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"Brother just scared me to death!"

"I’m sorry!" He apologized for "worrying you!"
"Brother, are you in pain?"
For so many days, it was she who talked to herself the most today.
He was flattered, surprised, really surprised, and he thanked the man who wanted to kill himself!
If it weren’t for his injury, how long would it take this little thing to talk to himself as much as it does now, not only worrying about his love for himself, but also saying so much about himself.
What day is it today? How can you be so lucky?
He bent over and picked her up on the bed. She hugged him in horror. "Brother … why did you pick me up?"
"Take a bath!" She’s covered in her own blood. He’s got her little thing dirty!
Kexin didn’t refuse to give her a bath at Nanchen Night because she was used to it! It seems that my brother especially likes this …
When he undressed himself, she was still shy, shy, shy and embarrassed to look at him.
Nan Chen put warm water in the bathtub at night, and she went to the side to get wet and take a simple shower.
I’m afraid that blood will seep out of my abdomen again. He’s covered with a layer of plastic paper, which prevents the blood from seeping out again. It’s so airtight that it will seep in and the water will easily infect the wound. It’s very important for him. He thinks that she can’t see her bleeding again! Can’t let the little thing worry about himself!
After washing himself quickly, he went over and squatted down gently to clean her body. Her body was beautiful and beautiful, which would naturally ignite his anger, but he forbeared and did not show it at all.
In order to distract himself from her thoughts, he said, "Little one, will you make breakfast for your brother later?"
"well! Brother really wants to eat your breakfast! "
"Anything is fine!" If only she did it! He loves everything she cooks!
She thought that he should eat something light and nutritious when he was injured, and looked at him carefully. "Do you want to drink porridge?"
"Well, drink!" After that, he asked her to cook for herself every day. It must be great! He had some expectations for this kind of life.
"Then I’ll do it now!" She forgot that she was still foaming in the bathtub, but he pushed her back into the bathtub. "Don’t move, I haven’t finished washing!" "
She pursed her lips and her cheeks were slightly blushing. He took a shower quickly every time, but it took a long time to give her a bath, which always made her feel bad, but she couldn’t express her opinion!
"Let my brother kiss you, okay?" Ask her for advice carefully after hurting him. He knows it’s a shame to ask for this when he bathes her, but she’s so charming. He won’t do it. Don’t try to kiss her. He hasn’t kissed her for a long time. The smell of her mouth makes him miss it. If she doesn’t agree, he will respect her and won’t touch her.
Kexin looked at him with her eyes wide open slightly.
Without a response, she didn’t want him to force her, but said faintly, "Kexin won’t kiss you if she doesn’t want her brother!" " He found himself becoming very man show with her!
She saw his long eyelashes and beautiful nose. "My brother kissed me." Don’t you do anything else?
He reached out and put his hand on her cheek. She was worried. He knew he assured her, "Little brother wants to kiss you! Do not do anything else! "
Kexin’s mind is still very small after amnesia. If he is a little better to himself, she will get over the scar and forget the pain.
Besides, it has been more than a week, and she has deliberately forgotten what happened that day, so her memory of that day has gradually blurred.
She closed her eyes and raised her cheeks actively, waiting for him to kiss herself!
Nanchen night Ni looked at her long eyelash face covered with a beautiful shadow.
He bowed his head and kissed her tender red lips, kissing her lips like a king kissing a princess.
He left her mouth without a deep kiss, and her sweet breath still remained. He was in a flying mood and sweeter than eating honey.
Seeing her eyes closed all the time, he put his face behind her ear and said softly, "All right!" So she stopped closing her eyes.
She obeyed, opened her curly eyelashes and blinked. When she looked at his black eyes, her face turned reddish.
He smiles and is in a good mood. He thinks he will be in a good mood and sunny all day today!
He washed her with warm water and wrapped her in a bubble towel and walked out of the bathroom.
She cooked breakfast in the kitchen, and he looked at him quietly not far from her. He thought she was beautiful when she cooked! It’s like a little wife going to work by herself and her husband carefully preparing a love breakfast! Watching her cook was fun, and suddenly he got up and walked over. "No, I’ll help?" He really wanted to make breakfast with her on a whim! He also had an experience in cooking, that is, helping her cook noodles, and finally she helped to finish! He thinks that he should learn more about this knowledge and cook for her in the future. He is a man who either does nothing. If he is determined to do something, he must definitely do it well! He is confident to do this well! So he looks forward to being able to cook with her when the Tao comes that day!
He either doesn’t love it, but if he thinks he loves it, it’s definitely the ultimate spoil! I can’t wait to pick all the stars and the moon for her!
"Brother … no … no … it’s almost done!" Cooking porridge is very simple and fast!