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Alas, after knowing each other for a few hours, I really don’t understand why the girl in front of me is so clingy, and she seems to have a natural talent for the profession of wizard, especially for the profession of wizard. Otherwise, it is impossible to cast magic without singing, which is a serious violation of the balance. I hope there will be no problems after that.

"Brother, do you want the line?"
"Then where will I wait for you?"
"Oh my god, I don’t know. Don’t you have my business card? It would be nice to send me a private chat then. "
"You say, don’t ignore me then. If you dare to ignore me, I will …"
"Stop! I know I know it! I will definitely return! "
After that, I sent a message to the disease method saying that I had failed, but after receiving this message, I thought I might change my job, no matter how many first lines to solve my physical problems.
Chapter 9 Doubt
Chapter 9 Doubt
Zhang Xian sat by the bed and looked at the boy who was several years older than herself. She was not so white. It can be said that one person turned out to be the focus of the whole plan. The whole plan has been designed and implemented for many years. The key point is to remember the’ dream’ in the confidential files of enterprises. If it hadn’t been for’ it’, the world wouldn’t have entered a new generation so soon, and there would be no’ dream’. The enterprise gradually became obsessed with Zhang Xian. Even I took off my game helmet and looked at her with her hands, even shaking her hands in front of her eyes.
I look at her delicate and smooth skin and eyes full of wisdom, and I feel reluctant to look at this spy soon.
In the past few days, I have learned a lot about the world besides playing games, even what streets and large buildings are outside my big house. I know all kinds of buses and buses, because I know I must be a person who doesn’t like to be bound. It was only after I started to contact games, that is, computers, that I realized my sexuality, perhaps rebellious consciousness or subconscious mind. I want to find a job that can support my life as soon as possible (of course, the internet) and then leave without knowing it. Although Sister Yiping warned me not to leave this room to get in touch with the outside air, I have never felt anything different about me for so many years, but my feet are inconvenient to move.
I was thinking about Zhang Xian and thinking about things, and both of them didn’t realize that their heads were really very close. When Zhang Xian came to her senses from thinking, she found that there was a big thing blocking her sight, and she froze for a moment before she realized it. This thing was her own monitor, and her head hurried back and knocked down the chair, which woke me up. I looked at her, and she looked at me and burst out laughing together.
We laughed for ten minutes before we stopped.
Zhang Qianshou buries his mouth and says, "I don’t think you will laugh!" "
"Who said I wouldn’t laugh? But I don’t like smiling at people who don’t like or are unfamiliar with them. "
"So I’m someone you like?" As soon as Zhang Xian finished speaking, she felt something was wrong. Two pieces of red clouds rose in her face, and no matter whether I answered or not, she immediately opened the door and left.
I was a little reluctant to feel when I watched her leave her back in a hurry, and then it occurred to me that I had a special feeling about women recently. What was the feeling? Strange! There is both a sense of attachment to my sister and admiration for dancing in heaven, a sense of love for the woman I just met and a sense of challenge to the woman in front of me. Oh, woman, women are really white!
As soon as my eyes swept away, I found that Zhang Xianshou’s computer was still in my bed. I immediately took it over and knocked in a long string of codes with my hands. This is a rare opportunity. I immediately made my computer knowledge more and more satisfactory in recent days. I planted a Trojan horse in Zhang Xiannao’s brain. Although this means is not very bright, it seems that no one has taught me to do things aboveboard and I want to do what I want, regardless of what others think.
As soon as I finished typing Zhang Xian, the footsteps rang. I immediately put my computer back in place to make it the same as before, and then rang the bell to call the housekeeper. Zhang Xian came in and didn’t talk to me. He took the computer and left. Soon the housekeeper came in and got something to eat. It was already 12 o’clock when she finished what she should have done in life.
I went back to bed and thought about how many things happened today. From early in the morning to now, I almost never stopped. A few things made me feel profound. A ring competition let me know that the professional competition in fairyland is extremely serious and the team became the base unit of the battle. Second, how good the base property is, and people can’t flexibly transport professional skills. So the waste should be careful after seeing prey from the provocative eyes of the enemy. If there is such a person to help himself, this baby must catch itself. It is certain that money will be indispensable in the game. In reality, money is also needed, and this thing needs to be found as soon as possible.
After thinking about turning on the microcomputer for a round, I entered the Zhang fiber computer through the network. Although it was a heart-warming, it made me know something that surprised me.
It turned out that Zhang Xian was talking to a middle-aged man I didn’t know through the Internet, and she said, "Dad, for so many days, I found out that he had a great computer talent that day."
"If we don’t get the data from our top-level’ Teana’ mainframe computer when possible, this year should not be far away."
"But it’s a good chat day to watch a guy who can’t move like a dead body. Dad, can you change someone else to watch?"
"No, such an important person can’t just ask someone to pay twice as much!"
☆        ☆        ☆
Listen, their conversation let me know a name’ Teana’ computer mainframe? I wonder if I can go in and see. Isn’t everything white when I see it? I began to plan to get into this computer. Although I don’t know where this computer network is, I believe that I can find some clues from the talent I have shown these days.
I really want to know how I was made. I learned from Sister Yiping that I was made in a test tube, but what was not made as a baby? But a fifteen-year-old adult? Everything makes me puzzled and eager for the truth. I am very eager to get all the answers now, but as my sister said, I don’t know much about this society yet. Even if I go out, I can’t adjust my life by myself, thinking about it and falling asleep.
Today, the dream is very strange. It’s no longer a game like upgrading or fighting, but an environment of birds and flowers. I stand in front of a pavilion on a green lake with a vague face, but it gives me the feeling that there is a word’ beauty’!
But when I wanted to talk, I couldn’t say it, and I couldn’t move my body. I kept looking at her, and she kept looking at me. Gradually, my consciousness blurred and then I lost consciousness.
Chapter 10 sudden change
Chapter 10 sudden change
I woke up early the next morning, and now I sleep almost like a timer. Every day is fixed, and I come to life together. After eating breakfast, the horse enters the game and Zhang Xian goes to her so-called school class. Of course, now I can’t believe that she really goes to class. Which teacher is qualified to teach her her that intelligence?
品茶论坛I entered the game and sent a message to the disease method, but I didn’t reply. I just wanted to prepare for the training. If the water information was sent immediately, I really didn’t know that she was so punctual. She would know as soon as I did.
I met her capital * * * * and then went to the Ant Cave to help her train. Although the experience of ants is a little less for her current base level LV41, the number of ants is still quite large, and she doesn’t need to sing and kill ants like a machine gun shooting balloons. One shot at a base can beat me while walking, but I’m just a follower. Sometimes I doubt that if Shuishui doesn’t practice herself, she doesn’t need me for her special abilities now! But in order to please this special mage, I have to practice with her.
After more than an hour in a hurry, the experience in the ant cave is pitiful. We will continue to upgrade to another place, and she will be able to train with me in a team after upgrading to about 5 levels. This time, we came to Tianjin to prepare for the leapfrog fight against monsters. For me, a person with LV6 multi-level but already LV1 level ability, the LV-level ordinary magic is still not available, and I believe that there will be no big problem if the water follows me. The most important thing is to let her kill low-level magic like this. I don’t know when and when it will be upgraded with me as soon as possible.
"If the water where are you from?"
We’ll take a boat to Tianjin for at least ten minutes, so let’s sit down and talk.
I can’t help wondering why it takes so long to ask a place if it is thoughtful.
"I live in Qianxi District" (this world is not the reader’s life, but another parallel world)
"thousand west area, where rich and rich people live."
"well! Elegant brother, where are we going? "
"Tianjin City!"
"What? Tianjin? "
"What’s the matter?"
"No, no, nothing!"
I don’t think it’s strange if the water is a little scary, but it’s not too strange if the water gives me a strange feeling from the beginning
After a while, we will arrive in Tianjin, and if the water is always hidden behind me, the two of them dragged themselves to the ancient forest and ran away when they saw the river boy. I wouldn’t be so easily killed today.
Before I came here, I checked the monsters that appeared here, including fishing river boy LV umbrella demon LV73 bullfrog LV63 Bigfoot bear LV55.
As soon as I entered, I saw a familiar scene, and another river boy appeared in my sight.
"If you and I hit him hard [rocket], do you know?"