"Mom, you let me kill this bastard. Get out of my way."

"Dead girl, bow and arrow, apologize and obey Teacher Sun."
"Mom …"
"Do you really want to kill people and go to jail?"
按摩"If I don’t kill him, I’ll shoot him. Mom, you pull him up so I can aim."
Oh, my God, it’s too dark. I’m going to castrate me. I recruited her to provoke her. I was so scared that this black hand quickly covered the key points and looked up at her. "Dead girl, you mean to kill me."
YuQingXue grunted at me. "Yes, I want you to die | Wolf teacher."
"Sunny snow, listen to mom. It’s dangerous to put the bow and arrow in this thing quickly."
"Don’t let me die. I just want to shoot him and tell him to bully Simon and castrate her."
I bullied Lin Miaomiao. It must be Lin Miaomiao who spoke ill of me behind my back. I quickly clarified that "I didn’t"
"Also said no Simon Simon elder sister but told me everything, you are a dead color | Wolf"
I’m depressed. Fortunately, Zhao Siying believes me. "What are you talking about? Teacher Sun is very nice. I won’t let you talk nonsense."
"Mom, don’t be a jerk. Get out of the way. I can’t pull any more."
I looked up and saw that Yu Qingxue’s arms were chattering badly.
I realized that I pulled Zhao Siying’s neck, and the arrow almost brushed my scalp and flew over. Fortunately, I pulled people away, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.
Zhao Siying was pulled by me and stuck on the stairs, as if she hit her back. It hurt her to roll her eyes.
"Mom" Yu Qingxue also realized that she was busy making mistakes, threw her bow and arrow in her hand and hurried downstairs.
"Dead girl, you really shot and murdered your own mother, but it will take ten layers of hell to scare you to pee your pants." Zhao Siying smiled and joked that it was no big deal.
Yu Qingxue scared her little face and reached out to help her get up. I was stupid and still squatting. I didn’t good the spirit. "What are the dead people still doing? Please just do something and help my mother."
"oh oh"
Section 56
I hurriedly helped Zhao Siying’s arm to be really soft and pinched. Wan Ru bone made me want to knead it. I choked back my heart and didn’t go to see her long and charming jade legs.
"Don’t pull, don’t pull your clothes." Zhao Siying suddenly shouted and left our hands.
I looked down and found that Zhao Siying’s skirts were glued with super glue.
"Dead girl, you really killed me." Zhao Siying didn’t good the spirit stared at her daughter and then tried to take off her pajamas cardigan. Fortunately, she was wearing a two-piece pajamas. If it were one, it would be a big drain in front of me.
Zhao Siying took off her cardigan, and we hurried to help her again, but she was only halfway up, and she cried out in pain, "My feet hurt, please don’t move."
I was shocked when I saw it again. "Miss Zhao is not good. Your calf is stuck with super glue."
"What?" Zhao Siying looked at the calf in a hurry and saw that the left leg and calf were glued. If you pull it hard, it will definitely break the skin.
Women love their skin the most. Zhao Siying’s face turned pale at the thought of breaking skin and leaving scars. "Hit 12 quickly."
Yu Qingxue was so scared that she cried, "Mom blames me. You don’t want something. You must not have something. What should I do if you die?"
Zhao Si filled their eyes with anger. "Dead girl, can you expect me to make a quick call and call for help?"
"Call the ambulance can’t come by then, this glue will definitely dry up completely, even if it is pulled open, it will definitely leave scars. Is there any thinner at home?"
"What is diluent?" Yu Qingxue looked at me stupidly, and her mother looked at me confused.
I quickly explained, "It is our decoration paint thinner that can reduce the viscosity of resin, which is soluble glue. Find it quickly."
"I seem to have sundries. I’ll get them."
Yu Qingxue hurried across the stairs and rushed downstairs. I wanted to take a closer look at the adhesion, but my feet were too sticky to move. I had to take off my shoes and lean over to check it carefully.
I was relieved after the inspection. "Miss Zhao, don’t worry, although it’s stuck, the glue hasn’t dried yet. It’s ok to flush a thinner."
"Will there be scars?" Zhao Siying is worried that a woman who looks at her calf loves beauty the most. If she leaves a big scar, she will definitely not accept it.