According to Su Huanjen’s intention, Anne should be dizzy and destroy Lu Zhan directly. The worst thing to do here is to drop the mouse and Olivia, which can also make Lu Zhan unable to defend the dragon.

However, Lu Zhan cut into the whole thing and disrupted their plan, resulting in a situation of two to one and the spider was already bleeding.
Spiders fly for two seconds. After two seconds, jumping into the dragon, dying in situ or land exhibition can refresh an E skill and continue to fly away. The decision whether to fight or not is in the hands of land exhibition.
Lu Zhan’s halfblood lion dog has two thirds of blood and the spider has residual blood. This is the threeperson state.
But from the moment when he jumped out of Xiaolong Canyon, Lu Zhan had a hunch that there would be such a battle. He kept his big move. Now is the moment.
As soon as the spider flew, Tiens Dog immediately lost an E remotely, which was flashed by Lu Zhanling and returned to the spider flying position.
The lion dog lit it for me! This is barbarian king typing.
The big move is not there! Assist to tell Lu Zhan
It’s ruined! It’s Oriana speaking.
This information tells the state of Lu Zhan’s lion dog.
Several teammates want Lu Zhan to fight for one reason. Everyone will be very happy that he won Su Huanjen because he is the strongest country in the opposite country and Su Huanjen is inferior.
Try it! Lu Zhan took it for granted that it was not this illusory satisfaction. He quickly pressed the ab key and found that there was no real eye in the lion’s dog’s hand. He immediately made a decision and made a big move. With a big move, he could be invisible for three times in ten seconds.
There is no grass around Dalong Canyon, which is not conducive to the lion and dog’s display, and without E skill, he can walk to fight mantis on land.
He mantis stayed where he was, waiting for the spider to come. Now he can’t kill the spider if it falls to the ground.
After 1 second stealth, the lion and dog came to him, and mantis scratched the lion and dog before appearing.
In 2 seconds, the spider fell, and he chose to fall in the same place, because his blood would die if he touched the dragon. Now, if he dies in the hands of the dragon, it should be counted as the land exhibition head. It is better for the lion and dog to make some contributions before he dies.
Lu Zhan waited for the spider to exchange a general attack with the spider, and the lion and dog also hit him with Q skills.
In this exchange, Lu Zhanxian suffered a loss for nothing, and Qbeating of the lion and dog was very painful.
However, at this time, a long red color appeared on the blood strip on his head.
Mamous eats! Commonly known as the big drinking knife played at the moment.
When there is a magic knife, mantis can absorb 4 magic damage. W is magic damage in lion and dog skills, so even if there is W, lion and dog will be offset.
One less skill is equal to one more opportunity.
Lu Zhan continued to fight with the lion and dog, and it was another claw.
His e and q skills are in a state of refreshing, but he didn’t do it because he found that the lion and dog had been cruel.
桑拿会所  title=If he is a lion dog, he must have a W, so he will be so direct and have a skill, no matter what, he has special effects.
Sure enough, the lion and dog quickly w, and a red light appeared around their bodies.
He reached a cruel state when he was full of gas, and he immediately started the Q skill. If this Q is going to hit mantis, it will definitely be disabled.
However, he lost his goal.
At the same time, Lu Zhan started the second big move.
After stealth, the lion and dog lost their general attack target and stood at a loss.
The lion dog is still in the lead, but the land exhibition has taken the lead.
Taking advantage of the acceleration effect of the big move, he went around the back of the lion dog to reach the farthest attack distance and hit a Q.
This is the Qdistance increased after the strengthening of melee kiteflying. This distance can not be hit by the lion and dog, but he can hit the other side.
The lion and dog were overcast and immediately fought back and came forward.
Lu Zhandian looked at the lion dog and buff knew that if he couldn’t type this Q in 3 seconds, it would be useless.
He quickly started the third big move and once again entered the stealth state.
It must be delayed until the lion and dog lose Qbuff, so that he is toothless, and all the skills D of the lion can be cut flat.
He also wants to escape with E skill, but at this critical moment, E skill obviously has a more important way.
He walked to the edge of Dalong Canyon in invisibility.
One second stealth soon passed, and the lion and dog chased him out of the canyon. Now he still has blood, while Lu Zhan has 4.
Seeing the meaning of lions and dogs should continue to fight.
Just then Lu Zhan stopped.
Qbuff, the lion and dog, has eliminated two people. If you fight again, it will be a real hard fight.
The two men quickly contacted each other and exchanged a general attack while walking. He strengthened the advantage of general attack distance and might be able to exchange one more attack.
Compared with the Lions and Dogs Bureau, the land exhibition equipment has a slight advantage, but the Lions and Dogs are broken and the attack speed has increased.
Lu Zhan’s attack distance advantage made up for the lack of attack speed, and the two men changed their attack again.
Now lion dog 3 blood land exhibition 1
The battle is approaching the end. If it is an ordinary player, it is the last attack. Who will play more?
Both of them are not ordinary players, and they both have their own cards.
The e skill in Lu Zhan’s hand finally came out, not from a long distance to kill or escape, but from a face to a lion dog.
Mantis moved in place and jumped on the lion and dog. At the same time, Lu Zhankuang pressed the W key, and W skill D would soon be better.
However, the lion and dog are also being moved at the same time by Lu Zhan, and he suddenly flashes to the side, so that although Lu Zhan played that W skill for the first time, he still failed to hit the lion and dog.
It was not until this time that Su Huanjen’s psychological quality was really excellent. This flash was just right to hide from the land and show his skills. At the same time, he moved back from the lion dog and quickly entered the small grass in the river.
The grass land exhibition had no vision and the situation was frozen for a while.
Although you can’t see the blood volume of the lion and dog, people watching the war know that a lion and dog should have about 1 blood volume when they are yin by Lu Zhan E. The blood volume of two people is equal.
I’m afraid no one can kill anyone after pulling the distance.
Is this the end? They all have doubts in their hearts
Chapter 433 I already have a team