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Chapter 9 is quite easy to raise

Jiang Junyue’s face was covered with black lines, and his eyes began to move from small to small. "Dash …" The little guy’s open-backed pants were showing his murder weapon at this time. His little j`j was very powerful and became a fountain, but it was still hot even though it spouted water …
"Lome EU …" Jiang Junyue growled, but the woman had disappeared and let him put his hand on the armpit of the little thing. It would be to put the little thing down, not to put it down, not to put it down.
Finally, the little thing is cool enough, and the little face smile is as bright as it is.
Can’t it be brilliant? He’s not wet at all. He’s wet.
"giggle …" he continued to laugh.
Jiang Junyue bit his teeth and moved his hip. It’s killing me. He was so wet. Although it can be guaranteed that this little thing was given to him as a child’s urine, President Jiang Da still has a black face.
Throwing the little thing into the seat, "stay alone" and then he asked for a car
I can’t walk until my legs fall. I suddenly feel the resistance at the cuffs. When I turn around, the little thing still tugs at his cuffs and doesn’t tear his hand. "Let go" He waved off the chubby little hand with a wave of his hand, and the little thing didn’t get annoyed or giggled, and then handed it over to grab his cuffs.
This time, Jiang Jun definitely moved faster than that little thing, and then lost to that little thing, and he didn’t mix up. "Bang!" He dumped the door with a smart move and then sat in the driver’s seat. He was annoyed that the little thing got wet, but I don’t know how to look at that little face. He really moved and wanted to check this little thing. Is it really his son?
桑拿The more Jiang Junyue thinks about it, the more incredible it is. It should be seven months old. He started the car and thought about where to take this little thing while driving forward.
Absolutely not at home. If He Ling sees this little thing, even if the child doesn’t have any money with him, he will have it.
He does have several sets of villas and apartments, but even if he goes there, how can he bring this kid alone? In other words, he really has no experience with children. It seems that the little thing has no teeth yet. Does he want to eat milk powder, rice paste or it?
This moment Jiang Jun is messy in the wind.
I was wondering where to take the little thing. A wind suddenly came from behind. Jiang Junyue remembered to look at the little thing behind him. How did he make such a strong wind? I can’t blow it. However, when Jiang Junyue looked at it through the rearview mirror, his soul almost didn’t frighten him. I didn’t know when it was actually opened by the little thing.
God, he forgot that little things don’t matter what he wants, he just reached out and pressed the drive door button.
Fortunately, after the child opened the car door, he opened a pair of big eyes and looked curiously at the scenes outside the car door. Otherwise, if he absolutely fell, he would be given … to …
Jiang Junyue didn’t dare to think about the consequences. His face changed, and his heart suddenly became nervous. The immediate reaction was to whistle and make the child look at him. He slowly drove the car to the side of the road and then quietly stopped.
When the car stopped, he made a big swing with one arm and pulled the little thing to his leg. He lay down on his knees and his pants were still wet, so he came to his little ass for two.
Two is neither heavy nor light.
The child actually giggled again and laughed naughty. It seems that he is too weak. "Why are you so naughty?" He frowned, and God knows how scared he was when he just found the little thing driving the door.
"giggle … dad … dad …" the little thing will sound like this again at the moment, but it’s fantastic that he doesn’t feel bored.
Finally, Jiang Junyue decided to drive with the little thing in his arms. He found that the little thing was too destructive.
After driving for a few minutes, Jiang Junyue decided to go to the small apartment closest to his current position.
Otherwise, it is dishonest for the little thing to toss him to death and be held. From time to time, it is necessary to reach out and touch this one and let him drive a car, and always pay attention to the little thing’s every move. The car stopped abruptly outside the small apartment and walked towards the lobby. When Jiang Junyue walked towards the lobby, the figure of that woman flashed through his mind. He hadn’t seen her for more than a year.
Is she okay with Lu Wentao now?
Jiang Junyue pressed the number keys in the ladder, and the little thing was lying comfortably in his arms, biting his skirt as if the cloth was delicious.
He remembers seeing a child hungry in the front shadow. You can tell when you try your finger. Put your finger on the child’s lips. If the child is chasing after it, it is hungry.
Jiang Junyue tried to put his finger on the little thing’s lip, and the little mouth immediately contained his finger, and immediately Ma Jiang LaCrosse felt that the little mouth was sucking his finger. It seems that the little thing is really hungry.
Shit, he forgot to buy him food before he came.
He didn’t realize that he hadn’t been here for a long time after he took the ladder to press the password of the small apartment. He hasn’t been here since he came back from France
Actually, the password was the woman’s birthday when the door was opened and closed. For a moment, he wanted to change it, but he just started to do it. The little thing in his arms twisted like candy and seemed to be uncomfortable all over. "What’s the matter?"
The little thing is still twisting like a thorn in its body.
"Hurry up and tell me what’s going on?"
The little thing blinked at him with big eyes and was not afraid of being born, and suddenly he couldn’t stop twisting his little ass, which made Jiang Junyue nervous. "Do you want to poop?" He tried to ask, but he didn’t know if the little thing could understand. Anyway, he asked, otherwise he really couldn’t guess what the little thing was doing.
"Giggle …" The little guy smiled again, which reminded Jiang Junyue of the bubble child urine. Just put him aside to pee, but don’t get him covered in it again.
The carpet is clean. The hourly worker has been cleaning up the small apartment regularly. Everything is the same as before he left. Lan Jingyi slippers are placed on the shoe rack. She goes into the bathroom and there is her toothpaste and toothbrush as if she had never left here.
After a quick walk, when I came back to the living room, the little thing was crawling in the direction of washing hands. He walked over and looked down at the little thing and saw that it was a toilet. "Do you really want to poop?"
The little thing ignored him and continued to climb forward.
He frowned. Jiang Junyue picked up the little thing like a rabbit, and then carried him to the toilet. "Snow …" When it rang, a smell filled his hands. Jiang Junyue had done such a thing, but now he couldn’t do it if he wanted to. This little thing was rooted in his ancestors, which in turn stirred him up.
After a while, the little thing finally finished, and the physiological needs were relieved. Jiang Jun leaned over and didn’t care about anything
Jiang Junyue’s brow wrinkled again. First, he dragged the little thing with one hand, and then he flushed the toilet with the other. Then he simply stripped the little thing cleanly and opened the shower head. It’s lucky that I don’t know if I worked in this bathroom by the hour or if this water heater has never been used before. Actually, Jiang Junyue directly washed the little thing’s little ass with water. Anyway, it is absolutely impossible to let him wipe the little thing’s ass with toilet paper. That violates his Jiang Junyue principle.
As soon as the little thing sticks to the water, it immediately becomes excited. It is always so energetic to wave around with little hands and feet, but Jiang Junyue quickly gives him the water to wash. It is good that Jiang Junyue carries the little thing out and then finds a problem. The little thing has no clothes to change.
God, he really gave himself a big trouble.
Throwing the little thing into the bedroom big bed, he started talking to Jiang Han, and it took him a long time to pick it up. "Manager Jiang …"
"Hurry up … hmm … hum …" Jiang Junyue was about to speak when there came a female whining sound. He knew what he was doing there.
"Is there anything wrong with General Manager Jiang?" Seeing that he didn’t talk, Jiang Han asked.
"Er, I dialed the wrong number. How did I hit your head? I hung up." Jiang Junyue suddenly hung up and looked at the little thing crawling naked all over the bed. I really don’t know what to do with this little thing, but it’s not good to find anyone at this time. Even going to the supermarket is not right. It’s impossible to open the door before dawn.
Before opening the cupboard, Lan Jingyi still had some old clothes. Looking at those women’s clothes here, he was stunned for three seconds, and the woman’s face was waved away from his eyes.
I took Lan Jingyi’s short clothes and put a head on the little guy. Then I changed my wet clothes and took him to the kitchen. Nothing came back in the refrigerator for more than a year, and something was moldy.
Jiang Junyue burned some water for the little thing and decided to give him some water first, and then take him outside for food when it was dawn.
Maybe it’s really hungry, and the little white water guy is also sipping, which makes Jiang Junyue like to pat him on the head. "Well, it’s very easy to raise."
Drinking water and saliva flowed along the small mouth. Now Jiang Junyue found that the little thing could not keep his eyes open.
Chapter 91 Don’t interfere
A child who is so sleepy can sleep best. He picked up the little thing and shook it gently in his arms. Sure enough, the little thing soon fell asleep.
A little quiet is Jiang Junyue’s arms. He leans against the sofa with his little thing in his arms and looks down at his little face, eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. It’s not as beautiful as him even when he is asleep.
An innate intimacy made him fall asleep on the sofa with his little thing in his arms.