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"I’ll go with you," Nana said, embarrassed to be blocked.

"Brother God, I’m sorry if you don’t die, I’m going to be exposed." I learned from him with a sword why he would be so cruel to me. I don’t know anyway. Up to now, I still have a racial idea in the game about the man of God. If he dies, he dies and doesn’t kill anyone.
Calling out the looming, I found that this little guy is really much better than dogs and Cain who led us through the blood pool from the side door and out of the dark hall. When we crossed the hall, the flash called again, but this time I was prepared that the same [lightning stroke] counterattack flash disappeared with the thunder.
Nana asked in surprise, "What did you do just now?"
"[lightning] what’s the matter? You won’t? "
"[Lightning strike]? How can you do all kinds of stunts? "
"The man of god? Won’t you? These skills, however, can be learned by anyone, but the singing speed is different. "
"We have many gods and people who have this ability, and ordinary gods and people can do some martial arts."
"That you have a job? Such as knights, wizards, hunters, etc. "
"What is this? We don’t have this. "
This makes it clear to me that there are still differences between this world and ours. Although these skills are also available, they are not universal. If a large number of players from our place enter this world, they will definitely be unable to beat these gods. Skills and no skills are different.
I spread my wings and held Nana and flew back to Stone Town. I didn’t want to tell them that I was still alive, just consider me dead, otherwise it might drag them down and then cross the cold wind. The cold wind really deserves the name of the cold wind. The trees in it were black when I first arrived, but I didn’t look at it carefully before I realized that it was familiar here. After thinking about it, I remembered that the terrain here was very similar to the ancient forest in the northeast suburb of Tianjin except for the color of the trees.
I came to the landing cave on the second floor and saw a huge circular quicksand cave. One of the spirals is not big and there is no hole. I just don’t know what experiments are there in these places. Such as experiments?
As soon as the angel Polly flew to the surface of the desperate sea, she immediately took care of herself, and she still took care of herself.
I immediately checked my life value of 23,000, and there were more than 100 left. Fortunately, I was promoted to LV99, otherwise I would be dead if I fell this time. The healing method is constantly applied to myself, and the healing method (eliminating all abnormal conditions such as fossilization, coma, darkness, etc.) is applied to Nana’s body. I wonder if there are any treatments in the game world and the real world.
It took Nana a long time to wake up, but she was lying in my arms, looking at her limply. I never thought of getting up by myself, but I was afraid that Chris would be jealous again and help her up. What did she think that angel Polly would disappear? I tried once again that the angel Polly disappeared as soon as she arrived at the sea of despair, and so did Cain. It seems that the sea of despair for pets can’t appear. I tried to use my skills again, but whatever skills worked, which was a headache. What should I do if the gods came in and out here in a special way?
桑拿网Then Nana said, "Elegant, I can fly you there."
"well! Yeah, you’re a god, too, but where are your wings? Why didn’t I seem to have … "
"Ha ha, this is the specialty of our Snow Girl clan. From time to time, we can put our wings away and start. I see you are also a Snow Girl clan."
"I see, but are you strong enough to carry me across the sea of despair?"
"Look at me?"
Nana flew to the sea of despair without saying anything, holding me in her arms. It seemed that the sea was quite big, but only after flying did she know that it was protruding, so it seemed that the shore could not see the marginal roots, so she flew to the other side in less than ten minutes.
We walked out of a hole carefully, but no one had seen it. I don’t know how Jade Emperor can be so relieved that this exit is not afraid of being exposed. When I get out, I will know what it is. The center of this hole is full of water-there is a huge wall around the spout of lake sand and a few hundred meters near the spout, and there is no water in it from the outside, and Xingtian people don’t have the ability to fly. Therefore, they are not afraid of outsiders coming out, let alone outsiders entering the lake sand. Jade Emperor’s order is everything, and there are gods and people here.
Chapter II Direction
After the second chapter came out, I began to have a headache. As far as I am concerned, it is no problem to leave. I can change any animal casually, but it is impossible to do so with Nana. What should I do? I can vaguely see that there are people flying over the sky outside.
Suddenly, it’s impossible to get out of the fountain by turning your head, right? There must have been a secret passage that was blindfolded when it came. I don’t know how long it took. I carefully looked at the place where we stood. Except for the exit, there were less than 10 square meters. The root didn’t have any special place. But those square bricks were right. I knocked on each one carefully and finally found a square brick. The sound was different from it. I started the moving machine in every way, and an entrance came out near the wall. I pulled Nana and went in without thinking.
It’s a very long corridor with many doors. I’ve seen it from the small window. The layout of the room here is the same as that of my room. It seems to be the same. It’s been winding for a long time, almost reaching the edge of my madness and finally coming to an end. The exit of this corridor is closely guarded. When I want to break through again, I hear a familiar sound.
"I heard there was a man called human, right? Take me in and have a look. "
"Mr. Handsome’s side"
I immediately took Nana back quickly and flicker into an unlocked cell. I looked out from the small window of the cell and walked past. One of the two people was familiar to me, that is, I had seen a handsome man in the Acura Secret Cave, but it was a person. This made me wonder if this man was the handsome man, because I had seen someone exactly like Lan Fengyun. What happened in this world? What I want most now is that someone can answer my questions. I asked Nana to wait for me, while I was chasing those two people from afar.
"Hey? How come no one? " The guard of the man of God searched the whole room in a panic and found that there was no such human being. He immediately reported to the handsome man that "Mr. Handsome is missing"
"How did this happen?"
I seized the opportunity to hold a handsome man [carbonize] and then cover my ears. One [slam] hit the guard god and knocked him out. Then two [binding techniques] bound two people respectively. Handsome immediately shouted "Elegant guy, how dare you bind me?"
I immediately looked at this guy’s face seriously and it was as handsome as before. "Are you eulogizing handsome?"
"Boy, recognize me? How did you come here? "
"This is what I should ask the world. You human players should not be able to come before setting 99% spiritual blockade for Teana. Is it invalid?"
"Handsome this world what’s going on? Aren’t you an Acura? How did you get here? Also become a person? "
Let me tell you this slowly.
"I was personally brought here by the Teana host. Come with me, and there are many Acura companions. We came here to do research. Everything in this world is almost imitation of the human world, but after all, the development time is short, and many things have been learned. When I first came, my head ached because many people’s faces turned out to be the same, just like me. They also imitated several people. Anyway, you can almost find the human world here and find the Teana host. The game upgrade is to scan the players and bring many people’s information here. The world used to be made up of some conscious life forms, but the arrival of nature changed it here again. Those conscious life forms gradually became gods, but the problem also came. The conscious life forms gradually derived their own thinking, and one person was reborn into these conscious life forms after hundreds of robberies, Jade Emperor. "