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Busy day, Lanjingyi Taobao shop is getting more and more popular. Sure enough, everything needs to be managed to have Qian Qian.
"Mom is going to replenish onr’s stock again tonight. I want to buy more or it won’t be enough to sell. I’ll come back later. You can go to bed early with Qinqin Zhuangzhuang." After eating, I packed up the kitchen, and Lan Jingyi took a big bag to get ready to go out when purchasing.
"Ok, you go. Remember to choose two sets of beautiful and classy ones for your children. It’s going to be a birthday. You, as a mother, don’t buy anything for your children." Lanqing complained.
"I am selling children’s clothes. Mom, can you say that I can lose my own child? I have to go or I’ll be late again. "
After leaving the community, the bus went straight to the night market. Recently, she also went to other local wholesale outlets, but there are always no good things there, and the price is not reasonable.
Just picking up the goods, suddenly there came a quarrel. "Miss, if you don’t want to buy this one, don’t try it in vain, it will be dirty."
"Who said I didn’t want to buy it?" Lanjingyi turned away when it happened to be Yin Qing soft impatient growl.
"Look, you’ve tried it six times. Take it off, put it on, take it off. This white dress is really not like this. Why don’t you try a darker one?" The vendor watched the people around him being attracted, and his eyes didn’t want to make a mess of things, so he advised.
"No, I’ll buy white instead of that black one. It’s ugly."
"How many times do you want to try?" The stall owner is really in a hurry. It’s hard to sell when the white is dirty, that’s for sure
"You care how many times I have to try? I just want to try. It’s none of your business." Yin Qing stripped off her clothes and put them on again, which means that Lan Jingyi really can’t stand it, but it’s really none of her business if people love it.
Lan Jingyi continued to bow her head and pick up her children’s clothes. She was picking this one, which sold well. She let Xiaozhuangzhuang and Xiaoqinqin wear it together and took photos. As a result, the sales volume was soaring, selling super fire. Can her two babies be her little models or little models?
"Ah …" Suddenly exclaimed behind him "Crazy … crazy woman …"
The sound is just that the vendor’s sound attracted Lan Jingyi’s consciousness and turned away. At this time, I saw Yin Qing’s softness. I don’t know where I took out a knife. I didn’t live until she tried to dress and stabbed it again and again. Soon the dress was already horrible.
"LanJingYi I stabbed you to death …" Yin Qing soft while stabbing muttered the original to pull her LanJingYi lived Yin Qing soft like that is really crazy, why scold her?
Forget it, she’d better call Jiang Junyue and let him handle it. It’s best if she doesn’t call him for a month, but she feels as if they haven’t been in touch for a year.
I cann’t believe my fingers tremble when I press his number
But she dialed the other party three times in a row, and it was the phone you dialed.
But does Yin Qingrou have any friends?
She wanted to think, I don’t know if Yin Qing is soft and there is no Meixin worker. If she has something to say, give her to Li Tianyan, but she can’t let her make a noise at this night market, no matter what will happen.
Call. Her ex-union phone has not been deleted. This time, as soon as I dial it, I pick it up. "Hello, Miss Lan."
"Hello, Li, long time no see" can be turned on, but I hesitated. I don’t know whether to report Yin Qing’s softness to Li Tianyan. After all, Yin Qing’s softness is also a Meixin employee.
"Ha ha yes, Miss Lan wants to see me?"
Li Tianyan asked her this question. If she doesn’t say it again, she can’t beat people’s words. "There seems to be something wrong with Li buying clothes in Yin Qingrou’s night market. Oh, I heard police cars ringing and people called the police …" Lan Jingyi looked at Yin Qingrou’s situation while talking.
"Which night market? My horse is here. "
A listen to Li Tianyan will deal with Lan Jingyi’s breath a sigh of relief. Anyway, she can’t look at Yin Qingrou’s madness, so she reported the address in the past and picked out a few children’s clothes and left with a bag on her back.
Yin Qing soft behind him has been made by several vendors. At this time, she is frowning at the police car and she can’t imagine what happened to Yin Qing soft.
I bought a lot of children’s clothes in a big bag, but because of the weight of the clothes, she can accept it. Besides, she is used to hanging her head slightly on her shoulders, otherwise she can’t move her back.
Looking down at a pair of shiny black leather shoes in front of the road, she looked up confused.
"Come to stock?" Long time no see Lan Jingyi. I didn’t expect to meet Jiang Junyue here. He also touched her and carried the goods. She was somewhat embarrassed.
"Well, I’ve been doing more business recently." She chuckled. Every time I met him, I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster. He was still wearing a Uber face and handsome, which made women want to take a bite, but those women would never include her again. They really broke up and really got farther and farther.
"Can I pick up Qinqin and Zhuangzhuang for a day?" He suddenly said
"Ten o’clock," said Jiang LaCrosse with a slight hesitation.
"Fine, just pick them up at ten o’clock."
"Well, you can rest assured that it will be sent back on the same day."
Lan Jingyi nodded. "Then I’ll go first." I struggled to carry that big bag, not because it was heavy, but because it was too big. He would help himself to wait for a taxi, but he left without Jiang Junyue.
Lan Jingyi continued to walk forward and listened to the footsteps behind her. Her heart was heavy. She was so stupid. There is a possibility that he appeared here because of Yin Qing’s softness. How did she remember it until now?
He is in a hurry to see Yin Qing, but she has been impatient for that woman.
She has much to worry about.
I stopped several times by the road with my things on my back before I stopped a taxi and forced the things into the trunk. She just sat down. "Thank you, master." Usually, the taxi driver wants to refuse when he sees the person carrying the big bag, but the master is very good. He stopped as soon as she waved.
"You’re welcome. You should."
The taxi continued to drive forward, and Lan Jingyi’s eyes were also conscious of looking at this side and looking at that side.
The car stopped at the red light ahead.
"Click" Outside the slightly open window, a car braked suddenly. Black and shiny Land Rover pulled up and stopped beside her taxi. She looked at the two figures in the driver’s seat, one black and one pink. The black suit was Jiang Junyue’s pink dress. At this time, Yin Qingrou was leaning against Jiang Junyue’s shoulder, enjoying the beauty that the man brought her like innocent girl.
Those two interdependent figures are so harmonious and enviable that Lan Jingyi’s eyes don’t blink. Staring at her is really envious of them. She and he may never get that wonderful moment.
The red light went out and the taxi drove forward. As soon as the Land Rover stepped on the gas pedal, it quickly reached the front of Lanjingyi’s car. She just woke up and remembered that she should give Li Tianyan a message, otherwise it would be bad for people to pick up Yin Qingrou and not receive it.
Chapter 219 No matter what others say
"Miss Lan, I’m almost there."
桑拿论坛"I’m sorry, Qingrou has already left."
"Who go away? Is it surnamed Jiang? "
"Well" hesitated a LanJingYi or tell the truth, the somebody else has guessed it, and she needs to protect Jiang Junyue. I blame myself for calling Li Tianyan before, otherwise there would be no such trouble.
"Tick-tock ….." The head of the blind stereo has hung up. Lan Jingyi looked down at his heart and felt a bit uneasy, but he couldn’t stop flashing back. Just Yin Qing softly leaned against Jiang Jun’s body …
I finally got home, paid the fare, walked back to the small apartment with that big bag on my back, and packed several sets of clothes so that the courier could take them away and send them out early in the morning. The most important thing to sell this is that the delivery speed is fast, the delivery speed is fast and the praise is much higher. Everything is mutual.
Section 12
"Miss, are you surnamed Lan?" Just when Lan Jingyi was struggling to walk into the stair-door, an old man was sitting on the edge of the flower pond not far away and walked towards her.
"Uncle, how do you know?" Being told her last name, but she didn’t know each other, Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed, but no matter how she thought, she couldn’t figure out that she had known such an uncle.
"I met you when you were a child. How is your mother now? I want to meet her. "
"See my mother?" It’s a little bad at this time, isn’t it? It’s so late. The first flash in Lan Jingyi’s mind is to refuse "I’m really sorry that my mother has gone to bed at this time. Uncle, is it convenient for you to leave a message number?" I’ll ask my mother to call you someday, "Lan Jingyi said politely.
The "good" old man was not angry, so he accepted her proposal and began to read the number.