I believe you can do it well.

Uhhuh. It was found out that the photo change of Zhuang Jie’s second activity was done by Liu Jinyan. The company has already fired her from the Ministry network. Xiaomin Lu said with glowing eyes.
These days, she has been complaining that she has been responsible for these pictures, but I didn’t expect them to be messed up.
Now that she has found the murderer, she feels better.
Really? No wonder I saw Liu Jinyan just now. She was not allowed to eat her appearance.
The efficiency of this job is so fast that I just got the truth from the cleaner’s mouth, and now Liu Jinyan has been fired from the company.
It is not only because of family business that he thinks he can sit in the position of Gu’s president, but also because he has his own ability to work.
Think of ink you spoke to her, Gu Si post is worse than him.
Sister Zhuang Xiaomin Lu couldn’t help but shake her hand when she saw Liuzhuang Lotus in a daze.
Liuzhuang Lotus smiled at Xiaomin Lu, and the two walked out of the meeting room.
Liu Jinyan was holding a cardboard box and passing by them. When she saw her stop, she sarcastically said, Liu Zhuanghe, you will be worried when you kick me out of the company.
Liu Jinyan, until now, you or I will kick you out of the company. You have to be responsible for your own work. Liu Zhuanghe looked at Liu Jinyan coldly and said.
Liu Jinyan looked at her piteously and said, Your real enemy has never been me. Then she left with the carton.
Zhuang Jie, what does she mean? Lu Xiaomin didn’t mean Liu Jinyan’s words.
It’s nothing, Mandy. After you remember, you must never leak out the planning activities. Both activities are out of order, and they are all raped by Liuzhuang Lotus.
33. Are you still resisting? (quiz)
I love another person for no reason. I seem to know that she will come back to me sooner or later. I wish her never to be sad. I hope we can meet again happily.
It’s nothing, Mandy. After you remember, you must never leak out the planning activities. Both activities are out of order, and they are all raped by Liuzhuang Lotus.
桑拿按摩Liu Zhuanghe walked to the door of Rowling’s office, took a deep breath and tapped on the door.
Come in
After Liuzhuang Lotus got permission, she pushed the door and went in. Luo Linzheng looked down at the information and was surprised to see Liuzhuang Lotus. He asked, Liuzhuang Lotus is in your class. Then there was a flash in his eyes. If Liu Jinyan didn’t come to class, how could she be fired by the company? She gave Liu Jinyan face protection and asked her to resign voluntarily.
I didn’t come to class, I came to resign. Liu Zhuanghe said and put the resignation letter in front of Rowling.
Resignation Rowling picked up Liu Zhuanghe’s resignation letter and was ecstatic. She was still thinking about how to get rid of her. I didn’t expect her to resign on her own initiative.
What? Although Rowling is very happy at the moment, she still pretends to be reluctant. You have now achieved the position of deputy manager. Although the event was botched, Manager Gu didn’t blame you. Besides, according to you and Manager Gu, he won’t blame you.
It was also the second time that Gu Boshang admitted in front of the media that he and Liu Zhuanghe had been divorced after Rowling checked afterwards.
It seems that this woman is not simple. Climbing high is divorced from her original match.
Liuzhuang Lotus frowned lightly and said, Manager Luo misunderstood this matter. Isn’t it clear that Liu Jinyan is cheating?
Rowling’s words don’t sound comfortable. What do you mean, manager Gu didn’t blame her.
Yes, no one would have thought that it was Liu Jinyan who did it. No wonder people often say that she arrived in the company earlier than you and is still a group leader. Rowling said with pity.
If Liu Jinyan is the deputy manager of the design department today, then if they are combined, the designer is not in her face, so it is enough to report regularly.
But I didn’t expect Liuzhuang Lotus to sit in this position in the end. Although this activity was botched, President Guggenheim personally called the boss Chenyang, and naturally Liuzhuang Lotus would not be held accountable.
But now Liu Zhuanghe is going to resign. Although this incident cost her a chess game, the result is not bad.
At least Liu Zhuanghe left, otherwise she would threaten her position sooner or later.
Thinking of this, Rowling walked on and said, But people’s hearts are separated from their bellies.
Liuzhuang Lotus Gherardini Manager Luo said yes