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"Don’t you drive?"

"My family has a nest of cars."
"I’m also going to buy something later. I’ll leave a message on WeChat and bring it back later."
"You take care of yourself. I’m leaving."
Out of the door, I went to Yuqing Snow’s house and rang the doorbell, so the girl was forced to stay and open the door.
As soon as the door opened, my eyes lit up, and this Ni lured people to wear Japanese students to play ospy to seduce me.
This dress is so short that it shows a small belly. This girl’s abdomen is so flat that she has no fat at all. It’s so charming that I can’t help but want to pinch it.
"Teacher, dad, you’re here. Come on in."
Yuqing snow took my hand and entered the door.
"I haven’t changed my shoes."
Girl hurriedly took the initiative to bring me slippers, and I don’t know whether she meant it or not. Instead of squatting, she showed me the sexiest side of her waist, and her pleated skirt was short, which was directly exposed …
I see my eyes wide open and my eyes are high somewhere.
Yu Qingxue brought me slippers and turned around to put them at my feet. She happened to see my tent high. She was naive enough to poke her finger. "Teacher, dad, what did you put in your pocket? Did you buy me a lollipop?"
The body of the Chapter 79 【 problem this 】
I quickly blushed and glared at her with my hand. Yu Qingxue straightened up and smiled a little red. My eyes flashed sly. This look was deliberately bad. I didn’t good the spirit and stared at her. "Children dare to make fun of the teacher for playing if they don’t learn well, don’t they?"
"Teacher, dad, I was wrong. You can fight if you want."
Yu Qingxue turned around and pursed her sexy ass and looked at this attractive place. I was not willing to fight. I quickly restrained myself from looking up and waved to the side and said, "What are you playing?"
I changed my slippers and went straight into the house. Yu Qingxue looked at me unhappy and pursed her mouth.
I sat on the sofa and took out my briefcase. Yu Qingxue was unhappy and sat in the sofa and picked up a pillow. "I don’t want classes, I want my father to educate me."
"Dead girl, I’ll educate you to read well now, open your class now and listen to me carefully."
"I don’t want it, I don’t want it." The little girl jumped on the sofa directly, and the pleated skirt was lifted to see that my throat was straight and dry
I got up and went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. My little girl actually followed me to the kitchen and looked at me. "Teacher, dad, didn’t you shave today?"
I didn’t shave when I touched it, but I forgot to shave because I peeked at my wife’s shaver.
"Teacher, dad, I have a razor at home. It looks a lot haggard if you come with me to shave."
I followed my little girl into the sanitary room. The little girl opened the drawer and looked for a razor. Instead, I saw a razor in front of the toilet mirror and picked it up and said, "Don’t look for it."
Yu Qingxue looked up and saw that the shaver in my hand immediately rushed to take away "No, this can’t shave you."
Section 129
"Why not?"
I raised my hand to avoid the girl’s snatch, then opened the cover and scraped it directly. My brow wrinkled. "Why is this knife so blunt?"
Yu Qingxue looked at my apricot cheeks for a long time. She couldn’t help but laugh. "Teacher, dad, that’s not shaving. That’s my mother shaving bikini hair."
"Huh?" I quickly gave up when I was frightened.
Oh, my God, I can’t believe I shave with a woman’s body hair. If I go out, I’m going to lose my life.