"Ahem! I believe everyone saw that wonderful performance just now! Really? "

When Iron Man said this, it began to boil again. Almost all players couldn’t help screaming, slapping tables and benches, kicking people and hitting people to fish in troubled waters …
After a while, the iron man continued, "I believe everyone saw that the players just performed can fly in the sky?"
"see!" "That’s amazing." "You’re not selling those wings, are you?"
The iron man has begun to pay attention to those wings, because in the fairyland game, I have never heard of any player who can fly without this skill. If you jump high, you may jump very high like an assassin, but only players can really fly high, and now what is to be auctioned? This is not a four-level weapon. It is the only special thing that can’t be more special than beauty. Imagine a hunter shooting an arrow, which is really unstoppable and can’t hit him.
At the thought of this player, the crowd suddenly surged, and their eyes shone and they were eager to buy these wings.
"You guessed right, that is, the players who buy those wings will be taught by a special person. If I believe that everyone knows that these wings are very real, the reserve price of a pair of wings is 40,000 RO coins. Every time you bid, 10,000 RO coins will be thrown immediately!"
"410 thousand!"
"420 thousand!"
桑拿会所"430 thousand!"
"720 thousand!"
Suddenly he said, "300 million!"
Chapter 10 Guild’s Blood Slaughter
Chapter 10 Guild’s Blood Slaughter
The players couldn’t help looking at the source of the sound together. This man turned out to be just coming in from the auction house. Iron man wondered how outsiders could let people in at this time.
The man said again, "I’ll take 300 million!"
Everyone took a deep breath. 300 million? What is this concept? Today, the highest price is 1.7 trillion yuan, and almost no one dares to bid again. Even the evening and the flowers are worth it carefully.
Although the Iron Man wondered how the outsiders could let people in at this time, he still said according to the auction practice, "Is there anyone bidding for 300 million?"
"300 million once!"
"300 million times!"
"300 million deals, please bid players to the front desk to record the photo materials."
I am very curious about what this player bought this thing at such a high price. I sent a private chat to the Iron Man and asked him to help him meet him. Without saying anything, the Iron Man agreed to meet him, and he earned 1% 30 thousand in the Chinese procedure. Of course he was happy. Now I am his big customer. Just now, five things in the third stage didn’t add up to one day. Polly was expensive. His heart was so happy.
At this moment, Iron Man sent me a message. The name of this man is’ Training Mania’ and the guild is’ Blood Slaughter’, and he also helped me to meet him after the auction.
After the iron man was registered, he said something that made the iron man almost vomit blood. "The first wing of the players has been sold, and the bottom price is still 40,000!"
When this statement came forward, it was actually different. And second? Since when can these things be wholesale? While the exerciser is crazy, crying out that 300 million yuan bought something that is not the only thing. Of course, I snickered. The iron man is really engaged in the auction business. At the beginning, he didn’t say that he had a wing, but everything he did and said was very much like having one, which made the noodle players vote for each other.
People who practice crazy look depressed and sit by and watch him know that he can’t afford to buy the second place, and players begin to estimate how many wings there are. If the auction house has hundreds? So they didn’t lose a lot?
Many guild players have guessed how many wings they have, because from the beginning, it was said that elegant players have four things to auction, and at most, the top four and ten guild members are already eager to try. After all, this thing has a lot to command during guild wars, so high school can take a look at it and control the situation.
I’m not worried about the later auction at all. Even if there is no 300 million yuan, there will be no shortage of initial funds. It’s definitely no problem to recruit people now. If you recruit people casually, it’s definitely no problem, but one of the six core figures is not a player. It’s definitely hard to manage.
Sure enough, as I expected, Polly sold 1.4 trillion yuan, 2.1 trillion yuan, 3.2 million yuan and 4,000 yuan respectively in three days, adding up to a total of 692 million yuan, 1% of the auction procedures left 622 million RO coins, which is already a lot of money.
When dark fire, blood repellent and ice fox saw the money, their eyes stared out, but it was impossible for them to see the reality equivalent to more than 60 thousand yuan in a generation! And the disease seems to be taken seriously. If you look at him, your family must be rich.
The iron man came over and smiled and said, "Ha ha, I can’t believe that the elegant brother is really amazing. First, it’s almost 700 million if I don’t make a move. If there are still good things, remember to come to my auction and I’ll charge you 9%." Such as? "
I smiled and replied, "Of course it’s good. By the way, Iron Man, I don’t know if you know anything like this."
I untied the orc hero shield on my chest and handed it to the iron man in front of him. I couldn’t help but look at it. I didn’t know what to say for a while before I said, "Elegant brother, your surprise is really endless. Is this the only sex animal orc hero shield or one of the four BOSS suits? You won’t kill an orc hero, will you? But it’s impossible. I haven’t heard of the news that the top BOSS was killed yet. "
"You know the Iron Man. He’s the boss of a big auction house. What do you think of me as a long-term partner?"
Iron man one listened to his eyes and let out light. "Tell me about it!"
I said to the iron man in private, "I told you to catch angel Polly, but I’ll charge you 3% for selling it."