The referee showed Bella a yellow card, which was the third person in Paraguay to get a yellow card. Santa Cruz got the card because he knocked down Huang Bowen in the countergrab at half time.

This Italian goal is not very helpful to China, because Paraguay’s overall defense is in place and it is far from the goal, so it is not easy to risk letting the players in the middle and back court attack with set pieces.
The game is still in a stalemate.
It is difficult for Paraguay to create an excellent scoring opportunity in the penalty area.
They benefited Benitez’s personal breakthrough ability, but still had little effect.
In the 62 nd minute of the game, Benitez made a breakthrough on the side. He broke through Zhao Junzhe but was intercepted in Sun Ji’s coastal defense.
At least Sun Jihai worked hard in the Premier League, and he did a good job in joint defense.
When the 69th minute of the game came, China team was ready to change players, while Qin Xiong was dribbling slowly.
Perhaps it is because of Han Peng’s longterm invisibility that Paraguay’s defense against him has dropped.
This made Qin Xiong seize the opportunity to take the ball directly to the penalty area.
Han Peng obliquely runs forward and inserts da Silva behind him. When no one is watching, Han Peng stops the ball with his back to the goal, then pulls the ball and turns around to prepare for shooting. At this time, he goes back to the restricted area and tackles da Silva headon.
Han Peng poked the ball forward and was shoveled to the ground by da Silva!
喝茶约茶  title=Han Peng immediately raised his hands and shouted at the referee after he fell.
Foul! He fouled!
However, the referee ignored it, which made the China fans in the stands fry the pot and sent out a frantic plea to put pressure on the referee.
Han Peng fell into the penalty area and was met by da Silva, but the referee didn’t give us a penalty. Maybe it was because football was out of Han Peng’s control, but it must be a controversial penalty.
In the dead ball state, Qin Xiong ran to the referee’s theory. He was full of momentum, but the referee did not go in and exchanged a few words with Qin Xiong and took the initiative to leave.
Captain Qin Xiong naturally wants to come out at this time, but he can’t change anything
Ali Han also communicated with the fourth official on the sidelines, which caused dissatisfaction among the Paraguayan coaching team. The two sides even had an altercation on the sidelines.
The referee had to stop the game and come to the sidelines to calm down the incident, each playing 50 boards and giving a warning before playing again.
China team substitution.
Zhang Pengfei yard replaces Zhao Junzhe.
Shao Jiayi replaced Huang Bowen!
China changed two players at a time and both of them stepped up their offense.
China’s consumption of Paraguay in the first seven minutes is part of the strategic link.
It is also an established tactic to exert strength in 7 minutes.
Based on the draw, China has now played a real trump card.
Force attack is about to break out
Paraguay really felt like a successor at halftime.
Especially after Qin Xiong threatened to deliver the ball to Han Peng, they became timid
China’s offensive gradually started, and Qin Xiong came to the middle to act as the front waist.
In the 73rd minute of the game, Paraguay organized an attack in the frontcourt. Liu Yi intercepted Santa Cruz and Liu Yi directly intercepted the ball. Then Liu Yi went straight to the frontcourt.
Behind Qin Xiong, Bella Riveros forced Qin Xiong to stop the ball and directly swept the ball to the flank. When the football reached Zhang Pengfei’s foot, he immediately dribbled sturm und drang.
As soon as the China team attacked, people saw new changes.
The flank attack is gaining momentum!
Before and after Zhang Pengfei pushed the offensive to the restricted area, Han Peng made a twoone and then cut the ball into the restricted area, no matter how many shooting angles there were, he slammed the door directly!
This ball scared the Paraguayan team out of their wits, because it felt like they were going to play the world wave just listening to Zhang Pengfei’s banging on the door!
Unfortunately, the football finally hit the goal net.
Zhang Pengfei was full of energy just now. Although he scored a goal, this choice is debatable. Maybe he should have played the ball or adjusted it again. It is not surprising that the ball hit the side net at a small angle.
Paraguay’s offensive ended in two minutes. They made a mistake!