At noon, the two of us also ordered lunch from the hotel to deliver food. As soon as the little brother came, we said to him, "Dude, it’s up to you."

Lu Boyan handed the note to the little brother who delivered the food. The little brother was very ok and made a gesture and said, "I know how to throw things to the buddy inside, so I can rest assured that I often do this."
As soon as the little brother left, I said to landing Boyan, "Do you think this little brother will succeed?"
"I don’t know if we can give the note to Tang Xiao in a few minutes, then we can see ourselves."
The two of us are eating lunch with a seemingly calm mind and waiting for the delivery. Brother can give us an answer.
Half an hour passed, and the two of us had smoked a pack of cigarettes until the doorbell rang. We immediately sat up from the chair. Liu Boyan looked through the small hole to make sure it was the little brother who delivered the food before opening the door.
As soon as the little brother came in, we asked him, "How is it done?"
The little brother wiped his hands and asked us for a glass of water in a cold sweat before calming down his mind and said, "I made a note and gave it to the buddy in white, but that buddy is a little too miserable. His face is bruised. I said, what is the position of you and that buddy? If those people are really underworld men in black, didn’t I just walk around with Yan Luowang’s hand?"
Looking at this little brother with a frightened face, I patted him and said, "Think too much, where is the underworld? Now it’s a society ruled by law. Okay, buddy, don’t tell you anything about this pack of cigarettes. What’s the room number again?"
Little brother didn’t polite to me. He took it and handed it to him. Furong Wang said, "Room 65 is just the two rooms next to you. I can help here. Forget it. I’m leaving. If they find me, I’m dead. Pay attention."
For this little brother, we are still very grateful to meet such a kind-hearted guy, which is not bad for us. After learning about Tang Xiao’s house, Liu Boyan and I remembered the countermeasures.
After a discussion, we finally decided how to do it. He would attract the attention of the security guards, and I took the opportunity to climb in through the window to find Tang Xiao inside.
桑拿论坛I opened the window and took a deep breath. It was a very dangerous job, but there was no way for me to do it because a bodyguard had already met me.
When I slowly moved to window 64, my heart felt like a stone was missing. Because there was a window away, I slowly reached out and grabbed it at the next window. This scene was so deja vu that I remembered climbing through Yan Jiaxin’s window.
Almost, almost, almost. When I grabbed the 65 window and could climb it by one force, suddenly I stepped on it.
When I stepped on it, I instantly felt the smell of death spreading around me. When I was about to fall, suddenly a pair of strong hands grabbed me desperately. It was Tang Xiao Tang Xiao Zhengli who grabbed me.
He labored to say "come quickly" to me.
I didn’t hesitate to be dragged by Tang Xiaoli, and he took me directly into the toilet. After a breath, he said to us, "It’s true that you can find here."
I didn’t talk nonsense to Tang Xiao either, but said directly to him, "How’s the buddy?"
"Fortunately, you won’t die. By the way, brothers, what are you doing here?"
I washed my face and told Tang Xiao everything in a very low tone.
Tang Xiao finally told us what we wanted to know. "Ownership doesn’t belong to me. At first, I expected that my father would definitely suppress my handicraft industry, so I specially transferred the ownership of the bar."
With that, Tang Xiao gave me the watch that I was wearing, and said to me, "Take this watch to the lavender sweet shop and find Yuan You’s bar where he belongs. I must develop it well. That’s my dream in my life."
After listening to Tang Xiao’s words, I was stunned and didn’t say anything at last.
In order to let me go out without taking risks, he told me to hide in the toilet for a while. After a while, I clearly heard his room shouting. I opened a small gap to watch and found that Tang Xiao was dying in a way that forced these bodyguards to say that he wanted to go out for a walk and get some air. Finally, he couldn’t stand this arrogance. The bodyguard agreed to let him go out for a walk.
In order to prevent Tang Xiao from running away, three bodyguards followed him and went out. I waited for a while and finally went out when I heard the sound of them opening the door and leaving.
Out of the hotel, I immediately started talking to Liu Baiyan, and finally got through after waiting.
"LeiHao how things done?"
I told him with certainty that "it’s done. I called Tang Xiao and I know who the bar belongs to."
"Who is it?"
"Yuan You, owner of lavender sweet shop"
After the conversation with Lu Boyan, I began to arrange a good place to wait for him. When he came to me, he looked very embarrassed. I wanted to ask him what happened. He directly said to me, "Don’t ask me if I tried my best."
Looking at him like this, I didn’t continue to laugh, but stopped a taxi and went to the lavender sweet shop by car.
When I came to the door of this sweet shop, I saw a figure again, a familiar figure sitting inside with Yang Xun. She actually came here.
Liu Boyan saw that I was stunned and said, "What are you looking at? Look at the beauty? Don’t look at the advanced to find Yuan You."
I immediately followed Lu Boyan into the lavender sweet shop and accompanied the music as I did when I first came.
No one seems to notice that we rushed in, but everyone looks at the man who is playing and singing with a mask.
"Did you sing well, this guy?"
"He is Yuan You." I replied to Liu Baiyan around me and nodded thoughtfully.
We didn’t rush to say anything to Yuan You, but waited for him to finish singing the song before shouting "Yuan You" at him.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Love like absinthe
"Yuan You"
Taiwan wore a mask. Yuan You turned her face towards us. It seemed that those two small holes were masked with dark eyes. We looked at each other, and the whole sweet shop became quiet because Liu Boyan and I suddenly shouted.
"Excuse me, what can I do for you?" Yuan You asked us in a normal tone of voice.
I took out the watch that Tang Xiao gave me. When Yuan You saw it, he didn’t say anything. He got up very much. He came from Taiwan and Yang Xun came to our side and asked me doubtfully, "Brother LeiHaoGe, why are you here?"
Liu Baiyan turned his head and found Yang Xun around me a little surprised, and then said in disbelief, "You are Yang Xun."