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Without an umbrella, her bus was caught in the rain, and her clothes were wet by the cold rain. She was cold and hungry, but the bus didn’t come as usual with her that day. She waited for more than half an hour, and the bus was late. At that time, she didn’t even eat dinner.

After being caught in the rain, she went back to the dormitory to take a hot bath, but the water in the dormitory suddenly stopped. She was caught in the rain and caught a cold, and she started a high fever at night.
Because it was a weekend, she was alone in the dormitory. At that time, she didn’t have a cell phone, so she couldn’t call for help. There was something in the dormitory, but she didn’t buy a phone card, and she was so burned that she didn’t know to ask for help.
Just when her consciousness was about to blur, Su Ling suddenly went back to the dormitory. She found Xia Yuyao with a high fever and sent him to the school doctor’s office.
At that time, fortunately, Su Ling found that she had a fever, otherwise she might lie alone in the dormitory for a day and a night without knowing what it was like in the end.
She was grateful that Su Lingyuan and Su Ling didn’t get along very well, but they became good friends because of it?
Now that I think about it, she did owe Su Ling a favor, but with this favor, could she even let go of trying to kill her own people?
Su Ling looked at Xia Yuyao and seemed to be lost in memories. She looked at Xia Yuyao and softened her tone. "Rain Yao counts as I beg you to be willing to persuade Ling Mohan to spare my cousin, so let’s be even from now on."
Xia Yuyao’s eyes were wet. She didn’t expect that one day it would become a bargaining chip for Su Ling to negotiate with her.
At this moment, she would rather die of illness at that time or burn her into stupidity than be forced by Su Ling’s human feelings. Xia Yuyao looked up at Su Ling and saw that Su Ling was staring at her. Her eyes were full of resentment.
She suddenly felt physically. She got up, took a deep breath and said, "I will persuade him that we are no longer friends from now on."
She said this and left the cafe without looking back.
☆, Chapter one hundred and nine Local tyrants get married.
Xia Yuyao was a little glum when he got home.
"Mommy, what’s wrong with you?" Lele asked, aware of her mother’s mood.
Xia Yuyao smiled. "Mommy is fine, just thinking about things."
"Mommy, if you are in a bad mood today, don’t tell me stories. I can fall asleep without listening to stories." Lele is too sensible to understand her mother’s consideration.
Xia Yuyao chuckled, "Stupid mommy is really fine. Don’t think about it. What story do you want to hear tonight?"
Lele thought for a moment, "I want to listen to Mama Bear’s treat", because the story of Mama Bear’s treat is relatively short.
"But haven’t you heard this story several times?"
"I still want to hear it after listening to it several times."
"Okay, I’ll tell you that Mama Bear’s treat."
Xia Yuyao’s gentle voice came from the room. "This day is mother bear’s birthday …"
After the story is finished, Lele has fallen asleep. Xia Yuyao gently stroked her familiar face and smiled happily. She finally gave him a complete home.
Suddenly, I found out that the misfortune before may have made me lucky today. Now her life seems to be complete. She is really satisfied with having a lovely and sensible husband and loving her husband.
She tucked her son in before she walked out of his room quietly.
Ling Mohan hasn’t come back yet at this time. Since they got married, he has never stayed home so late. She felt very unaccustomed to not seeing him at dinner.
When she looked at it, it was only after nine o’clock, but she just couldn’t help looking forward to his coming back soon.
When I entered the bedroom, I suddenly felt that I was swinging in the room. Looking at the big bed in the room, I remembered that they had done intimate things last night, and her face turned slightly red.
She dumped her head and tried to get rid of her thoughts, but her mind was full of cold shadows of Ling Mo.
She sighed, turned to the coat and took the clothes to take a bath, but the bedroom door was pushed open.
桑拿会所"F" Xia Yuyao just walked out of the coat and hat and was hugged by Ling Mo Han.
Xia Yuyao looked up and was kissed by him.
The feeling of falling in my heart was immediately filled, and her clothes had slipped. She held out her hands and hugged his waist tightly.
It took him a long time to let her go. He ordered her to be kissed and said softly, "I miss you so much."
Xia Yuyao chuckled, "We parted long ago."
"I don’t want to separate."
"Well, it’s time to take a bath and rest." Xia Yuyao bent down to pick up the fallen lichen.
Ling Mo Han reached for her clothes and threw them aside directly. She was bent down and picked up "Let’s be together".
"No …" The words haven’t been said, and the mouth is blocked again.
Bullying Ling Shao finally insisted on staying with her afterwards. Although Xia Yuyao was very tired, she didn’t fall asleep with things in her heart.