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Han Minxia is optimistic about the excitement in the corner. Seeing that the private detective in the hidden crowd has been madly videotaping, his hands are shaking with excitement, and his heart is constantly shouting "A little closer, a little closer, hug and kiss …"

Who knows a second …
"ah!" Iffany was dumped on the ground.
Screaming and dropping glasses made all eyes in the bar gather in the past.
Han Minxia also dumbfounded this … This Yu Xiaoer how so don’t understand passion! Although dressed up a little gaudy, she is also a beautiful woman!
Yu Chengyan disliked brushing his clothes as if he had been touched by how dirty they were, and then he put his hands into his trouser pockets and walked step by step toward Han Minxia’s desk with long legs.
Han Minxia’s eyes suddenly widened after seeing him getting closer and closer.
品茶Come on, she’s dressed like this. Can she still be recognized by him?
Yu Chengyan was about to walk to the front when he suddenly stopped.
Han Minxia’s palms were sweating, and he put his cell phone on, trying to calm his expression and then slowly getting up …
Because of her, she wants to run away
Then another woman appeared beside Yu Chengyan.
Xiao Yi Yu Xiao Er Yu Xiao Er helps Mr. Han get a monthly ticket.
Yu Chengyan called Yu barrister!
Xiao yiyu, a barrister, asks for a monthly pass
Yu Chengyan is good.
Primary one. And then what?
Yu Chengyan rushed into the top 2 of the monthly ticket list to send tickets and leave a message. Sister has the opportunity to be turned over by me.
Xiao Yi wants to be turned over by Yu Xiaoer, so hurry up and give a monthly ticket to Mr. Han and Xiao Xiaoer! If you want to be turned over, you can turn over your message and say ha! After entering the top 2, draw a lucky girl and be turned over by Yu Xiaoer! There is no such store after this village ~
Yu Chengyan …
☆, 154 Han said twenty-nine years old virgin.
"Cheng Yan?" RanTong confirmed for a long time before calling out this name.
I can’t help it. It’s rare to meet him outside the courts and lawyers’ offices. There are still some people who don’t dare to admit it
Yuchengyan screwed up his eyebrows, and slightly to her.
"Is it really you? How? Do you need help? " Rantong took a chilly look at the end of his eyes when he was talking, and he was climbing up from the ground iffany.
Yu Chengyan picked an eyebrow and squinted slightly at the position in the corner. When he reached his mouth, he changed his mouth to "good".
Ran Tong smiled and went over with a tacit understanding to hold his arm and his lips. He almost whispered to his ear, "I just made an appointment with several colleagues to drink in the box and go and sit together later?"
Yu Chengyan sipped his thin lips. "No, there are things to be busy."
"ok, then I’ll help you solve this Hua Hudie first." Rantong turned her head, stretched out her hand, pulled her long straight hair down and pointed it at iffany, who she wanted to go with? "
Iffany looked at the woman in front of her, the beige knitted dress outlined her proud shemale, charming figure, light purple high-heeled shoes, beautiful and dusty facial features, and white leather, long waist and black straight hair … If it weren’t for that sentence, the whole person was really full of fairy tales.
Consciousness iffany glanced at Yu Chengyan again. The strength that this man pushed himself just now was really great. She was not merciful at all because she was a woman.
Now this woman looks like a light cloud, but she is also a romantic occasion, and she can see at a glance that she is not a good person.
In particular, the words "Bai Lianhua" and "green tea bitch" are written on the dress and eyes.
Bite my teeth iffany still chose to turn around and leave in a hurry.
Han Minxia saw one leng one leng in the corner. How did this iffany get cold feet? And who is that beautiful woman who is so close to Yu Xiaoer?
I’ve already left the sofa and suddenly sat back. Forget it. Now that iffany has run away, she’ll "be a donkey" and see what this woman has to do with Yu Xiaoer. Anyway, if she cheats on him, who is the heroine in the photo?
Ran Tong smiled and put his arm around his chest when he saw iffany running away. "You owe me a favor when people leave."
Yu Chengyan also smiled at the end and looked at the corner casually and said, "I’ll let Lu San invite you to dinner another day."
RanTong skimming the lip "a little sincerity? I don’t want to see that pair of bad kings and concubines. "
Yu Chengyan said faintly, "But I promised my wife not to accompany his woman to eat alone."
RanTong "…"
Why does this sound so unpleasant? The most disgusting thing since the divorce is to show love in front of others!
She slowly exhaled and said slowly, "Why don’t you invite me and meet some colleagues in the box?"
Yu Chengyan followed her instructions and looked at the location of the balcony building in the past, which seemed inconvenient …
"Louba" Yu Chengyan’s sharp eyebrows are full of indifference. "I don’t want to see my colleagues when I am private."