The clippers fans suddenly felt that their team was much better.

Clippers players enter the gambling threepoint stage after the game, and Ji Guo’s humiliation is the first attack point of the team. However, since the word gambling is used, the success rate is naturally not much higher. Ji Guo’s shame hit one of three consecutive threepointers
The score of 3:93 was completely pulled by the fleet!
Chapter seventynine Phoenix sun
Well done, I am proud of you!
After the game, Old Deng Liwei didn’t criticize his players, but instead encouraged the players who were frustrated by losing.
It is not good for nba coaches to study players’ psychology alone.
The final score was 5:95, and the Nuggets beat the Clippers on the road. This result was expected by major media.
Although the Nuggets won, it was not easy for them to win. The two guns never penetrated the Clippers’ paint defense line, and it was up to the stars to play the role of substitute.
Although the reporters have no moral integrity, they also know that the Nuggets are the most unreliable way to win, and they are not happy. Similarly, there is not much to criticize about the Clippers.
After the game, Kan took the initiative to find Ji Guoshi to exchange jerseys.
Little guy, the temperature is a little short, but much better than your neighbor. I like you.
Camby’s words made Ji Guo blush a little. Today, he was bounced back and hardly touched his opponent.
My predecessors taught me many times to meet today and I must repay them well. Ji Guo said with a serious tone and looked very modest.
Camby felt uncomfortable when he heard this. Today, he was not angered by Ji Guo’s shame. It was because Ji Guo’s shame that his little tricks have been greatly restrained since he hurt the rotten tofu. I hate it a little, but it won’t really hurt the other party.
Bad guys and villains are different. Ji Guo’s shame is to become a respected bad guy instead of being spurned by others!
Ji Guo Chou He Iverson exchanged jerseys, which is his idol, and this season should be the answer. Finally, the scary little guy in this league has gone from the peak since last year, just as fast as he became famous.
Big guy, you are very good. I didn’t recognize you two brothers, but your defense made me feel bad. If you had been in the finals, I might have won the championship.
Maybe we will become teammates when we have a chance.
Iverson heard the words and laughed, but they didn’t talk again. They exchanged jerseys.
The two brothers played in the game for 36 minutes. Ji Guoqiu scored 1 point, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocked shots, 6 shots, 3 free throws, 5 shots, 4 shots, 15 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists, 2 blocked shots, 13 shots, 5 threepointers, 6 shots and 2 shots.
Iverson of Nuggets scored 25 points, assisted Anthony 23 points, 6 rebounds, jr Smith 15 points, Kenyon Martin 1 point, 7 rebounds and Camby 1 point and 12 rebounds.
At the press conference after the game, Ji Guoshi was asked by reporters whether he felt difficult facing the Nuggets, and his answer was still arrogant.
I don’t think it’s difficult. I don’t feel good today. I look forward to playing against the Nuggets once, but before that, we will take back the former position.
Ji Guoqiu also said modestly and implicitly in an interview, We are satisfied with our defensive performance, but it is not enough to score points and contribute. We will continue to hone our offensive skills just by defending the same way to win the game.
Old Deng Liwei congratulated the Nuggets after the game, and then praised his brothers. This is not to take care of the players’ feelings after losing. He is really satisfied with his players in this game. I believe that the strength of the team will be even better when they continue to run in for a while, especially when the two brothers attack. If they can make more contributions, it will be the time when they really rise.
After the Clippers Nuggets game, the record became 64 and fell to the ninth place in the West.
The Clippers played a game on November 24, and after they finished the game, they had a day off, and then they went to Phoenix, 6 kilometers away, to challenge the third sun in the west.
The Suns ranked first in the Pacific Division and third in the West with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses.
There are six divisions in the nba, three in the east and three in the west, so the nba has formulated a rule to ensure that at least one team in each division will participate in the playoffs.
According to the rules, the top two leagues in the East and West entered the playoffs, among which the top three in the same league and three in the three divisions were decided according to their achievements, and the remaining five teams ranked according to their respective records.
That is to say, the first place in each division will rarely rank in the top three in the east and west, even if the results are poor, which leads to some strong teams with multidivision teams ranking outside the top three even if they fail to win the first place in the division.
The Clippers and the Suns belong to the Pacific Division, and the teams in the same division will play four times a season and two or three times against teams in other divisions.
I lost the game and came out to have a drink with me, okay? I don’t have any friends in Los Angeles.
Ji Guo was ashamed to send a text message to Taylor Swift in a bleak tone. I didn’t know that he was still depressed. In fact, this king egg was holding a flower flower and smiling at the naked woman Lang.
I have an activity in new york and have arrived at the airport now.
桑拿会所Taylor Swift actually sent back a text message after half a ring. Ji Guo was ashamed to see that the young singer was still angry with him. This was an excuse.
Little bitch is melodramatic, and sooner or later, she will make your belly big to see if you dare to play a small temper then.
In fact, Taylor Swift is really going to fly to new york today. She does have a performance in new york.
Ji Guo shamefully put his mobile phone and Huahuagong in front of the room and Righi Guo Qiu shouted, Boss, go train.
Ji Guoqiu is sitting next to his brain. Today, the team has two hours of simple recovery training. Recently, the schedule is tight. The team is worried that overtraining will affect the physical strength of the players and cause injuries. These days, the training time has been greatly reduced.
Why are you so active today?
What can I do without training?