What big picture? Qin captain did not know.

I explained, We all suspect that Yuan Shao set me up …
He pie mouth out lombardi not finished? !”
I zheng words are good, but we don’t have the strength at the same time, Zhang Yan and Yuan Shao are enemies. Although Zhang Yan mobs belong to Uzbekistan, their fighting capacity is low, but after all, the socalled 200,000member human wall can block my butch riding … We don’t have the confidence to destroy him without any damage and then face the rest Yuan Shao Bohai Army.
No, said Zhu Wan, wiping away tears, My father’s staff has not been completely destroyed … if I go to recruit … maybe I can gather 10 or 20 thousand troops.
I am overjoyed that it would be much easier if it were true!
Qin Zhen was equally overjoyed. Then kill Yuan Shao!
No, Cheng Yu immediately poured a pot of cold water. This is by no means a wise move.
why? I asked him for advice.
Cheng Yu, the old husband of Zhu Gong, handed Zhu Wan a hand. What was the situation when your father was killed first?
I have forgotten to ask this question …
Zhu Maru surrendered in return. As battalion commander Qin said, at that time, our army was fighting against each other in Zhang Yan, and Zhang Yanjun had already shown defeat. My father ordered my overseer to pursue the thieves, and he himself was in the rear army …
How many men and horses are there in the rear army? Cheng Yu asked
Five thousand, Zhu Maru replied, Among them, one thousand archers and five hundred Qingqi.
Cheng Yu nodded. What happened next?
I was in the overseers to kill when suddenly the guards told me that the flag department of the rear army was missing … I just wanted to retreat and observe the situation, so the cavalry brigade dispersed our army …
So … you didn’t see your father killed? Cheng Yu stretched out his hand to stroke his beard.
I secretly nodded that Zhu Di may not have died. If Zhu Di is still alive, everything is still alive!
Zhu Wan bowed his head. I … have retrieved my father’s body …
桑拿会所Cheng Yu’s hand stopped. … I’m too optimistic. Wen and Lao Di He turned to see Jia Xu.
Jia Xu sink a way, this is before I used to speculate, I guess the worst outcome is that Zhu Cishi was killed.
before? I asked
When Zhang Yan besieged yuanshi county
Why didn’t you tell me at that time? If I retreat, maybe I can avoid Zhu Xi’s death!
He calmly replied, How can you believe that even I consider its worst ending?
I can sigh after recalling it. That’s right. At that time, it seemed that we were still taking turns to camp. The situation was excellent, and Zhu Xi’s troops were not at a disadvantage. We were prepared to rescue Li Cheng and then help the secretariat.
I didn’t expect … Both of them didn’t come …
Now that we have determined that the opponent is Yuan Shao, don’t you March immediately? Ma Dai questioned, Just now, Duke Zhu also said that he can recruit the secretariat staff and it will also significantly enhance our military strength.
Didn’t also come freeze and Jia Xu shook their heads.
Don’t delay, gentlemen. I decided to wake them up. Their average IQ was over 15.
Know Jia Xu gave me a look. Even if you can think of the surprise attack plan, it is impossible to destroy Zhu Xi’s elite troops in a short time, and a large number of cavalry can’t afford Zhang Yan alone.
I’m intrigued, and there is …
Jia Shu means … Cheng Wu reacted first Yuan Shao helped him? !”
Jia Xu looked at it and didn’t respond. Jia Mu shook his head slightly. What Yuan Shao has led the army to Changshan? Will he allow us to slowly raise the secretariat staff?
Zhu Wan was at a loss. So … what should I do?
Jia Xu slowly spit out a few words, There is a tendency to defect.
In addition to freeze all face white for three points.