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Listen to his tone seems to be Lu Xun be outraged by an injustice also have Ye Xiangyuan worthless.

The real Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun should have the same status in his heart as Gu Changyu.
I was a little annoyed that he protected Gu Changyu regardless.
Now it’s all gone
What is Gu Gugong? Although he has a strange temper and is particularly poisonous, he is still positive through three views.
Gu Changyu looked at her brother and suddenly got up and walked beside Ye Xiangyuan.
She gently pulled Ye Xiangyuan’s sleeve and bit her lip corner. "Ah Yuan, please have a look. You must have misunderstood me at the right time. Please help me explain it well …"
Chapter 292 Micro signal is not her
Ye Xiangyuan took the phone and watched the whole video.
Gu Changyu has been pulling his sleeve sobbing.
I naturally feel uncomfortable when I look at the two of them intimately together.
But the most important thing now, of course, is to make things clear, so I said, "I invited you here today. This video was sent to me by Miss Gu. It was late at that time, and I had a sharp pain in my stomach. Later, you all knew that the baby was born prematurely."
I’m not wronged by my personality. Since I’m going to fight with Gu Changyu, I won’t hide anything anymore.
Even the address has become Miss Gu.
I didn’t lie either. It was because I watched this video that I was so angry that I lost consciousness and my baby was born prematurely.
The three men in the room were silent and looked different.
Ye Xiangyuan stared at the already darkened mobile phone screen and remained calm.
Lu Xun face disappointed look also don’t know what he thought.
Gu Changning’s expression is the most abundant. He glared at Gu Changning with a bit of gnashing taste.
I quietly relieved.
At least these three people have a conscience and integrity, and they are not blindly partial to Gu Changyu.
I continued, "Of course, I am also responsible for the premature birth, and I can’t completely blame Miss Gu. I don’t want to argue about it, let alone ask you to judge it. I want to solve this matter … Now that I have seen this video, I don’t think I can pretend to go."
I can’t pretend that nothing happened between Ye Xiangyuan and her.
Gu Changyu gave me a look and shook Ye Xiangyuan’s arm. "Ah Yuan, you are quick and timely to explain that she misunderstood us …"
Ye Xiangyuan eyes rested on her face and looked up at me.
I raised my eyebrows at him.
He opened his mouth as if to say something, but finally he closed his mouth.
Gu Changyu silently shed tears to reveal injustice.
I said lightly, "Since Ayuan and Miss Gu are lovers, I’m sure I will become …"
Before the words were finished, Gu Changyu gently interrupted me and said, "Don’t slander me at the right time." She looked at the three men in the room and said, "Do you believe that I didn’t send the video …"
She did not deny the authenticity of the video, saying that she did not send it.
I can’t help frowning.
And she suddenly pulled out her mobile phone from Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and motioned me to open WeChat.
I was curious about what she was going to do, so I entered the password
She pointed to the screen and said, "Look at this avatar … this is not my micro signal."
I was suddenly surprised.
She sobbed softly, "Ayuan and Asun can prove for me that this number is not me."
I looked at her indecisively.
She seems to have proved herself by taking out her mobile phone and opening her WeChat interface and handing it to me.
I looked down at the micro signal and it was really different.
But how is that possible?
Gu Changyu stared at me with injustice, full of hurt tone. "I know you don’t like me coming too close to Ah, but you can’t slander and frame me like this …"
She sobbed and cried, but she didn’t know how wronged she was.
I was dumbfounded.
I didn’t expect her to give me a beating at this time.
桑拿论坛In the past, I was too naive to think. At best, she was spoiled by everyone, a little arrogant but kind-hearted
Now it seems that Xu Xin gave me that warning at the beginning.
I can’t help but guess what Gu Changyu did to make Xu Xin hate this.
Is this also the case?
Gu Changyu has been crying. She looked at Gu Changning with a gentle sob. "Brother, how can you not believe me?"