We can’t rule out this possibility. After all, our intelligence forces behind enemy lines are not so strong. Jia Xu replied cautiously, But Yuan Shao’s army did stay near Xiang Guo for several days without any movement.

Xiangguo? Former Zhao Guoxiang I still have some impressions of this place. It’s really tricky for Yuan Shao to get away at this time, but it’s only two hundred miles from Handan.
eh? What? Jia Xu startled.
Nothing, I waved my hand. Can you send a message to Lu Bu so that he can seize the news that Yuan Shao is not at the front and deal a heavy blow to this army?
Lu Bu will listen to us? I can see that he doesn’t approve of my sudden idea that I don’t think so either
If it is possible to make Lombardi uncomfortable, we should all try. I tried to persuade the fatherinlaw that the situation has nothing to lose to us.
He chose to go backwards. Well, I’ll send someone to deliver the letter.
There was a steady and fast pace outside the door.
I gave a slight ear to Mr. Zhong?
There are two steps, and he brought people.
桑拿会所Yes, Cheng Yugao replied, and the pace interval became slightly tight.
Behind Cheng Yu is a man who is nearly thirty years old. He was originally tall, but it happened that he was not so prominent in vision beside Cheng Yu, who was three inches long.
And his most prominent feature … He has an eye.
This is … Jia Xu asked sideways.
Cheng Yu folded his hands. This is my nephew Cheng Wei Cheng Wei. He shouted to the young man, Come and meet the master soon!
I immediately remembered the memorable story that Cheng Wu told in public … in which Cheng Yu was blinded by local tyrants and evil gentry, poor nephew.
The oneeyed nephew did not follow his uncle’s orders, but said with righteous words, Uncle Cheng Wei is the messenger of East County first.
Cheng Yu, who has always paid attention to principles, suddenly lost his temper and sat down with a wave of his sleeves. When I met this young man at the door, I brought him in conveniently. I haven’t seen anything for several years, and my temper has hardened a lot! Cheng Dashu lost the majesty of his elders in front of Jia Xu and me and could not help but complain.
Cheng Wei obediently followed the etiquette and gave me a bow. In East County, Cheng Wei was greeted by General Tomma, the Governor of Taishouqiao Mansion!
I also pretended to be inviting the emissary to sit down
Thank you He lifted his robe and sat opposite his uncle.
Pour tea differently I motioned to Pang Gan.
Wei’s visit this time is mainly to send a handwritten letter from Qiaofujun to ask General Ma to have a look. He pulled out a roll of silk paper from his bosom and handed it to me by Pang Gan.
Many of them make me dizzy when I look at the dense handwriting.
But I resisted this physical and mental discomfort and reluctantly read this letter written by the old man Qiao Huan, and finally saw kindness and certainty at the end of the adjacent sentence.
It’s enough for you to be old and groggy, if the general has pity on the old and weak women and allow you to teach the classics in Luo!
I immediately felt that my eyes were gone, my head was dizzy, and my breathing became smooth and powerful.
Mr. Wen and you also have a look. I handed the silk paper to Jia Xu and turned to ask Cheng Wei. Can Qiaofu Jun have a message besides this personal letter?
Back to the general, Cheng Wei surrendered and replied, Qiao Fujun said that he hoped that the general would also reply to a personal letter and bring it back to Puyang.
This is what I should write. I nodded and Pang Gan immediately held out pen and ink stationery and laid it out in front of me.
The bridge is like hoo.
Suddenly, I heard that Gong’s handwriting was supersurprising, inexplicably supermoving to the east and west, and I couldn’t wait to listen to the elders’ lessons. Luoyang’s existing Taiyuan Wang Lieyan Fang is also a famous Confucian Qiaogong in the northern state. If you have a noble family, you will sweep the couch and wait for Qiaogong.
I gently blew a sigh in black and white, believing that there was no typo in this message and handed it to Jia Xu on one side.
Jia Xu hurriedly swept away and laughed. It’s well written.
Well, Cheng Yu also said, This article is quite good except for this word.
I pretended not to hear the latter half of his sentence and told Pang Gan to take my seal and seal it in pillar box for him.
Pang Gan immediately went to work without touching his feet.
Cheng Wei, do you have any business? Freeze a face of serious asked.
Uh, no Cheng Wei answered his uncle.
You are a child! Uncle Cheng grabbed the case and tried to smash it at his big nephew. Unfortunately, his arm strength was a little incompetent and he failed.