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"Well, you want to be my little slave, not me. Go to the uncle. I’m hungry, too. I want to eat supper and you cook it for me."

Lan Jingyi opened the refrigerator and was surprised to see leftovers. "Have you started a business?"
"Well, it fell the day before yesterday." The truth is that the meal was just cooked and put in the refrigerator not long ago. Of course, he would never say anything about it.
Lan Jingyi smelled his refrigerator, which was very high-grade. "It’s not broken. I’ll get fried rice with eggs in ten minutes."
Beat eggs with an apron, cut chopped green onion, and stir-fry a meal. It’s delicious. It looks like you’re really hungry before you eat well. Even Jiang LaCrosse has a good appetite and ate a push bowl. "Yi Yi, the little slave, remember to wash the dishes quickly. I’m waiting."
Lan Jingyi laughed at Jiang Junyue, sometimes pretending to be an uncle is really decent. "Then I will go to the handmaiden and rest."
"I’m not waiting for you to warm my bed."
"Roll" Lan Jingyi said and pinched the back of his hand. This man always takes advantage of her from time to time.
"Ah …" It seems that it hurts a lot. For a second, Lan Jingyi was picked up and thrown directly on the sofa with a passionate kiss. "Can I have it?" It’s nice to think of the bag of dog meat she gave him and I don’t know where to buy it. He laughed for a long time and didn’t feel cheated.
It seems that people in love are easy to be mean, is there anything?
The sound is light as if you can’t hear it clearly if you don’t listen carefully to the root. Perhaps this is also his characteristic of Jiang Junyue. If you want it, you have to "no". She hates his bullying.
"Really don’t promise?"
"Well, I’m going to wash the dishes."
"Let me wash." He kissed her lips gently and touched her gently. At that moment, his blood seemed to boil, and he wanted to turn her into a part of his body as once. "You can’t beat me." It was still soft and confusing, and it went straight to Lan Jingyi’s mind.
"You promised me you wouldn’t be strong with me." Without struggle, you would hate to whisper, but Lan Jingyi didn’t expect that she actually enjoyed the kind of sweet lover intimacy that Jiang Junyue brought to herself. "Otherwise, I will never come to you again in my life."
桑拿会所Her thin lips are still rubbing gently, just like a stream sliding across moss and rippling in circles, freehand brushwork in her world is beautiful.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes. Is this how love works? Is it to make the other person a part of herself?
Two arms slowly encircle the neck of the lacrosse, which is an arm. A slight force induced a strong aggression in the body of the lacrosse. "I was the one who hooked me first" boasted that his tongue skillfully got into her mouth and licked each of her teeth before looking for her. Lilacs wanted to meet and hook together, and closed their eyes lightly, leaving her and his senses entangled together. He buried his lips deeply in her mouth …
"Ah …" With a conscious scream, Jiang Junyue was kicked to the ground. Lan Jingyi fell down and looked at some awkwardness. When Jiang Junyue rushed into the kitchen, Lan Jingyi seemed to be able to feel something reaching there in her lower abdomen. She wanted to say a little tilt. Are you a male hormone surplus?
Chapter 5 I don’t mind either
The carpet man sat up with a lazy expression but didn’t feel unhappy. He took one look at it, but didn’t look at it. More eyes kept sweeping to the petite figure in the kitchen. Little darling jumped up. He picked up his legs and kept teasing the little thing with one hand while laughing and casually said, "Lan Jingyi will take a bath for the little darling later. The little thing is so dirty."
"You wash it." Lan Jingyi put the washed bowl in the disinfection cabinet and then wiped the cooktop, which was over.
"Well, it’s a mother. I don’t want to see its fruit."
"I don’t mind if you want it." Jiang Junyue is probably the only one in this world who can write a dog in his evil dictionary. It’s so bad that it’s bad to grandma’s house
A figure reflected Guo Taijiang LaCrosse held Xiao Guai in one hand and wrapped her waist in the other. "Let’s stay together or I’ll be shy."
"Go to Jiang Junyue, you’re a real girl." I remembered how he looked when I first met him. When I saw him with Luo Qijiang, she thought he was a little upset.
"My niang niang don’t you know? Why don’t we try it now … "
"Hey, can you be serious and not think about that kind of thing? I’m leaving if I go like this again. "
"Well, cooperate with our pure Miss Lan Jingyi. From now on, I will be a darling. I swear I will not touch you."
The light shadow cast his shadow on the snow-white tile. Lan Jingyi turned around and hugged the little girl. "Let’s go and wash it."
I put a pool of water, and the little thing rolled in the water like a child. I don’t know if someone deliberately kept the little girl out. When Lan Jingyi and Jiang Jun were carried out, they were almost soaked.
Clothes cling to the skin and reveal the most perfect curve beauty.
"Lan Jingyi, I’m a man. I’ll let you wash first, but hurry up. If you are slow, I can’t blame you for rushing in and washing together."
Lan Jingyi really wanted to pinch off his tongue, but Jiang Junyue just verbally said that he didn’t put it into action at all. Lan Jingyi wiped her hair at random and plunged into the big bed in the room. A sheet was folded into a long strip and placed right in the middle of the big bed. "Jiang Junyue crosses the Chu River Han boundary and I will bite you to death."
"Bite me, you can bite me at will." Jiang Junyue came out with water droplets on his head and stabbed himself on the other side of the long sheet. "Don’t worry if you don’t nod, I’m definitely not strong with you, but I promise you to bite me."
Lan Jingyi is really tired and whispers with his eyes closed. "Keep your word …"
After that, she was so tired that she fell asleep. The sleeping man was beside him, and he didn’t even know he was holding her in his arms.
Later, Lan Jingyi gave Jiang Junyue a nickname paper tiger from the bottom of my heart.
No matter how fierce and tough he is, but she doesn’t nod, at most he just sleeps with her.
Let the habit develop quietly.
Write the process as the most beautiful
A week has gone by.
There’s a thrill. Is there wood?
Blue sunny day can be discharged from the hospital early in the morning. Lan Jingyi came out of the hospital without being happy. She walked slowly outside the hospital and didn’t want to go back to the small apartment. She just wanted to keep walking like this.
This week, He Ling didn’t even urge her to say a word, which often made her have an illusion or it was not the woman’s intention to separate her from Jiang Junyue.
Suddenly, Lan Jingyi’s thoughts rang, and the sound made her body stagnate. After all, it came. It was He Lingcai who turned on the screen and immediately asked, "When did you break up with LaCrosse on a blue sunny day?"
Heart acts breath as if taken away "LanJingYi what do you mean? You don’t regret it and want to haunt LaCrosse, do you? Shame on you! "He Ling continued to shout when she didn’t talk.
Lanjingyi bit his teeth, took a deep breath and then took a deep breath. This just whispered, "I will leave him every day."
"You are smart enough. If you still live in that small apartment after a day, believe it or not, you will suddenly disappear like the original hostess of that small apartment, but this time someone will disappear with you, and that is your mother."
"Small apartment hostess?" Lan Jingyi’s mind flashed through the slipper with shoe rack when she first entered Jiang Junyue’s small apartment.
"Do you love your LaCrosse very much? Ask him if he loves Yin Qingrou or Lan Jingyi? " "Pa" He Ling finished and hung up directly. It seems that she didn’t want to say a word more.
Yin qingrou
Section 2
Yin qingrou
Lan Jingyi’s mind is full of this name.
A woman she doesn’t know.
An absolute Jiang Junyue has and is not an ordinary woman.
It rang again. This time it was Jiang Junyue. She quietly looked at the flashing number, not because she didn’t want to answer it, but because she didn’t know what to say when she answered it.
Then don’t answer it
The city is really big.