Look at the fact that people have surrounded two cities. Ten thousand people recall that a few months ago, only six or seven thousand people dared to besiege the city. Fortunately, the enemy who guarded the city was terrified. Otherwise, how could it be so easy?

Anyway, Lu Zhi didn’t specifically ask me to March quickly. I was in no hurry. On the first day, I marched ten miles. On the second day, I barely got a hundred miles. On the third day, I walked fifty miles and rested by the river.
Don’t go? Jia Mu is very dissatisfied with the speed of our March, and he gets pleasure from traveling around the country.
Almost. Ma Dai looked at the terrain. But … there seems to be no steep valleys or ditches here. What should I do?
Don’t worry, ask the local people to look for it. I don’t care much about the terrain. When our cavalry raided, it would be better to have a lowlying place suitable for killing.
Zhang Ji reported to me with a stack of crude maps that if you want to get to Yan County through Dingying, you must cross several wooden bridges five miles north of Dingying
wooden bridge? Du Ji also helped to the water seems to be not very wide? And now it’s time for the water to freeze. Maybe you can walk directly.
You can send someone to check it out. I immediately ordered Zulie to lead a row of cavalry to the bridge to find out.
They had already returned after a lunch.
How about bodhi old zu? Sun Wen looked at Zulie, shivering, and laughed. You’re not going to jump into the river and swim, are you?
Bah! Zulie stared at the bad friend and shivered and reported to me, The three wooden bridges of the great general are very close and farthest together, but the river is frozen for a mile … but the thick dog just walked on the surface and fell in …
I comforted him, Go to the fire and drink some hot water after your hard work … Won’t you throw a stone at it? I still think you are a little more educated than Sun Wen, but I didn’t expect you to be a 250.
Yes, he quickly ran back to the camp in Sun Wen’s ridicule
It seems that the river is so much. I nodded to Du Ji and others. If the weather changes little these days, we will ambush around this wooden bridge.
Playing in the water? Qin Zhen shook his head. You know I can’t swim!
I wouldn’t …
Who told you to play in the water? I sneered, We can have a big archery competition!
Even if his IQ is white, I intend to hey, than archery? That young master, you are sure to lose!
It’s very possible. Xiao Dai and Lao Zhao nodded in agreement at the same time after seeing Qin array’s wonderful archery.
I think so, too. Qin array’s mastery of the bow and arrow has reached the point where the arrow is empty and he raises his hand and shoots without stopping. It seems that he has a strong intuition. Although my archery is not bad, Qin array is really the same as this fellow.
Of course, this is a boundary difference. If we are allowed to shoot each other without moving, I am also very sure that he will shoot me and blow his head off at the same time.
So the soldiers were told to clean their crossbows and hold as many arrows as possible.
Even Qin Zhen took Li Dian to cut down some trees and pulled them back to make arrows by himselfbut due to the lack of metal materials, the power of these arrows is much worse.
Huh? Why don’t I just wrap these pieces of wood and make them into rockets? ! We can have a surprise attack on the bridge, combined with fire and ambush!
If it doesn’t suddenly rain and snow that day, this strategy can be objectively successful.
Set fire ….. This is the deadliest trick besides countermeasures!
Chapter 60 Halfcrossing and striking
In the evening of the 24th, I rolled down and got ready for bed. The eyes and ears scattered around Dingying finally brought us good news.
The enemy brigade has arrived in Cai, and it is expected that it will pass Dingying around the end of the day.
Cai is nearly 60 miles away from here. Considering the speed of the other infantry, maybe we can get rid of them before dinner.
Well, you should rest, too. By the way, there should still be people in Dingying, right?
Yes, the captain and two class brothers stayed in Dingying. He motioned for me to leave.
I have always attached great importance to intelligence investigators, so I specially set up a scout brigade in a compilation reform. Like the general brigade, the staff are 250, and the wellversed Wen Mo Zulie was ordered by the brigade commander to be responsible for military intelligence. Zulie personally became a very good military intelligence spyexcept in a few cases, he was not flexible.
桑拿会所Don’t meet the water and make a halfeffort, I murmured and closed my eyes.
After a wick sweet, I opened my eyes again sister! I forgot to ask the enemy how many horses there are!

At noon the next day, I told the soldiers not to have enough to eat, or their bellies would be too full during the war, but they were afraid that the enemy would run too slowly and delay our dinner. So before going out, everyone took two pieces of bread for emergenciesI brought this cake from Lu Zhi before leaving. Fortunately, it is cold in winter and it will not go moldy for three to five days.
The general has to wake you up … there are few grains of food in the army now. Zhang Ji reported to me.
There’s nothing we can do. After all, we are lying in ambush behind enemy lines. General Lu can’t transport grain in a big way. I said it was understandable. But after noon, we’re done!
He mumbled I hope so and then led a brigade logistics force out of our main force.
Of course, I won’t let the doctor uncle accompany me to the front … This is too talented!
By the way, this logistics brigade belongs to Zhao Chengying. He was very angry at my placement, but I woke him up affectionately. He was also a housekeeper and didn’t want to do anything. He immediately got out of here. He obeyed on the spot and never questioned again.
I have the girl scout brigade, and I have the logistics, too? This is 500 troops
But … Lao Zhao obviously played a mind’s eye. He excused himself that there was no food anyway, so he left Zhang Ji with 50 medical squad members and the remaining 200 people to take away.
I make a compromise. Fifty cavalry can save their lives. It’s really not good. Run north.
Qin array clamored to ruin all the enemy’s posterior roads and volunteered to cross the wooden bridge and ambush in the south bank; I was extremely worried about him and specially arranged for Du Ji to supervise with the camp. Then Li Dian and Ma Dai also led troops to the south bank and the north bank, leaving me and Lao Zhao with three thousand troops.
I just remembered to ask Zulie, How many enemy troops are there?
After learning the multiplication table in 1999, the intelligence brigade brigade commander obviously has a new increase in arithmetic ability about 34,500
More than thirty thousand people? Lao Zhao sighed and shook his head.
why? I smiled. Are you afraid? Oh, by the way, when you attacked Xu Rongshi, you led the infantry in the rear and didn’t participate in our ambush.
Afraid? Ha ha, he stared at me. I’m Lao Zhao! Even if it is 300,000, I have joy!
So you’re not in tune with Qin array … I glanced at him politely and then waved and led the army back into the shelter.
All the soldiers hid their war horses and committed themselves. Everyone has followed me for so many years. Except for the first time when Han Sui was broken, they had to take a brute force. The outside was ambushed, and they gradually got used to this strategic idea. Ambush can greatly reduce their death probability. Why can’t they get along with their own lives?
We never waited for most people to have a good sleep in the bushes …
The grass is always hungry! I regret not having an extra bite at noon, but I didn’t expect my stomach to take the lead in protesting.
Fortunately, the soldiers around us are used to this kind of thing that often happens. They take out bread and dried meat from their horses and chew them.
I reached out and climbed a stout tree, and I had to say that this location was a wonderful choicethe enemy couldn’t see us and we … let alone see them.
After everyone had eaten enough food, Li Dian finally got the message The enemy will
I immediately cheered up and ordered the messenger, I can’t attack until I send troops to the enemy to cross the bridge!
This group of thieves finally wobbled in my sight, and they were worthy of the title of United Uzbekistanafter all, they were just farming at home before, and many people directly picked up hoes and shovels at home and went to the battlefield.