Hearing him say this, I can’t help but become dignified and frown. "I think it may have something to do with us …"

Ye Wen comforted, "I doubt that we should be careful, that is, I have contacted Er Shao to send someone to investigate."
I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief
I wish Ye Xiangyuan had stepped in. I’m really afraid of Xiao Jin’s accident.
Suddenly remind of what I said "the two bodyguards …"
Ye Wen said, "One was shot twice, one was shot three times, but they all avoided the key points and should be fine."
But after all, I was seriously injured, and I was not depressed. Today, Xiao Jin and I were able to come back safely in such a dangerous situation. Besides the help of Han Chongshan, we also benefited from the bodyguards’ desperate protection.
Ye Wen looked at me and said, "Ding Jie can go and see them after the operation."
Section 3
I nodded.
Ye Wen still has a lot of things to do. Before he left, he casually asked, "Is the man who saved you and Xiaojin called Han Qingshan?"
I, uh, "That’s how he introduced himself."
Ye Wen is thoughtful.
I guessed, "Is there something wrong with him?"
Ye Wen said, "I’m not sure I’ll send someone to inquire about Ding Jie Xiaojin, so I’ll trouble you here."
I shook my head and went upstairs to see Xiao Jin.
After shooting and fleeing, I’m afraid he’ll leave a psychological shadow
He obediently sat cross-legged on the bed with a picture album spread out at his feet. It didn’t look like he was frightened.
I went over and smiled and picked him up and kissed his face. "Did Xiaojin Baby get scared today?"
He looked back at me with a small face and a crooked smile. "Aunt, I’m fine ~ My uncle told me that I will encounter many dangers after I am a descendant of Ye’s family. I’m a man, so I should be brave and strong, and I’ve seen a real gun. My uncle said that when I grow up, tell me how to protect my aunt ~"
I "…"
Ye Xiangyuan found a soldier to train Xiao Jin. I didn’t expect that even a gun would make Xiao Jin contact.
But I’m not surprised to think of Xiaojin’s one-room model.
No wonder Xiao Jin was so confused just now, but she was very calm
I admire Ye’s foresight, but at the same time I feel a little distressed that Xiao Jin is precocious.
I don’t know what it’s like to think that Ye Xiangyuan was raised by his brother when he was a child.
I touched Xiao Jin’s head and praised "Baby is so brave"
Xiaojin smiled sweetly at me.
However, I can feel that Xiao Jin is still a little scared. The evidence is that he is more attached to me, and his little arm has been holding my neck.
After all, I’m only five years old, and I’m sure I’ll be afraid no matter how mature my mind is.
I made him a sip of milk, fed him a drink and told him a story.
I called Ye Xiangyuan halfway.
He is the closest relative of Xiaojin. If he can comfort Xiaojin, Xiaojin will recover faster.
Yes, I dialed several times, but no one answered there.
This is the first time I have contacted him since I came to town, but I can’t help but feel a little depressed.
Finally, Xiaojin got tired of playing and fell asleep in my arms.
Xiaojin is a boy who is five years old. I let him sleep alone except for the first night when I slept with him.
He is also very independent at ordinary times, but today there are some exceptions who are particularly sticky to me. Naturally, I refuse mercilessly.
Besides, there are two female bodyguards in the house.
Perhaps it is this atmosphere that makes Xiao Jin feel safe, and his breathing gradually becomes even.
I patted him gently and listened to him fall asleep together.
桑拿会所When I woke up again, I found myself being held tightly by a pair of arms.
The other person also deliberately avoided my wound and buried his whole face in my posterior cervical fossa. My neck skin could feel his warm breath.