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ChuYan a listen to not white his one eye, "what do you know is to eat like this to taste? Do you understand?" Said quickly glanced at Mo Chengkun and shook his head. "Forget it, forget it and you said it." Then he continued to eat himself with his head down.

Mo Chengkun is different from others. He doesn’t like these things. He said that he had dinner with Chu Yan. In the end, it was just that Chu Yan kept burping when he went out alone.
Mo Chengkun laughed at her. "You know, you just ate like you haven’t eaten for hundreds of years. Look at this. Isn’t this what it is?"
Chuyan brick gave him a cold wind. "Don’t talk nonsense to me. I told you to watch me eat, didn’t you? You’re too delicate to eat. Don’t talk to me now."
Mo Chengkun held back his laughter. "Okay, I won’t talk about it. Let’s go."
Two people got into the car MoChengKun send ChuYan back.
Go back. Mo Chengkun turned on the music. Light music sounds good. Yes.
Chu Yan said, "I didn’t expect you to listen to this kind of arty music."
Mo Chengkun raised his eyebrows with an oblique eye and said, "What’s the matter?"
Chu Yan sneered and shook her head. "No, it’s good. What are you trying to do listening to this light music at night?"
Mo Chengkun’s face is a little dark, too. No matter what he does, it seems that Chu Yan always says that he took a look at Chu Yan and silently put the music on.
桑拿会所ChuYan wind at a glance can’t help but shook his head and smile.
Chu Yan suddenly remembered what Mo Chengkun had said before. She asked, "By the way, didn’t you say you had something to tell me first? What is it? Tell me now. You won’t have to run around again in the future."
Shi Chuyan meant to say that you came to bother me again in the future, but considering some problems, she consciously beautified this sentence.
Indeed as expected a listen to ChuYan Mo Chengkun felt ChuYan this is considerate of his heart happy not busy laughed "come to you don’t say I forgot now that you are up, then I will give you a say."
Cough and pretend to be serious. "I have an ary in a few days, and I want to invite you to attend."
He really wanted to invite her as his partner, but he thought it would be a slap in the face if she wanted to go.
Chu Yan listened carefully and thought about it. Oh, isn’t Shengrong going to have an ary then? That’s not easy to do.
So she still said, "I don’t want to go, because I already have an appointment that day."
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help asking, "Where are you going and what are you doing?"
Chu Yan silently can’t say that I promised others but I can’t promise you.
How embarrassing it is to say that. Is it because Chu Yan is so clever that she doesn’t speak?
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help but be dazed for a while and took several deep breaths before pressing the evil spirits in his heart. Then he continued to laugh. "Forget it, it’s no big deal. Just go, what I call it." He smiled at ChuYan.
ChuYan looked at can’t help silently don’t talk with his head down.
Soon I arrived at Chuyan’s house. Chuyan got off the bus directly. Mo Chengkun was also angry in his heart. Chuyan drove off as soon as he got off the bus. Chuyan took one look at Mo Chengkun’s car and couldn’t help sighing.
When I got home, the old lady Chu watched the TV play Chu Yan, but her stomach was too swollen and she hurt for a long time. As a result, she tossed for a long time and almost collapsed.
This fact proves that you can’t eat too much.
So after a few days, it has always been dull, but it is really a bit uncomfortable for Chu Yan.
Mo Chengkun misses him very much when he doesn’t come, and he always quarrels with him when he comes.
For example, when you eat, you will think about Mo Chengkun. When you don’t sleep, you will think about what Mo Chengkun is doing outside and playing with his friends.
Anyway, it’s like this, all kinds of emotions are intertwined, and sometimes there will be Sheng Rong in it.
So after a few days, Chu Yan rested on this day, which happened to be the day when Sheng Rong said she would go to ary.
During the day, ChuYan made an appointment with Lan Xueer and Yao Haizhu to go shopping, and three people made an appointment with Wanda Department Store in Central.
Chu Yan came first, then Yao Haizhu, and Lan Xueer was always the last one.
"How did you get here? Why didn’t you know that we had been waiting for you for an hour?"
As soon as Lan Xueer comes to Chuyan, she can’t help but complain that the waves are really unbearable for people like Chuyan who have a good time, okay?
Lan Xueer’s mangy dog is generally "Okay, okay, I’m sorry, Chu Yan, Chu Yan", pulling the arm "Chu Yan" and stretching the ending "I’m sorry, something just happened. I really didn’t mean to"
Then I watched Yao Haizhu hold my mouth, so Yao Haizhu couldn’t help laughing. Then I said to Chu Yan, "Well, everyone has arrived. Don’t be angry. Let’s go in and have a look at it quickly, or it will be really out of time."
Chuyan this just sighed "well, I won’t dispute with you this time. Let’s go" and the three men went in together.
Lan Xueer asked, "Chu Yan, why do you want to buy clothes and gifts today? Are you going to any party?"
As soon as Chu Yan heard it, she shook her head "Yes". "I really don’t want to go, but alas, what did I promise?"
Yao Haizhu smiled while covering her mouth. "You know what? You call this typical."
"nuouodie" Yao Haizhu and Lan Xueer said with different mouths that Chu Yan waved her hand and looked ugly. "Come on, come on, I wish. This is self-immolation."
Yao Haizhu couldn’t help but ask curiously, "Who is that person you are so worried about?"
Blue snow immediately aside a way "quick say whether MoChengKun" a face of numbers.
ChuYan a open her "come on, he and I have nothing, you don’t guess"
"Who’s that?" The two men asked with different mouths.
Chu Yan Nai turned to look at their expressions, but the tone of Nai Nai was "not Mo Chengkun but Ling Qishan".
"Ah" Blue Cher and Yao Haizhu looked at each other in astonishment.
Ling Junran’s situation has been much better recently, and her family’s constraints on her have been much lighter.
So she also made an appointment with Fang Zihan to go shopping early in the morning, because Fang Zihan’s family was at ease.
When I got to the mall, Ling Junran took Fang Zihan’s hand and earnestly said, "What about Zihan? Today is my brother’s birthday. What gift are you going to give her?"
Fang Zihan listened to silence for a while and then said, "I don’t know."
Ling Junran immediately said, "I don’t know how you can’t know. Er, I said, Zihan, do you still like my brother? If you still like my brother, you can cheer up. It’s such a good opportunity. Why don’t you try to fight for what you think about all day?"
Fang Zihan frowned. "Of course I like your brother, but I do. What can I do? Your brother doesn’t like me at all, and he has never liked me. He is honest in his heart, but there is only one person. What does it matter if I do more?"
LingJunRan a listen to Fang Zihan said this immediately turn hostile way "catalpa culvert what someone who would have nothing to do with my brother, which little bitch lied to my brother to lie to our family feelings, what face does she have to want my brother to forgive her?
You don’t remember her, even if she is my brother’s first love, so what’s the matter? You still have my solid backing. My parents like you, too. How can you not cheer for it? "
"But," Fang Zihan said in her heart, "I’m not moved or impressed." That’s false. She likes Ling Qishan for so many years. How can it be that she gives up when she says give up? He is just afraid. She likes it for so many years, and in the end it’s nothing. The result is that she can’t even think about it.
What about Cinderella and Prince Charming? She’s not Cinderella yet. Those are all phone calls and stories. She never thought she would be like that one day.
Be happy with your lover’s kindness, love and love.
Square catalpa culvert asked conation Ling Junran once again, "You see, tonight is an opportunity for my brother and friends to hold an ary for my brother’s Qingshenghai yacht. You should behave well then. Come on, I’ll cheer you up behind you." He made a refueling gesture.
Fang Zihan glanced at his lips and finally nodded. "Well, I’ll try it one last time. It’s the last time." If it doesn’t work this time, he will really give up.
Ling Junran won’t believe her last nonsense.
Anyway, at present, she wants her good friend Fang Zihan to be her own sister-in-law, and others don’t even think about it. That’s the case now
Just then Fang Zihan’s eyes looked beyond the front, as if he saw something. After a while, he suddenly took Ling Junran’s hand and asked, "Hey, Junran, who do you think you are looking at?"
Pointing to three women not far ahead, he said, "Who is it?"
Ling Junran looked at it immediately, then his eyes flashed and he couldn’t help sneering, "It’s true that friends don’t get together. Today, I’m so lucky that I let miss meet her."
She hooked her lips and laughed. "Let’s go and see what this lady is doing." Then she went over to Chuyan’s side.
Chuyan is trying on a light blue evening dress. Chuyan looks good, and her good face is really beautiful.