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Manager Jiang is as angry as if he had taken a gun medicine.

The new secret gingerly walked into Jiang Junyue’s desk with a stack of couriers. "Manager Jiang, these couriers all say, please kiss the country … and I opened them and read them. These two letters are from the company, and they are all junk couriers … This is …"
"Come on, don’t speak hesitatingly." Jiang Junyue was getting impatient with the cold drink.
Chapter 1 Can there be one left?
"Come on, don’t speak hesitatingly." Jiang Junyue was getting impatient with the cold drink.
"This is from France. I don’t think it’s a junk express … so I didn’t dare to open it … even your private … private letter …"
"Give it to me" but I didn’t think about it. Before Jiang Junyue finished, he reached out and grabbed her. The courier in his hand was eagerly and quickly dismantled, and then his hand was cut in. It seemed that he was in a hurry and didn’t touch anything inside.
But the courier is really her side with her name on it.
Lan jingyi
I forgot her long ago, but when I saw her name again, his heart seemed to be cut into strips, but it was so painful.
She is so stingy that it is impossible for her to send a courier.
What is it?
Is to tell him that it’s not true, isn’t it true that she and Lu Wentao are not?
From the beginning to the end, she didn’t explain it to herself once, and she didn’t give herself a word, so she refused as if she disappeared from his world in an instant.
"Jiang … Jiang always seems to have a little drum in the corner" and the secret said carefully.
Jiang Junyue also found that the express paper bag was torn apart directly. "Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka" two consecutive cards were quiet off his desk.
It’s taka
A bank card and a letter card, which he gave her.
She cut off all his thoughts.
It’s completely broken
Those two cards are like an irony, an absolute irony. She doesn’t need his money now. Lu Wentao has no less money than him, but she really doesn’t need him.
He picked up a card and Kaka was hard, but he broke it in two in an instant.
"Manager Jiang …" The secret was frightened because he did something wrong and showed him the wrong thing.
"Roll …" He growled and broke another card again and again, as if his hand had touched some poison, as accurate as throwing darts. He mistakenly threw the broken four and a half cards into the garbage can one by one, and then wrote to read the document. There was no ripple on the surface, and the lip angle was always hung with a bitter taste.
She fled in a hurry, fearing that if she didn’t get a high salary, she would really quit the job. The president was too difficult to wait on.
As soon as I got to Banjiang LaCrosse, I left with my car keys.
There is still work at hand, but he doesn’t want to do it.
Or he did it, too.
Jiang Junyue went to the commotion
Stopped the car and went into the hall without asking for a box, but sat in the hall drinking while watching the bartender at the bar not far away. Recently, he has been here almost every night. He has been sitting and drinking like this every day. Every time he sees the bartender move, he can’t help but think of that woman. It’s really like mixing drinks.
I don’t know how much I drank, but he already felt the drunkenness.
If you suddenly want to mix the wine again, will you still be watched by women? Will she watch?
But these days, he comes here every day, and at the beginning, there are still women who talk to him, but now there are no more. Probably all of them are scared away by his iceberg face.
"Give it to me …" He went over and snapped his fingers. "I’ll mix the wine."
The bartender cooperated and gave everything to him, even giving up the position.
桑拿按摩Jiang Junyue doesn’t care if the bar starts to stir up the wine, but it’s not bad because of the wine. It’s handsome and neat.
When a woman came around, he ignored it. He put a cup of mixed wine in a tray and personally brought it to the table, and then he drank it alone.
Really broken.
Break it clean.
"hey!" Someone slapped him on the shoulder. He turned to look at him and patted him. "Why are you here?"
"Do you want to gamble again?" Luo Qijiang sat opposite him with a smile.
Does he want to gamble?
Is it true that if you lose the bet again, you will become a cow? Is it true that she will come back to see him?
Jiang Junyue didn’t say anything or drank one glass after another.
"Xiaoyue Yueyue looks like you are a woman, isn’t it? There are many women in the day." Said Luo Qijiang, and a woman made a snap of her fingers, and then she stopped in front of Jiang Junyue in an instant. "What do you think of this stuff? This is my sleepless days to help you find me to ensure your satisfaction. "
A figure sprinkled on his chest and legs made Jiang Junyue raise his head, petite and slim. A woman’s long hair was smooth and straight, just like her hair, which made him unable to help but raise my hand and caress the long hair "Yi Yi …"
The woman was caressed by him, and the hair man moved a small step forward and leaned close to him.
Luo Qijiang smiled smugly. "How’s it going?"
But a second later, it was not Jiang Junyue’s praise, but the girl who fell to the ground was pushed down by Jiang Junyue and "rolled". If it wasn’t for the perfume, he was really wrong. But she always didn’t like perfume, or she wanted to save some money. So after a long time with her, he preferred her to be really fragrant and confusing.
"Xiao Yue Yue, your face has changed too fast. My son will help you find it again and you will be satisfied." Luo Qijiang seems to have grabbed the glass in his hand at random. "Stop drinking and someone will feel distressed."
Luo Qijiang really made a casual remark, but he didn’t want Jiang Jun to suddenly turn around and grab the neckline of Luo Qijiang. "He asked you to come?"
Luo Qijiang turned his head and was afraid to look at Jiang Junyue’s drunk face. "I often come here. If you think so, I will go." He got up and walked so angry.
Seeing that he really left Jiang Junyue, he suddenly said, "Let’s gamble again if you live." What else does he want to gamble with Luo Qijiang? Maybe he knows or maybe he is drunk. He knows nothing.
"Good" Luo Qijiang turned around and sat back in place. "What are you playing?"
"Let’s make it simple."
"Good, but what if you lose? What if you win?"
"What do you say?" Jiang Junyue drank another glass of wine and threw the question back to Luo Qijiang. It seems that he wants to gamble, but it’s not what wins or loses. What does it matter?
"You really want me to talk?"
"Come on, don’t be a man, isn’t it?" The colder Jiang Jun scoffed at one or two long legs and simply crossed the table, so a new one was so handsome and so dragged.
"You promised me to say" Luo Qi Jiang Gan smiled at Jiang Junzhen’s face with a faint calculation.
"Ok, I promise you, or I will waste you." A glass of wine spilled fiercely at Luo Qijiang’s face, which was so fast.
When Luo Qijiang reacted, his face was already full of drinks. "Xiao Yueyue, you really don’t know how to be good. I’m not going to play with you. You actually took it out on me."
"Otherwise, I’ll waste you."
Luo Qijiang’s heart trembled when he looked at him. He was drunk, but the movement was still so handsome that people didn’t want to look away. Even he loved to watch it.
So he has to take it back. "Well, I’ll tell you, listen carefully."
"say it quickly"
"If you lose, take off your clothes here and dance on the dance floor."
"Take off? Aren’t you afraid of the police uncle coming to arrest people? "
"Well, that’s true. Then let’s leave one thing and one thing." Luo Qi smiled at him as if he wanted to see the muscle lines there through Jiang Junyue’s clothes.
"Ok, I’ll play three times to see who loses more haha." Jiang Junyue smiled and then leaned back and looked at Luo Qijiang with blurred eyes. "You said that if you were shaking all over the fat dance floor, I don’t know how many girls would be sick and never dare to step into the dance floor again. Let’s say first that if you affect the bar business, the security guards will beat people with me."