When it comes to dogs, Li Hong’s brow is wrinkled, and he can’t help smiling grimly. How can he forget himself? If Zhang Liu remembers correctly, doesn’t Lao Lai have a big German shepherd? He said he picked it up by himself. I heard that the dog can sell for more than 3 thousand. It must have been stolen somewhere

It is estimated that I am also worried about being found by the dog owner. Zhang Liu also dare not sell the dog and horse to my yard. It has been kept for more than two months.
I won’t tell you. I’ll be angry when I see you like this! Li Hong grabbed his bag and glared at Zhang Long, then quickly walked out.
Seeing Li Hong go away, several employees looked at him sympathetically, smiling happily. Boss Zhang Long’s character is just too good to be used to the proprietress becoming more and more provocative and bitter.
After walking out of the hotel for five or six minutes, Li Hong went directly into a chess room and went out to steal chickens and dogs for six nights. During the day, he either slept at home or played mahjong in the chess room. It was just convenient to eat in the chess room.
Smoke fills the air, because the doors are closed and filled with thick smoke and human smell. The gas in the chess room is extremely oppressive. From time to time, you can hear mahjong being dropped on the table and gamblers.
What are you doing here? Zhang Liu was unlucky and lost one hundred dollars in a short time. At this time, Li Hong had no good face when he saw a cigarette in his mouth.
Former Li Hong was beaten by Tao Mo. He also heard that Zhang Liu thought of Tao Mo’s cold and bloodthirsty eyes on the day when he robbed the rabbit. He felt cold behind him at the moment.
Is it necessary for a big man to feel sorry for a crazy woman and a fiveyearold child if this woman Li Hong didn’t provoke him? These days, Zhang Liu is scared lest Tao Mo suddenly find a door to beat himself up. On that day, he kicked a little crazy belly.
It’s a good thing to find you. Li Hong was impatient and didn’t want to stay here. He looked at the chips in front of Zhang Liu. What are you playing when you are losing all?
Section 295
Mom always has something to do and doesn’t play! Zhang Liu really didn’t want to lose again. At this time, he took the opportunity to push Mahjong and turn away, regardless of the fact that more than three people were shouting at Mahjong, but they also dared to scold. After all, Zhang Liu was an old gangster.
Out of the chess room, Zhang Liu went to the casserole shop next door and asked for a bowl of beef casserole and drank a big mouthful of water. This just looked at Li Hong sitting opposite. What do you want to see me again? I can tell you that Xiao Crazy’s mother is awake, but that woman is wellknown. Although ruined, her whole body bearing is definitely not ordinary people, and you have learned that skill. I won’t help you get any justice. Didn’t you raise a German shepherd? It’s not your fault that Xiao Crazy was bitten by a dog then. Can his crazy mother still find a German shepherd to pay for her life? Li hong
I hate to open my mouth and hate that I can’t immediately throw Tao Youyan down and bite a piece of meat from him.
Bowing their heads and eating casserole, Zhang Liu sneered at a vague way, The most poisonous woman’s heart is not fake at all. If the German shepherd bites people to death, he is afraid of losing his life!
Little crazy that mom is not a good stubble. Although Zhang Liu is an old fool, she was given to tourist trap by Tao Mo for bullying the good and fearing the evil. How dare she let the dog bite? Besides, when his German shepherd got up, one of them threw himself at Xiao Mad and accidentally killed him. Once Xiao Mad’s mother called the police or moved their family power, Zhang Liu knew that she would be dead.
A thousand dollars! Li Hong is reluctant to pay, but she can’t swallow this evil spirit. She is willing to take it out and come quickly.
Don’t go! If it’s normal or dealing with others, I’m worried, but now he’s bowing his head and continuing to eat a casserole for 1000 yuan to provoke a malicious person who has lost his mind and doesn’t want to live.
When the price went to five thousand, Zhang Liu was a little tempted, especially Li Hong’s sinister face at this time. Zhang Liu, don’t make a toast. Director Huang, his little beauty had an accident once, but you led you to say that if I report a …
Mom always counts you! Zhang Liu stared angrily at Li Hong with a jerk, but he also had to compromise. If he went out, he would definitely peel off his skin.
Speaking of it, this is also Zhang Liu’s arrogance. One day, he touched porcelain and got 1000 yuan. He found a lady to go to the hotel to have fun. Who knew that when he came out, he found his motorcycle blocked by a black car.
Of course, it’s a little troublesome to get the motorcycle out, but Zhang Liu is so arrogant that he used to get a trailer out of the corner and then took out a dagger and stabbed the tire twice to vent his anger.
Who knows that something happened in this tie? The owner of this car is Wang Meixin, who is the owner of a small restaurant that opens agricultural vegetables. But who in the whole county doesn’t know that she is the little lover of the factory director Huang? Today, they also came out to the hotel to have an affair. It is estimated that when they stopped, they didn’t pay attention to a motorcycle in the corner.
Wang Meixin’s affair ended, and when he drove away, the car got out of control because the tire was punctured, so he drank a little red wine to pick up the atmosphere and played with an extra bed for more than two hours. When the car got out of control, Wang Meixin was scared to death, and the car in the corner had an accident.
It was also a minor accident. After all, the car didn’t come out of the parking lot for a few meters, and there was no speed button. After the accident, the kind people helped save people and caught Wang Meixin and Director Huang in the car redhanded. It was embarrassing enough. Afterwards, it was found that the tire was punctured.
At that time, there were different opinions in the county. It was said that the factory director Huang’s nemesis sent someone to do it. Some people said that Wang Meixin did it right, while others said that Huang County’s wife had someone to do it on purpose. No one knew the fact. After all, it was best for them to have an affair in this hotel. There were no monitoring cameras in this area and at the entrance of the hotel, which could not be checked.
It turned out that Zhang Liu was so scared that his legs were soft. When Li Hongjia’s restaurant was drinking, he drank too much and said it. Now he has become a readymade handle. Director Huang is not a good crop. I heard that there are many younger brothers under his hands. Zhang Liu is also an old lai. Where dare people like Huang?
按摩Is it simple and honest to shoot a fiveyearold child? At this time, no one noticed that one of the three men was sitting in the corner of the casserole shop, and his face was very ugly.
Sealing … leading this is definitely a case! Accompanied by two men who even lost heart, no one thought that the leader in charge of economic sealing would suddenly visit privately and happened to hear about it.
The two of them will be dragged and accompanied, but they are familiar with the local conditions, but their mobile phones are also required to be sealed. The leadership action is completely confidential. Who knows that after a late lunch, I heard this man and a woman plotting to attack a child.
I’ll deal with the leader immediately. Although another man is also sad, he also knows that his face is still young and handsome, but he is covered with a layer of unspeakable gloom and indifference. Inform the police station, but don’t act before catching thieves and taking stolen goods.
The two men immediately nodded and felt that the young leaders in charge of the economy seemed extremely difficult to do, but they couldn’t hold on to their biting style, and they didn’t show any respect for each other.
Looking at the traffic crowd outside the window, Feng Weiyao’s eyes have become more and more cold and hard. It’s been more than five years, and it’s been six years. Feng Weiyao never thought that the girl who smiled softly and quietly just left the bones, as if she had never been there.
There are so many people and heroes in China. Why should Tao Mo be sacrificed in the end? Feng Weiyao thought the joke was too funny when he learned the news of Tao Mo’s death. How did Tao Mo die? Without the body, everything must be fake.
Every time he walks down the street, Feng Weiyao always feels that there is a familiar voice calling himself behind his back, but when he looks back with ecstasy, there are a lot of strange faces in the sea, and Tao Mo is gone.
At last, he went to the too cold mountain range, and many important people who are rarely seen at ordinary times also went to the too cold mountain range. Looking at their faces, he thought and was silent. Feng Weiyao felt great ridicule. He smiled, ridiculed and laughed, and everyone died. What’s the point of them looking so sad?
However, with a smile and tears, it was left behind. Looking around, after the explosion, the scarred and charred land was exploded, and the boulder was broken into two charred tree stems. But the figure of Tao Mo was nowhere to be found. She just left and died. In this explosion, she even protected only seven people at the moment of her death.
This canyon in Taishan Mountain still retains the appearance after the explosion. A stone tablet was built at the entrance, because hundreds of lives were buried here except Tao Mo. They gave Hua Guoan their blood and life, but all this was superfluous to Feng Weiyao. He wanted Tao Mo to live, even if the man who gave her happiness was not himself. He knew that she was still alive and happy, but this humble wish was broken.
A year later, Feng Weiyao finally came out of the muddled and painful state, as if he had suddenly matured and grown up. Instead of being a master of dandy, he seriously considered his career. Even if he closed his family, he thought it was good for Feng Weiyao to leave, but who knew that it was more than a year since he left.
Although Feng Weiyao is a bit of a playboy, his practical ability is still very strong. At the age of 20, his officialdom is definitely too rigid for people to act more than a headache and malicious role. No matter how reckless he is, if he is wrong, he will definitely find out what people are willing to do, and Feng Weiyao will ignore it
It happened that this is a family seal, and no one can move well. Wei Yao acted extremely, but it is also a matter of letting bygones be bygones. He doesn’t care, but now if he gets into his hands, don’t blame himself for doing things.
☆, Chapter 31 Identity exposure
If it is not easy for a normal person to leave his mouth, the procedure is very complicated, but Tao Mo was crazy and gave birth to a child before he recovered. When the village head arrived in the town, he said that the special crowd convenience policy would soon land Tao Mo and Xiao Yan Kou in Zhangjiacun.
Little Tao, it’s going well. The village chief put the tea cup on the table and looked aside. The mouth towel covered most of the cheeks and Tao Mo continued to speak. Before, I didn’t know that most of the villagers were surnamed Zhang. Who knew that the police station said that all Tao’s family names should be fingerprinted? It’s not necessary to bother you and Yan to go to the town police station.
Earlier years, I also said that it is convenient for future port management, and all new entrances will be fingerprinted, which can also reduce the crime rate. That is to say, in recent years, a policy of China’s overpopulation has not been implemented, and it is a long and complicated process to implement it.
The village head is going to slowly carry out fingerprint collection according to his surname, and he didn’t think much about it, and so did the explanation given by the police station.
Sorry to bother the village chief. It’s Saturday and we’ll go on Monday. Tao Mo smiled and thanked the village chief and frowned immediately after he left.
Fingerprinting is indeed a huge project, but it is impossible for a country to complete it according to its surname. We can try it from one province to one city. Tao Mo looked down and saw that his scarred left hand deformation ring had been put away.
Is it for yourself? Or is it directed at Xiao Yanyan? I glanced at Tao Youyan’s little body, which was learning to write in the main room, and she was quite straight, sitting upright, holding a pen in her right hand and following Miaohong’s stroke by stroke to learn that tight and serious little face, and her serious little eyes were not like a fiveyearold child after selfdiscipline.