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But tonight, there is a winner in this boxing hall, and that is Lan Jingyi. "Hit me, I’ll let you hit me. Do you hear me?" Jiang Junyue’s eyes were bloodshot, like a wounded beast, covered in violent tendencies, which Cheng Qingyang had never seen before.

Except for the only time in my memory, Jiang Junyue has never been so out of control. "What has become more and more?"
"Don’t talk to me or I’ll kill you." Jiang Junyue didn’t want to talk. When he heard every word Jiang Han said, he felt that the sky had fallen, and he could stand up with one hand and be independent of this world.
桑拿会所Cheng Qingyang stopped talking. He knew what would happen if he angered Jiang Junyue. He punched Jiang Junyue and immediately evaded it. Then Cheng Qingyang punched him again. It was easy to win by himself, but it was more troublesome to make people believe that he really won Jiang Junyue instead of Jiang Junyue.
There are too many people in the stands.
He must make everything realistic. At this time, where is the root of boxing, two people are trying to act a play.
At first, the two men seemed to be inseparable, and they couldn’t tell who was stronger or weaker at all. But after playing for more than ten minutes, Cheng Qingyang’s boxing became more and more fierce, as if he hadn’t sprayed blood before. On the contrary, Jiang Jun became more and more decadent.
The people in the stands were in chaos, and Jiang Junyue couldn’t sit still any longer. If there weren’t security thugs watching them, they would have rushed to the boxing ring, but this is Cheng Qingyang’s turf. Everyone knows that if you are nervous again, no one will dare to rush over.
Lan Jingyi has been excited to watch Cheng Qingyang gradually change from a disadvantage to an advantage, and there are many signs that Jiang LaCrosse has already taken over and never entered the offensive again.
She has always wanted Cheng Qingyang to win, but now she is really looking at Cheng Qingyang to win, but her heart is messed up.
"Brother Yue, come on!"
"Brother Yue, what’s wrong with you?"
"Brother Yue takes out your business and knocks down Brother Cheng." It’s absolute that gamblers want to win whoever they bet money on.
The scene is getting more and more chaotic.
This is the first time that Jiang Junyue asked him to win. Cheng Qingyang knew that there was a call with him. But at this time, he asked Jiang Junyue, and he wouldn’t say it, but he still didn’t believe that Jiang Junyue really wanted to lose a punch. When he was close to Jiang Junyue, he still whispered, "Do you really want to lose?"
Section 91
"Call me, don’t stop." Jiang Junyue growled, and his eyes became more and more red. It was filled with the smell of wild animals, but it was even more fascinating, and people could not help but want to see him more.
Cheng Qingyang had no choice but to punch Jiang Junyue, but he really didn’t dare to go too fast.
Ten minutes passed quickly, and the physical strength of the boxing platform Jiang LaCrosse seemed to be overdrawn. Even if it was hit against the guardrail, it was somewhat unstable.
The stands are getting more and more chaotic and screaming as if to overturn the boxing hall, but the man is determined to let Cheng Qingyang win.
He decided that things would never change.
How can blood flow along Jiang Junyue’s lip angle without losing some blood?
Chapter 159 He loses and she wins
But bleeding, his lips grinned with a smile, which was a little bleak and distressing. Lan Jingyi definitely looked at the two figures in the boxing ring, one black and one white, and gradually she realized that she was still but couldn’t say what was wrong.
Lan Jingyi looked at Jiang Junyue and looked at Cheng Qingyang’s mess behind her. She seemed to be confused and looked at two fights in the ring.
Everything is going according to her expectation. Jiang Junyue is going to lose.
Lan Jingyi is now close to the boxing ring. When she looks up, she can clearly see that Jiang Junyue and Cheng Qingyang Jiang Junyue turned pale slightly. That’s because she has never seen Jiang Junyue before. It doesn’t seem like him.
Cheng Qingyang can’t get rid of it
But this game will have an end. He has to "fight" even if he can’t. When he hears Jiang Junyue’s gnashing sound, he screams like a tiger, and then the whole person jumps up and kicks Jiang Junyue. "Bang", accompanied by one mouthful blood, Jiang Junyue slowly falls to the ring.
The white figure was pulled long at that moment.
"Brother Yue, get up quickly"
"Brother Yue, get up!"
"Brother Yue, don’t be a coward. Get up!"
The scene is really out of control. If most people bet on Cheng Qingyang in the first competition, then almost everyone bet on Jiang Junyue in the next three competitions, just like today’s competition, it seems that Lan Jingyi is betting on Cheng Qingyang alone, and everyone is going crazy, especially those who bet their coffins. That’s a deadly thing.
Cheng Qingyang’s cold eyes fell straight on Jiang Junyue. Seeing Jiang Junyue’s blood on his lips, he really wanted to bend over and wipe it lightly, but he really couldn’t help it.
Too many people are watching. If he does, Jiang Junyue will definitely kill him.
Gave a wry smile. He spoke.
"One …"
Jiang Junyue didn’t respond, and he couldn’t have responded.
"second …"
"Brother Yue, get up quickly" is the same sentence in the boxing ring.
"Three …" Cheng Qingyang shouted this last number easily and immediately raised his right hand "I won"
The word’ I won’ had not yet left the stands when all kinds of flying things flew in, including hats, shoes and mineral water bottles. Anyway, almost all of them flew to the boxing ring. Seeing that those things were going to hit the boxing ring, Jiang Junyue turned into a green figure and moved to block the flying things to the maximum extent. At the same time, his eyes swept over the security guards and thugs, who began to maintain order and were not afraid of chaos again. It was not a day or two years ago that this boxing ring was opened, and he had established a firm foothold here.
The commotion lasted about five or six minutes, and then gradually subsided. Lan Jingyi was surrounded by security guards from the beginning to the end, and she was not hurt at all. The shoes were received by the security guards and left aside. The whole boxing hall was the most calm and unaffected. One person was still a villain, and that was Xiao Qinqin.
The little thing was so curious that it seemed as if she had discovered a new continent. Look east and west. Look at her. She really couldn’t understand what happened just now. It was too noisy, but she turned east and west. Finally, she left her eyes in the ring because she had just fallen to the man. She was familiar with "Dad … Dad …" She knew Jiang Junyue.
"Qinqin Mom, are you all right?" Little Silkworm has led all the sisters to run away. It’s a mess, but now everyone has been evacuated to the exit by security guards and thugs. People who have lost are still swearing, but this world has always been willing to bet and lose. No one forced anyone to bet, right?
"If something is fishy, Brother Yue is deliberately losing."
"I think so."
"I don’t know what he thinks. He has cheated a large group of us."
Lan Jingyi heard all those comments and protests.
Did Jiang Junyue lose on purpose?
Lan Jingyi had no idea that she now knew that the man was still lying motionless in the ring and that he was surrounded by chaos and a lot of things were thrown.
"Qinqin mom, what’s wrong with you? Why don’t you talk? Do you know Yue Ge or Cheng Ge? "Let’s look at the women along Lan Jingyi’s line of sight, but they are also confused when they see that it is Jiang Junyue instead of Cheng Qingyang.
"Tilt ….." Lan Jingyi will not pay attention to people. She won and Jiang Junyue has lost and lost some horrible things. She held Xiao Qinqin with one hand and pushed them away with one hand. She quickly ran to the edge of the boxing ring. Some people struggled to climb to the top of the ring and squatted beside Jiang Junyue. "What’s wrong with you? Is the injury serious? " Still angry with him, but now she sees that he is really hurt and bleeding, and she is worried about him because she can’t control herself.
Jiang Junyue closed his eyes slightly and shouted noisily around him. This moment suddenly disappeared. Generally, there was Lan Jingyi in his ear. A person’s voice was clear and sweet, but it was so nice. If she came like this before the call, he would be ecstatic and put his arm around her and never let her leave him again. But now he just wanted to move, and he remembered Jiang Han’s talking eyes, which were still tightly closed, as if he didn’t smell them.
"You’re bleeding." Lan Jingyi anxiously opened the backpack and brought out wet wipes, which were necessary for her to go out. But now she took them out and gently wiped them off by Jiang Junyue. She was very light and soft. She was really afraid of hurting Jiang Junyue’s hand. When he fell for the first time, Jiang Junyue felt the tenderness of the little hand, but there was darkness in his eyes.
He didn’t dare to open his eyes and look at Lanjingyi for fear that everything would be over once he saw it.
"Go away, you roll for me, idiot woman." With a roar of gnashing teeth and a fierce push of the arm, Lan Jingyi pushed her down to the boxing ring, which hurt a little, but she didn’t care. "Why didn’t anyone take you to the hospital? I’ll call 12, and a car will pick you up to the hospital soon. "Don’t panic. She can’t panic. She wants to clean up Jiang Junyue."
"Miss Lan has the best surgeons and the best inspection equipment here. You don’t need to call for help. Our boxing gym will take good care of a boxer. Please ring the horse." A security guard didn’t know when he was in front of Lan Jingyi and looked at Lan Jingyi condescendingly.
"Will it? Really? Would you like to stay here for treatment? " Lan Jingyi still doesn’t believe it’s the face of Jiang Junyue whose eyes are uncertain. She waited for him to give her an answer, but when she first saw it, it wasn’t Jiang Junyue, but I didn’t know when I climbed to Jiang Junyue’s side. At this time, a little face on Jiang Junyue’s head stared at Jiang Junyue and a small hand touched Jiang Junyue’s face. "Dad … Dad …" The little thing didn’t understand anything, but she was obsessed with Jiang Junyue in her own way.
The soft sound quietly touched Jiang Junyue’s heartstrings. He was deeply in love with the little things, but at the moment, when he thought of the call, he didn’t respond after all. He loved it very much by scratching his face with that little hand.
"Let’s go to the hospital." Lan Jingyi never gave up and swept around. She really didn’t believe that people in this gym would give Jiang Junyue the best treatment.