Let’s go back to the basket again.

Ji Guo’s shame smell speech didn’t think much of throwing basketball into the basket at once …
Although the clippers tactics didn’t work out, after the change of defense, Ji Guo’s enmity was caught in the basket.
Yao was led out by Artest, but Scola didn’t change to Ji Guoqiu for the first time. The Argentine made his first start today and got a tacit understanding with his teammates. He made a fatal mistake at the crucial moment.
Ji Guoqiu jumped high. The Rockets have a Battier who is still defending his brother. Now no one can stop him.
Clippers fans saw that the panda warrior caught the basketball with both hands and slammed it against the basket …
They can’t remember how many times the two brothers relay in today’s performance. It’s always the relay in the most crucial attack of the game!
The basket was devastated today. Ji Guoqiu scored a key goal with a doublehanded slam.
The score was 5:2, and the Clippers led the Rockets by 3 points in the last 31 seconds.
Adelman called for the last time to suspend the Rockets at the critical moment. Even though Adelman didn’t like McGrady very much, he chose to give them the most critical shot.
The Rockets’ key attack is not as varied as the Clippers’, that is, the combination of Yao and Mai’s pickandroll cooperation, which is the simplest and most efficient attack mode of the Rockets.
Timeout is over. Both teams return to the field.
桑拿会所TMac played this attack very fast. It seems that they want to grab another attack and get another attack opportunity. It turns out that they are too greedy. TMac can play so hard that he can end his opponent without picking and rolling himself. But at this time, TMac can’t make a hasty shot with Yao’s cover …
thud basketball smashed out of the basket!
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at playing basketball and want to fly by himself. His eyes were green.
This guy still thinks that he has a basketball in his eyes and stretches his arm to compete for this rebound …
Just as his horse touched the basketball, another big hand touched the basketball first and then grabbed it into his arms.
Ji Guo was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood after landing that he had the impulse to reach out to his brother’s arms to grab the ball.
Mom, you’ve already had two pairs. I just need one rebound. You’re such a king!
Ji Guoqiu was too lazy to pay attention to his hands and held the basketball in his arms. The Rockets players quickly fouled him.
When the referee blew the foul whistle, Ji Guoqiu was used to answering.
Look, you said I was rounding up an integer, and now I have 15 rebounds, which is so beautiful.
Clippers players turned blue when they saw Ji Guo’s shame and he was injured in rebounding. Artest asked, What’s wrong with you?
JiGuo shame face a kua hate said, I’m not comfortable all over, especially the heart …
Artest doesn’t understand what it means, but he doesn’t care if there is nothing wrong with his legs and feet when he walks.
Ji Guoqiu’s free throw basket is slightly worse than his younger brother’s, but he also has a free throw percentage close to 9%. This online player is a top hit, and even in the whole nba, his free throw percentage can rank first.
The score of two free throws was 7:2, and the Rockets lost the chance to win.
The clippers beat the powerful rockets at home, which surprised most people.
The Rockets stormed a threepointer after two penalties, and missed the game again, completely losing the suspense.
After the attack failed, Houston people were too lazy to make the foul tactic Brevin Knight dribble to the frontcourt until the end of the game
The referee blew the final whistle, and the Clippers ended all the games in November with a victory in the cheers of the home fans. Their record was 55.
Ji Guoqiu played 37 minutes, contributed 17 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocked shots, and was selected as the best player after the game.
Ji Guo made 25 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocked shots, 17 shots, 1 3pointers, which is not inferior to his brother.
Other Clippers players Artest scored 15 points, Mobry scored 12 points, Posey scored 1 point and Brevin Knight scored 1 point.
Rockets Yao scored 31 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, McGrady scored 19 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, Scola scored 16 rebounds, Alston scored 12 points and 6 assists and Battier scored 1 point.