Cai Yanhao came forward to explain that this child … and his father’s closest daughter want to take it from his arms, but it depends on whether his father agrees … you can forget it …

Let’s go to the advanced room … I finally walked into the small hall.
桑拿网In order to coax the hearts of the two old people, I decided to teach my daughter to show weakness. Will you please call grandpa? I pointed to Sigh’s head
Xiao He looked at a face of expectation. Sigh finally gave him a little face Grandpa …
Sigh’s face wrinkled and immediately bloomed in be in heaven, and she planned to reach out and touch her lovely, lovely!
Xiao Yueer looked at me again. What is Grandpa Dad?
Sigh a big hand suddenly froze in half.

Three generations of women, grandparents and grandchildren, were sent to the rear. Cai Yong put on a hearttoheart attitude and said, Dear husband, you moved to Zhao Xiang for only three months, and the old man has been smooth sailing since then. How can this change happen again?
I didn’t answer the rhetorical question, Don’t you know why my fatherinlaw is in Jingluo?
Hi, he sighed. In the end, the old man is just a mere imperial edict. Although there are some students, how dare he be contaminated with real power!
As far as I know, Yuan Shao’s thieves colluded with each other and killed Zhu Xi in the disorderly army. At the same time, they sent people to woo Wei County officials and soldiers to create a plot for me to kill Li Cheng, the satrap of Wei County … I told my fatherinlaw about the general situation. I was’ giving’ Yuan Shao out of the treasury of the State of Zhao in Nai, and invited the court to make a secretariat for him …
Cai Yong grabbed his beard and frowned into a ball. Yuan’s family is a door … Yuan Highway has been trespassed and ruined. Is Yuan Chu so ambitious?
You … what do you call them? I’m not satisfied with geological asked.
Oh! He zheng immediately wry smile yuan brothers in Beijing auxiliary at the beginning of the old this help young people have contacts called for nearly ten years this time I’m afraid I can’t change.
You are an oldtimer and there is no need to care so much about them, right? I scoffed.
Had but noble family old … Cai Yong some wriggle always care about some statecraft.
Today, I still imagine the power of the socalled noble families, although I have realized that the Jizhou gentry almost stubbornly worship Yuan Shao, and of course the representative is Shen Pei.
that’s something I can’t help. I expressed my understanding and shifted the topic to myself. Did I see what the imperial envoy said later in Yecheng City? This is the real point. I should know something about the attitude of the imperial court.
Sigh pondered a little and replied, It’s true that there were envoys who returned to the DPRK and told Zhu Xi about Licheng’s death. At that time, the earthquake in the DPRK was very scary, but at first, opinions were all kinds of speculations … A considerable number of officials recognized that you were guilty this time …
Or two thousand stones called the small toward the secret meeting, I’m sure I’m not qualified to participate … He narrowed his eyes. But later, the scholar Sun Gong told the old man privately that several old ministers felt something was wrong at that time because Yuan Shao had been coming …
I nodded thoughtfully.
On the same day, the old man let you stay in Luoyang, and the soldiers rushed back to the northwest to send messages to your father and visited the DPRK or officials one by one. At first, most of them refused to discuss it in detail, but when Wen and his younger brother came back from Zhao to play hydrophobic for you, the attitude of your officials suddenly changed. Xungong and Yang Gong both told me privately that you wouldn’t be in danger this time, and I would be at ease. Cai Yong shook his head.
I also shook my head. Let me go to Liaodong … to make up with Gongsun Du, the heavily armed overlord of Liaodong. Is this dangerous? !”
… this … He gave a quick laugh. It seems that your father meant it …
I picked up my fist and smashed the front case with one punch.
Cai Yong two heavy eyebrows in a flash with a jump.
6 Jia Xu issue.
Good thing! I burst out three words through my teeth.
So … I was wrong about Yuan Shao? !
Yuan Shao received my 20 million yuan, and I took the initiative to ask the court to seal him up. After the secretariat of Jizhou, I admitted his respect for Jizhou’s status. It is reasonable to say that he should not uproot me … We had no direct conflicts.
Be calm, my dear husband. Cai Yong rushed to hold me down. In fact, it is not only your father’s old husband and Wenhe who think so.
I can’t help but be taken aback. What does this mean? !”
I can understand that Marten was born unhappy when he did this, but Sigh and Jia Xu also agreed with this crazy idea, which really shocked me.
The old lady visited several officials and they also said that this was the best way. I felt that my mood was a little stable. Cai Yong let go of his hands. You don’t think that the DPRK ministers will not notice Jizhou, do you?
I Huo Ran raised my eyes court … don’t have been spent in Jizhou? !” This ….. It’s terrible!
explore? He shook his head. Jizhou is a big state, and there are thousands of petty officials in the National Assembly. How can we tell the origin of the factions?
Since the imperial court knows all about it and there are local officials’ certificates, wouldn’t it be better to directly send troops to destroy Yuan Shao? I questioned.
Cai Yong asked, Can a secret report and empirical evidence convince the sky?
I silently Lombardi borrowed Zhang Yan’s hand to kill Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi’s proguard had already died completely. His son Zhu Wan was the only one who escaped …
Zhu Xiaoer witnessed the war with his father. Can’t he prove it at the end? I almost forgot this person, Zhu Wan, who was escorted by several guards to support Zhu Di’s body and coffin to go home.
I heard about it, too. Cai Yong heaved a sigh of relief. The maharaja has sent someone to pick him up. He will arrive in Beijing in these two days, and it will naturally be an irrefutable evidence.
Benedict, Benedict, Benedict
Someone knocked on the door lightly and slowly.
Into I should be a frowning.
Accompanied by a cool breeze, Jia Xu gathered his robe and entered Is it disturbing the two Tan Xing?