go with you," Nana said, embarrassed to be blocked.

"Brother God, I’m sorry if you don’t die, I’m going to be exposed." I learned from him with a sword why he would be so cruel to me. I don’t know anyway. Up to now, I still have a racial idea in the game about the man of God. If he dies, he dies and doesn’t kill anyone.
Calling out the looming, I found that this little guy is really much better than dogs and Cain who led us through the blood pool from the side door and out of the dark hall. When we crossed the hall, the flash called again, but this time I was prepared that the same [lightning stroke] counterattack flash disappeared with the thunder.
Nana asked in surprise, "What did you do just now?"
"[lightning] what’s the matter? You won’t? "
"[Lightning strike]? How can you do all kinds of stunts? "
"The man of god? Won’t you? These skills, however, can be learned by anyone, but the singing speed is different. "
"We have many gods and people who have this ability, and ordinary gods and people can do some martial arts."
"That you have a job? Such as knights, wizards, hunters, etc. "
"What is this? We don’t have this. "
This makes it clear to me that there are still differences between this world and ours. Although these skills are also available, they are not universal. If a large number of players from our place enter this world, they will definitely be unable to beat these gods. Skills and no skills are different.
I spread my wings and held Nana and flew back to Stone Town. I didn’t want to tell them that I was still alive, just consider me dead, otherwise it might drag them down and then cross the cold wind. The cold wind really deserves the name of the cold wind. The trees in it were black when I first arrived, but I didn’t look at it carefully before I realized that it was familiar here. After thinking about it, I remembered that the terrain here was very similar to the ancient forest in the northeast suburb of Tianjin except for the color of the trees.
I came to the landing cave on the second floor and saw a huge circular quicksand cave. One of the spirals is not big and there is no hole. I just don’t know what experiments are there in these places. Such as experiments?
As soon as the angel Polly flew to the surface of the desperate sea, she immediately took care of herself, and she still took care of herself.
I immediately checked my life value of 23,000, and there were more than 100 left. Fortunately, I was promoted to LV99, otherwise I would be dead if I fell this time. The healing method is constantly applied to myself, and the healing method (eliminating all abnormal conditions such as fossilization, coma, darkness, etc.) is applied to Nana’s body. I wonder if there are any treatments in the game world and the real world.
It took Nana a long time to wake up, but she was lying in my arms, looking at her limply. I never thought of getting up by myself, but I was afraid that Chris would be jealous again and help her up. What did she think that angel Polly would disappear? I tried once again that the angel Polly disappeared as soon as she arrived at the sea of despair, and so did Cain. It seems that the sea of despair for pets can’t appear. I tried to use my skills again, but whatever skills worked, which was a headache. What should I do if the gods came in and out here in a special way?
桑拿网Then Nana said, "Elegant, I can fly you there."
"well! Yeah, you’re a god, too, but where are your wings? Why didn’t I seem to have … "
"Ha ha, this is the specialty of our Snow Girl clan. From time to time, we can put our wings away and start. I see you are also a Snow Girl clan."
"I see, but are you strong enough to carry me across the sea of despair?"
"Look at me?"
Nana flew to the sea of despair without saying anything, holding me in her arms. It seemed that the sea was quite big, but only after flying did she know that it was protruding, so it seemed that the shore could not see the marginal roots, so she flew to the other side in less than ten minutes.
We walked out of a hole carefully, but no one had seen it. I don’t know how Jade Emperor can be so relieved that this exit is not afraid of being exposed. When I get out, I will know what it is. The center of this hole is full of water-there is a huge wall around the spout of lake sand and a few hundred meters near the spout, and there is no water in it from the outside, and Xingtian people don’t have the ability to fly. Therefore, they are not afraid of outsiders coming out, let alone outsiders entering the lake sand. Jade Emperor’s order is everything, and there are gods and people here.
Chapter II Direction
After the second chapter came out, I began to have a headache. As far as I am concerned, it is no problem to leave. I can change any animal casually, but it is impossible to do so with Nana. What should I do? I can vaguely see that there are people flying over the sky outside.
Suddenly, it’s impossible to get out of the fountain by turning your head, right? There must have been a secret passage that was blindfolded when it came. I don’t know how long it took. I carefully looked at the place where we stood. Except for the exit, there were less than 10 square meters. The root didn’t have any special place. But those square bricks were right. I knocked on each one carefully and finally found a square brick. The sound was different from it. I started the moving machine in every way, and an entrance came out near the wall. I pulled Nana and went in without thinking.
It’s a very long corridor with many doors. I’ve seen it from the small window. The layout of the room here is the same as that of my room. It seems to be the same. It’s been winding for a long time, almost reaching the edge of my madness and finally coming to an end. The exit of this corridor is closely guarded. When I want to break through again, I hear a familiar sound.
"I heard there was a man called human, right? Take me in and have a look. "
"Mr. Handsome’s side"
I immediately took Nana back quickly and flicker into an unlocked cell. I looked out from the small window of the cell and walked past. One of the two people was familiar to me, that is, I had seen a handsome man in the Acura Secret Cave, but it was a person. This made me wonder if this man was the handsome man, because I had seen someone exactly like Lan Fengyun. What happened in this world? What I want most now is that someone can answer my questions. I asked Nana to wait for me, while I was chasing those two people from afar.
"Hey? How come no one? " The guard of the man of God searched the whole room in a panic and found that there was no such human being. He immediately reported to the handsome man that "Mr. Handsome is missing"
"How did this happen?"
I seized the opportunity to hold a handsome man [carbonize] and then cover my ears. One [slam] hit the guard god and knocked him out. Then two [binding techniques] bound two people respectively. Handsome immediately shouted "Elegant guy, how dare you bind me?"
I immediately looked at this guy’s face seriously and it was as handsome as before. "Are you eulogizing handsome?"
"Boy, recognize me? How did you come here? "
"This is what I should ask the world. You human players should not be able to come before setting 99% spiritual blockade for Teana. Is it invalid?"
"Handsome this world what’s going on? Aren’t you an Acura? How did you get here? Also become a person? "
Let me tell you this slowly.
"I was personally brought here by the Teana host. Come with me, and there are many Acura companions. We came here to do research. Everything in this world is almost imitation of the human world, but after all, the development time is short, and many things have been learned. When I first came, my head ached because many people’s faces turned out to be the same, just like me. They also imitated several people. Anyway, you can almost find the human world here and find the Teana host. The game upgrade is to scan the players and bring many people’s information here. The world used to be made up of some conscious life forms, but the arrival of nature changed it here again. Those conscious life forms gradually became gods, but the problem also came. The conscious life forms gradually derived their own thinking, and one person was reborn into these conscious life forms after hundreds of robberies, Jade Emperor. "

ChuYan a listen to not white his one eye, "what do you know is to eat like this to taste? Do you understand?" Said quickly glanced at Mo Chengkun and shook his head. "Forget it, forget it and you said it." Then he continued to eat himself with his head down.

Mo Chengkun is different from others. He doesn’t like these things. He said that he had dinner with Chu Yan. In the end, it was just that Chu Yan kept burping when he went out alone.
Mo Chengkun laughed at her. "You know, you just ate like you haven’t eaten for hundreds of years. Look at this. Isn’t this what it is?"
Chuyan brick gave him a cold wind. "Don’t talk nonsense to me. I told you to watch me eat, didn’t you? You’re too delicate to eat. Don’t talk to me now."
Mo Chengkun held back his laughter. "Okay, I won’t talk about it. Let’s go."
Two people got into the car MoChengKun send ChuYan back.
Go back. Mo Chengkun turned on the music. Light music sounds good. Yes.
Chu Yan said, "I didn’t expect you to listen to this kind of arty music."
Mo Chengkun raised his eyebrows with an oblique eye and said, "What’s the matter?"
Chu Yan sneered and shook her head. "No, it’s good. What are you trying to do listening to this light music at night?"
Mo Chengkun’s face is a little dark, too. No matter what he does, it seems that Chu Yan always says that he took a look at Chu Yan and silently put the music on.
桑拿会所ChuYan wind at a glance can’t help but shook his head and smile.
Chu Yan suddenly remembered what Mo Chengkun had said before. She asked, "By the way, didn’t you say you had something to tell me first? What is it? Tell me now. You won’t have to run around again in the future."
Shi Chuyan meant to say that you came to bother me again in the future, but considering some problems, she consciously beautified this sentence.
Indeed as expected a listen to ChuYan Mo Chengkun felt ChuYan this is considerate of his heart happy not busy laughed "come to you don’t say I forgot now that you are up, then I will give you a say."
Cough and pretend to be serious. "I have an ary in a few days, and I want to invite you to attend."
He really wanted to invite her as his partner, but he thought it would be a slap in the face if she wanted to go.
Chu Yan listened carefully and thought about it. Oh, isn’t Shengrong going to have an ary then? That’s not easy to do.
So she still said, "I don’t want to go, because I already have an appointment that day."
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help asking, "Where are you going and what are you doing?"
Chu Yan silently can’t say that I promised others but I can’t promise you.
How embarrassing it is to say that. Is it because Chu Yan is so clever that she doesn’t speak?
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help but be dazed for a while and took several deep breaths before pressing the evil spirits in his heart. Then he continued to laugh. "Forget it, it’s no big deal. Just go, what I call it." He smiled at ChuYan.
ChuYan looked at can’t help silently don’t talk with his head down.
Soon I arrived at Chuyan’s house. Chuyan got off the bus directly. Mo Chengkun was also angry in his heart. Chuyan drove off as soon as he got off the bus. Chuyan took one look at Mo Chengkun’s car and couldn’t help sighing.
When I got home, the old lady Chu watched the TV play Chu Yan, but her stomach was too swollen and she hurt for a long time. As a result, she tossed for a long time and almost collapsed.
This fact proves that you can’t eat too much.
So after a few days, it has always been dull, but it is really a bit uncomfortable for Chu Yan.
Mo Chengkun misses him very much when he doesn’t come, and he always quarrels with him when he comes.
For example, when you eat, you will think about Mo Chengkun. When you don’t sleep, you will think about what Mo Chengkun is doing outside and playing with his friends.
Anyway, it’s like this, all kinds of emotions are intertwined, and sometimes there will be Sheng Rong in it.
So after a few days, Chu Yan rested on this day, which happened to be the day when Sheng Rong said she would go to ary.
During the day, ChuYan made an appointment with Lan Xueer and Yao Haizhu to go shopping, and three people made an appointment with Wanda Department Store in Central.
Chu Yan came first, then Yao Haizhu, and Lan Xueer was always the last one.
"How did you get here? Why didn’t you know that we had been waiting for you for an hour?"
As soon as Lan Xueer comes to Chuyan, she can’t help but complain that the waves are really unbearable for people like Chuyan who have a good time, okay?
Lan Xueer’s mangy dog is generally "Okay, okay, I’m sorry, Chu Yan, Chu Yan", pulling the arm "Chu Yan" and stretching the ending "I’m sorry, something just happened. I really didn’t mean to"
Then I watched Yao Haizhu hold my mouth, so Yao Haizhu couldn’t help laughing. Then I said to Chu Yan, "Well, everyone has arrived. Don’t be angry. Let’s go in and have a look at it quickly, or it will be really out of time."
Chuyan this just sighed "well, I won’t dispute with you this time. Let’s go" and the three men went in together.
Lan Xueer asked, "Chu Yan, why do you want to buy clothes and gifts today? Are you going to any party?"
As soon as Chu Yan heard it, she shook her head "Yes". "I really don’t want to go, but alas, what did I promise?"
Yao Haizhu smiled while covering her mouth. "You know what? You call this typical."
"nuouodie" Yao Haizhu and Lan Xueer said with different mouths that Chu Yan waved her hand and looked ugly. "Come on, come on, I wish. This is self-immolation."
Yao Haizhu couldn’t help but ask curiously, "Who is that person you are so worried about?"
Blue snow immediately aside a way "quick say whether MoChengKun" a face of numbers.
ChuYan a open her "come on, he and I have nothing, you don’t guess"
"Who’s that?" The two men asked with different mouths.
Chu Yan Nai turned to look at their expressions, but the tone of Nai Nai was "not Mo Chengkun but Ling Qishan".
"Ah" Blue Cher and Yao Haizhu looked at each other in astonishment.
Ling Junran’s situation has been much better recently, and her family’s constraints on her have been much lighter.
So she also made an appointment with Fang Zihan to go shopping early in the morning, because Fang Zihan’s family was at ease.
When I got to the mall, Ling Junran took Fang Zihan’s hand and earnestly said, "What about Zihan? Today is my brother’s birthday. What gift are you going to give her?"
Fang Zihan listened to silence for a while and then said, "I don’t know."
Ling Junran immediately said, "I don’t know how you can’t know. Er, I said, Zihan, do you still like my brother? If you still like my brother, you can cheer up. It’s such a good opportunity. Why don’t you try to fight for what you think about all day?"
Fang Zihan frowned. "Of course I like your brother, but I do. What can I do? Your brother doesn’t like me at all, and he has never liked me. He is honest in his heart, but there is only one person. What does it matter if I do more?"
LingJunRan a listen to Fang Zihan said this immediately turn hostile way "catalpa culvert what someone who would have nothing to do with my brother, which little bitch lied to my brother to lie to our family feelings, what face does she have to want my brother to forgive her?
You don’t remember her, even if she is my brother’s first love, so what’s the matter? You still have my solid backing. My parents like you, too. How can you not cheer for it? "
"But," Fang Zihan said in her heart, "I’m not moved or impressed." That’s false. She likes Ling Qishan for so many years. How can it be that she gives up when she says give up? He is just afraid. She likes it for so many years, and in the end it’s nothing. The result is that she can’t even think about it.
What about Cinderella and Prince Charming? She’s not Cinderella yet. Those are all phone calls and stories. She never thought she would be like that one day.
Be happy with your lover’s kindness, love and love.
Square catalpa culvert asked conation Ling Junran once again, "You see, tonight is an opportunity for my brother and friends to hold an ary for my brother’s Qingshenghai yacht. You should behave well then. Come on, I’ll cheer you up behind you." He made a refueling gesture.
Fang Zihan glanced at his lips and finally nodded. "Well, I’ll try it one last time. It’s the last time." If it doesn’t work this time, he will really give up.
Ling Junran won’t believe her last nonsense.
Anyway, at present, she wants her good friend Fang Zihan to be her own sister-in-law, and others don’t even think about it. That’s the case now
Just then Fang Zihan’s eyes looked beyond the front, as if he saw something. After a while, he suddenly took Ling Junran’s hand and asked, "Hey, Junran, who do you think you are looking at?"
Pointing to three women not far ahead, he said, "Who is it?"
Ling Junran looked at it immediately, then his eyes flashed and he couldn’t help sneering, "It’s true that friends don’t get together. Today, I’m so lucky that I let miss meet her."
She hooked her lips and laughed. "Let’s go and see what this lady is doing." Then she went over to Chuyan’s side.
Chuyan is trying on a light blue evening dress. Chuyan looks good, and her good face is really beautiful.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!