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I came to Ji Fen City and delivered 2RO coins (I just killed Polly and burst out things like clover, jelleby crystals, apples, vegetables and radishes, but I still sold some money. Of course, I won by quantity. I threw a big bag of things to the store NPC, and the owner of the store counted how much my bag was worth in three seconds). I was sent to the city of * * * *-Prondra, which is the capital of Luen-Midgart Kingdom in the game and the center of the game.

As soon as I arrived, I felt that there was a huge difference between here and Ji Fen. Although the architectural style here is similar to that of Ji Fen, it is relatively fashionable and magnificent. There are huge windmill towers, two-story and three-story lofts, tree overpasses in the middle horizontal building, towering trees on both sides of straight streets, huge stone tablets engraved with unknown words, the king’s flag flying everywhere in the city, and a huge fountain in the city center. The holy church in the northeast of the city and the statue in the north of the city, which represents long live friendship, are all in this city. I am amazed that the game designers have too many tall things to dazzle me. Ji Fen is already an eye-opener. I didn’t expect to come to the capital to show me what this game is called a three-dimensional game. These are simply more beautiful than the real thing, although I have never seen it.
It took me half an hour to think of my business. I came to change my job. I saw dozens of times more players in the street than in Ji Fen. The vicinity of the south gate of a special city can be called a’ market’. Those businessmen listed players pulling carts and selling their own businesses also made me really see the richness of the game.
As far as daggers are concerned, highly toxic daggers (attack with toxic attack), gold daggers (attack with stolen money), silver moon daggers (high messenger defense), lucky daggers (increase by 1 lucky point) and so on.
I won’t give you an example. There are too many of these things, but what attracts my attention most is cards. Although I know this card is an important project of the game, I can’t imagine that there will be so many cards in the game, for example.
Demon waiter card (helmet) intelligence -3, the maximum amount of magic is+15, and the natural recovery speed of magic power is reduced by 2%. When equipped with demon maid, the natural recovery speed of magic power is increased by 3%, physical strength+4 wisdom+4.
Demon Maid Card (Armor) Physical Strength -3 Maximum Health +1 Health Natural Recovery Speed Reduced by 2%. When equipped with Demon Waiter, Health Natural Recovery Speed of Magic Power increased by 3% Physical Strength+4 Wisdom+4.
Medusa card (shield) can avoid entering the petrochemical state, which can reduce the damage of devil by 15%.
The damage of the rice cake card (shield) by the guardian was reduced by 5% during the siege.
So many kinds of card merchants are sold the most in exaggeration, especially the first two sets of cards are as high as 40 thousand RO coins, which is sky-high for a guy with hundreds of RO coins.
Clear your mind, avoid the entanglement of businessmen, and come to the job transfer field. One job transfer will be carried out in the unified capital job transfer field, and the second job transfer will have to be carried out in various professional specialized guilds, such as the Ji Fen Tower (Magician’s Guild), where wizards and sages are transferred, and the church in the northeast of the capital is where priests are transferred.
As soon as I entered the job transfer field, the real MD (just heard businessmen say the mantra) was crowded. There were hundreds of people who were just like me, and there were many people crowded together. Some of them probably added physical strength and strength to prepare for the job transfer. The swordsmen were catching the head in front of them and throwing it back. Unfortunately, those who were preparing for the job transfer were attached with a plane ticket and flew directly from the window to the street. Those thieves who were preparing for the job transfer helped them to move through the crowd, and sometimes some MM screamed loudly "Crowd Map"!
I’m depressed when I see this situation. I haven’t added any basic points. I don’t know what career I’m going to change, and I don’t need to add any special basic points to upgrade my roots. Look at how many additional points I’ve never added in the status bar.
The increase of base points is as follows: each increase of six base point ranges 1-1 requires two additional points; 11-2 requires three additional points; 21-3 requires four additional points; and so on, it takes one additional point for the range from 9 to the highest level of 99, but it is different for each level of LV1-15 to increase additional points; LV16-3 increases five points for each level; LV31-45 increases seven points for each level; LV46-6 increases one point for each level. 76-9 is increased by 1 point per level. LV91-99 is increased by 11 points per level, so the total number of points is increased. Everyone is the same. Of course, there are rewards, but after all, that’s a small number. After being reincarnated, I heard that I will get an additional point reward when I was born.
Therefore, people of different professions must have their own professional skills and add corresponding basic points, such as mage column, intelligence and dexterity. It is said that when dexterity is 99 (the highest in each item is 99), adding dexterity cards and weapons can help them break through dexterity 15, which will make everyone admire instant wizards, that is, they don’t need to sing wizards, but this wizard needs equipment, which is definitely a five-level equipment, that is, artifacts.
And those like swordsmen must add strength, physical strength and a little dexterity (increase the hit rate)
There are too many such knowledge. Although I have read the introduction of the game for ten hours, I still don’t quite understand the mystery, but now I have joined the crowd because I want to ask if it is like changing jobs.
Finally, an hour later, three players were stunned, four players’ little brothers were scratched, and five female players were molested. Later, when they arrived at the counter, they grabbed the edge of the counter with their hands.
"Hello, how about changing jobs?"
Answer me, I’m an NPC girl with two ponytails and blue hair and a blue bisini swimsuit. I almost froze and let go of my hand fastening the counter. That will be the guy who has been pulling me behind. He must be lucky to be ready to change jobs.
It’s so fresh to wear clothes in the game. Even NPC is dressed like this, so forget it. It’s still a beautiful woman. NPC is dressed like this, so forget it. It has a sweet voice. Wow, I’m going to faint.
"What career do you want to change, sir?"
The beauty voice made me come to my senses. I haven’t decided yet. I thought about it and asked, "Have you chosen a panel?" I want to see. "
"Please have a look!"
With the emergence of a three-dimensional screen, I have a choice of job transfer types in front of me.
You choose six kinds of changing careers. Just when I had a headache, suddenly there was blue light in the eyes of NPC beauty in front of me. I was wondering what was going on. When the blue-haired beauty changed to a softer and sweeter voice, it felt different from the previous one and said to me, "Are you Luoman No.1?" You need to change your job. Your job has been booked. Please change your job according to the writing method. "
I took it and was immediately sent out of the job transfer field. Although it was strange that the beautiful woman called me Luo Man No.1, it didn’t matter. I opened it and fainted to change my job. It turned out to be …
Chapter IV Changing Jobs One
Chapter IV Changing Jobs One
I opened it and said it made me faint.
It is required to find 20 jelleby crystals, 30 clover leaves, 40 rabbit heads, 50 chicken feathers, 60 polly saliva, 10 toucans, and 90 skeleton bones. After finding all the materials, go to Tianjin to find Princess Chris to change her job!
God, it’s so hard to change careers. If I had known what I just hit, I wouldn’t have sold them well. If I can’t change my job, I will have to work harder.
After looking for the information, I probably know where these things hit rabbits, most of which are in the east of the capital, and chickens and toucans are going to the border-Dream Rock, the skeleton bone, may be the most difficult to beat because of this monster. I can’t beat it at present, but I don’t care about it first.
When I came to Nanmen Street, it was still a sea of people. Suddenly, I found a girl dressed in a very special way. Because I have seen many players in this game, I have never seen a pink and white velvet robe like her, a red cloth hat with a white folding cap and a pair of beige leather boots. The most special thing is that she looks like a woman. My sister is already a rare beauty (actually, I have seen my sister playing a woman’s game), but the girl’s pointed bar, sexy lips and black flowing sea make me fascinated. I heard others say.
"Is that the first reincarnation officer in the game?"
"Don’t you know? She is the chief pastor of the No.1 guild, and she is also their vice president, Qin Yong. "
"Look, the two bodyguards behind her are really fucking stylish."
Follow the place they pointed to, it was discovered that there were two very handsome men behind the god named Qin Yong. Who told me that my sight had long been attracted by beautiful women? Now I suspect that it is most likely that when I see more beautiful women, my eyes will glow. The orange-haired man is wearing a snow-white leather case with a huge bow, a front, a mouth and an eagle on his shoulder, while the other man is wearing silver shiny, heavy armor and golden hair with that huge but slender cross sword. I see western knights in my eyes.
At the same time, think of the number one guild? Then this girl is really amazing. In the current game, a small guild needs at least 100 people to set up, while there are tens of millions of first guilds, large and small. Only the number of’ days’ and the president and the game company know how many, but it doesn’t seem too curious.
When I passed by the girl, the girl glanced at me from the corner of her eye. I looked at myself. There was nothing special. If it was really special, it was the beginner’s clothes or a pair of rags that were uniformly distributed to cotton clothes.
Leave that attractive mm. I’m ready to go out of the south gate when the announcement comes.
"A monster siege will be held in one minute. The capital asks non-combat professional players to leave the capital city. All combat professional players are ready to begin to meet the invading monsters!"
Is this funny? I was very curious, so I stayed in the city to see what the monster siege was like. Some businessmen or low-level players quickly sent them away or went straight out of the city, leaving about one player in the city less than usual.
A minute passed quickly, and I was very honored to be the first monster to attack the city, because I was sitting on the bench next to the fountain in the city, and suddenly I felt it was dark. When I looked up, I saw a giant, and the soles of my feet were less than half a meter away from my nose, and then I was informed when I didn’t know what was going on.
"The player’s’ elegance’ was trampled to death by the monster Bart Wind!"
Immediately appear in the capital resurrection point to see that the level has dropped by one level. What a wrong death! I haven’t recovered yet and I have been notified by the unified system.
"The player’ elegant’ was killed by the demon necromancer!"
"The player’ elegant’ was killed by the monster queen!"
"The player’ elegant’ was killed by the monster queen!"
"The player’ elegant’ was killed by the magic psychedelic king!"
"The player’ elegant’ was killed by the wild green cotton worm!"
桑拿按摩What appears in front of us is no longer a resurrection point, but has always been white.