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"That’s no wonder that some children refuse to eat milk powder when they are breast-feeding, but they refuse to eat breast milk when they are breast-feeding. It seems that she should get used to it slowly," sighed the nanny.

Shit, there’s such a saying. Jiang Junyue picked up the phone and called Jiang Han.
"What is she doing?"
"What else can I do? It’s just like before." Jiang Han’s special language really tells him what his own president wants to play. Seeing Lan Jingyi slouches at his feet, he’s an outsider who can’t even watch it.
"Let her squeeze more milk and send someone to send it to me." After yelling at Jiang Junyue, she hung up and fidgeted and pulled open her tie. The woman abused him first, and then abused herself. Now she abused him together with her daughter, but she didn’t expect that his real daughter was taken away by him. He abused her and abused her.
Jiang Han turned to stone. On the spot, Jiang Junyue got himself into trouble, but now he wants a big man to solve the problem. How can we let Lan Jingyi milk the water before?
I can’t say that. He’s not a baby. He doesn’t eat milk.
Jiang Han tangled up.
Never been entangled.
Just don’t know how to finish Jiang Da’s account, there came a call again. Look at Jiang Junyue’s number. Jiang Han’s heart is starting to be seven again. If you give him another one that is just as difficult to do, he will have to be crazy today. He will not be able to shake his heart. He yelled over there again. "Find a woman and tell her that the child wants to eat breast milk. The woman took medicine and didn’t dare to feed the child. Please remember to squeeze some milk for her. Then she said that she also stayed at the Case Hotel and only asked her when she saw her holding the child."
"Yes … yes … yes …" Jiang Han couldn’t help but promise and finally breathed a sigh of relief. It’s still good for the president not to assign him any difficulty. The best way to solve the maze for him is that Jiang Han was wrong. He didn’t want to give him a clearance at all. He said that he felt that Jiang Han was a big man and asked him to find his own woman for breast milk. That was his own woman. After all, he wanted to protect Lan Jingyi. He couldn’t let Jiang Han, a big man, peek at his woman’s chest.
Money in this world can make the mare go. Sure enough, Jiang Han successfully completed it. Paying some money to hire a woman soon solved the problem. He drove the car and sent the big bottle of breast milk directly to the small apartment door. As soon as Jiang LaCrosse took it, he shouted, "Who told you to send it?" Is there no one else? What if she is gone? "
Jiang Han drooped his head as if everything he did was wrong. He dared not talk back and turned away. He was in a hurry to give the little princess breast milk to eat him. Is this wrong?
Xiao Qin Qin had breast milk "thump thump thump" and soon she was full, and then she played with her little brother. The picture was particularly warm and melted, and Jiang LaCrosse did nothing. She sat on the sofa and drank a pot of tea. It was as comfortable as watching a pair of children.
However, comfortable and comfortable, but the bottom of my heart is not self-conscious, but it is getting higher and higher. That woman hasn’t called yet.
Why don’t you look for the child like a fly?
It’s stupid not to call the police.
"Jiang Han" Jiang Junyue was impatient again. "Did she eat?"
"I didn’t eat at noon or dinner." This is the truth. Jiang Han tells the truth
Jiang Junyue didn’t eat a few mouthfuls at the real dinner, but two little things were full. One drank milk powder and the other drank breast milk. Lan Jingyi was so crowded that it was frozen in the refrigerator. It was quite fresh, but what should I do later?
That little breast milk must be drunk by Xiaoqinqin before going to bed.
I don’t know who the two men are. Lan Jingyi didn’t call him. Didn’t Jiang Junyue call him either?
Section 5
桑拿会所  title=Face death and suffer death.
I gave the two children to the nanny Jiang Junyue again and went out. This time, he drove back to his black Lamborghini. Well, she didn’t call him so that he could provoke her, but if she wanted him to talk to her first, there was no way for him to be angry. Who told her to abuse him first?
This time, don’t ask Jiang Han. As soon as he checked Jiang Han’s gps positioning, he found out where he was. The car sped in that direction and drove on, only to find that the position was actually very close to the commotion.
His heart suddenly jumped wildly, which was the place where he first met Lan Jingyi. When he thought of that time, the woman treated him like a cowherd, he was so angry that he didn’t fight. When did Uncle Jiang become a cowherd, but his face …
Is it a crime to frown and be handsome?
He’s not guilty. It’s those philandering men and women who have to like him. What can he do?
Finger press the Bluetooth "Come on, Jiang Han, just do what you have to do."
Jiang Han smiled at once because he had seen Jiang Jun overtake his car. It turned out that Jiang Da’s president was going to fight in person. He couldn’t wait to follow Lan Jingyi. He thought he was going crazy first. His president was too good at playing with his own woman and had a good time, which made him special.
But it’s not right to go to Lanjingyi. She gave birth to two children quietly, and she lost one and didn’t report it to his president. Isn’t this her own abuse?
Jiang Junyue drove by Lan Jingyi in an easy way, and he felt distressed after his eyes swept through the slim and slouched petite figure.
Forget it. I wanted to abuse her for two more days, but now how does he feel that it is not her but himself who abuses her?
Turning in front, Jiang Junyue stopped his car in front of a small supermarket, got in and bought cigarettes and lighters. As soon as he went out, he saw the woman not far away. She followed me. I don’t know if it was because of his car or because he wanted to stir up.