Chris kissed me on the cheek and then said, "this is the part of rebirth. Well, how can I put it?" To put it another way, after accepting the death of the unified player, there will be an angel to save himself, so this angel needs to set the initial shape … "Chris said that he laughed and stopped talking.

God, doesn’t that mean that players who accept this system should meet me kindly every time they die? Do I still need to hide? It seems that something very unexpected has happened in my plan, so unexpected that I don’t even know it.
With Chris, I came to the square rebirth system of white jade statues. The dozen architects were so busy that they didn’t even know when we came in. I think they are so busy that I can’t help but ask Chris, "How are you so busy?" I just left for a few days. "
"Several great events have happened in the past few days since you left."
"oh? What is it? "
Chris dragged me away and came to her room and said, "Is there anything unusual about Yi honestly inviting you and Tianwu?"
Hmm? It’s broken, Chris. The vinegar bottle may have knocked over.
桑拿网"Where can I find Tianwuhe?"
"But what day the dance suddenly asked us for an alliance? Besides, I also heard that you met Tianwu alone before the line, huh? Right? "
Chris sat by the bed and said, get closer until the last "right?" When my face was already stuck in front of my face, the fragrance in her nose was sprayed into my nose. I watched Chris keep approaching her face, especially when it was restored to its original beauty, which made my heart almost stop beating. Suddenly, my face was a few centimeters away. I closed my love for Chris and kissed Chris’s lips, and the sweet feeling suddenly came to my mind. I gave everything to a woman. It felt good to be noticed by others.
For a long time, it was not until our breathing began to get rough and we realized that we might suffocate in the first and second games that we separated the tightly combined lips.
Looking at Chris’s pink and blushing face, I can’t help but want to do it again. Unfortunately, my intention was flashed by Chris’s shyness.
"Silk, don’t you believe me?"
"I don’t believe you, huh!"
I shouted in my heart that LUCK had passed, and sure enough, the most effective way to deal with a woman’s jealousy is to divert her attention, such as doing something that makes her heart beat.
"Silk, what else is worth the efforts of a dozen architects?"
Chris took a deep breath for a while to calm her face and said, "There is something wrong with the resurrection device."
"What? What is the details? "
※※※※※※※※※※※※※ A team of players in the north of Ji Fen City combined more than a dozen people to prepare for one of them to upgrade today, because that person has already reached LV9 level and will be promoted to another level, then he can be reincarnated. This is the first reincarnated player in this group, so they decided to kill dragons and upgrade dragons, including earthworm dragons, dragon dragons and black dragons. They are not going to provoke dragons and black dragons to kill dragons and dragons with LV7 or LV75 or LV5 levels. Dragon is not a creature who likes to live in groups, so Jackie Chan is also designed in the game design. Therefore, killing dragons is basically a group fight that requires low health, such as wizards. It is impossible to kill them with one blow unless they are hit by dragon skills.
The Dragon Cave Plain is the peripheral area of the Dragon Cave, where Pheretima and Feilong live. Today, a group of players broke the dragon’s peace.
"After the three groups are assembled, the priest is ready to support Xiaoqixiao to prepare for freezing."
A team of people cooperated well to kill the earthworm and the dragon all the way, and there was almost no danger, and the leveling was very fast. Then things were not smooth sailing. The black dragon roared out of the deep dragon cave with the dragon and the dragon, and the players in that team were immediately slaughtered. The black dragon [Black Dragon Wave] almost killed the players in this team with one blow.
Death is nothing, but it’s strange that the player didn’t leave the dragon cave after being killed by seconds, but kept lying on the ground trampled by the dragons. When the team of players couldn’t stand it, they logged in after the line, but it was still the dragon cave plain.
Similar news happened in almost all parts of the same game, but it took only one day. Fairyland said that the number of players in the game dropped by one third, and many players were killed by the sudden and ferocious BOSS during the training and could not be resurrected.
Chapter 14 Enemy troops
The fairyland company, which was organized by Lan Fengyun, claimed that there was an error in the system, but it can’t be said that those behind-the-scenes supporters can’t handle it so easily, so it’s no wonder that I have never seen Lan Fengyun appear in those three days.
The resulting impact is far more than that. Players can’t resurrect. Many BOSS suddenly go crazy, and all kinds of small monsters begin to gather together. Players are not dead, and they don’t dare to go to the leveling casually. Almost all of them want to wait until the BUG is fixed before continuing to play the game.
However, a few people who know about the changes have started their own plans. One of them is Tianwu. Since I told her that there is another world, Tianwu has also started its own plans. Of course, the best way to proceed from the interests of their Shuishi enterprises is to find me, so there is something to find an alliance with us. The second, of course, is the only kingdom in this fairyland, King Luen? In Tokdarcy, he is one of the few people who know the reason why BOSS is crazy, so he put the NPC in the middle of the system in the city, and those LV2-level guards are guarding the main roads of each city to prevent the monster from further attacking. Of course, both the orc hero and the queen ant appear to help, but the orc hero can also come by himself. Because of it, the orcs will become violent when they leave the orc village, and it is hard to say that even their own people will fight. The queen does not have this concern. There are already a large number of violent queens hatching eggs in my room, and these violent queens are centered on her betrayal unlike the ant hole.
And jathyapple root doesn’t care about these except me, and Chris doesn’t want jathyapple to leave. Because Liancheng’s current guardian is not enough, jathyapple stays, which means that payon cave monsters will help guard here.
※※※※※※※※※ After hearing this, I am a little surprised that things seem to be going much faster than I expected. Although the alien invasion is expected, how can it be so fast? However, there is still a question: even if the game is occupied, will it affect the real world?
Just when I was thinking about something, Wu Bing, who was in charge of the city defense, informed me that someone was coming to see me and said it was my acquaintance. Wu Bing also added a sentence,’ I have a familiar feeling about people coming’. As soon as I met him, it was an acquaintance, "Lin Bing!"
"Haha, elegant!"
"How did you come here?"
"Of course, it is to congratulate our brothers."
I will smile, and the feeling of blood connection can’t go wrong at all, so I know that the soldiers must have known about us long ago, and they knew it before me.
"Let’s talk in the house." Turning to Wu Bing, he said, "Brother Wu, please ask Jifa and Qingyu to go to the conference room together. It seems that our eldest brother has something important to inform us, right?"
In the meeting room, our five brothers (sisters) finally got together without hugging and crying, nor did they bring us a news that made us really unhappy because of the arrival of soldiers.
"The soldiers should be called big brother. Is it true?" It’s obviously hard for Wu Bing to believe this fact. If this fact is true, then the five of us will be made …
The soldiers affirmed, "It is the five of us who have been made, that is, the conscious life can be guided out. In other words, the five of us are conscious life, which can be actually experimented, and unfortunately, after the experiment, the five of us will definitely be swallowed up by powerful energy and will not do anything until now. If I have not miscalculated, this is the elegant ability, but they have not yet determined it, but it will not be too long before they * * * * The host has been basically completed, and we will never …"
I said, "What do you say, big brother? I believe that you must have thought of a way to find me now? "
"Well, I have investigated the real identity of several of us, rain or shine. Of all the people, you are the simplest one. Maybe you don’t believe that everyone around you is a’ dream’. The person in the enterprise research department takes care of you when you grow up, and that person is a core member. She will not hesitate to send you when the time comes."
Qingyu’s face suddenly turned white and pure. She couldn’t accept that her aunt, who grew up taking care of her, should be so kind to her, but the fact was so real. I patted Qingyu on the shoulder and said, "The fact is the fact that several of us are connected with each other. It is an indisputable fact that whether you accept or not accept the martial arts, you should watch Qingyu well."
Wu Bing nodded and then said to the soldiers, "What about me? So are the people who take care of me? "
"The people who take care of you when you grow up want you to join the army to test your ability. In addition, your teachers are also’ dream’ enterprises, and the special forces you brought in are brought in by teachers to monitor you."
"This ….." Even if Wu Bing is a soldier, he can’t accept such cruel facts at the moment.
Lin Bing continued, "I believe you already know about your father’s illness, so I won’t talk about elegance, let alone your actions, which makes me very happy because you have completely attracted the attention of Lan Fengyun."
I wondered, "When did I attract his attention?"
Lin Bing laughed. "Don’t be a fool. Your online name and the name in your game are so famous. Doesn’t he know?" It’s just to test your ability, but there’s one thing I have to tell you, it’s for your sister. "
As soon as I heard it, I was immediately stunned by my sister? Is my sister also a member of the’ dream’ enterprise? Think of the truth left when my sister left. Can all this be false? Then what is there to believe?
"Don’t get excited. It’s not what you think. Your sister, Yiping Dongfang, is not what you think. It should be said that your sister is the only one who really helped us, because your sister’s grandfather, your current name, was an insider in the’ Moon Mark’ incident. I also discovered the’ dream’ corporate conspiracy because of the help of your sister’s family."
I said urgently, "What is the truth?"
The soldier smiled and said, "I can’t tell you yet, but I have a few things to finish quickly."
Chapter 15 Escape
I’m in reality now. After listening to the instructions from the soldiers, I feel that I’m really not mature enough. Everything I did was actually bought by Lan Fengyun myself. The root of the land was that Lan Fengyun gave it to me, and what made me most sad was that Zhang Xian was unexpectedly … But I can’t blame her. After all, she was the adopted daughter of Lan Fengyun. My so-called escape plan was stillborn without execution, but the only advantage was that I focused all my attention on what I did to the soldiers. They didn’t know that they were still here. The soldiers were a good entrepreneur. The management company was getting better and better
Lying in medical bed’s heart, I was really happy not to come to Zhang Xian’s figure, but then I appeared in front of my eyes and said happily, "Yi, look, this is what I’ll do for you to see if it’s suitable!"
It turned out to be a sweater. Winter is coming, and the weather will turn cold. But it is not necessary for me to have a temperature control equipment room in 2008. And now the last person I want to see is her. I have two friends since I can remember. One is my sister, and the other is her. It’s a pity that she lied to me, but I can’t tell them now that I’m so tired. On the surface, I’m glad to receive this gift, and then I can’t stop sleeping and have a rest.
Zhang Xian doesn’t bother me when she sees that I’m tired, but her nervousness makes me feel heartbroken. If there is anything, I’d rather not believe what the soldiers said. Although I don’t have much contact with the soldiers, I believe what he said.
Close your eyes and rest. Zhang Xian didn’t leave. She sat at a side table to do her graduation project. I slowly recalled that the soldiers had said a few things.
The temporary plan is much more complete than mine. First, investigate the actual situation of several of us, and then secretly set up the base. I don’t know where it is. Second, we need to cooperate with each other to carry out evacuation to ensure the safety of the five of us. Third, the temporary plan has prepared a lot of life-saving instruments to stimulate the potential of several of us. This is an important means for us to save our lives. If we want to solve things once and for all, we must solve the most fundamental thing, that is …
"Is the snow asleep?" Zhang Xian suddenly sat next to me and asked, of course, I can’t answer her now because I’m lying to sleep, but Zhang Xian saw that I didn’t respond and said to himself, "Do you know? You are so stupid. Why do you want to be against your father? No one in this world can do the right thing with his father. "
Zhang Xian seems to be talking to the stars in the sky, but his hands are touching my face. "Maybe we don’t have much time to get together. Recently, the medicine has been increased to urge you to sleep. Maybe after a week, you will never wake up. I really don’t know what to do. I can’t bear to part with you but I can’t resist. What do you think I should do, father?"