Lord Shan, who lowered his sight, was pushed into the wellguarded Green Sea like a soft egg.

The tall and towering tree wall wraps the whole green sea, and its defense is stronger than that of adult thick vines, which continuously increases the thickness and height of the green sea tree wall, and at the same time, a large piece of green fluorescence is spewed out by the top of these magical vines.
Fluorescence can keep the tree wall immortal and combine the vine body with the tree wall completely.
When the elves think that the walls of the trees are almost the same, they will give orders to the vines. The green vines will shrink and harden and become as strong and resilient as brown gold and iron.
The everexpanding tree wall is the root of the green sea elves, and the layers of tree walls constitute the green sea base, each layer is less than 20 meters high and the thickness reaches an astonishing three meters.
You know, this kind of tree wall is not a layer, but a few hundred layers. It was really shocking that Grandpa was escorted into the maze formed by these layers of tree walls.
This kind of defense is simply the strongest in the mainland.
A hundredstory tree wall, even if the semimagic man is powerful and biotechnology wants to break through in a few years or even more.
It’s white to enter the Green Sea Mountain. Almost everyone of those auxiliary elves has one. Although the energy is different, it seems that in the Green Sea, this kind of magic is not a rarity compared with elves.
Elves are actually vines spewing fluorescent byproducts. Elves are also surprised, and a lot of means have been taken to catch them. After thousands of years of evolution, these elves have completely formed a deformity with the elves.
The socalled protection of elves means giving energy as life.
The rest of the mainland forces are eager to study this elf, but the green sea elf is not stupid. Even the princess will not carry this elf with no defense every time she goes out.
品茶论坛For elves, elves are an auxiliary tool that can energy and make themselves crazy at the last moment.
Because elves have a natural resistance to magic things, the fluctuation of energy emitted by magic things will affect their energy transmission and absorption. Most elves who can’t afford magic equipment carry this energy with them.
After walking for more than half an hour, Mr. Shan and others entered the green sea tree wall and stopped at half of the fiftystory tree wall.
A brandnew tree wall is growing here, ready to completely seal off the entrance and exit, and it is still moving forward, ready to seal off all these hundred layers of tree walls.
Looking at the giant vines that are spewing fluorescence and quickly linking the giant trees with themselves, Master Shan’s eyes are burning, and there is a kind of green energy that makes him feel eager to try.
Fluorescent patches fall in some fluorescent dense places, and some light balls with faint flashes of microawns are slowly forming, that is, energy elves.
There are special elf soldiers picking these energy elves. They wear special soft robes and delicate gloves made of delicate vines. If you want to gently scoop up those unformed energy elves, you will get them.
See what see? You can stand it later! There was another vicious cursing and shoving, and the people soon came to a hidden tree wall.
Several soldiers on the tree wall cast a pitying glance, and Grandpa shook his head and left.
These elves are all noble and ordinary soldiers who can’t afford to sin. They can stay out of sight, but if they mind their own business, it’s not so good. A few years ago, there were elves who couldn’t see it, but these dude brothers came out and said a few words. A few days later, they were sent to the mine to dig stones. To be continued.
226 vine species
It’s almost enough here. If you go inside, you will be discovered by the inspection team! Leading elves still maintained an elegant play the cuff dust a face of smile and said
After saying his word, he immediately walked out of several elf sisters wearing yellow robes.
Women make up the majority of the elves. It is these elf sisters who just beat Master Shan and insulted Master Shan.
If you let the male elves do it, you may kill Master Shan, who is as weak as a halfelf. Every time you catch a halfelf, those elf sisters do it.
Several elf sisters skillfully compared themselves to a small circle, lowered their eyes and whispered for a moment, and their little hands pressed brittle and said, Turn mud into stones!
The ground squirms, and large pieces of soft soil instantly harden into large stones.
Master Shan has some doubts in his eyes.
I have been paying attention to the expression of Master Shan, and the leading elf sneered and explained coldly, Is this your grave?
It seems that it is not the first time for several elf sisters to do such a thing. After a while, the big stone has been turned into a stone trough buried in the soil.
Behind him, an elf pushed Master Shan, and even more unceremoniously cursed Master Shan, these halfelves, Go bastard!
Master Shan squinted and cast a glance behind him. The elf turned around and jumped into the stone trough as if he wanted to remember his appearance.
Just before landing and looking at the stone trough surface, there was the voice of the leading elf, All right, take everything out, there will be a lot of fun today. The voice was gentle and still elegant, but it was full of a chilling and sinister sound.
Dozens of balls of various colors were thrown to the mountain, and I was happy when I looked at it.
Lack of arms, legs, crooked eyes and mouth, and the mutant elf department covered in muscles and red eyes were thrown to enjoy it! As soon as the voice went down, a thick slate was covered over my head, completely cutting off the outside world.
Yi tooth smiled, and the leading elf narrowed his eyes, holding hands with Shi Shiran, and then came back in a few days. Whether this halfelf was tortured to death by the mutant elf is very exciting.
I have crushed you to death. Don’t live! Finally, I forgot to take a look at the thick slate. With a wave of his hand, everyone smiled and left.
Shibanshan also showed a meaningful smile. What good luck! As he spoke, the bruises and swelling on his face were instantly cured by a layer of black and green halo. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the deformed elf who was approaching. Grandpa grinned.
These deformed elves are delirious and convulsive. At first glance, they fail to gather together.
These defective trading methods are combined with the deformed elves, and once they are discovered, they are all handled by horses.
I don’t know where the leading elves got so many deformed elves.
Without scruples, Master Shan gently took off his coarse cloth to reveal some thin chest elves’ attack power is not strong, but this kind of energy attack is difficult to be removed. Dozens of deformed elves are a nightmare for ordinary halfelves.
You are lucky to meet me today. Grandpa grinned, and a thin red line slowly crawled on his chest, and his chest and mouth were covered with spiral teeth.
As if feeling the ferocity of the chest and mouth, the elf’s ferocious and deformed expression Zheng was immediately afraid and wanted to escape.
come on I’ll help you out! With that, Master Shan smiled and jumped on the group of elves.
A picture of the chest and mouth means that two or three deformed elves enter the mouth.
ding! The evil devouring start consumes 3 experience points!
ding! Kill the deformed elf and gain 49 experience points!
ding! Get a deformed green vine, a heroic helmet, an ivory amulet, a broken gem and two bundles of intermediate healing agents!
Satisfied with a burp, Master Shan smiled and bent his eyes when he looked at more than a thousand experience points.
Deformed vine species should have water sources and a large area of fertile land, which can germinate and grow rapidly. Unlike normal vine species, deformed vine species are controlled and their reproduction speed is extremely fast. Please pay attention to
Heroic helmet increases the carrier’s strength by 4 points and agility by 4 points.