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Because the large-scale war has brought a serious threat to protoss and inferno, these three races have to enter a long-term melee situation

This is an ancient illusory fairy tale. People lived in this place a long time ago. Living here will make people forget the past pain and vicissitudes of war, but they gradually become arrogant and selfish, exposing their shortcomings one by one.
There are many ominous signs that have broken the original balanced world, so the war has to provoke a peaceful life and fall into war again
A huge sound threatened the protoss, Terran and inferno. At this time, huge beasts launched a fierce attack on them. At this time, flash floods and earthquakes kept appearing, and various mysterious monsters came here one after another.
品茶论坛  title=When the peaceful world is broken, Yamida, the ancestor of the giant, founded the warrior adventure system, and the player will play this role for a long-term adventure.
For character-based attribute points and attribute values, please refer to RO-based Attribute in Game Phase.
And the career advancement table is
A beginner-a career change
Change occupation-change occupation 1 (change occupation 2)-change occupation 1 (change occupation 2)
Swordsman-Knight (Crusade)-Knight Lord (Templar Crusade)
Archers-hunters (poets/dancers)-marksmen (funny artists/cold dancers)
Businessman-blacksmith (alchemist)-God craftsman (creator)
Thief-Assassin (Rogue)-Cross Assassin (Shenxingtaibao)
Things-priest (martial arts)-god officer (martial arts master)
Magician-Wizard (Sage)-Super Magician (Wise Man)
However, the advanced setting of each occupation is generally’ occupation level’ to define the upgrade requirements. If the beginner’s occupation level is raised to level 1, he will be able to change his occupation into a one-turn occupation, while the one-turn occupation must be trained to level 5 and then transferred to a two-turn occupation. At the same time, the occupation level is also cleared to level 1, and the two-turn occupation has two branches for you to choose from, while the three-turn character must practice the character to the highest base level (base level) 99, and then do reincarnation and reincarnate to level 1. At this time, When changing jobs and changing jobs, it will be directly changed to three-way jobs. Every level of jobs has unique professional skills, such as force, subsidies, business, forging while the iron is hot and making weapons, high attack power, high defense, and indestructible health. Jobs in fairyland are almost all-encompassing. I am a lover of watching people, and I am very interested in this fairyland database, and of course I will not let go of things here. It took me ten hours to read this massive game introduction. I really don’t know if the game designer can get so many things.
After reading it, I now understand that the first thing I have to do is to train and change jobs. The beginner, the lowest profession, has to change jobs before it can grow.
I brought the money to the tool shop and bought ten red potions (+a small amount of HP) according to the instructions of the new players. I came to the magic tower in the middle of the city and asked the equipment distribution specialist for the novice to ask for a’ clumsy dagger for the novice’ (attack+45) and prepare to start leveling.
At this time, someone pushed my real body, and I realized that my real body still had feelings. I took off my helmet and felt a little hungry when I saw the housekeeper pushing in a load of food. It was a long time since something happened. When I looked at it, it turned out to be too late. My sister came early. It seems that I really didn’t know how time passed. Even lunch was left.
After eating those meals in a hurry, there are some steamed seafood, sweet and sour tiger spots, fried lobster balls and so on.
I also ignore the housekeeper’s packing, wearing a helmet and entering the game or that line to see if there are fewer people around. Maybe I went to eat, too.
I went out from the west gate of Ji Fen City, clutching the clumsy dagger of the novice. I haven’t tried to upgrade the monster. As soon as I went out, I saw a whistling monster. I immediately checked the information. It turns out that this monster is called’ Polly’, which is the weakest monster in LV1 level (after LV stands for level). It is also an upgrade for newcomers. The monster has two big eyes and two upturned lips, whistling something that I can’t understand.
This is a great opportunity for me to look at this lone guy. I slowly moved to his side and gave this little guy such a stab with a dagger. A red 15 floated from Polly’s body. I was so excited that I forgot to cut more. Polly attacked me, and my body flashed a little red light. Look at myself. HP () was a little less. For me, who was only 5 o’clock in total, it was a lot of blood. I immediately regained my spirits and rose one after another. Just when I was about to come again, I saw Polly’s body and found a strong light. After Polly’s head passed by
"I depend!" I just learned a sentence from other players in the city that Polly will blow himself up, which will not let people play. LV1 guy is so strong that he has never been promoted or LV1, otherwise he will lose a level at a time.
This time, I was very clever when I went out to the West Gate’ letting go’ of these hateful guys whistling. The environment outside the West Gate of Ji Fen is really very good. A huge Shi Zhuan suspension bridge, a blue river across the outside of Ji Fen and the green mountains and green land are a pity that I didn’t breathe in the game. Otherwise, the atmosphere here would be very fresh and much better than that in my room.
Suddenly, I found a towering frustum of a cone ladder on the shore. Curious, I climbed along this ladder for ten minutes before I looked at an entrance. At this time, it was already misty around me, and my place was already in the clouds. When I went in, I found that it turned out to be a viewing platform. I was just about to get close to that huge telescope when I suddenly heard a strange sound.
"What if you don’t want someone here?"
"Afraid of what? Who will come to this place where dogs don’t pull chickens at this time? Dear, come and kiss me! "
"You’re a bad thing. You haven’t played enough in the game yet. You’re still playing this. Uh-huh ~ ~"
I blush at the sound of it. Although I have never seen the world, I still know that there is a golden house and a Yan Ruyu in the past, but I am also curious about what a man and a woman can do. The body is close to that huge telescope and shows a pair of thieves’ eyes.
The scenery is really limited. I saw a man and a woman hugging each other. Their coats have been taken off (it turned out that this game can undress now). The man is desperately attacking the woman, but it seems that the woman is very willing to be attacked. I wonder if this is PK? I’ve heard that I want to attack maliciously, even if PK looks at them, I have a lot of flames in my heart, and my mouth is dry. I don’t know what it feels like. I can’t stop looking at it all the time. I didn’t expect this thing to be in this game. Can it be the same after I watch it and practice my advanced level? In my fantasy, I was interrupted by a woman’s huge moan. I came to my senses and took a look at that man …
I was scared to climb back immediately when I saw it, but when I left, my hand accidentally kicked something and fell off the edge of the wooden fence. I don’t care so much. It’s almost a step by step to jump to the bottom of the water and wash my face before I feel so hot.
I was ready to have a rest when a flash attracted me …
Chapter II Games, Games
Chapter II Games, Games
Take a closer look at two things. One is a’+1 triple-strength three-hole punch blade’. The weapon in fairyland can be refined by a material called divine metal. Each refining will increase the attack power and durability of the weapon accordingly, just as it is stipulated that the first-class weapon should be refined. If it is higher than 7, it may lead to the failure of refining, and the weapon will be damaged. Second-class+6, third-class+5, fourth-class+4, fifth-class weapons cannot be refined, while the armor is refined by aluminum. Similarly, every+
Moreover, the weapon body also has a weapon with the lowest level, just like my’ Beginner’s Clumsy Short Sword’, and the weapon with the highest level 5 is already a god-class weapon, which not only has extremely strong attack power but also has incredible additional effect. The three holes represent this weapon with three cards. In the fairyland, there is a card called card system, which is called card system. Every monster bursts out with corresponding cards, and the higher the monster, the lower the chance of popping out cards. If it is a BOSS, it is possible to kill tens of thousands of cards. A card has a unique assembly position with weapons, clothes, shoes
The other is a physical ring with three-level ornaments to increase health and three-level restrictions. The occupational restrictions are just right for my horse to equip itself.
Ask me why I know so much. After watching the game introduction for ten hours in a daze, of course, I know that the highest card that has appeared in the game for three months is a kind of card called golden thief BOSS, which is a magical effect! This is absolutely a nightmare for wizards and priests, the main attackers who attack the city. Whether it is the highest magic’ snowstorm’ of wizard ice or the ultimate attack magic’ cross exorcism attack’ of priests has no effect on the people who wear this card shield, and of course, the healing of their teammates has no effect.
The card effect is stackable, just as I found this blade is an assassin’s special weapon. The blade is divided into two sharp blades by buckling the wrist bracket and inserting it into the wrist of the left hand and the right hand. There are three card slots, and the effect of putting three termite cards is to increase the attack power by 3, which is to increase the attack power by 9. This is definitely an advanced assassin’s weapon. The total attack power reaches more than 3 plus the assassin’s special skill. The attack power of the blade training (increasing the attack power of assembling the blade) and the sonic throwing (instant continuous attack) can instantly reach 1. That is to say, an attack in one second can knock you out in two or one second. 3. Now the highest health value is more than 20,000, while the wizard with high attack and low defense can be killed in two seconds.
It seems that this is what I kicked in the face just now, and it is also the weapon of that man. Even if I haven’t played games, I know that I can’t find the treasure in the street and pick it up immediately.
I’m not in the mood to train now, and I’m thinking that if I change my job as an assassin, it would be a very good choice to have a special weapon immediately.
I was so excited that when I came back to Ji Fen City unconsciously, someone patted me on the shoulder and scared me to jump up. Looking back, it turned out that it was an assassin who called me a real assassin. It was very easy to recognize a purple professional suit with two beige shoulder pad waists on his shoulders, a half-open cloak and a pair of brown rubber-soled light shoes.
"Hello!" The assassin was very friendly and greeted me.
"Oh hello!"
"Are you still a beginner? Have you played this game? "
"Just started playing?"
"Well, do you need me to take you?"
As soon as I hear this, it will definitely be necessary. It is much faster for someone to take me to train than for me alone, and I can also ask about the professional knowledge of assassins.
"Here are 50 bottles of red potion. You take it first."
"How can this work?"
"You’re welcome to play games? Of course we have to help each other!"
Then I’m embarrassed not to accept it, put it in my backpack and followed the assassin into Ji Fen City.
"This is my usual training place. The magic weapon is quite advanced. Let me chop it until it is dying. Do you know how to make up a few more knives?"
"Yes, yes!"
We came to a strange place from the first floor of the Wizarding Guild Tower, where an NPC called Tajimi cast a magic spell. I looked around to see where there were magic things. I didn’t doubt that there were them. I followed the assassin in front and just passed a hillside. I immediately saw a monster running in front of us. Looking through the information, I knew that it was a kind of monster called rotten monster LV43, which looked like a rotten orange peel.
"Are you going to cut your horse if I tell you to?"