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Her chest is warm and warm, and occasionally she feels distressed, which once again makes Lu’s eyes warm.

Chu Heng looked at Lu You seriously and continued, "Lu You was injured in a Tang poem in our hospital last night and was sent to the hospital by Mo. At that time, she was already in a coma. She walked by herself before holding her. You think a stranger is injured, and we can’t sit back and watch. Don’t let her get hurt because she is a Tang poem. No matter if her life is in danger, Mo is an indifferent accomplice. Besides, Mo should take this responsibility. I am not partial to anyone but look at things objectively."
He felt it necessary to say these words to make Lu Youbai more reasonable.
"Tang poetry, she is really bad for the ink heart. This kind of mind is not because of your appearance, but more than ten years ago. She has always had feelings for ink. She is trying to chase him. She wants to be an ink wife, but after a trip to China, you become Mrs. Lin. She has been thinking about her lover for more than ten years and thus belongs to others! The gap in her heart can be imagined! This kind of loss can only be experienced. "Chu Heng analyzed the truth. I want Lu You not to misunderstand Lin Mo-chen." Of course, I’m not saying that Tang poetry is for me and I don’t like such entangled people. I think it’s best to pick it up and put it away, but emotional things can’t even be controlled by her. What you can do is to love each other so that no one can get in the middle of you. "
"Lu sorrow those ink and Tang poetry love as ever photos are fake Tang poetry ten-year-old adult ceremony hosted a lot of people in addition to ink and ink brother Ze Heyang and Gu Nanqing and me … they didn’t get along with each other alone, but they just want to benefit from these blows and disperse you. If you believe the truth, then you are in the other party’s plan! If you give up, you will win without fighting for convenience! For you, losing will be a beautiful marriage that loves your husband. Do you think it is worth it? "
"This war is better than a strong psychological endurance. Come on, I think it’s you."
Chu Heng’s jade-like face is full of shallow smiles to encourage and support her.
品茶论坛He has never been a meddler, but he has never seen Lin Mo-chen so interested in a woman and willing to go into a marriage siege, which has already said the importance of worrying about his heart.
He doesn’t want to be lonely all the time. After his friends lost their worries, the day became darker and colder than before.
"Thank you, Doctor Chu." Lu You smiled back at him.
Chuheng shook his head and said goodbye to him, so he took Li Mei to take a taxi home.
Chuheng watched them leave until the car shadow disappeared in the car sea, and he turned around and saw Lin Mo-chen coming in a few steps.
"Lu sorrow and aunt have left" ChuHeng told him.
"Well," Lin Mochen replied softly, "She should be in a mess now. Let her be quiet."
Then he turned and prepared to go to the inpatient department.
Chu Heng stopped him behind him. "Are you going to find Tang poetry?"
"I believe this matter can’t be separated from her." Lin Mo-chen is long and slim, and her eyebrows are engraved with the words "Let a woman be crazy and elegant." This matter was bitten by her, which made Lu You suffer a great injustice. I must solve it in the shortest time, otherwise the promotion of public opinion will become more and more chaotic. "
"Tang poetry is deeply hidden." Chu Heng couldn’t imagine that once a beautiful princess with a pure smile would have such a calculation.
"People change," sighed Lin Mo-chen. "The more beautiful things look, the most deadly poison."
"There is your grandfather behind the Tang poetry. Grandpa Lin has always been ruthless and strong, otherwise it will not cause your parents’ tragedy, and the Tang poetry will not be so easy to give up. She is your grandfather’s single-handedly training and raising Lin’s family. Even if she didn’t learn one hundred percent, she has fifty percent. Grandpa Lin taught you that if you want to be strong, you must seize it by hook or by crook!" Chu Heng expressed sympathy for him. "I wish you luck."
"Tang poetry was raised by my grandfather, but don’t forget that I am the real Lin family. Will you and I be weak? I don’t want to let her see my bloody side with Lu’s sorrow. I’m afraid she will be afraid, so I converge, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten how to be cruel. "Lin Mochen strode forward on the leaves.
Lin Mo-chen’s whole body exudes sen’s cold breath, which makes people fear.
This is the real Lin Mo-chen, which makes people afraid and powerful.
When Lin Mo-chen arrived at the Tang poetry ward, he raised his hand and tapped on the door.
Footsteps rang and someone opened the door from the inside.
Two people looking at each other are zheng.
Lin Mo Chen looked at the door, Lin Mo Yang, who also stared at Lin Mo Chen closely.
The four eyes are entangled with each other, and the sparks are slightly splashed.
Lin Mo-chen’s eyes are inky, but Lin Mo-chen’s pond bottom Yinzhu doesn’t mean to get out of the way and let Lin Mo-chen in.
Lin Mo-chen slightly raised his thin lips and just came to the Tang poetry to ask, "Who is Mo Yang? Is it Mo Chen? "
Tang poetry is not an induction, but she has been looking forward to the return of Lin Mo-chen.
"Tang poetry is me" Lin Mochen answered her.
"Ink minister is it really you? Ink Yang let ink minister come in "Tang poetry sounded irrepressible excitement.
Lin Mo Chen saw that the door was still motionless. Lin Mo Chen picked his eyebrows at him. "Tang poetry let me in."
Lin Mo Yang had to back off two steps to let Lin Mo Chen enter the ward.