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"You are smart and seemingly casual, but you lean out of the palace. It is known that the more smart people are, the longer they tend to live. Even if the emperor dotes on your palace now, you can be killed."

In the bedroom, it was quiet for a full cup of tea before listening to Zhuang Guifei’s cold mouth. At this time, she had put away all her mixed thoughts and suddenly calmed down like a different person.
Shui Yun-hibiscus also finally made a deep evaluation of her: "People are rigorous and thoughtful." This calculation is by no means that a few words of provocation can make her lose her heart and expose the clues. Such people are really difficult to deal with and powerful, and they will also plan if they provoke her again, but they are afraid that she will do something bad for Lan Wangfu.
Especially the mother princess. She has been kind to her mother princess for so many years. Her hatred is so strong that she didn’t send her mother princess. It’s not like her sex.
It is reasonable to say that what she hates most should be the mother princess or her scruples about her sisters, but these are not the reasons that can make her stop. What kind of thoughts has she had?
This is where I can’t figure it out.
"The empress is serious, Yunxi, but it is just a matter of looking up to her father’s affection for her mother’s princess. How can it not be desirable for the empress to never think about it?"
"I was young, and I didn’t yearn for the palace. I know that you are not easy to dispel the doubts in the palace. However, when you enter Lingfei Palace, you can see that the palace hates you, which makes the palace angry and exposes the results you want to see. But if you can spy on the palace for a few minutes, you can do whatever you want, then you are wrong. The palace has means to make your life worse."
Zhuang Guifei’s dark eyes emit sharp eyes, which seem to be easy to get prey.
按摩It’s better to let her play a little clever by herself than to let her be implicated in Lanwang Mansion or Mother Princess. The more she feels that her mind is being spied, the easier it is for her to expose her sexual crisis head. There will always be more reasons for her to take the initiative, so Huangfuda won’t appear passive.
"Empress is intelligent and observant, so it’s not enough to play games in front of you."
"You don’t like you from the beginning. You don’t like Ningxiang or those delicate noble families as seen in the palace. From the first time in the palace, I thought you would be the nemesis of the palace. Now it seems that you are right. You make it even more difficult for you to leave you in the maze. Think about it yourself."
Zhuang Guifei’s calm tone is superior to proudly, but she has never been shy about her dislike of Shuiyunjin, so that she can see that the flaw can’t be so much, which can make her retreat.
"That empress is to admit that someone else in her heart has loved Huangfuda for years only to make up for the lack in her heart. Now Huangfuda, like his father, makes the empress feel despair and humiliation again before she can kill Yunfu, so Yunfu can understand that it is your mother princess."
"Shut up, you don’t have to test the palace’s mind. It’s time for you to stop. It’s the most important thing to know how to be a man." ZhuangGuiFei Shirley interrupted.
Shuiyunjin smiled gently. "The truth is that my empress has a deep hatred for you. What you mean is nothing more than the deep affection of the man in Lanwangfu. In this case, you don’t witness it again. You have seen half of it. This time, you can’t see if this world is a dream of a couple or a girl."
ZhuangGuiFei followed to laugh some wantonly "you want the palace to let you go"
"That’s not true. Say I bet."
Shuiyunjin’s smile at the corner of her mouth means that she added, "Don’t the empress want to see who can get what she wants in the end, even if many obstacles remain unchanged? If I lose, I won’t do it myself, and I will disappear by myself."
Zhuang Guifei seems to be in the mood, too, with a thick smile on her eyebrows. Obviously, she heard the joke, "It’s good to be tit for tat, and now it’s up to you. You’re not bad. If you are Shuiyunjin, the palace may give you more honor. Now it’s a pity that since you want to bet on that palace, you’d better remember that you’ll take the initiative to leave this game with Da ‘er if you promise to lose, but you won’t die too soon to make the palace feel interesting."
"Thank you, Empress, for caring about Yunxi, which is bound to make you live longer. Even if you don’t satisfy Empress’s wish, Yunxi wants to see if I am lucky or if Empress can always go so high." Shuiyun’s supercilious mouth always overflows with a cool smile.
"Palace wiping eyes will make you see one thing. All men in the world are fickle. What you see is that the conjugal love between husband and wife is not a fact. Now it’s also a moment for Lao Er to spoil you. You’re tired of waiting for him. You’re not favored by Hou Fu. Now it’s just so much. Even if he doesn’t change, there are some things that he can’t control. There are ways to make him have to change. You will know how bad your luck is."
Zhuang Guifei is smiling, but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, and she is bloodthirsty and cold.
ShuiYunXi so-called picked his eyebrows "that’s as the empress wishes. Let’s all look at the empress. Since she is tired, YunXi won’t bother to leave."
Words fall and my feet are about to walk out of the bedroom.
Behind again to ZhuangGuiFei sound "when did you see"
ShuiYunJin footsteps lived back and smiled gently. "Empress can remember YunJin drew a picture in the hall that day. What did Empress YunJin see in the picture at that time?
Mother princess once said that after many years, there is a picture in the picture scroll of the empress, and there is a picture in the mother princess’s room that has been treasured for many years. Mother princess also said that there is also a picture in the empress’s room, and I think it should all be from the same person. "
It is said that Zhuang Guifei’s cold eyes seem to be stained with thick frost. It turned out to be the painting. At that time, she saw that the painting was not from the same person, but she saw that the memory of the picture was as cold as a flood many years ago. She had already forgotten to disguise her mood. "What about Lao Er?"
"It’s not only a private speculation that you haven’t been personally admitted by the empress, but also a nonsense." Does the smile on the corners of your mouth mean anything?
"Aren’t you afraid that the palace will kill you?" Zhuang Guifei’s eyes shrank.
Now all the difficulties are temporary, girls. Don’t worry
Yao Yao da:
Chapter 39 You heard it all.
"Even if I rot in my stomach, the empress will not leave me alone now."
"That’s not necessarily" ZhuangGuiFei is eyebrow.
Shuiyunjin chuckled, "Then thank you for your kindness. Yunjin values her life very much. This life can threaten the empress."