Those two people are not ordinary, so we are peers, right? Fang Huabo nodded and said that when starting a business, they were all really the same starting line with different directions. They created a platform that almost reshuffled the sales industry, and the expanding scale has made many people feel shocking. Needless to say, they have started to expand their business, and the progress is not bad. This banquet can be seen that Qin Wei came among the two people.

You look at Qin Wei’s attitude with night Shinohara and take a closer look. The man ordered and gently pecked at champagne.
Fang Huabo, a friend, noticed Qin Wei’s move. After chatting with some people for a while, he walked to the night Shinohara’s side and bumped into the glass. The two of them smiled and talked, and their manners were relaxed. They didn’t look like others, but they had frequent private contacts and didn’t know what to say. Qin Wei took out his mobile phone and showed it to the night Shinohara. After watching it, Qin Wei patted his forehead and laughed.
They … That idea is really terrible, and here …
Aye aye, you don’t entertain foolish ideas. How could they? You, I wonder how your company did it? Friends around him dragged him aside and looked around. A cold sweat on his back was heard. Isn’t that death? Don’t talk about others, Liu Wen will have to kill himself first.
Fang Huabo felt a little embarrassed this time. I’m sorry.
桑拿论坛Come on, outsiders like you are not the first person in this circle to know that it’s nonsense. Qin Wei used to be Liu Wen’s special assistant. Liu Xiangyang used to be the department manager of Night Shinohara. It’s all capable of playing a ruthless role. To say that Night Shinohara is young, but it’s not unreasonable for people in the circle to look up. If people can do this, it’s not what ordinary people can do.
How do you say? Fang Huabo is very curious. He never knew that his mysterious investor was so powerful … never imagined it!
Qin Wei and Liu Xiangyang companies are founded and operated one year later, and the company is on the right track. At night, Shinohara takes the initiative to take a back seat and give them some shares in the company, so that they can become the largest shareholder of the company and push them to the boss position with one hand. Do you think the ordinary people can have this courage? No one can give it to outsiders for others, right? The friend looked at the night and looked at Xiao Yuxi’s direction with admiration.
Fang Huabo was also shocked, but it was difficult for anyone to do it. But it was also said that the night Shinohara Greek people can rest assured that those who follow her can dare to believe in new ideas. She still has many precautions against her in her own heart, but now he is really careful and his face suddenly feels feverish.
Don’t underestimate this woman. Although she doesn’t have much movement on her face, no one believes that she can be so really content with the status quo. It is because some of her actions may not have been discovered yet, and it is necessary to uncover the answer.
Fang Huabo didn’t talk, but he invested in his company as an investor at night. It’s absolutely rich just for his family to create profits now. He doesn’t know how many companies he has invested, but if she is really as lucky as she said, then her investment profits … I can’t imagine that suddenly he is glad that he can take her lucky boat, and maybe he will get lucky with her …
Suddenly, Fang Huabo’s eyes blinked back, and he was still at the meeting place. His eyes looked at the soft night outside, and he quickly perked up and smiled.
I think that Fang Huabo, who has seen all kinds of experiences, is full of confidence in the future. He just doesn’t believe in himself, but also believes in this beloved blessed by God …
Miss night, how did you come? Do you want to arrange a car to send you? After the meeting, Huabo came over politely.
Don’t bother, I’ll take a taxi. Shinohara smiled at night. She actually gave him the answer on the spot. This person is very talented and has a clear mind. If he dares to do something, he is definitely worthy of support. But now he still needs to sharpen it. It’s like Liu Wen’s encouragement and a little help to correct himself to make her walk so smoothly and so high. She gives back to this person by knowing that future memories take the lead. She wants to help him build a solid kingdom and make him mature again.
Miss Night’s meeting today … Fang Huabo was impatient, and he was in urgent need of support from Xiao Yu Xi at night.
You’re not in a hurry to say that today, I need to go back and study it wellyou know that my work is very rational, and it also involves the interests of other shareholders. I can’t be irresponsible because of my own sex … I’ll give you an answer every day. Ye Xiaoxi calmly said that she just wanted to sharpen his other sex.
Well, then, Fang Huabo nodded. I’ll drive over where you live and I’ll see you off after the meeting is over.
Uh … Night Shinohara said that it was not good to be eager or to keep people away, so she nodded her head and told him where she lived.
Yesterday, they stayed at the hotel. Just now, they received a text message from Liu Wen saying that the local government had arranged the guest house. They took all the things in the past. She just went there directly.
That’s good. Fang Huabo looked at his watch and drove the car over. The road looked like he was going to the place. Fang Huabo turned to look at Ye Xiaoxi and decided to fight for another one. He sincerely said, Miss Ye, if you are late, can we meet?
Night Shinohara wanted to look at this side, Hua Bo was somewhat uneasy, looking forward to the refusal, or made a turn in his mouth and didn’t say it. Then wait for my words. If there is no problem, I will contact you.
This is really great. I’ll take all the time out. If it’s convenient for you sometimes, thank you, Miss Ye. Thank you very much. Then I’ll go back first and don’t keep you busy. Bye! Fang Huabo said politely that he finally felt relieved and his heart felt less awkward.
Well, Night Shinohara nodded her head. She wanted to discuss this matter with Liu Wen. Hua Bo was anxious. She could understand that if this matter was settled, she would have finished coming here.
Thought of here night Shinohara face with a smile.
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☆ Xiao Xi was arrested on the 23rd night.
At the hostel night, Shinohara said according to Liu Wen that the room should go back to rest first, and made a message to go back and talk with Xiaoye for a long time. Although he didn’t say much, he just listened to his mother’s long mother’s short call, and his heart was soft and became a pool of spring water. It was like kissing that little marshmallow when he returned to Kyoto.
Towards evening, Wencai Liu returned to the hostel and looked around and shrugged his shoulders. This place really can’t be compared with the hotel. I thought about taking a bath with the mandarin duck today, but I was thinking about nothing when I looked at the things in the room!
Night shinohara didn’t good the spirit gave her a cross again? You can have a rest. I just took a nap. Aren’t you tired?
Ha ha ha ….. I don’t know how happy I am to have a wife with me. I was busier than this when I was on a business trip before. Now I just feel refreshed when I don’t sleep with you. Liu Wen stretched out his arm and put his hand around the night’s shoulders and sighed like a home child.
Night Shinohara clenched his hand and rubbed his face gently for a long time. They looked at each other quietly and smiled. Their eyes were touching and gently close to their lips. Finally, they bonded together for a long time, panting. Liu Wenxiao made a sound and hugged the night Shinohara. The strength was heavier.
Night Shinohara covered her hot face and calmed down for a while. She thought of Fang Huabo’s invitation and told him about it by Liu Wenshen.
You mean the enterprise network industry? Liu Wen picked his eyebrows and was shocked. Although he was not involved in the Internet industry, he controlled such a big enterprise. He had a big game in his heart. These jumped out like a dark horse. Liu Wen also studied and pondered the future development direction of his company. Fang Huabo really didn’t have a longterm vision. It seems that he has two brushes when he can go to this point.
Do you think it is feasible for him to focus on the development and promotion of enterprise networks in the future? Night Xiao Yuxi frowned. Although you have the answer in your heart, she still has a little worry. What if her butterfly wings are tilted?
It’s a little funny for Liu Wen to see her frowning. This girl sometimes really doesn’t understand her. To tell the truth, she is very admired secretly. It’s really like Fang Huabo. On many occasions, Fang Huabo, an anonymous Bole, is not optimistic, as if gold was found in the yellow sand desert. What did she choose for that, like stone gold? How can she be sure that the stone will be polished into dazzling gold nuggets?
Sometimes she is extremely confident, but often when things get good, she is so uncertain and contradictory that he can’t understand it, so he asks, Little girl, don’t ask me what you think? Speak your mind boldly. Although you look thrilling along the way, sometimes you think it’s risky to ask for expensive, but you’ve been walking on the ground for another person on this road.
Me? Night shinohara Heaton paused can I do it? I’m not a tinker bell. I’m not familiar with that field. Now it’s beyond my expectation. I suddenly want to change the direction of future development. I’m also a little bit conservative like those old shareholders. Hahahaha … If Fang Huabo heard this, he was estimated to vomit blood. But he was unwilling to try something new. After that, Xiao Yuxi Tantan’s hand smiled a little proud and tangled.
Liu Wen spoiled and patted her on the shoulder and said, Don’t you find it? Are you different now from the one who didn’t care about all the energy at night? You started from scratch and experienced Miao Miao leaving a rotten stall for you. At that time, it didn’t kill you, but it made you more courageous and worked hard all the way to the end to create such a big enterprise. Later, you helped Qin Wei and them to create a company to invest in stocks and businesses. You have done a lot. You have matured and I am honored!
I’m not so good. Night Shinohara blushed and covered Liu Wen’s mouth. I will be proud if you say that again.
In my eyes, you are so good to be proud of! Liu Wenwang looked into her eyes and said, I am deeply sure that although they are husband and wife, they are also comradesinarms, allies and inseparable partners who know each other best.