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"It’s okay. I knew I was ill. Sit down. Now that you’re here, you can accompany your mother quietly through this last time." The calm voice didn’t bring a trace of waves. Obviously Lan Qing knew it.

"Mom? What are you hiding from me together? "
Lan Qing weakly raised my hand and slid my fingertips across Lan Jingyi’s cheek. "I wanted to hold on and show you around, but …" But I didn’t know that the original disease was quite serious until I was admitted to the hospital last night. Now even dialysis can’t solve the problem, but she’s really sorry that the man hasn’t found He Ling and won’t let her stay in the city. She also wants to walk around, always expecting to meet him suddenly at a certain moment and somewhere. Now it can be a dream for her. "Yi is a mother who has troubled you" From Frankfurt.
"Mom" Lan Jingyi hugged Lan Qing tightly. At this time, she finally became white. The man said, "No matter what happens, don’t make trouble with me." So mom must be ill by He Ling?
He always helped He Ling. No matter what his mother did, it was always his mother. How could he cut off his affection? What about her? He’s just a woman.
Section 37
There are many men and women in this world.
Any woman he wants will take the initiative to climb into his bed.
But if he hadn’t followed, wouldn’t it have been even more delayed for mom to get sick?
At this moment, she didn’t know whether to hate Jiang Junyue or thank Jiang Junyue.
Chatting with my mother, the days passed quickly and suddenly rang. Look at that number. She gnashed her teeth with hate, but Lan Qing failed. "It’s good to pick up that child quickly with LaCrosse."
His mother He Ling did this to Lan Qing, but Lan Qing still liked him. I really don’t know what ecstasy soup Jiang Junyue poured into Lan Qing. She picked up "What’s up?"
"I want a plane, dear one."
"You …" Lan Jingyi blushed instantly. Lan Qing was still around. I don’t know if I heard him. Lan Jingyi got better and went to the balcony of the ward. "You rogue my mother?" She really didn’t know what to do with this man.
"Come and kiss, or it will take more than ten hours if you can’t come."
Lan Jingyi held her hand close to her ear, but she was too embarrassed to make that sound "Forget it, I’ll kiss you". Then he blew a kiss "Hang up and take good care of Aunt Qing"
I hung up. I really hung up. I left her a deaf voice, but she couldn’t bear to listen to it, as if she could smell him by listening to the blind voice.
Open the envelope he gave her. There are two cards in it, both of which are his name cards, a bank card and a letter card with a small note in them. She opened it and wrote, "I have a card in the envelope with you. You need to borrow 1 million. Remember to write me an iou when you see me. You can overdraw another letter card, so that’s my secondary card. Well, you are attached to me now."
Behind it is an exaggerated big smiling face, which is too hard to beat, but it is impossible for her to beat him now.
He is far away.
It took her eyes a few minutes to stay in the balcony before she dared to go back to the ward to accompany her mother.
桑拿按摩Mom, everything was arranged in perfect order. Rose arranged everything and left the hospital. The medicine has already paid 10,000 euros, which is about 100,000 RMB, which is enough to stay in the hospital for one month.
Lan Jingyi stayed with her mother at ease. The doctor in the hospital said that she would be cured if she changed her kidney disease. But where can she find the kidney source when her mother and kidney don’t match?
Let Lan Jingyi ask people to look for it when it’s not ready.
But there has been no news. My mother’s first relative has a sister who is still alive, but that sister has not been heard from for many years.
Two days later, Lan Jingyi felt as if it had been two centuries. After learning about her mother’s illness, her heart became more and more uncomfortable. Now, when she left the hospital in the city, it’s no wonder that the doctor was a little hesitant to look at Lan Qing’s appearance. It seems that he knew it earlier than he helped He Ling to make a false summary of her discharge.
Are all doctors so unethical?
Jiang Junyue should have returned to the city by this time, right? She suddenly wanted to hear his voice, really wanted to.
The shadow of the buttonwood tree on the road outside the hospital is still mottled and scattered. Lan Jingyi has walked in the shadow of the tree for many times. Finally, she made up her mind to dial the familiar number. Although she has not played it several times, she has memorized it in her heart, just like remembering Jane’s number.
The sweet bell is beating like a drum in the ear. Finally, there is a "tilting …" She casually calls out.
"Wrong number. It’s not a tilting number." "Bang!" It was a female voice that hung up over there.
She dialed the wrong number?
But this number has never changed in her life.
It’s Jiang Junyue, it’s Jiang Junyue
Yes, absolutely.
But that woman …
Lan Jingyi was a little panicked at the moment, or did he lose it?
Lan Jingyi tried to dial the number again. This time, it was answered as soon as it was over there. "Everyone said that it was a wrong number. This is not a tilting number. This is a LaCrosse number. Don’t you understand?" "Pa" was hung up again.
However, the words’ this is the LaCrosse number’ have never been brushed away, which also proves that the number is indeed a Jiang LaCrosse number, but what kind of woman can pick him up for him?
It seems that he never gave it to her once.
The shadow of Lanjingyi buttonwood looked up through the treetops and just saw the distant star twinkling, but it was no longer bright.
When she walked back to the hospital, she had deleted the number at random.
She didn’t want to argue with him, and she didn’t want to argue with him. She suddenly regretted it, or he always led her by the nose from the beginning to the present, and she always passively accepted everything he gave her.
How time flies! In a trance, a week passed.
Lan Qing’s spirit has always been bad. Every day, besides hanging water, she is lying and watching, which makes Lan Jingyi feel sad. Sometimes she really wants to take the place of her mother, but this world is the most painful thing.