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I respectfully called grandpa.

He smiled very kindly and said "Come and sit down"
I sat stiffly on the sofa opposite him.
He didn’t get down to business at once, but looked at my belly and smiled. "I heard that the baby is almost four months old."
I nodded.
Grandpa is quite happy. "This is Ayuan’s first child. I’ll tell Ayuan’s mother later that she will be very happy."
The first time I heard that Ye Xiangyuan’s mother didn’t know how to answer the words at the moment.
I don’t know exactly what happened to Ye Mama, and I haven’t heard anyone say that I wanted to ask Ye Xiangyuan several times, but I didn’t think he and I were close enough to be honest with each other.
Yuzryha, the second leaf, showed me the information, which recorded Ye’s family affairs, but did not involve his deeds with Chu.
I guess he is not willing to let me know, otherwise he will take the initiative to tell me what I have never asked him.
I don’t know what happened to mother Ye, so I can keep a smile in silence.
Good grandpa didn’t continue this topic. He picked up a file on the coffee table and said, "This is a gift for my nephew. Please keep it and give it to him when he grows up."
Pass me the file.
I guess what it is. Ye Xiangyuan gave me such a document when I signed an agreement with him.
But such a precious gift, Ye Xiangyuan, is not present. I dare not pick it up and hurriedly declined. "Otherwise, Grandpa will still give it to Ayuan …"
Grandpa smiled and seemed to see my thoughts. "This is for my nephew Ayuan. If he dares to talk nonsense, I will beat him. If you answer it, don’t be such a bitch."
I didn’t expect grandpa to look at plane, but his temper was uncompromising
But it’s not surprising that how can you run a family business as big as Chu’s without some ability?
I didn’t shirk putting things away again and solemnly said "thank you, grandpa"
Grandpa looked happier.
Seeing that his old man’s temper is kind, I didn’t go around and ask him directly about his purpose. "Ah Yuan asked me to see my grandfather without making it clear to me. I don’t know what my grandfather wants me to do."
Ye Xiangyuan and I have known each other for more than a year and experienced two weddings, but my grandfather never showed up. Now it’s not easy to suddenly appear.
Associated with recent events, from Ye Sanye’s disappearance to Xiao Yan’s rescue, to Li Qingqing and Han Qingshan’s visit, Ye Xiangyuan’s disappearance, Lu Xun’s rush to Africa, and Gu Changyu’s kidnapping today …
This series of things all say the same question.
Something big may happen recently.
And grandpa’s appearance at this time must be for a reason.
Otherwise Ye Xiangyuan wouldn’t have deliberately told me to come.
Sure enough, grandpa’s face became dignified and said, "Did you listen to Ayuan what happened that year?"
I shook my head and vaguely heard my sister-in-law say a few words.
It seems that the Chu family moved out of China and became enemies with Ye’s family.
That’s when Dad Ye died. I don’t know what happened in that year. Chu and Ye broke up.
At that time, Ye Li was in the prime of life, and Gao Chongchu’s family probably couldn’t win, so Ye Li had to leave the country.
And Ye Ma was picked up by Chu’s family when she was stimulated by Ye Dad’s death.
After a few years, the Chu family gradually withdrew from the royal family circle.
This is what I heard.
It’s not good for Ye Xiangyuan and my grandfather’s family, even though my grandfather gave me a lot of money.
But listen to the meaning of today’s eldest sister-in-law, grandpa is still very concerned about Ye Xiangyuan’s brothers, and he secretly goes back to China to meet each other every year.
I hesitated. "Ayuan didn’t tell me. All I heard was that it might be different from the truth."
Section 19
Grandpa said, "It doesn’t matter what the truth is … anyway, Ye Li has fallen, and I have nothing to bear grudges … I don’t care what others do to the Chu family, but I can’t forgive him when Ye Li watched his in-laws being framed …"
夜网论坛Ye Li was transferred to other places, and I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan made a move. Is Ye Li still alive?
But thinking of Ye Li’s hand, I asked, "What happened in that year?"
Grandfather said, "One of the counts of the Chu family is smuggling arms and the other is selling state secrets, which is a big treason."
I’ll come with you.
How come…
Grandpa looks particularly kind, but he is not a traitor.
Who is so vicious to trample the Chu family to the death?
Grandpa smiled bitterly. "We Chu family are businessmen, and they are still targeting Ayuan’s father and uncle."
My brow screwed up tightly. "Do you know who did it?"
Grandpa said, "I can’t get away from Ye Li with the Li family. Maybe he got involved … but this is my guess. There is no evidence to prove that I didn’t tell Ah Yuan."

His expression is particularly serious.

I secretly guessed that he might satirize me directly or threaten me to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
Of course, the latter is rare. After all, although he doesn’t like me on the surface, he didn’t really hurt me without his sister
Why did he force Ye Xiangyuan to marry Gu Changyu? It may be more venting.
Then again, if he really forces me to leave Ye Xiangyuan now, he was Ye Xiangyuan, and I will never regard him as a friend again.
I, uh, waited for him to talk.
He suddenly said "I’m sorry"
I can’t help but leng leng.
Although I thought he wouldn’t threaten me, it was ironic at best, but I didn’t expect him to apologize directly to me!
I looked at him.
His expression still stinks and he stares at me in disgust.
I thought about it and asked him, "Do you really want your sister to marry Ayuan?"
He pursed his lips and didn’t do it
I said, "There is no place for me to apologize. I can understand that you spoil your sister. You should find the second half for your sister to rely on. I also thank your sister for saving Ayuan, but I can’t give Ayuan to her."
Gu Changning finally responded with a cold hum, "Who wants you to let go?"
I looked at him and said, "You don’t want me to make it, because you want to grab it fair and square, right?"
Gu Changning stared at me and said nothing.
I don’t know why I know that Gu Changyu is not a simple situation. Does he have to defend Gu Changyu so much just because Gu Changyu is his sister?
Or did Gu Changyu pity her because she became a vegetable?
I paused. "No matter what you think, your sister caused the baby to be born prematurely anyway. I don’t think she is worthy of Ayuan. Are you trying to harm Ayuan? Don’t you think your sister made me give birth prematurely and made Miss Xu break up with you? "
Gu Changning stared at me as if to say something and shut up.
I looked him in the eye and repeated, "Do you think she is right?"
Gu Changning didn’t good the spirit way "of course she is wrong".
I said, "Then what are you angry about?"
Gu Changning snorted again and stared at me coldly.
I said slowly, "Because you think your sister was abandoned by Lu Xun’s eldest brother and Ayuan at the same time, and now she has become a vegetable. You love her very much, Ayuan and Lu Xun’s eldest brother, right? But you didn’t take it personally because you know in your heart that your sister did something wrong, right? "
Gu Changning lowered his eyes and said nothing.
I sighed lightly. "I used to hate Miss Gu. I didn’t want to forgive her, but she saved Ayuan. I can write off these grievances." I looked at him and said, "What do you think?"
Gu Changning pursed his mouth or not.
I said, "Anyway, I don’t think how kind your sister is. Maybe she is the best person in the world in your heart, but for me, she not only slandered me, but also caused me to give birth prematurely. She is the villain in my mind. If she hadn’t saved Ayuan, I wouldn’t have forgiven her all my life."
Gu Changning glared at me and said, "You said everything you should say. Let me say something."
按摩I smiled
I know more or less about his character, so he is showing weakness.
His face is still ugly, but he is not hostile to me.
I said, "I can’t force anything to be decided by Ayuan. I believe Ayuan has me in his heart now."
Gu Changning pie pie and silence.
I looked at him and suddenly he was depressed.
The main reason is that I didn’t sleep all night, so I felt groggy and didn’t want to drive more with him.
I don’t think it’s necessary to tell him more.
His heart must still be partial to Gu Changyu’s side
Even though he knows how bad his sister is, his position can protect Gu Changyu.
Everyone is biased. Gu Changyu is his sister, and it is normal for him to be biased.
What’s more, I’ve seen disgusting people like Ye Li protect mistresses to death.
I said lightly, "I accept your apology, but we both know that you will not give up your practice and I will not compromise. That’s it. I don’t want to make Ayuan difficult, but I don’t want to leave Ayuan."
Then I turned and walked directly to the bedroom down the corridor.
Gu Changning suddenly debuted "I know Ayuan likes you"
I was suddenly stuck.
His voice came from behind me with a little loss and a little naivety. "I saw it a long time ago, so I never advised you to leave Ayuan again."