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She tugged at Lu Xun’s hand tightly and suddenly felt lucky.

If Gu Changyu hadn’t hurt Lu Xun again and again, where would she have the opportunity to walk beside Lu Xun?
She put her arms around Lu Xun’s neck, kissed his face, kissed his nose and his mouth. "Sam, you will have me after you."
Lu Xun had some solemn eyes dyed a smile.
He kissed her back and buckled her waist, letting her stick to herself tightly and continue to talk to her about Gu Changyu.
He has never touched Gu Changyu since he found out that she secretly miscarried. Seeing her again, he is bent on being with Ye Xiangyuan, so he is ready to divorce and set her free.
Gu Changyu didn’t agree to the divorce and cried and begged him not to tell others.
She said she was willing to be a fake couple with him or get divorced.
After that, she continued to act in front of Ye Xiangyuan, and he pretended to be deeply attached to her husband and wife, which only stimulated Ye Xiangyuan.
He didn’t want to cooperate, but if he behaved a little coldly and Gu Changyu cried in front of him when he got home, he couldn’t continue to play with her.
夜网论坛Besides, after all these years, he is used to following Gu Changyu, but he still can’t bear to see her sad.
However, he still talked to Gu Changyu once, and finally Gu Changyu agreed to divorce, but he still had to hide it from everyone.
Lu Xun agreed.
After that, he reported to the face and applied for divorce.
Soon the face-to-face approval came, and he divorced naturally.
Before the video incident, he and Gu Changyu had long since lost their marriage.
After the video incident, Gu Changyu told the news of her divorce from Lu Xun in order to keep Ye Xiangyuan.
She was emotionally unstable and cried out in front of outsiders.
So everyone knows about it.
Good gu Changning was not angry.
He guessed that both Gu Changning and Ye Xiangyuan should know about him and Gu Changyu.
Although he never talked about it.
But they grew up together and know each other best.
They should all know what happened to him and Gu Changyu.
After that, he found two elders to make things clear, and Gu Changyu also moved away from Lujia.
After years of marriage, it finally ended completely.
He still hasn’t told anyone about Gu Changyu’s abortion.
Once in a while, he can’t help but wonder what it would be like if his child was born safely.
Especially when I saw Ye Xiangyuan’s family, I felt even worse.
But as a man, he can hide all these emotions in his heart after all.
South-South listened in silence and was filled with pity for his own man.
She hugged his neck cheek tightly and rubbed his face shyly. "I … I can give you a baby, too …"
Lu Xun was so provoked that she was almost executed on the spot.
He secretly sighed that it was not a blessing for him to decide to join her and let her get what she wanted.
This year is the happiest day for him in recent years.
He looks forward to meeting her every day, Doby. She kisses her and hugs her.
Her eyes are always full of love and admiration for him.
But he didn’t expect that after hearing Gu Changyu’s story, she didn’t comfort him, but … bluntly, she wanted to give him a baby.
He suddenly regretted telling her about it.
Originally, he wanted to rot these things in his stomach, but after he thought about it, they would get married and have a generation, and he didn’t want to hide it from her.
But he just forgot that this little thing in his arms loved him badly.
Knowing that he had been wronged a lot, she was so distressed that she could blurt out the words of giving birth to his child.