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Of the three skill points, Lu Wenbin naturally added 19 points of creativity to 2 points of "genius" players.

After Lu Wenbin Stadium, there will be more and more talented kicks, just like Ronaldinho.
However, the success rate of Lu Wenbin’s ball, shot and breakthrough will be higher than Ronaldinho’s. After watching Lu Wenbin play football, it will become an art enjoyment, and Lu Wenbin will attract more and more fans.
There are 25 skill points left. Lu Wenbin spent 24 points to increase the defensive potential value from 77 to 719, and then added the current defensive ability value casually.
Lu Wenbin’s personal data changed after finishing adding points.
Host Lu Wenbin
Chinese nationality
Age 21 years old
Height 12
Weight kg
Club Real Madrid
Grade 19
Experience 14.742 million
Skill Point
Shoot 22
Ball 22
The tape 22
Speed 22
Physique 22
Heading 22
Long shot 22
Defense 19
Gatekeeper 15
约茶Vision 22
Ball running 22
Injury Proneness
Creativity 2
Judgment 2
Special skills 1, advanced leader aura; 2, Italian ball advanced
Lu Wenbin’s skill base is full except goalkeeping, defense and Italian ball.
Lu Wenbin’s defense can also be topped up if he wants to win the King’s Cup final in a few days.
Lu Wenbin can add all the goalkeepers’ attributes to winning the sixth championship and defending the Champions League next season, and it is no problem to make a guest appearance as a goalkeeper occasionally.
There are too many skill points needed for Italian ball, and when it is enough, you can add it or complete the annual six-crown championship, and you can get 5 skill points at one time to upgrade Italian ball from advanced to master.
Anyway, Lu Wenbin doesn’t have much pursuit at the club level now. Yes, he played the game, earned skill points and then returned to the national team to fight for football in China.
To complete the five triple crowns, enlist the main lines of the five major European league clubs and get the full aura of on-the-spot status, China team’s performance will definitely get an earth-shaking rise and then stimulate the people of the country to play football and make China a big football country.
That night, all kinds of media in various countries around the world reported in great length that Real Madrid won the 10th Champions League in the club’s history and that Lu Wenbin scored 72 goals to become the all-time champion of the Champions League.
Real Madrid completed 10 Champions League records and became the most European club.
Tenth Champions League in Ten Years Real Madrid finally won the club’s tenth Champions League.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and an assist at Allianz Stadium to dominate the game and help Real Madrid win the club’s tenth Champions League.
Lu Wenbin scored 72 goals in the Champions League, surpassing 71 goals, and Raul officially became the historical scorer of the Champions League.
Three teams and three Champions League titles in three years became the champion of the Champions League historical striker Wang Wenbin.
The winner of Lu Wenbin’s championship will become a law.
If you want to win the Champions League, introduce Lu Wenbin.
In the crazy reports of the football media, the Munich Hotel of Real Madrid has also been celebrating until late at night.
After a night’s rest, the next day, Real Madrid returned to Madrid, Spain by special plane and held a grand celebration ceremony at the Bernabeu.